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Mod Review on Jun 4th, 2011 - 7 people agree 2 people don't

The waiting and watching for 4 years almost nearing an end this mod started off looking great and has gotten progressively better and near perfection. z3r0x and his team have been working and clearing out many bugs to make this mod something better than the others. I believe that the fact that they put so much effort, sweat, and tears into this mod is what is going to make it great. It doesn't matter that it has all of the cool units and new features all that matters is that the mod was put together by people who are passionate about what they were doing and were on a mission to do what they felt was better than anything else. This mod is going to be great simply because we we as the players will touch this mod and we will feel the passion and the hard work that went into it. To all members of the Team and z3r0x thank you and i hope you continue in your lives with such great passion for what you did here if we had more people that used that passion in their work then mankind would probably be on a better Track.

To all in the team of Republic at War and Imperial Assault II i say thank you and good luck in your future endeavors.


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Mod Review on Feb 14th, 2009

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Ragnarok Online
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Game Review on Aug 12th, 2008

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Homeworld 2 Complex
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Mod Review on Apr 8th, 2008

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