Greetings fellow modders! As I have come to realise that most people that track mods like to know a bit of knowledge about the creator that is working on their eye candy, I thought I would put a little update on here about myself for people to read about. See Full story with images in my blog title 'Modding History'.

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~Mapster(WFc) Sep 18 2008, 6:28pm replied:

Most of the maps will have them but certain areas will have gray+white or orange+gray.

+1 vote     mod: The Development Project
~Mapster(WFc) Sep 17 2008, 11:20pm replied:

I want them to be as detailed as the image i have there and as hard as Half-Life: Ep2

+2 votes     mod: The Development Project
~Mapster(WFc) Sep 16 2008, 10:15pm replied:

Just normal lights. At the beginning i used the lighting from the textures but then changed it to entities so i could maek the lgihts blow out.

+1 vote     media: Half-Life 2 In-Game Speed Dev Mapping 2
~Mapster(WFc) Sep 16 2008, 7:08am says:

I remember trying to remake this when i started modeling. This looks a HELL of a lot better. Better than i could ever imagine.
Good job on this :D

+1 vote     media: Nod turret
~Mapster(WFc) Sep 15 2008, 7:02pm replied:

I had a look at them on your moddb profile. They are good tutorials and i must say that I am impressed that you spent the time in making tutorials for the little things.

+2 votes     member: ~Mapster(WFc)
~Mapster(WFc) Sep 14 2008, 7:17am replied:

I was talking about the Tiberian Dawn, the very first C&C thjat was started by Westwood.

+1 vote     media: GDI Weapons Factory
~Mapster(WFc) Sep 13 2008, 8:05pm says:

If you need any help with mapping. You can PM me on moddb or post on my forum:

+3 votes     mod: Arcadium
~Mapster(WFc) Sep 7 2008, 2:07am says:

I love the way Joure makes everything look so different. theres nothing that's missing from my point of view.

+1 vote     media: intro map base wip preview
~Mapster(WFc) Aug 31 2008, 3:43am says:

Excellent work!

+1 vote     media: m4a1 by Falco
~Mapster(WFc) Aug 25 2008, 1:22am says:


+1 vote     media: Firearms: Source Preview
~Mapster(WFc) Jul 28 2008, 5:46pm says:

Love it ;)

+1 vote     media: Mobile Construction Vehicle
~Mapster(WFc) Jul 28 2008, 5:46pm says:

Doesn't the original door have a spiked teeth look rather than that?

+1 vote     media: GDI Weapons Factory
~Mapster(WFc) Jul 26 2008, 11:33pm replied:

Displacements are very tricky to use if your not entirely sure how to use them, took me a long time to find out how to use them without increasing the size of my map by 300% ;)

+1 vote     mod: 1187
~Mapster(WFc) Jul 26 2008, 2:10am says:

If you need any help on mapping as an knowing how to make something you ask talk to me on steam, I'm on almost all of the time. PM me if you would like me to give you a hand even without any map files.

+1 vote     mod: 1187
~Mapster(WFc) Jul 22 2008, 12:56am says:

Perhaps a bit too much bloom?

+1 vote     media: 1187 - few more ingame screenshts
~Mapster(WFc) Jul 20 2008, 4:44pm replied:

This is for mapping, not modding sorry.

+2 votes     article: Half-Life 2 Mapping Tutorials for Beginners
~Mapster(WFc) Jul 20 2008, 12:36am replied:

Welcome :)

+1 vote     article: Half-Life 2 Mapping Tutorials for Beginners
~Mapster(WFc) Jul 20 2008, 12:33am says:

Looks a tad blocky in some areas, love the rooms and how you added in light switches and almost all the textures and models are custom. Love ho you added in the small cut scene with the rebel and zombie. Looking forward to this :)
Well Done

+3 votes     media: 1187 - Day one - teaser 1
~Mapster(WFc) Jul 19 2008, 4:37am says:

wow that looks... fantastic!

+1 vote     media: Under
~Mapster(WFc) Jul 19 2008, 4:36am replied:

The only reason why i bought ut3 was for the mods, so far i've seen heaps of good mods... including this one :)

+1 vote     media: Ramjet Rifle
~Mapster(WFc) Jul 19 2008, 4:34am replied:


+2 votes     mod: 1187
~Mapster(WFc) Jul 16 2008, 9:37am says:

Theres something about this map that makes me want to keep looking at that first picture. I love it, I'll be watching.

+4 votes     mod: 1187
~Mapster(WFc) Feb 14 2006, 4:54pm says:

So it will never be released aye?
Some how i think that is pointless

+1 vote     mod: BTB airlines 2
~Mapster(WFc) Feb 13 2006, 6:23pm says:

Hurry up and release it or beta it now before i explode of excitment :D

+1 vote     mod: StarCraft: Marine
~Mapster(WFc) Dec 17 2005, 8:19am says:

Release NOW :D

+1 vote     mod: Red Alert: ReGeneration
~Mapster(WFc) Apr 1 2005, 11:02pm says:

why the hell doesn't it let me download it!
why the hell doesn't it let me download it!
why the hell doesn't it let me download it!
why the hell doesn't it let me download it!
why the hell doesn't it let me download it!
why the hell doesn't it let me download it...


+1 vote     mod: Command and Conquer Generals Multi-Editor
~Mapster(WFc) Apr 1 2005, 10:57pm says:

Hey this looks cool as but why hasn't the downlaod come out yet!?

+1 vote     mod: StarKiller
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