Just a casual gamer who does school Looking for that PERFECT RTS that has good graphics + Resources (Like AOE 2) and Multiple Time zones... C&C series is Awesome However and just about as good as it gets AOE has what I want gameplay wise but OLD graphics.

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Weak1ings Aug 26 2014, 8:43pm says:

I seriously want the Death star. That way I can blow up planets with one blast. To balance this out it would take a awfully long time to build (can function after certain %) and have a weakness to fighters/bombers but be bristling with guns and have a... super laser that CAN blow up anything with one shot. It could also be slow.

Super Laser instadeath planet (permanent; blow up, unrecoverable)
Super Health and Shields
Antimatter? I feel that the Laser could be a ability but shouldn't be also since it's the main use of the death star. a 5 minute atleast shot recharge requirement would probably balance it.
Many, Many, MANY, Guns thanks to it's huge size.

Super Slow
Vulnerable to small fighters
Extremely expensive. 10 fold more than probably the most expensive existing Titan. It's own class? Should be enough to cripple for a while.
Takes atleast 30 minutes of ingame time to build.
Vulnerable while building

What is Star Wars without the Death Star? It would be hard to keep a proper scale with the station as ships in comparison to planets, are quite large already. Could you imagine the story without it? I know balancing would be difficult but it could be comparable to the Borg of Armada III which are intentionally super powerful. Is it worth becoming vulnerable to become invulnerable except to the largest of attacks?

I recently bought Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion and Will be joining the community soon!

+1 vote   mod: Sins of a Galactic Empire
Weak1ings Aug 4 2014, 11:18pm says:

Seeing those chairs makes me hope that I can destroy them. If possible, I would like to see destructible environments.

+1 vote   media: Cloud City - rest area
Weak1ings Aug 4 2014, 11:14pm replied:

I didn't even notice it was ModDB page until you stated this, These guys did great with their skin!

+3 votes   news: July 31st, the saga continues.
Weak1ings Aug 26 2013, 10:51pm replied:

Much better then what I have done... Never played a multiplayer match.

+4 votes   mod: Expanding Fronts
Weak1ings Aug 24 2013, 8:56pm says:

Can we make this display side be side to provide multi-monitor support?

+1 vote   mod: foxMod
Weak1ings Aug 17 2013, 1:41am says:

Will this Mod... Revive SWGB? Perhaps upon completion or nearing it you could see what steam does and help promote the sale of the game? maybe even granting you and your team a bit of cash :) If this happens I can't wait to see what Steam does to fix Multiplayer with the downfall of "The Zone."
Can't wait to play!

0 votes   mod: Expanding Fronts
Weak1ings Jun 26 2013, 5:59pm says:

WOW! I couldn't believe my Eyes when I saw a mod for my FAVORITE GAME ever, even though it's age is decent... You just made my day!

+3 votes   mod: Expanding Fronts
Weak1ings Jun 9 2013, 3:22pm says:

I'll be adjusting my stats to 100 since I won't be able to work on them any more, thanks for the mod, I cannot express how much I needed this!

+1 vote   tutorial: Fallout 3 Reborn V8 Freeze On Perk Select Fix
Weak1ings Jun 9 2013, 3:18pm says:

THANK YOU! for posting this mod It's saved my life in fallout 3!

+1 vote   download: No Level Up Temporary Fix
Weak1ings May 22 2013, 11:49pm says:

I believe this Mods is officially finished/dead, so expect No help for bugs except from other players!

+2 votes   mod: FallOut 3 Overhaul Kit
Weak1ings May 21 2013, 8:05pm says:

I've noticed that the files do not work when installed like a normal mod. Not to suggest there is a different way of installing but there are only .bsa files (CALIBR.bsa, and FOOK2 - Main.bsa,) Shouldnt there be a .esm files as shown in many other mods I have downloaded?

+1 vote   mod: FallOut 3 Overhaul Kit
Weak1ings May 4 2013, 8:23am replied:

KOTF is what this modifies I think, It adds the scenarios like the duel of the fates Darth maul vs Obi-wann and Qui-gon jin. Also KOTF is a very trustworthy service and will not mess up SWJKA.

0 votes   mod: Star Wars : The Complete Saga
Weak1ings Apr 28 2013, 10:42pm replied:

Hey, i'm sorry for this,
But I don't have time to work on this project.
I'm sorry, I hope you do succeed!

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars : The Complete Saga
Weak1ings Apr 24 2013, 5:08pm replied:

I Personally have no expertise as I am an amateur... However if you could point me at some tutorials I can quickly learn and master the tools. I have a bit of experience in making maps for all the Unreal engines if that would help at all. This would be a Awesome way for me to get experience, I will definitely accept and put my finest foot forward!

Please, don't feel sorry if I am not qualified just say I don't meet the requirements and I'll become a fan instead.

Also, I was wondering if it's possible for you to edit the KOTF launcher's add/load system for that list in the menu perhaps we could organize my episode!

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars : The Complete Saga
Weak1ings Apr 23 2013, 5:04pm replied:

What I meant by support was send money, but I would enjoy helping, thought I have not a clue how to also I have major restrictions on time I can send though summer vacation is just around the corner!, Anyways I just realized what this Mod does, It makes those single-player maps that appear in the KOTF but never were completed due to the project's owner being unable to produce more.

Yes yes YES! I would love to help if you could just give me some help.

0 votes   mod: Star Wars : The Complete Saga
Weak1ings Apr 22 2013, 4:59pm replied:

I wish I could support you guys! Please contact me when you are completed so I can Instal this mod!

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars : The Complete Saga
Weak1ings Apr 21 2013, 3:08pm says:

Could we have a continuation from the drop-off Sith ending for JKA? And play as Jaden(the sith) trying to bring down the jedi again, killing Luke as end-game boss?

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Corruption
Weak1ings Apr 21 2013, 2:56pm says:

When do you expect to be finished? Also I was wondering if I would be disapointed with the current phase or should I wait some more for completion?

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars : The Complete Saga
Weak1ings Jul 30 2012, 11:16am says:

Too bad the File isnt in a .zip folder :(

+2 votes   download: Blitz II Release 3.0
Weak1ings Jul 30 2012, 11:05am says:


+1 vote   media: Maus, flamethrower
Weak1ings Jun 3 2012, 7:36pm says:

This Mod is The best!, So many Static meshes Makes Lag on all but the Best Computers! Looks great... but too much Lag to enjoy Highest Graphics setting :( well for me anyways

+4 votes   mod: Out Of Hell
Weak1ings Jun 2 2012, 4:49pm says:

Why aren't all the Units and Buildings for each civilization All included in one client? why aren't they just combined as one?

+2 votes   mod: Kane's Wrath Reloaded
Weak1ings Jun 2 2012, 12:26am says:

Who loves Real-Time Strategy with TANKS!
where you can spamm tanks like, FLying tanks, AA Tanks, Missile tanks, Gigantic tanks!
Lol that would be a fun game! THE TANK GAME
put's a new meaning to

+1 vote   member: Weak1ings
Weak1ings Jun 2 2012, 12:17am says:

I liked the C&C 4 Juggernaut, He just had no sniper team to compliment him from C&C 4 :(
But spamms of Kodiaks make up for it.

+1 vote   media: Kodiak & Salamander
Weak1ings Jun 2 2012, 12:15am says:

Is there the Kodiak included?
can we make multiple Mastadons like on C&C4?
are you going to just add units or change the MCVs?

+2 votes   mod: Kane's Wrath Reloaded
Weak1ings Jun 1 2012, 11:39pm says:

Those Orca bombers are Paladins! and the Hunters look funny

+1 vote   media: Orca Bomber & Howitzer
Weak1ings May 17 2012, 8:08am says:

I really want to see a Mammoth Mark 2 Or Mastadon (C&C4) Huge walkers have great appeal to most of us

+1 vote   media: GDI Stuff - so far
Weak1ings Oct 31 2011, 3:53pm says:

The most beautiful girl ive seen in a Mod or video game

+1 vote   media: Vivian In Game
Weak1ings Aug 9 2011, 6:16pm says:

awesome MOD some reason the settings on High High(+3) and High (+3) seem to lag less than Moderate thats what i think is funny... i see so many boards and stuff i can use... but its not THE thing i need i dont understand that sometimes but excellent MOD is it possible to get the Zombies and weapons on UT2k4 editor?

+1 vote   news: The Making of Out of Hell
Weak1ings Aug 8 2011, 8:52am says:

it wont run when i open it from Desura but opening it from my desktop works (Though i dont have the disk...)
any help on this?

+2 votes   game: Star Wars: Jedi Academy
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