Not a big fan about posting profile bios, but I guess I'll do one. I'm a PC gamer fan and not that big on console. I like to modify games for personal use but sometimes start up mini projects. I love to create levels. Oh and I'm not afraid to tell you to your face if I think your level/mod needs improving. I also tend to hang out on the ZP:S forums alot (best game ever). I will try and help you out even if no one else will.

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wazanator Jul 12 2014, 3:08pm says:

Am I the only one who is slightly disturbed that you can claim to be a free mod during greenlight then change to a full blown game once you get greenlit?

Most people who voted were voting on the assumption it would be a 100% free mod like No More Room in Hell and Neotokyo.

I don't blame them for wanting to go indie rather then mod but that should have been cleared up prior to greenlight voting.

-2 votes   article: Faceless ~ July 4th Mini-Update
wazanator Mar 1 2011, 5:26pm replied:

I'm surprised this download in general hasn't been reported considering it has nothing to do with an amazing mod going by the name "Portal Prelude" and not "Portal Editor" which is exactly where it belongs.

+3 votes   download: Portals Hard Map
wazanator Sep 29 2010, 11:57pm says:

I think the reason minecraft and other sandbox like games (gmod, block land, etc) is because thats the kinds of games people want to play right now. I see it mostly as a trend, remember about 9 years back when Runescape and other free/cheap mmos were very popular? Same thing with minecraft/blockland/gmod.

IMO if you want to take advantage of this trend you should look into combining the sandbox style gameplay with another game play style.

Example: A rts game where the player can design the units and structures (with limitations of course) either in real time

+1 vote   article: What Indie Developers Can Learn from Minecraft
wazanator Aug 11 2010, 7:49pm replied:

Thanks for the speedy response and yes it sure did help clear up a few things :)

+2 votes   article: Spiral Game Studios - Opens Doors & Announces 'ORION: Prelude'
wazanator Aug 11 2010, 3:07pm says:

Graphics look amazing. But to be honest I don't see myself purchasing it.

IMO (and I know many will disagree with me, but thats the beauty of an opinion after all) it looks like to much of a Halo clone with jetpacks and dinosaurs.

I mean what really sets this game apart? I know you guys want to get back to the classic feel of the FPS genre, but honestly many have tried and have failed. You can boast about the number of weapons and the fact that it includes vehicles (which no classic fps really had) and dinosaurs but it all really comes down to the game play which if its anything like the multiplayer beta will grow old fast.(Especially if you only keep 2 game modes and 7 maps)

It would also be nice to know if you intend to back this game up with developer support after the first year of release or will you move on to the next in your series.

+5 votes   article: Spiral Game Studios - Opens Doors & Announces 'ORION: Prelude'
wazanator Apr 28 2010, 6:54pm says:

I think they look great :D

+1 vote   media: Soldiers
wazanator Aug 4 2009, 8:40am says:

Looking good :)

I personally think its kind of bad that you don't have to aim in order to even use the sniper rifle (you just point and shoot when there close it looks like)

The secondary attack for the melee weapons looks like it pushes zombies back to far.

Other then the above the map looks good and so does the night vision.

+1 vote   media: Developer Preview (August 3, 2009)
wazanator Jun 11 2009, 10:47am replied:

Zombie Panic! source XD

+1 vote   media: New Model WIP: The Rocket Launcher
wazanator Jun 8 2009, 9:11pm says:

and this is why I stick to zps...

0 votes   media: New Model WIP: The Rocket Launcher
wazanator Mar 1 2011, 5:25pm replied:

You kidding that was the easiest part, you should really try and make it harder

+2 votes   download: Portals Hard Map
wazanator Mar 1 2011, 9:27am says:

I like what I'm seeing! But seeing as this is indie and will therefore probably be sold for $, did you ever acquire the rights for the series from the last company that owned them?

+1 vote   game: Army Men III
wazanator Feb 28 2011, 10:11pm says:

Was to easy.

+4 votes   download: Portals Hard Map
wazanator Feb 24 2011, 8:10pm says:

Looks good for a wip. I would recommend trying to align those textures near the top of the arena though.

+1 vote   media: Waluigi Arena (0.1b) WIP
wazanator Feb 22 2011, 10:57pm replied:

Its running on source engine...

+3 votes   article: Dino D-Day Beta and Release News
wazanator Feb 19 2011, 2:19am says:

I wish you would make some custom assests rather then rip them from other games/mods :/

+1 vote   mod: Horizon
wazanator Feb 19 2011, 2:15am says:

Some of your translations on the trailer for Horizon are a bit miss worded:
First 2 sentences are good.
Reword sentence 3 to say: "Slowly you feel as if you've been here before"
Reword sentence 4 to say: "Your attempts to remember details is futile"
Rest of the sentences seem fine.

+2 votes   article: Horizon
wazanator Feb 18 2011, 9:34pm replied:

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think if you go to their thread on the facepunch forum you can just start posting work and if they like what they see they add it.

+4 votes   media: Mist
wazanator Feb 17 2011, 10:58pm says:

Much better new then the previous article :) (glad I saved me a screeny of it though for latter laughs)

+1 vote   article: Back to Basics
wazanator Feb 16 2011, 10:54pm says:

Dude after reading what you post all I can say is that it makes you sound like an egotistical jerk. What with you saying things like "I deserve a massive amount of credit", "If it wasn't for me WW1 Source wouldn't be where it's at now".

Sol just asked you to take it easy and to stop trying to show up the rest of the team and how did you respond? With rage firing him.

BTW the real irony is this statement "that doesn't sound like they actually cared for the Mod, but more for themselves and their reputation." its quire clear from your skype conversation that your the one looking to further your reputation.

Its a real shame the way this mod is headed it had potential.

+8 votes   article: WWI Source, nature is cruel.
wazanator Feb 13 2011, 5:44pm replied:

Yeah I finally found that key :/

+1 vote   mod: Comatose
wazanator Feb 13 2011, 10:32am says:

I honestly cant get past the first door. Ive tried dragging both the orange and the deterigent bottle on to the lock and neither work. Anyone know how?

+1 vote   mod: Comatose
wazanator Feb 13 2011, 8:42am says:

Looks good but the wall on the right looks a tad bare.

+1 vote   media: dvh_asylum
wazanator Feb 13 2011, 8:41am says:

Man I'm so glad you guys fixed the point_viewcontrol entity. Hope someone comes up with some cool cut scenes for their map!

+7 votes   article: February 2011 - New Features
wazanator Feb 12 2011, 9:40pm says:

A good mod but it could use some work. Can't wait for your next one. :)

A somewhat interesting story
You tried really hard to add as much custom content

Ends to soon
The intro was a bit to long
Gun damage is a bit weird (way to many bullets to kill one guy)
It somewhat bugged me that the citizens used Hl2 weapons instead of the ones you made.
Gameplay was somewhat boring, most objectives just involve looking for a keycard then fighting a wave of enemies

+2 votes   mod: Dissolution
wazanator Feb 12 2011, 8:52pm replied:

The weapons/ammo now scale according to player count in ZPS maps (Doesnt apply to zpo/zph).

Also zombies are meant to be winning 80-90% of the time. That's been the development teams goal since day 1.

Your argument that its not balanced in facts argues that it is balanced :P

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Panic: Source
wazanator Feb 10 2011, 11:57pm says:

Good mod so far Im having a blast.

BTW is there perhaps a bug with the audio files counter or something? I swear I always grab them all but sometimes it says I haven't

+1 vote   mod: Dissolution
wazanator Feb 10 2011, 8:03pm replied:

Its sort of based off older zombie movies in which the survivors are always low on ammo and the zombies aren't really fast. At least thats what I feel its based on.

+1 vote   article: ZPS 2.1 Released!
wazanator Feb 10 2011, 7:02am says:

Here's some tips we found as PTs to help us win against zombies:
1. Stick together
2. Share guns and ammo
3. Watch each others backs
4. Communicate
5. Don't let Henital play carrier

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Panic: Source
wazanator Feb 9 2011, 8:09pm replied:

No he means random every round. Current random chooses one model randomly. After that if you want another random model you have to go back to options and choose random again.

+1 vote   article: ZPS 2.1 Released!
wazanator Feb 7 2011, 8:07pm replied:

I can honestly say I have only played that map 2 or 3 times in the last year. Did people really play the map that much?

Not to mention the balance on it was horrible, it all came down to who made it past the one entrance in sewers. If zombies were smart they would just wait at the fan exit and kill survivors as they crouch walked out.

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Panic: Source
wazanator Feb 7 2011, 7:50pm replied:

Please check the zps forums for a quick fix why we work on update. :)

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Panic: Source
wazanator Feb 7 2011, 7:48pm replied:

Thats called server lag. It happens. Try and find a server with a better ping rate

+2 votes   article: ZPS 2.1 Released!
wazanator Feb 6 2011, 2:14pm replied:

Valve doesn't work weekends normally (especially supper bowl weekend :P ) So you can probably expect it out Monday/Tuesday

+3 votes   article: ZPS 2.1 Released!
wazanator Feb 6 2011, 2:12pm replied:

Achievements didn't get done in time for the update sorry :( (hopefully they will be ready for 2.2 )

+1 vote   article: ZPS 2.1 Released!
wazanator Feb 6 2011, 1:57am replied:

From my understanding Deadblock was removed because it was old, unbalanced and broken in some spots. Plus no one played it that much.

Perhaps someone will remake/fix it up in the future :)

Also the phys damage thing only applies to barricade boards (to help stop perm cades)

+1 vote   article: ZPS 2.1 Released!
wazanator Jan 31 2011, 6:46pm says:

Looks good but it looks a bit high poly, a bit of that could be bump map.

+3 votes   media: Micro Uzi
wazanator Jan 31 2011, 6:31pm says:

Lack of coders seem to be the number one cause of mod death these days :( Hope it doesn't happen to this one.

+2 votes   article: January News
wazanator Jan 31 2011, 6:30pm says:

Great tutorial :)

+1 vote   article: Replacing Textures on Half-Life 2 Models
wazanator Oct 23 2014, 7:32pm says:

Glad to see people are still adding useful things for modders for this game.

+1 vote   download: EAW Quixel Suite scripts
wazanator Sep 20 2014, 3:58pm says:

I've always never been sure who would want to use this but I'm glad it exists.

+1 vote   article: 2 Weeks In On Steam
wazanator Jun 17 2014, 11:47pm replied:

I think he means on PC where you typically don't have as big a monitor as you would for your TV.

+1 vote   article: Contagion - Update June 16th :: Split Screen, AI tweaks, Linux/Mac Update & More
wazanator Apr 7 2014, 11:35pm says:

The visuals in your mod are looking great! You might want to have someone proofread the text though it looks like you spelled choice as "choise"

+4 votes   article: Hey! Look at me!
wazanator Mar 16 2014, 1:04am says:

Personally not a fan. Looks too much like a Flash game menu IMO (which I guess makes sense seeing as it's made in flash).

Also didn't Adobe stop Flash support on Linux? Won't this affect porting of the game to it?

+1 vote   media: WIP Zombie Master 2 Flash Menu
wazanator Dec 10 2013, 11:42pm says:

Never heard of your mod till just now and I'm really loving the art style you went with. Did you guys use a shader or is it all texture work?

+2 votes   article: DEMO ALPHA
wazanator Nov 11 2013, 10:31am says:

Great job can't way to play the new version

+3 votes   article: Dniepr 2.0
wazanator Nov 8 2013, 10:03am says:

Great patch as always

+1 vote   download: SynergiesMOD Patch 404 - its a big one!
wazanator Nov 1 2013, 4:28pm says:

tri count?

+2 votes   media: MP5K Very WIP
wazanator Oct 12 2013, 11:32am says:

Awesome update as always :)

+1 vote   download: SynergiesMOD V 343
wazanator Jul 21 2013, 11:14am says:

For those who chose "I work alone", do you choose to do that or can you just not find someone to work with at the moment?

+17 votes   poll: How big is your development team?
wazanator Mar 6 2013, 2:20pm replied:

Actually models and textures are not in the fgd only the entities.

+5 votes   download: Zombie Master 2 FGD ( OUDATED )
wazanator Feb 23 2013, 2:58pm says:

Looks awesome can't wait to play it!

+3 votes   article: Goal modes: done
wazanator Jan 2 2013, 10:36pm says:

Looks interesting I'll give it a try

+5 votes   article: Release 1 of I, Mayor
wazanator Oct 20 2012, 3:53am says:

Why are you having the indiegogo campaign now and not after you're done with faceless?

I mean no offense but you are talking about making more games when you haven't even finished this one.

+18 votes   article: IndieGogo #2 And More
wazanator Sep 27 2012, 12:43pm says:

Looks awesome!

+1 vote   article: Video of Rooftop Run ported to Generations
wazanator Jun 23 2012, 2:02pm says:

Looks good but I think he could use a ripped shirt or something.

+3 votes   media: Ripped Tank (Special Infected skin)
wazanator May 7 2012, 4:32pm says:

Great job with those displacements! I know how hard it can be to work with those sometimes >.<

+1 vote   media: Level 2 Alpha screenshots
wazanator May 6 2012, 10:11pm says:

So I just started following this game again and am glad to see you guys going to be making an indie game out of it!

Only question I have is will the kickstarter items be simply cosmetic or will they have different stats? It would really suck to miss out on them if they did have stat changes :(

+2 votes   article: Lack of updates, and Ryoku costumes update!
wazanator May 3 2012, 4:09pm says:

They sound great can't wait to play it!

Also will the survivors be up for download as well so that people can make other campaigns/maps based on them?

+1 vote   article: Life's a Beach update: 02.05.12
wazanator Apr 15 2012, 8:37pm replied:

You just need a source engine game to play this I believe. Meaning if you have Team Fortress 2 installed you should be good.

+3 votes   media: Community Spotlight: nms_isolated by lou saffire
wazanator Apr 9 2012, 2:45pm replied:

Go for both and have each demon get a random model each round

+2 votes   media: Demon model update
wazanator Mar 1 2012, 6:25pm says:

Looks great!

I wish more campaigns did this

+1 vote   media: Prisoner screenshots
wazanator Feb 16 2012, 12:45am replied:

They have things like that in Garrys mod.

+2 votes   article: February Core Update & New DLC
wazanator Oct 25 2011, 1:09pm says:

Is the player model always going to be tpose or will that get changed? Other then that looks good!

+1 vote   media: Gate II 1950's Alien Abduction Scene
wazanator Aug 17 2011, 9:58pm says:

Looks good but why is there a cooling tank inside the building O.o?

+8 votes   media: August 17th Update
wazanator Jul 7 2011, 2:28am replied:

@moppop: I'm sorry but there are plenty of mods out there that have professional quality to them. Look at project reality, Neotokyo, Off Limits, and No more room in hell All great mods that are on par with the quality of studio produced games.

Now look at games like Dino D-day that are awful yet had all the same chances and tools as modders did but had money to back them up. Would you say Dino d-day is better then Hidden Source, Fistful of frags or even 1187? After all they all run on the same engine but one is made by why you consider "professionals".

Plus how are you to know whats best for the modding community when you yourself don't even mod? That's like telling someone they're not allowed to use art supplies because they are simply a hobby artist and not a professional artist.

+15 votes   article: No mod support for Battlefield 3
wazanator Jul 5 2011, 12:13am replied:

And that is why I loved Jedi Outcasts multiplayer. There was just something about having crazy mid air fights and jumping all over the place that I liked. I hope they capture that aspect in this mod.

+2 votes   media: Air Attack
wazanator Jun 9 2011, 12:57am says:

Looks good! Really like the idea of having to have certain NPC's to unlock doors.

BTW are their arms clipping through the guns and if so will it be fixed?

+1 vote   article: New Features!
wazanator Jun 2 2011, 12:06am replied:

@cinco: The title says "British troop finished" which would lead one to believe it's done, leading to the question about the face.

+2 votes   media: British Troop finished
wazanator May 31 2011, 7:35pm replied:

It's called Action Half life for a reason

+2 votes   article: AHL2v2 patch now available
wazanator Apr 25 2011, 7:37pm replied:

This was meant as a patch really to the last update, their still working on new content :)

+1 vote   article: ZPS 2.2 Release!
wazanator Apr 24 2011, 10:00am says:

The force is strong with this one

+4 votes   media: Messing around :D (VERY EARLY WIP ON EVERYTHING)
wazanator Mar 26 2011, 9:37pm says:

Very nice tutorial series :)

+1 vote   article: Basics for portalmapping
wazanator Jan 9 2011, 4:31pm says:

I would look into getting a better texture for the ground. At the angle you have it at right now its easy to see how pixelated it is

+1 vote   media: Chapter 1 Menu Background
wazanator Jan 7 2011, 10:03pm replied:

@Gradius there wont be a viewmodel it would seem:

"While Water wont be using the weapon herself, she will certainly be shot at by it."

Plus I think the model looks great as a wip

+1 vote   article: First ever weapon render
wazanator Dec 10 2010, 7:39pm replied:

I wouldnt count on it. Looks like its already taken some damage and the battles just about to end.

+2 votes   media: New Republic Assault
wazanator Nov 13 2010, 3:34pm says:

Those are some nice looking props :)

+1 vote   media: Dead Before Dawn 2 Screenshots and Loading poster
wazanator Oct 29 2010, 11:59pm says:

That's amazing looking

+1 vote   media: Chaf Ingame
wazanator Oct 17 2010, 9:22am says:

Looking at the one screenshot it looks like its a full bright map...

+5 votes   download: abandoned_testchamber
wazanator Oct 13 2010, 4:59pm says:

I don't see how you got lost at the end they made it quite clear what room to go to while they were giving you the tour.

As for the voice thing I thought it was alright but your right it could have used actual voice actors.

+3 votes   article: Excellent, challenging mapping, and pre-GLaDOS theory, but lacking in voice.
wazanator Oct 12 2010, 11:21pm says:

"NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ technology is a combination of Graphics Processor Units (GPU), specialized 3D glasses, software, and certified displays and projectors that deliver an immersive 3D experience on your PC or workstation." -taken from NVIDIA site

Yeah sorry I dont see myself running out to buy a new graphics card, special 3d glasses, and a special monitor to fight dinos in space.

Hope someone tries this out as I would very much like to know how well it is though :)

+6 votes   article: NVIDIA Partnership & Prelude in 3D
wazanator Oct 8 2010, 4:23pm says:

Looks great! Any possibility that if you loose all your balloons in balloon battle that your ragdolls fly off from the last hit(while the kart is spinning for added humor)?

+7 votes   media: New Mario model
wazanator Sep 25 2010, 3:04pm says:

Looks alright for a small death match map. The skybox could use some work.

(also I hope thats not what the crowbar is going to look like)

+1 vote   media: Shipment
wazanator Sep 11 2010, 4:52pm says:

Very nice tutorial :)

+2 votes   article: Beginners Tutorial for Modding Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
wazanator Aug 18 2010, 11:20am says:

Looks interesting

+2 votes   game: Reckless Squad
wazanator Aug 13 2010, 9:00pm replied:

Did you check the forums news post? ;)

+2 votes   media: ZPS_Underground
wazanator Aug 12 2010, 2:25pm says:

Looks great!

+1 vote   media: NMRiH M16A4 Animation Demo
wazanator Aug 6 2010, 6:24pm says:

Having a blast with the beta right now cant wait for more :D

+2 votes   article: Update, Early Access, Music and a Spooky Surprise!
wazanator Aug 6 2010, 6:21pm says:

Zombie dogs O.o

I can honestly say i was expecting the hobo from the zps comic

+5 votes   media: Contagion Teaser Reveal Trailer
wazanator Aug 6 2010, 6:20pm says:

very sexy. Feel sorry for the guy trying to escape

+3 votes   media: Contagion Inmate Turntables
wazanator Aug 6 2010, 6:18pm says:


+8 votes   media: Contagion Promotional Art
wazanator May 25 2010, 7:27pm replied:


+1 vote   article: Updates
wazanator May 22 2010, 12:45am says:

What are you talking about? The level design was ingenious has players thinking in ways they didn't have you doing in Portal. It felt like a challenge for once (IMO Portal was way to easy).

+12 votes   article: A good attempt.
wazanator May 17 2010, 8:52pm says:

Your a little late

+1 vote   article:
wazanator Apr 28 2010, 10:32pm says:

Looks good!

+1 vote   download: M16 Overhaul
wazanator Apr 8 2010, 4:36pm replied:

ZPS, L4D, L4D2 has a custom church map, Situation outbreak, and I think zombie master might have one as well

+1 vote   article: Mod Is Progressing
wazanator Apr 6 2010, 4:20pm says:

Your mappers really need to work on there brush work. It looks really bland and boring and you can see textures repeating really badly.

Also why is it that almost every zombie mod/game has a church map?

0 votes   article: Mod Is Progressing
wazanator Apr 5 2010, 11:24pm says:

When you squeeze the tomato will it squirt juice? :P

+1 vote   media: Ingames
wazanator Mar 26 2010, 2:34pm says:

Looks interesting I'll download and give it a try :)

+1 vote   download: Zero Gear - Chinese Wall Race Map 2.0
wazanator Mar 24 2010, 11:28pm says:

"What is the typical goal in a zombie game?"

Don't know about you but most zombie games these days deal with either escaping somehow, killing as many zombies as you can, or finding some kind of cure.

Why not flip those goals and make it where zombies are the victims and survivors are running ramped killing and driving zombies out of there homes? That way it turns into: capturing the town, saving as many zombies as you can and killing as many survivors, and destroying the cure. ;)

Also great article look forward to the next one :)

+5 votes   article: Weekly Interview: "In Development"
wazanator Mar 24 2010, 7:18pm says:

You guys must be doing quite a big overhaul to release your first versions source code!

+1 vote   download: Half-Life 2: Wars Beta 0.5 SOURCE CODE
wazanator Feb 8 2010, 8:06pm says:

Very easy to follow and great explanation :D

+3 votes   article: HD Video Tutorial - Optimization 1: func_detail
wazanator Feb 5 2010, 7:13pm says:

Not sure if your a model or a Google sketch-up user but Valve now has a plugin for exporting models so that you can compile them and stick right into your maps :) A tutorial on this process would be greatly appreciated

If your sticking with hammer then a tutorial on how to set up and use cube maps might be nice

+4 votes   article: HD Video Tutorial - Explosions
wazanator Jan 21 2010, 8:04pm says:

Looking good Benn!

One suggestion I have is that once a civilian is captured the team must escort them back to there base to be turned into a new unit, that gives the other team a chance to retaliate and take back the captured citizen

+4 votes   article: 21/01/10 Update!
wazanator Jan 18 2010, 7:46pm replied:


+3 votes   media: Three little orchids
wazanator Jan 9 2010, 1:01am replied:

Going to? It already creeps me out!

It looks like a human that has had there head replaced and there upper legs removed, with a pokeball like object lodged in there body. It doesn't get more creepier then that

+10 votes   media: Cremator Final
wazanator Dec 5 2009, 8:47am says:

I never even knew about this program :O

Thanks for sharing it with us looks like it makes texture creation alot easier and better then the way I was doing it before

+2 votes   media: Testing MaPZone
wazanator Nov 19 2009, 4:48pm says:

If only I had a beard like there drummer :(

+1 vote   article: Word of the day: Bayou
wazanator Oct 18 2009, 12:30am says:

I like the art style :D

+1 vote   article: News Special : WorkInProgress
wazanator Oct 1 2009, 7:15pm says:

So if I understand it correctly your going to release 1.5.2 and that will be the last update and the rest will just be map packs?

+3 votes   article: Missing Information 1.5.2 delayed!
wazanator Oct 1 2009, 4:57pm says:

Looks good :)

Although one thing that bothered me are the textures your using. The textures on the coast you can clearly see tiling and then in the inside of the building you have it cut from rock to tile no transition at all either go with tile or rock but not both it just looks weird.

+2 votes   media: Cold Case: The Prison
wazanator Sep 28 2009, 4:49pm replied:

At the end of the game when your in the *vehicle* you do not have a model

+2 votes   article: Research and Development Review
wazanator Sep 25 2009, 8:28pm says:

Looks amazing :D

+2 votes   media: Sept 25 (2009) - Beta Test Screen Grab 006
wazanator Sep 24 2009, 9:40pm says:

That looks amazing :D The lighting is perfect.

Is it going to be in HDR?

+3 votes   media: Subterranean City 17 1
wazanator Sep 24 2009, 9:35pm says:

Looks good

Although I would work on the uniform some more

+1 vote   media: Army Men Extended - Soldier
wazanator Sep 14 2009, 4:35pm says:

Looks great :D Isn't that turret from hl2 beta?

+1 vote   media: Exit Portal (Map 14)
wazanator Sep 12 2009, 1:51pm says:

I see that you finally got around to posting the pics :D

+1 vote   media: HLT 12/09/09
wazanator Aug 31 2009, 9:52pm replied:

I think the point is that its not just the idea of the game that makes it a success its the actual mechanics

+1 vote   article: The value of game ideas
wazanator Aug 24 2009, 6:03pm says:

Like I said in a previous comment the ground is to flat, you will hardly ever find a place that has perfectly flat ground. Just create some small displacements to put on it and it will look alot better

+1 vote   media: B2B_Prison Outdoors
wazanator Aug 22 2009, 3:26pm says:

Sounds great :D

+1 vote   article: 7 Days
wazanator Aug 20 2009, 12:17am says:

Is it me or does this pic make the zombies look really small

+4 votes   media: More running
wazanator Aug 19 2009, 12:36am says:

Those images look great :D

+2 votes   article: NMRiH Weekly Update August 17th, 2009
wazanator Aug 18 2009, 11:03am replied:

Just talked to someone and they said it is copy right infringement if the person downloading the mod doesn't have EP:2 since your getting the skin from the GCF of EP: 2. In other words don't hand out stuff that you didn't create or find a way so that the player has to own EP:2 in order to play the mod

+1 vote   media: Red Team's Turret
wazanator Aug 17 2009, 4:18pm says:

HUD is looking good. (nice and simple)

The ground looks a tad bit flat there you might want to make it slightly bumpy

+1 vote   media: Safehouse Hud Element
wazanator Aug 15 2009, 12:49pm says:

Looks great but whats with the purple :O

+1 vote   media: New Map: zms_sv_forgotten
wazanator Aug 14 2009, 11:50pm replied:

Oh okay I thought those turret skins were only in episode: 2 for a minute :)

+1 vote   media: Red Team's Turret
wazanator Aug 14 2009, 1:24pm says:

Are you going to need Episode:2 for this mod?

+1 vote   media: Red Team's Turret
wazanator Jul 24 2009, 7:22pm replied:

Same here

+2 votes   media: New Model: The Incendiary Grenade
wazanator Jul 13 2009, 11:24am says:

Looking great I'm glad people are still modding for EaW :D

+1 vote   article: Workforce
wazanator Jun 26 2009, 9:04pm replied:

nope not a update to harvest just a new gamemode :D Extremely hard and meant to be played for fun and not taken seriously.

+1 vote   media: ZPS 1.6 screenshots and features
wazanator Jun 18 2009, 6:10pm replied:

Hey at least they don't update as often as zombie mod: source

+6 votes   article: Tell your friends (and enemies), Neotokyo is almost here!
wazanator May 17 2009, 12:15am replied:

Yeah I agree with izzysinz this looks way to much like ZP:S's zombie vision. Both have blood around the edges and both can be turned off. Sure it's 100% created by you guys but that doesn't mean the idea is original doing all this is just going to give your mod an even worse reputation for stealing ideas.

-1 votes   media: Zombie Vision
wazanator May 4 2009, 9:20pm says:

I would like to see gameplay sort of similar to the Advance wars series in that on your turn you move all your units and attack with all your units.

Also will there be vehicles in game to help get units around

+1 vote   article: HLT Update - 04/05/09
wazanator May 4 2009, 7:51pm says:

looking good :)

+1 vote   media: Collision Detection
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