Not a big fan about posting profile bios, but I guess I'll do one. I'm a PC gamer fan and not that big on console. I like to modify games for personal use but sometimes start up mini projects. I love to create levels. Oh and I'm not afraid to tell you to your face if I think your level/mod needs improving. I also tend to hang out on the ZP:S forums alot (best game ever). I will try and help you out even if no one else will.

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wazanator May 22 2011 says:

Really fun! Just wish I could find a dedicated server

+1 vote   mod: Action Halflife 2
wazanator May 22 2011 says:

If you have that overlay on all the time in game along with the same style music I will play for a long time.

+2 votes   media: Action Half-Life 2 version 2 Release Trailer
wazanator May 15 2011 says:

The level design in this was fantastic! Only thing that really bothered me in this mod was the low frame rate in some areas and the ending, felt it deserved more then that.

+2 votes   mod: Slums 2
wazanator May 15 2011 says:

Looks good but I think of some of the smaller details could be made bump maps instead (help reduce polys and what not)

+1 vote   media: M1911 Colt Model redone
wazanator Apr 28 2011 says:

Really like the model but I feel there's one thing you could do to improve it:

Give it two skins, one with blood one without. See if the person in charge of programming can set it up so that when it hits a flesh textured target it the skin changes to the bloody one.

+1 vote   media: Meat Clever
wazanator Apr 27 2011 says:

Sounds great!
BTW when you say:
"But our system is built to allow for a wide variety of map-specific objectives that will also allow you to create custom levels that are only limited by your creativity."
Does it mean we can create our own objectives and not have to follow the normal game modes?

+1 vote   news: First action footage
wazanator Apr 25 2011 replied:

This was meant as a patch really to the last update, their still working on new content :)

+1 vote   news: ZPS 2.2 Release!
wazanator Apr 24 2011 says:

Z3RO you really have improved your modeling skills since you did some of those cool custom weapons for zps :) (Wish I had a working copy of the rolling pin!)

+1 vote   news: Media Update!
wazanator Apr 24 2011 says:

The force is strong with this one

+4 votes   media: Messing around :D (VERY EARLY WIP ON EVERYTHING)
wazanator Apr 17 2011 says:

Awesome finally got a key! Now if only some people were on so I could have a duel ;)

+3 votes   news: Build 7: District and complete rebalance edition!
wazanator Apr 16 2011 says:

I'm a bit confused is it 1v1 or multiple people having a free for all?

+1 vote   game: Blade Symphony
wazanator Apr 13 2011 says:

Not enough good single player space mods out there I always say :)

+1 vote   media: Ligonier (WIP)
wazanator Apr 12 2011 says:

Wow I never knew that smoothing groups could really have this much impact on stuff! Thanks for the tutorial

+3 votes   tutorial: HD Video Tutorial - Smoothing Groups
wazanator Apr 12 2011 replied:

@Anni: I'm not quite sure what you meant by that comment. If you look at the top of the page it clearly says $19.99 for it on Desura.

While I would like to support an Indie group I do not feel the game has enough replay value for $20.

+2 votes   news: Icebreakers Released
wazanator Apr 12 2011 says:

So Mario Kart meets snakes? Interesting idea but I don't think it's worth the $.

0 votes   news: Icebreakers Released
wazanator Apr 9 2011 replied:

What boxes?

+2 votes   media: Duels in the District
wazanator Apr 5 2011 says:

1 and 7 remind me to much of blasters and 4 looks a bit to lightsaberish. With that criticism out of the way I think I'll vote for 6

Quick question but will the cartridges look like there draining when used?

+1 vote   news: Community vote #2
wazanator Apr 3 2011 says:

Had fun playing around with it but was sad to see no combine assassins :(

+1 vote   mod: Missing Information
wazanator Apr 3 2011 replied:

I'm pretty sure you can already do so. Just create your own fgd that adds in the new content

+1 vote   mod: Missing Information
wazanator Apr 2 2011 says:

Needs hats

+5 votes   news: Build 6: I love swords!
wazanator Mar 28 2011 says:

Very good idea and all the models looks amazing! Except the top one that one looks like it could use some more work around the hilt.

(something about it just doesn't look right imo)

+1 vote   media: Sword Selector
wazanator Mar 26 2011 says:

Very nice tutorial series :)

+1 vote   tutorial: Basics for portalmapping
wazanator Mar 22 2011 says:

Great bump map on the handle!

+1 vote   media: 2nd Flashlight Model
wazanator Mar 17 2011 says:

That doesnt look to bad :) Is the view model changed as well?

+1 vote   download: Demoman - Symmetrical Headtaker's Axe
wazanator Mar 17 2011 replied:

In other words you want to be able to monitor what people are saying. Yeah its quite clear how corrupt you aren't >.>

+3 votes   mod: Orion: Source
wazanator Mar 13 2011 says:

Not a big fan of the glow outline for NH2Coop. It just kind of makes it less scary imo :/

+1 vote   news: Update News: Nightmare House 2 COOP & Media Updates
wazanator Mar 8 2011 says:

A 16 bit fighting game would be pretty interesting on the source engine.

+1 vote   media: Steve's Diamond Sword
wazanator Mar 6 2011 says:

I like #2. #4 IMO looks to much like a power drill

+2 votes   news: Community vote: Imperial Stimpack
wazanator Mar 2 2011 says:

Its not amazing looking but I give you an A+ for effort :)

+2 votes   download: Half-Life 2: Deathmatch Updated Menu Image V2
wazanator Mar 2 2011 replied:

It's a good thing I got my Sasquatch with me.

+2 votes   download: Portals Hard Map
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