Not a big fan about posting profile bios, but I guess I'll do one. I'm a PC gamer fan and not that big on console. I like to modify games for personal use but sometimes start up mini projects. I love to create levels. Oh and I'm not afraid to tell you to your face if I think your level/mod needs improving. I also tend to hang out on the ZP:S forums alot (best game ever). I will try and help you out even if no one else will.

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wazanator Dec 6 2012, 4:20am says:

I thought you weren't making mods anymore after that stint on the forums about not being invited to the summit.

+6 votes     article: DarthMod: Shogun II v4,4 "Enforced edition" Released! (+ HotFix)
wazanator Nov 30 2012, 5:17pm says:

Just as a heads up Valve updated HL2 dlls which unfortunately broke ZPS for the moment we are working on fixing this ASAP

+2 votes     mod: Zombie Panic: Source
wazanator Nov 18 2012, 3:40pm says:

If you get no mappers applying send me a PM and I can probably help you out. Don't have as much time as I would like to map but I can probably help you.

+1 vote     article: Big changes!
wazanator Nov 18 2012, 3:38pm replied:

Personally I don't understand why they would need dedicated servers at all for a small multiplayer mod that hosts under 10 people. Most basic gaming rigs these days can easily support the number of players for this mod.

+1 vote     article: Manio Clears the Air
wazanator Nov 18 2012, 3:32pm replied:

@ForbiddenDonutz: I'm not saying there is a conspiracy I'm just trying to tell you it would be better to change the group name now then later near release when you are trying to make sure everything is good to go.

The actual Ethereal Entertainment group isn't exactly well known but right now if you do a search on the name their site comes up first. Your group would be better off making a new name where you are the first search so people don't get confused.

-1 votes     article: Manio Clears the Air
wazanator Nov 15 2012, 1:22am says:

"They’re trying to protect Ethereal Entertainment, and themselves from any potential copyright issues down the road."

I find this somewhat humerus considering there is actually a different studio called Ethereal Entertainment. Link:

Are you at all related to this group and if not are they aware of you using their name? Not trying to be an ******* but this could really come back to bite you down the road. You can't just use the name of an already established studio.

Also if licensing is an issue why not drop Slenderman completely and come up with an original character? I find it hard to believe no one on your team can come up with something similar or better then Slenderman. Plus it would really help to set your mod apart from other slender games. Slenderman is a popular IP at the moment but I think you guys could really come up with something more original.

+3 votes     article: Manio Clears the Air
wazanator Nov 15 2012, 1:14am replied:

I realize this I was just giving some feedback.

0 votes     media: Tendrils Demo.
wazanator Nov 14 2012, 4:00pm says:

Tentacles are to short and the legs are to skinny in the middle.

0 votes     media: Tendrils Demo.
wazanator Nov 14 2012, 3:58pm says:

Good start, I would recommend adding more debris to the ground. Right now it looks rather odd that there are holes in the ground but no sign as to what caused them. Also the whole scene in general is to clean. You also have a misaligned texture in the back (at least that's why I'm guess the red tile jumps up 10-15 units)

0 votes     media: Hyde Station
wazanator Oct 31 2012, 12:26pm says:

Way to empty looking, the brush doors look fine but their model counterparts would be much better and at 0:38 that window looks awful instead of having the glass go straight to the brick put some kind of border.

At 0:50 you have the 2 different tiles just change abruptly, put something on the floor to hide it, a common thing most mappers like to use is a strip of metal or wood that you can commonly find under doors.

Why are you using HL2 lab props in what appears to be a subway.

2:57 that decal ending abruptly at the wall would look a lot better if you put some of the dried blood splatter on the wall as well.

It looks alright but it still has a long ways to go before being really good.

0 votes     media: Hyde Station Sneak-Peak
wazanator Oct 20 2012, 3:47pm replied:

Keyword being later, why do you need the money now?

Why not wait and see if Faceless turns out as good as everyone hopes it is? You may have a lot of hype now but if the mod tanks on release you're fans are going to be really upset that they gave you money to make more.

+6 votes     article: IndieGogo #2 And More
wazanator Oct 20 2012, 3:53am says:

Why are you having the indiegogo campaign now and not after you're done with faceless?

I mean no offense but you are talking about making more games when you haven't even finished this one.

+18 votes     article: IndieGogo #2 And More
wazanator Oct 18 2012, 7:23pm replied:

Hey sorry to hear that, what kinds of errors is it giving you?

BTW could you post this in our forums here:

We can help you out much faster there

+1 vote     mod: Zombie Panic: Source
wazanator Oct 10 2012, 9:03pm replied:

No offense but that isn't exactly the most solid sounding argument.

+1 vote     article: Quick Update - Indiegogo Campaign
wazanator Oct 7 2012, 5:51pm says:

Forums are down at the moment sorry if you are trying to reach them :( We are working on resolving the issue. In the mean time if you have technical issue post it on our game hub page so we can get back to you asap

+2 votes     mod: Zombie Panic: Source
wazanator Oct 2 2012, 9:39pm replied:

Sounds like you are missing a few files, try validating the game on steam (right click properties). If you are still having trouble post it on our forums so we can help you faster :)

+2 votes     mod: Zombie Panic: Source
wazanator Oct 2 2012, 9:38pm replied:

You just need to download TF2 and the Source Sdk Base 2007 on steam to play

0 votes     mod: Zombie Panic: Source
wazanator Sep 30 2012, 4:31pm says:

What happens if you guys don't end up making another game?

+2 votes     article: Quick Update - Indiegogo Campaign
wazanator Sep 27 2012, 12:43pm says:

Looks awesome!

+1 vote     article: Video of Rooftop Run ported to Generations
wazanator Sep 19 2012, 11:57pm replied:

This is just single player

+7 votes     mod: Pumpkin Night Redux
wazanator Sep 15 2012, 1:57am says:

Just a heads up you might want to change your studios name. People might get you confused with the other Ethereal Entertainment studio:

+2 votes     game: Faceless
wazanator Sep 13 2012, 5:34pm says:

I would really recommend changing the angles on those spotlights. Way to small for car headlights

+3 votes     media: Someone was already here.
wazanator Aug 30 2012, 12:41pm says:

Looks a bit to much like Jack Skellington without a face imo.

-1 votes     media: Slendy Rigged
wazanator Aug 14 2012, 6:23pm says:

Just a reminder if anyone has any bugs/ideas/criticism come post it on our forums we make sure to read all the feedback!

+3 votes     article: ZPS 2.3 Update Live!
wazanator Aug 6 2012, 12:51am says:

How is that ladder laying on that angle? It's clear it's supposed to look abandoned so how is it that the ladder is still laying on it side at 90 degree angle?

Other then that it looks good though.

+2 votes     media: ss_Forest Screenshot 2
wazanator Jul 30 2012, 8:42pm says:

We are working on getting our Mod DB page updated but for the moment please checkout our changelog here

+4 votes     mod: Zombie Panic: Source
wazanator Jul 26 2012, 4:37pm replied:

@WitheredGryphon are you honestly making the forest flat? I really hope you're not because frankly that is a very bad design choice. It will very easy to just look down one direction and see where everything is. And please get one of your modelers to make you a custom tree because frankly those HL2 trees are ugly and are not suitable for a forest.

0 votes     media: Start Up Screen
wazanator Jul 25 2012, 12:56am says:

Eh it's alright.


* Very noticeable where the trees stop

* To dark to tell what is up with the body, right now it looks like it is just floating

* Same tree model everywhere

+1 vote     media: Start Up Screen
wazanator Jun 23 2012, 2:02pm says:

Looks good but I think he could use a ripped shirt or something.

+3 votes     media: Ripped Tank (Special Infected skin)
wazanator May 18 2012, 6:00pm says:

Looks great but could use a syringe sticking out of her somewhere

+1 vote     media: Junkie Spitter (Life's a Beach)
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