This place sucks.

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Wasserstern Feb 21 2013, 2:31pm replied:

Look on the forums...

RC2 is out for some long time now.

+3 votes   article: Blood and Guts in the Sandbox
Wasserstern Feb 21 2013, 8:55am replied:

Its hilarious when the only people that are complaining are the ones with the low IQ.

Seriously, I dont even understand what you are talking about.

+4 votes   article: Blood and Guts in the Sandbox
Wasserstern May 28 2012, 3:53am says:

Gonna try the demo first. ;)

+3 votes   game: Init.
Wasserstern Feb 20 2013, 8:45am replied:

What are you talking about? DayZ works in a COMPLETELY different way than Project Zomboid does!

+3 votes   article: Blood and Guts in the Sandbox
Wasserstern Feb 19 2013, 9:18am says:

Thanks guys, I didnt expect to get something as awesome as this. A sandbox option where you can change so much stuff is something I rarely see in games.

Good job!

+2 votes   article: Blood and Guts in the Sandbox
Wasserstern Feb 16 2013, 4:33am says:

I like her ***

+1 vote   media: The Great And Powerful Princess
Wasserstern Feb 9 2013, 10:29am says:

I dont really like how the archer animations look here. The way the arms move with the direction of the mouse looks really cheap and doesnt fit the style of the game. :/

But I know that this is a work in progress so its probably going to be changed.
Aside from that everything looks great, love how the knight combat works. Keep up the awesome work guys :)

+1 vote   article: A bit of fire and new combat moves!
Wasserstern Feb 3 2013, 3:48am says:


+1 vote   media: Rainbow Dash Is On Fire
Wasserstern Jan 30 2013, 8:07am says:


+2 votes   media: Fighting is Magic - Fluttershy Gameplay
Wasserstern Jan 22 2013, 8:35am replied:

It is. Look up John Joseco.

+1 vote   media: Nurse Luna To The Rescue
Wasserstern Jan 21 2013, 7:19am says:

This is so ******* cute. (and kinda sexy, I dont know)

+3 votes   media: Nurse Luna To The Rescue
Wasserstern Jan 10 2013, 8:25am says:

I like cute pics. I like this.

+2 votes   media: Rain Check
Wasserstern Jan 6 2013, 4:59am says:

Nice to see that you guys are making good progress. :)

+3 votes   article: Survivors of Ragnarök - Five Cubed (Alpha 25)
Wasserstern Dec 31 2012, 4:22am says:

HOLY ****! So much details!

+2 votes   media: This Is War
Wasserstern Dec 27 2012, 3:15am says:

Love his/her art. Even the NSFW stuff.

+3 votes   media: What Do You Think?
Wasserstern Dec 22 2012, 4:05am says:

Yeah! Cant wait for the big update!

+2 votes   article: Holiday 9.99$ Promotion & Internal Beta Announcement
Wasserstern Dec 21 2012, 6:14am says:

Aww man this is cute as ****!

+2 votes   media: Snowball Fight Without Magic
Wasserstern Dec 18 2012, 8:34am says:


+2 votes   media: im a pro
Wasserstern Dec 14 2012, 8:11am says:

I love this....

+1 vote   media: Rarity's Headphone
Wasserstern Dec 9 2012, 4:30am replied:

This is something different :D
I just cant stand these meme things :/ They destroy creativity.
But I guess you're right. I wont complain, seems like some people like this.

+1 vote   media: Fluttershy is a meme too...
Wasserstern Dec 9 2012, 4:28am says:


+2 votes   media: Caves
Wasserstern Dec 7 2012, 8:41am says:

Tim burton style :D
This is awesome!

+4 votes   media: burton X my little pony
Wasserstern Dec 7 2012, 8:39am says:

.........I hate this.....

+1 vote   media: Fluttershy is a meme too...
Wasserstern Dec 5 2012, 8:15am says:

The artist who draws these is awesome! And the pics he draws are just so HUGE.
Love his stuff.

+4 votes   media: You Saw Me Standing Alone
Wasserstern Dec 4 2012, 7:34am says:

Looks awesome, Cant wait for the big update :)

+3 votes   article: King Arthur's Gold art teaser
Wasserstern Dec 3 2012, 7:31am says:

Meh, the face looks a little strange. :/

+1 vote   media: Rainbow Scarf
Wasserstern Dec 1 2012, 3:34am says:

This looks really great! Cant wait to see the final game.

+1 vote   game: STEALER
Wasserstern Nov 23 2012, 8:41am says:

I approve.

+5 votes   media: Princess Celestia - Nightmare Moon
Wasserstern Nov 23 2012, 8:40am says:

Atryl draws such awesome pics.

+3 votes   media: FUN!FUN!FUN!FUN!FUN!
Wasserstern Nov 20 2012, 9:22am says:

Oh sorry, accidently copied the wrong link!
Didnt notice that!

Luna-Tic. If you see this please delete it.

Thanks! And sorry for causing some confusion with this. Gonna post the real E48 right now.

+1 vote   media: SoGreatandPowerful : E48
Wasserstern Nov 20 2012, 8:37am says:

Cant wait for the update guys :)

+2 votes   article: Of farming, spectacles and meta-shenanigans
Wasserstern Jun 11 2013, 8:39am says:

Looks generic and boring.

I just cant understand why they even used such a stupid idea.

0 votes   media: My Little Pony - Equestria Girls Trailer #2
Wasserstern Jun 3 2013, 8:12am says:

Boooo. Censorship sucks man.

+2 votes   media: pillow Fluttershy
Wasserstern May 14 2013, 1:18pm says:


0 votes   member: stinkytaco
Wasserstern Apr 29 2013, 8:19am says:

Cute I guess.
Also blood.

+1 vote   media: MLP Fluttashuu
Wasserstern Apr 18 2013, 8:28am says:

Ok then

+1 vote   media: Wait, what?
Wasserstern Mar 8 2013, 9:02am replied:

Sorry if my grammar has some mistakes, english isnt my native language.

+1 vote   game: Dawning
Wasserstern Mar 8 2013, 8:54am replied:

Exactly my thoughts mate. I know it shounds a bit harsh. But lots of people are going for the "retro" style because it means less work and then they just want money for their games.
There is nothing wrong with that if the game is good. But sometimes its just plain stupid and people just do it to get money.

I always use this example: Look at the guy who made Cave Story, a legendary game, he put so much love into it and then he just releases it for free! The same goes for Treasure Adventure Game! I loved it, and it was free!

I'm not saying that you shouldnt demand money for the game you made, if the game is good I'm happy to give you money!
But games like this are just plain boring, trying to be "deep" and stuff like that. There are thousands of these games and everyone wants money for it.....

0 votes   game: Dawning
Wasserstern Nov 9 2012, 9:06am replied:

I think I cant argue with someone like you, sorry.
I just dont get you.
Its just a show. Nothing more. It shouldnt be that important.

I wont ever try to reason with you okay?

+1 vote   media: The Best Foal-Sitter
Wasserstern Nov 9 2012, 8:22am replied:

You cant compare games and movies with pictures, its a COMPLETELY different thing.

The artist of this pic probably just thought "lol lets make a picture of cadance carrying a little shining armor, its gonna be cute as hell!"

For you everything has to be canon even in pics drawn by fans that enjoy the show and just want to contribute with nice fanart. Who cares if something isnt canon? Just enjoy it for what it is, a cute pic made by a guy/girl that loves the show.

+1 vote   media: The Best Foal-Sitter
Wasserstern Nov 7 2012, 9:04am says:

I knew in the very first second I saw this pic here that exalted40000 is going to rant about it cause it isnt canon.

Its just a cute pic. Nothing to discuss here, enjoy the cuteness.

+1 vote   media: The Best Foal-Sitter
Wasserstern Oct 26 2012, 7:52am says:

Looks awesome :D

+3 votes   media: Parallax In Action
Wasserstern Oct 25 2012, 8:27am says:

Awesome guys. Looks really great :)

+2 votes   media: General Parallax Layer
Wasserstern Oct 21 2012, 12:43pm says:

Well.... that sure is strange.

+4 votes   media: Pony Queen
Wasserstern Sep 30 2012, 4:40am says:

You guys are awesome! I love you all!

+2 votes   article: Bringing it All Together (Slowly)
Wasserstern Jul 12 2012, 7:04am replied:

You know that you can download the newest version on the forums and just use your Desura Key to start it.

+6 votes   article: Project Zomboid Rezzed session now online
Wasserstern Jun 30 2012, 7:13am says:

I looked forward for the games release! Now its there! Yeah!
I`m so buying this next week!

+2 votes   game: Thomas Was Alone
Wasserstern Mar 12 2012, 1:30pm says:

Approved. But I still love rule 34.

+3 votes   media: anti rule34 bronies
Wasserstern Feb 28 2012, 12:24pm says:

The show is about friendship. Not about Derpy.

I like Derpy but I think some bronies are overreacting.

+5 votes   media: Reacting Too Hastily
Wasserstern Feb 21 2012, 1:30am says:

Looks nice. Maybe gonna buy it in the future :)

+4 votes   game: Out There Somewhere
Wasserstern Feb 10 2012, 5:09pm says:

Just completed the game, I loved it. You guys did a great job. :D

+6 votes   game: Cell: emergence
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