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Warner Sep 23 2011, 3:04pm says:

Minecraft needs wardrobes where you can put on different clothing items purely for aesthetic purposes and the ability to change skins instantly...

+1 vote   article: Minecon Swag – Cloaks
Warner Sep 19 2011, 5:10pm says:

Consider me spoiled.

+2 votes   media: New nether screenshot (spoiler warning)
Warner Sep 21 2011, 4:58pm says:

It's time to make an army of deadly and evil.....snowmen.

+1 vote   media: EDIT: Snow Golem
Warner Sep 20 2011, 4:25pm replied:

It's a custom hand-made font :(

+3 votes   media: Eden Texture Pack - Title Screen
Warner Sep 19 2011, 5:20pm replied:

You're likely speaking about the Silverfish which can be found in strongholds when you break the stone bricks.

+3 votes   media: New nether screenshot (spoiler warning)
Warner Sep 16 2011, 3:21pm says:

Reminds me of the Daedric Planes of Oblivion.

+1 vote   media: Nether......thing.
Warner Sep 9 2011, 7:45pm replied:

I threw an egg at an Enderman, he did not like it.

+2 votes   game: Minecraft
Warner Sep 9 2011, 6:59pm says:

I got into creative mode and learned that you can hit mobs from far away just by swinging at them; chaos then ensued.

+1 vote   game: Minecraft
Warner Sep 6 2011, 4:24pm replied:

The gray ones are the flashing ones that appear when you're healing; hurt yourself on peaceful mode and you'll see these hearts appear.

+2 votes   media: Food and Experience GUI graphics
Warner Sep 2 2011, 7:49pm replied:

Kind of looks like a chest with eyes, judging by the three or so pixels I can see. Mimic perhaps?

+1 vote   media: "Two" new things finished up!
Warner Sep 1 2011, 10:14pm replied:

Who knows, but the minecart may actually be the new boat. (I heard there was one that may work in lava?)

I'd imagine that the only reason such a feature is being delayed is that Notch would have to program boats so that you would exit it and warp to the nearest land; because if you were over lava, it would be very difficult to get out.

+1 vote   media: Items.png - 1.8 sneak peek
Warner Sep 1 2011, 10:12pm replied:

Actually just found out there's already a forum, it's on the main game page...yeah.

+2 votes   group: Minecraft Community
Warner Sep 1 2011, 6:01pm says:

The new block textures to the right of the breaking animation actually look like something that overlays directly over rail tracks, probably for red stone tracks that light up.

+1 vote   media: Terrain.png - 1.8 sneak peek
Warner Aug 26 2011, 9:01pm says:

This is now my computer background.

+4 votes   media: Katherine's Artwork
Warner Aug 20 2011, 1:35am says:

The most I managed to do was get an error screen that popped-up and re-appear over and over no matter how much you closed it. :)

+1 vote   media: CryEngine Testing
Warner Aug 16 2011, 2:18am replied:

Now that I think about it the group could use a forum section...good idea.

+2 votes   group: Minecraft Community
Warner Aug 14 2011, 10:40pm says:

Very nice, I see warriors battling in a thick fog/mist.

+5 votes   media: imagine
Warner Aug 13 2011, 12:17am says:

I don't wanna be paranoid, but in the first that Herobrine to the left behind Notch?

+6 votes   article: Wedding Weekend and You should go to MineCon!
Warner Aug 7 2011, 4:20pm replied:

He most likely used a program such as MCEdit, which, even with that, would've taken a long time to make the whole city.

+1 vote   media: BladeCraft
Warner Aug 6 2011, 1:51am says:

People are speculating that putting the pumpkin on your head makes you invisible to Endermen, but what if it made them uninvisible to you?

Notice the smoke around them, this likely means they just appeared, which may mean when the pumpkin was placed on ones head it granted them the ability to see the strange creatures.

All far fetched but I think it would be a bit scarier that way.

+1 vote   media: Endermen and arrows
Warner Aug 5 2011, 3:47pm says:

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Warner Aug 5 2011, 3:40pm says:

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Warner Jul 26 2011, 2:02pm says:

Where is the image from? Normally there's a link in the description...

+1 vote   media: New Mob
Warner Jul 26 2011, 1:48pm says:

They look friendly!

But then could say the same about a creeper.

+8 votes   media: New Mob
Warner Jul 20 2011, 9:07am says:

I wonder if anything will be done with the old glass block?

+3 votes   media: Glass Pane
Warner Jul 19 2011, 11:35pm replied:

Now that I took a closer kind of looks like an ant head without eyes or antennas, see the mandibles? :P

+1 vote   media: Turkey
Warner Jul 19 2011, 12:06pm says:

The clouds look more transparent than usual.

It's kind of sad that terrain heights this big won't be in the game normally, I don't use mods so I guess I'll never see mountains this high.

+7 votes   media: New height system
Warner Jul 18 2011, 11:20pm replied:

I don't think so, but he likely did it to hide the fact that redstone doesn't have a texture on the bottom, redstone wires would appear to be invisible from below if it were placed on glass.

+1 vote   game: Minecraft
Warner Jul 17 2011, 12:43pm replied:


+2 votes   download: Survivalist Mini Texture Pack
Warner Jul 12 2011, 6:07pm says:

They need to update the tiles to 1.7.3; the cobblestone texture is outdated. ;)

+18 votes   media: Mojang office
Warner Dec 10 2013, 12:18pm says:

-Neat part. That barrel spooked me!
-I noticed some plants in the train station(?) were awkwardly sticking out of the ground, like there were clipping with the floor instead of growing on it.
-Some lights (lights on the roof, the vending machines) were glowing but were not casting light on the environment.
-Upon getting the first pistol I did not know where to go, the hallway was very dark and I could not continue due to a barrier ahead of me. Shooting the barrier did not seem to do anything.
-I backtracked a little, then came back and jumped on the red seats near where the pistol was found, I got stuck on the geometry between the wall and the seat and my character could not move. :( I couldn't continue.

I may replay the demo later. It was very good. All the things I suggested above are very minor, the biggest issue though was getting stuck, as restarting meant having to begin from Part I again.

+1 vote   download: Surreal System Demo
Warner Apr 7 2013, 2:50pm replied:

I did a search and I can't really find any evidence that she did say this. Always make sure to do your research.

+8 votes   media: Stahp fightin
Warner Mar 4 2013, 1:57am replied:

If you're looking for the email that confirms you signed-up, be sure to check your spam folder too.

+1 vote   article: Elder Scrolls Online Beta Sign-Ups Begin
Warner Feb 11 2013, 12:24am replied:

Not quite:

+2 votes   media: Dangerous cell phones
Warner Jan 25 2013, 12:19am replied:

I can't seem to copy the URL directly from the original Mojang article. It breaks when I bring it into the article here. However, the link should work here in my comment:

+3 votes   article: Minecraft Snapshot 13w04a
Warner Dec 7 2012, 12:40am says:

I like it, it's very well done.

+1 vote   media: Map: Old Industrial Zone
Warner Nov 30 2012, 3:08pm says:

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Warner Nov 10 2012, 9:52pm replied:

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Warner Oct 21 2012, 3:21pm replied:

The lilmothiit went extinct around the end of the first era, the time when forces from Akavir invaded, and TES: Online takes place in the second era. Then again, the Snow Elves (Falmer) were thought to be extinct too, so there is a possibility that other lost races may also still exist.

Honestly, I'd rather see the lost races in a main Elder Scrolls game rather than in this one, if they made an appearance in TES: Online, they would likely have little to no role in things - races that players can play as are already confirmed, so any other races included would be simply NPCs that stand around. I'd rather play as a lost race than just see one.

Also, I'm just adding this on because it is interesting lore: there are many unconfirmed races in the Elder Scrolls universe. One in-game book accounts that there were once "ratmen" from Akavir seen attacking ships along Tamriel's coasts. So, there's a possibility that there are many other races.

+2 votes   media: Black Marsh Concept Art
Warner Oct 13 2012, 10:58pm says:

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Warner Oct 11 2012, 11:52am replied:

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Warner Oct 8 2012, 11:15pm says:

I like it!

+2 votes   media: Damascus Viking Sword
Warner Oct 5 2012, 2:46am says:

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Warner Sep 26 2012, 10:55pm replied:

I think the story is that he is half High Elf and half Dunmer, or something weird like that.

+1 vote   media: Morrowind Rebirth Lord Vivec
Warner Sep 21 2012, 4:53pm says:

Didn't they try to add minecart sound effects back in 1.9? :o

+1 vote   article: Minecraft Snapshot 12w38b
Warner Aug 16 2012, 1:07am says:

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Warner May 24 2012, 3:41pm says:

It's ugly, but it was a start. :)

+1 vote   media: Mardemmar 'Vertigo' Concept
Warner May 15 2012, 10:10pm says:

The design of the back of that chair looks like it's...screaming. O_o

Maybe I'm just paranoid...

+10 votes   media: Concept art
Warner Apr 23 2012, 7:59pm says:


+2 votes   media: House Project
Warner Oct 27 2011, 7:35pm replied:

No, that's from the TNT I tried to kill it with.

0 votes   media: Dragons
Warner May 20 2011, 6:42pm says:

News everyone, a guy accidentally burnt down the whole mansion and spawn, along with creations beside it, so I guess Ze decided to start a new level. ( I was there, the place was a wasteland!)

+1 vote   media: My Fort - SMP "Creature" Server
Warner Mar 24 2011, 12:19am says:

Now that the possibilities are open, maybe the area around it could be populated with structures such as buildings to give a sense of depth to the area?

A few ideas:
-oil rig
-river dam
-flooded city

I like the flooded city one most, could open up lots of ideas.

+3 votes   media: Water
Warner Jul 22 2010, 7:04pm replied:

Nope! It's not done.

+1 vote   media: FPS
Warner Jul 21 2010, 6:03pm says:

Well, it's LittleBigPlanet. Surprising eh? There's a glitch in-game that allows you to stretch the normal width of things you can make in-game, so I made a weapon, and added the ability to move around side to side.

+1 vote   media: FPS
Warner Jul 16 2010, 2:22am says:

No one will probably read this and it is fairly useless info anyways, as it is probably known by everyone. Anyways, LBP2 was announce a little while back, and was seen at E3, it was one of the main presentations of the PS3 Conference.

It looks great too, maybe a game area should be created for it on moddb.

+2 votes   article: LittleBigPlanet 2 Unofficially Announced
Warner May 5 2010, 9:47pm says:

It looks amazing.

+2 votes   media: Carrie near Final
Warner Jan 28 2010, 4:06pm says:

Very good.

+1 vote   media: Eh
Warner May 30 2009, 12:10pm replied:

I just noticed that there is an absence of rubble on the road, thanks for noticing, I'll fix it soon.

+1 vote   media: Gull City WIP
Warner May 12 2009, 1:02am says:

We need more decals, such as rubble, glass shards, etc. Dave do you think you could make decals?

+1 vote   media: Gull City Outskirts Indoors
Warner Apr 20 2009, 9:20pm says:

I think you should take out the arrow though, it's gives people the thought that it's going from box to brain, although it's a completely different meaning.

+1 vote   media: Moddb T-shirt design
Warner Apr 19 2009, 9:41pm says:

Do you think it's powerful enough to play pac-man? JK

+1 vote   media: The Z-Machine.
Warner Apr 14 2009, 7:59pm says:

Is that spotted cow camouflage I see back there?

+2 votes   media: APC
Warner Apr 14 2009, 7:56pm says:

Did that lag?

+1 vote   media: The infested attack
Warner Apr 14 2009, 7:50pm says:


+1 vote   media: Oklahoma
Warner Apr 14 2009, 7:35pm says:

It's nice and all. But is that tree bark that blue guy is standing on?

+2 votes   media: Jan31st Media Update:
Warner Apr 8 2009, 9:11pm replied:

It was probably the bloom I enabled that did that.

+1 vote   media: Old Facility 2
Warner Apr 6 2009, 1:06am replied:

Good idea.

+1 vote   media: Old Facility
Warner Mar 30 2009, 8:43pm replied:

I did. They are rather difficult to see, and I found out that the room wasn't quite the right size, it was too large, so the decals were smaller.

+1 vote   media: Trying Out Hammer
Warner Mar 21 2009, 3:42pm says:

It's difficult to see anything in this image.

EDIT: Now its better.

+1 vote   media: A house of a viking
Warner Feb 25 2009, 5:44pm says:

Reminds a bit of the video game Project Eden. I like the old dusty feeling of this picture.

+2 votes   media: Abandoned
Warner Feb 24 2009, 8:22am says:

Looking good!

+1 vote   article: February Update
Warner Feb 13 2009, 5:40pm says:

Ocke, you should put all the weapons you skinned on your profile.

+1 vote   media: W.I.P Grenade
Warner Jan 26 2009, 6:04pm replied:

I scaled down the texture, thanks for the comment!

+1 vote   media: Warehouse Props
Warner Dec 22 2008, 7:28pm says:

Good work!

+1 vote   media: burning space yacht/wreck
Warner Dec 20 2008, 11:54am says:


+1 vote   media: Manipulating Objects in the Editor
Warner Nov 20 2008, 4:35pm says:

"Please stay calm"? Is that on the panel to the left of the doorway?

+1 vote   media: Concept
Warner Oct 28 2008, 7:07pm says:

I think the steering wheel is kinda small.

+1 vote   media: Humvee
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