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Wardarth Apr 26 2014, 6:18am says:

I can see the good and bad in this decision.

Yes rewriting the EU to what Lucasarts feels like isn't fair to the writers who put thousands of hours into their extensions to the Star Wars mythos or to those of us who've grown attached to the characters and stories, but if they do some tweaking here and there to make the EU more cohesive as a whole than I personally don't see the problem.

I sincerely hope they don't drastically change m/any stories but as Ozzy667 said, at the end of the day, it is Lucasart's product to do with what they will.

With all of these changes happening to the franchise as a whole, it makes sense for them to fix as many of the inconsistencies as possible in preparation for a new chapter in Star Wars history.

+7 votes   media: The Clone Wars is officially Full Canon .....
Wardarth May 27 2013, 9:35pm says:

wow i actually guessed right, awesome idea guys.

+1 vote   media: Remnant of a Galactic Hegemony
Wardarth May 17 2013, 9:39pm says:

no clue if this is what it will be for but the idea just came into my head. Make it a planet type that you can travel to and take control of, with the bonus that it has weaponry built into it.

+2 votes   media: Mysterious Forerunner Structure
Wardarth Feb 9 2013, 8:55pm says:

yeah it's a really good model but a lot of the dimensions seem like they need to be tweaked.

+3 votes   media: Venator-class Star Destroyer (WIP)
Wardarth May 31 2012, 9:35pm says:

it does sound very nice, however when it goes to the full on orchestral part at about 0:53, it sounds like two separate songs meshed together. there's no real buildup, the two parts sound completely different in sound and the mood of it and it also sounds slightly off timing wise when it's introduced.
Overall it's a really good piece, good job.

+2 votes   media: SSC Main Theme
Wardarth Feb 23 2011, 11:06am replied:

it's from the Dr. Who series

+3 votes   media: Top 10 - Ep2 - "Scifi Ships"
Wardarth Oct 15 2010, 12:43am says:

man, Lexx is absolutely massive.

+1 vote   media: for the scifi fans
Wardarth Oct 8 2010, 12:41am says:

lol this should be a minigame

+1 vote   media: SGI goes Oldschool
Wardarth Jul 16 2010, 4:37am says:

are u guys going to be getting custom voices for the mod or just use the standard ones?

+1 vote   mod: Sins of the Prophets
Wardarth Jun 25 2010, 3:30am replied:

man that vid is awesome. good find

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
Wardarth Jun 17 2010, 5:37pm says:

happy B'day guys, hope this fantastic mod lasts at least another 5 years.

+1 vote   article: Birthday Surprise...
Wardarth Mar 29 2010, 4:41am says:

is it possible to set it up so u can play as both the new teams and the original teams?

-1 votes   mod: Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels 2 [Diplomacy]
Wardarth Mar 28 2010, 7:38pm replied:

yer it looks too wide.

+1 vote   media: Tier 1
Wardarth Mar 13 2010, 9:52pm says:

every time i start a match, the game crashes either at the loading screen or a few seconds into the game. anyone have any idea as to why this is?

+1 vote   mod: 7 DEADLY SINS 2.0
Wardarth Jan 19 2010, 3:00am says:

you should consider putting the fusion cube in as a ship.

+1 vote   media: The Borg
Wardarth Dec 18 2009, 4:44am says:

mine doesnt even open, i double click the RunTOPF batch file and it opens a black window for a second and then closes.
is this just an update or a full version?

+1 vote   download: Slipstream: The Price of Freedom v2.5c
Wardarth Dec 18 2009, 4:32am says:

dude, how did u get clone wars to work, mine keeps crashing every time i get to the loading screen

+1 vote   media: Homeworld 2
Wardarth Dec 18 2009, 4:11am replied:

there were a few docks on atlantis.

+1 vote   media: New Atlantis and Fighter
Wardarth Dec 18 2009, 4:10am says:

is there goning to be an english version?

+2 votes   media: Hades
Wardarth Dec 16 2009, 10:15am says:

to all those who are having crash problems, i think it might have something to do with the OS ur using, if it's vista or 7 then you will probably need a program that runs older versions on top of the current OS. thay're similar to emulators. not sure why XP users would be crashing if they are.

+1 vote   download: Star Wars War Lords mod
Wardarth Dec 12 2009, 7:42pm replied:

there are some similarities but the 2 games have completely different systems. the robotics cruiser for the TEC does look similar to a super capital ship for homeworld's complex mod

+1 vote   game: Homeworld 2
Wardarth Dec 3 2009, 5:14pm says:

hey, how do you get the republic cruisers and the SSD?

+1 vote   media: Group Photo
Wardarth Dec 3 2009, 4:13am says:

hey, ive downloaded the aftermath mod but cant get it working, is it just a copy and paste routine?

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