I think its what I do. I have a way of thinking that's both inside the box and out side of it so my ideas are random.

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Think its strange, How I think that is. It seems I can come up with ideas ranging from complex as hell to simpler then anything in a mater of minutes. But I can't refine said ideas while others can. this leads to my ideas being more building blocks then actual suggestions for the game. Though some groups can't understand this mainly the Zombie master forums which think if you can't make something you shouldn't post it. Ideas are something every one has but no one will tell do to the fact every one has them.

Here is a pattern, ideas in mass and simple, the poster either is a kid or like me not good at detail. Ideas one at a time and rare, are normaly high detail and complex but impossible to make simple. there is not balance so why is it that people look for a middle ground when it can't exist?

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