I've started to work on games when I was 9 years old with simple game concepts of Pokemon. Activily started working on games on my teen years. I've used Acknex 7 and 8 engine, Finnish CoolBasic, UnrealEngine2 and Unity3D which I'm using at the moment on my company Kinahmi Multimedia. Alongside game making I've also worked on Armed Assault modding, and Quake modding. On the other activities my hobbies include Boxing and running (plus intence dog picture watching with my girlfriend). My previosu work experience cosists G&A jobs, and one and half year service in Finnish Defence Forces.

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ImperoAgnoscoRecro Apr 14 2015 replied:

Thank you, we've been trying to polish them to the exellency :)

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ImperoAgnoscoRecro Mar 28 2015 says:

Hey all! Are you able to launch the 0.35 version? We've had reports where players haven't been to launch the game using that version. We'd want to fix any problems for the 0.4d release that have come up since the last demo!

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ImperoAgnoscoRecro Mar 7 2015 replied:

We would be honored if you did so :)

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ImperoAgnoscoRecro Feb 28 2015 replied:

Hi TaShadan

It appears we've made a mistake at some point and download links have been corrupted. We're uploading the windows version as we speak here so you can test the game. It shouldn't take long before IndieDB administrators check that the download works, a hour or so

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ImperoAgnoscoRecro Jan 15 2015 replied:

Hi maxammo

In the version you have I would suggest the following combo when creating army:
- Create long range units (preferably units that have static damage that'll rip off the shields of Aegis units)
- Create Ultimates (Aegis) for the protection of the long range units
- If you have money left create also units that have either burning or explosive damage type

With this combination you'll be able to take off the opponent shields before the unit's in close range and when the opponent's in the close range, destroy the opponent with your ultimates and other units.

The AI has quite a large advantage at the moment, but the issues will be fixed for the next demo that'll be released here in IndieDB. In the upcoming version we hope to introduce skills for units and commanders that'll give you more possibilities to counter your opponents.

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ImperoAgnoscoRecro Nov 3 2014 replied:

Thanks! We'll be posting information more regularly from now on with more gameplay content

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ImperoAgnoscoRecro Sep 18 2014 replied:

Hi ekipeki. Glad to hear you like the game :)

We have no exact release date for you to give at this point, however we have plans that GC would be available during late Q1 or early Q2 next year.

If you wish to get a hang on to our game before this, please contact us contact@kinahmigames.com. We're launching our next test sessions soon with players

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ImperoAgnoscoRecro Jun 28 2014 replied:

Thank you :) , I believe we've made the game great. We'll be launching gameplay videos and images in couple of weeks and you're able to look more deeply to the inside of the game.

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ImperoAgnoscoRecro Jan 27 2014 says:

Multiplayer games that I can enjoy with my friends without l33t persons.

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ImperoAgnoscoRecro Oct 29 2013 replied:

I don't understand this comment, they're concept art?

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ImperoAgnoscoRecro Nov 7 2010 says:

Why there's still A7 information here if A8 is out :O ?

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