Here is just one more TF2 fanatic! But now i am interested in CNC mods. Check out my concepts! If interested gimme credit!

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An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. It may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome.

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501st Legion: Vader's Fist

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The 501st Legion, also known as the 501st Battalion during the Clone Wars and later known as "Vader's Fist" and the Five Hundred and First, was an elite...

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Age of Fans

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this is a group, (like the tank and aircraft lovers) is dedicated to the IFV (infantry fighting vehicle) like the BMP-2 the M2A2 bradly and so on and...

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W0rldEmperor Creator
W0rldEmperor Apr 4 2013 says:

5th SAP Mission: "The Wolves Den"

22th SAP Armor Division have trapped German forces and Wolfgang itself in their stronghold outside Berlim,if our blockade continue they will be desperate for supplys, but they already alarmed Willem forces and they are on the move to assist then.
We have lost our communications with our airbase in Rome so we cant recive our own air support and Willem are sending Bombers to clear the area and rescue Wolfgang-We cant let it Happen!
Our good diplomatics with Russia have given us some favors and Gen Orlov will assist us with air cover.
If we suceed Wolfgang forces will retreat and russian tanks can free walk into Europe.

Mission Objectivies:

1th Clear Wolfgang minor base in South East so Orlov can arrive.
2th Hold the line about 25 minutes after Orlov arrived to empty Wolfgang supplys and capture then.


1th Wolfgang have an solar reactor in North West inside Berlim and 2 tech reactors spared in the city take then out and their defenses will go offline.
2th Willem will be constantly sending mine drops around Wolfgang take then out with Orlov fighters.

Mission sytems:

SAP forces are short on funds(About 5000)the campaing so far have crippled some of our vehicles(we produce only Armada Motor-Rifle vehicles ultil Orlov arrives with more supplys).
We still dont build air units until 12 minutes beforethe end your operatives discover what happened with the communications its was Thorn special forces dat sabotaged us in favor to its ECA contacts, the communications are now online and we can call in air units and special powers to end the job and capture surrended Wolfgang!.

This will be SAPs battle of Alesia:
Wolfgang in the middle and our forces maked an ring around him we have to defend against inside and outside at the same time it will be an Hell of a battle!

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nickael7 Apr 10 2013 replied:

That is execellent, the Hold-the-line process will be re-enforced with the "sniper-tanks" SU-180UM deployable AT-self-proppelled guns of death. Time to wreck the superior German armor by surprise. Block the advance of the heavy mechanize forces with the Bandeireta AT 30mm Enforcer-Rifles, deploy as many militia-motor-rifle light units to encercle the remaining enemy infantry from escaping... Lastly, send a chemical bombing strike to dislodge the remaining forces in the Reich-stag.

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W0rldEmperor Creator
W0rldEmperor Apr 10 2013 replied:


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nickael7 Apr 11 2013 replied:

All the enemies are going down to the UFC WRECKTAGON. The Silva dinasty has risen !!!

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W0rldEmperor Creator
W0rldEmperor Feb 27 2013 says:

SAP BR Units phrases.
Construction Truck:
-Ready to work!
-Get ready guys!
-Theres a lot of work to do!
-Sau will grown fast and strong!
-Sim camarada!(yes comrade)
-Agora mesmo!(right now)
-Vamos lá rapazes!(Lets go guys)
-My truck is ready!
-Keep the tools clean and ready!
-Tudo ok ai atraz(everything ok back there)
-Its so hot! i gonna need a beer!
-Tshhhs glub glub glub(drinking the beer)
-Hey what? cant hear u!
-Ok iam going!
-Can we get a Break?.
-Tanque Ozorio pronto para o dever(Ozorio tank ready to duty)
-Waiting Orders
-Lets go
-lets rock
-Marechal Ozorio será vingado(Marshal Ozorio will be avenged)
-Sinta minha ira(fell my wrath)
-Hit the Gas
-No armor have an chance!
-Die Yankee Die!
-Strike Position confirmed
-Tanque pesado aguardando(Heavy tank waiting)
-Explorer reporting
-Explorador aguardando!(explorer waiting)
-Light tank ready!
-Fast and Tought!
-We got this! No problem!
-Cannon ready!
-Hit n Run!
-Lock n Load!
Aligator APC(Clanf):
-APC Ready
-I am going
-Needin Reinforcements?
-Preparense para correr!(get ready to run)
-Everyone OK?
-Rota comfirmada(route comfirmed)
-Lets get then to the front
-Tought n Safe
-Aligator on the move
Guarani IFV:
-Guarani Pronto Senhor(Guarani ready Sir)
-Infantry are no match!
-AAA ready
-Vamos lá brazukas!(lets go Brazukas(brazilian thing))
-Veiculo amfibio aguardando ordens(Amphibious vehicle waiting orders)
-Who you want dead?
-Air,Tanks,Infantry i can kill all of then!
-What is your request now?
-To much waiting!
-The Killer is ready
-Death from above!
-Long range missiles are ready sir
-I kill from distance

srry got to go soon will do the rest!

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nickael7 Apr 11 2013 replied:

I haven't check this man, is good !

Air,Tanks,Infantry i can kill all of then!

Good LOL !!!

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W0rldEmperor Creator
W0rldEmperor Feb 28 2013 replied:

-The killer is ready
-death from above
-long range missiles are rady sir
-To bad they die so fast!
-screaming victory!
-Striking position
-Lets make a big bang (or boom vote for the best word)
-moving carefull!
Construction Truck new moving quote:
-Hope the officers dont note i am drunk!

+2 votes   reply to comment
nickael7 Apr 11 2013 replied:

LOL ! -Hope the officers dont note i am drunk!

-Lets make a big bang (or boom vote for the best word)
OH! NO! Its a BIG BOOM help !

Matador gets a special upgrade for its missile called:
- SS-150 newly developed rockets with a claimed maximum range of 150 km !!! Maximum Wreckage at long range with great accuracy and FIREPOWA !

+2 votes     reply to comment
nickael7 Feb 12 2013 replied:

Good !

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