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volcol Aug 26 2014, 8:21pm replied:

this will be used primarily as a captured weapon - by German forces (reserves/artillery etc - forces that weren't meant for front-lines fighting) Though - there could be french one day :)

+2 votes     media: Lebel M1886
volcol Aug 26 2014, 8:19pm says:

Nice to see you got your arse on moddb finally (from Jim Chilton!)

+1 vote     member: AlexVsCoding
volcol Jul 13 2014, 6:24pm replied:

Certainly based on an 'older' German, like Leo said above, there will be a good few head variations :)

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volcol Dec 7 2013, 9:35am replied:

It's a union flag, for UK (United Kingdom) - not England you uneducated swine.

+2 votes     media: Version 5.3.2
volcol Nov 27 2013, 9:30am replied:

I vote Forrest Gump

+4 votes     mod: In Country: Vietnam
volcol Nov 19 2013, 5:25pm says:

Such a damn shame this isn't coming out on PC also.

+4 votes     game: Ryse
volcol Nov 11 2013, 9:34pm replied:

We have 3 variants of British head gear, a field cap - uncovered helmet and helmet with cover (as seen in game) these will be randomised. Same for the Germans

+7 votes     article: Nov. 11 – WWI: Source Remembrance Day update
volcol Oct 29 2013, 10:47am replied:

Frankly I'm sick of the amount of work the Germans have behind them (in other words it's going very well! :D )

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volcol Oct 9 2013, 5:38pm replied:

Still working, don't worry

+5 votes     mod: WWI Source
volcol Sep 30 2013, 8:02am replied:

As mentioned in our forums by our crazy history guy (Mudra :D) A soldier would keep his empty magazines (unlike in movies where they just throw them away) On a side note - I went airsofting last month, and changing a magazine whilst under fire is much more difficult than people might think.

+2 votes     media: Thompson M1A1 Animation Preview
volcol Sep 29 2013, 7:32pm replied:

I made one weapon for RnL a quite a while ago, that's about it'. Together as a team, we've got a nice varied portfolio, with members from games like FH2 and other mods. we remain, primarily as gamers who want to make a game both you guys and we enjoy

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volcol Sep 25 2013, 7:57pm says:

But ... he's Irish (and not the GB type)

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volcol Sep 14 2013, 11:05am replied:

An elderly neighbour of mine (served 44-49) confirmed it's more than doable - open to tweaks but certainly not entirely unrealistic. He was also in total awe at todays technology :D

+2 votes     article: News Update #38: Sten Weapon Preview
volcol Aug 17 2013, 2:21pm replied:

If that happens, our feet are planted quite firmly in the fact that we will remain a free to play game, developed for the benefits of gamers and community - and not ourselves.

+9 votes     game: Traction Wars
volcol Jul 30 2013, 7:07am replied:

It's a net over a British Brodie helmet, we have standard Brodie helmets and as seen on the other character, a field cap. The doughboy (US) Brodie was exceptionally similar though.

+3 votes     media: 2.0 British soldiers
volcol Jul 29 2013, 4:56pm replied:

Been using it since '06 :) difficult not to see it lol

+2 votes     member: volcol
volcol Jul 29 2013, 4:04pm replied:

Worth a chuckle :)

+14 votes     article: WWI: Source - July 2013 Update
volcol Jul 25 2013, 8:01pm says:

A little out of protocol but bugger it! Expect shiny things on Monday 29th July.

+8 votes     media: Some corner of a foreign field...
volcol Jul 25 2013, 7:32pm replied:

Glad to see we're getting interest still, we have a series of updates coming up - so stay tuned for those. We might call this the final push, it's close - but too early to say.

+9 votes     mod: WWI Source
volcol Jul 18 2013, 6:40pm replied:

We don't ship - we just release - to ship this it would require us to charge money :D

+3 votes     article: News Update #33: A Touch of British Class (Part 2)
volcol Jul 13 2013, 7:25am replied:

The wire cutters for the Biritish character have been modelled for 5 months or more :D so it was an excellent guess! We'd have included them based on a suggestion though! as we have done with some items recently. We're always open for equipment/weapon suggestions :)

+4 votes     article: News Update #33: A Touch of British Class (Part 2)
volcol Jul 6 2013, 9:59pm says:

Lovely stuff :D

+8 votes     article: The Somme - In Game Media
volcol Jun 22 2013, 5:42am replied:

They wont be like CoD grenades if taht's what you're hoping to avoid! There'll be an element of skill and an element of luck using the grenades :)

+7 votes     article: News Update #31: A Touch of British Class (Part 1)
volcol Jun 20 2013, 8:30am replied:

We will have attachments for all the rifles in game, accurate to the time and place in which they were used. Scopes will be available but very rare. As we aren't including the Americans yet (Brits vs Germans to start) there will not be any m1903 items in the first release :)

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volcol Jun 18 2013, 10:11pm replied:

Our model was created based on a piece owned by one of our researchers, everything that's supposed to be there is - and a good deal of time went into researching this piece.

By no means trying to sound arsey - they have their art style, we have ours and we value realism and accuracy above all else.

+5 votes     media: Kar98k
volcol Jun 16 2013, 7:24pm replied:

I've played H&G and the Heroes and Generals rifle model is far less detailed in both the model and texture (missing brackets on the muzzle etc)

BUT their art style differs hugely from what we are trying to achieve (the H&G model feels much more like a TF2 weapon with the shading style and undetailed textures)

+3 votes     media: Kar98k
volcol Jun 8 2013, 9:09am replied:

He enfield is to scale, it may be the FoV and angle of the render, other angles and higher FoVs made for some wacky results!

+4 votes     article: News Update #29: Overlord
volcol Jun 7 2013, 5:09pm replied:

By British we are counting in the commonwealth, which we won't be ignoring!

+4 votes     article: News Update #29: Overlord
volcol Jun 7 2013, 11:13am replied:

It's a standalone F2P game now.

+3 votes     game: Traction Wars
volcol Jun 7 2013, 8:47am replied:

No, we may consider it in the future but it will be MP orientated

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