Most mainstream games are extremely repetitive for me. So from time to time i develop something controvert :D. I got many interesting ideas for games but little time and poor patience for making graphics :D. I plan to start university this year but before that i should make some interesting Unity game :D Now my favorite games are: (for their combat systems of course :D) Magicka,Rome total war, World of Warcraft (raid boss fights were great when i last played that), Earth 2150 (great idea but very old and weak Ai), Knights of the Chalice (again great idea but extremely unbalanced), Warcraft III (for its editor), CaC ZH (Awesome multiplayer :d), Skyrim (Graphics and environment), Knights of the Old Republic (story and dialogues), Supreme Commander (uber idea but i didnt like SupCom FA multiplayer for some reason (probably too much mechanical skill involved and little relax)), Operation Flashpoint 1 (or ?Arma Cold War Assault?) maybe best FPS ever :D


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