Did music for: Tiberium Essence, CnC Post-War (menu), PM me if you are interested in cooperation or anything :)

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‡vlado32‡ Dec 24 2011, 5:11am replied:

i have no clue what the **** are you saying but this image is epic :D

+6 votes   media: Israeli Female Soldiers
‡vlado32‡ Dec 21 2011, 9:21am replied:

try to capture and control the street with a jet :D

+3 votes   media: best in the world
‡vlado32‡ Dec 21 2011, 9:18am says:

******* awesome :D

+4 votes   media: New gen. mine-protected Ural
‡vlado32‡ Dec 10 2011, 12:38pm says:


-2 votes   media: Goodsmile Racing Tank
‡vlado32‡ Dec 10 2011, 9:42am replied:

if you mean red thingies


+4 votes   media: Tee Nintee Stare (Worse than Weegee Stare O_O)
‡vlado32‡ Dec 10 2011, 9:34am says:

TATRA Quad Cannon :D

+2 votes   media: C&C Alliance?
‡vlado32‡ Dec 10 2011, 3:42am replied:

Yeah TS menu music was one of the most epic things on the world :D

+2 votes   mod: Tiberium Essence
‡vlado32‡ Dec 10 2011, 3:32am says:

Blue Stahli FTFW /,,/

Merry Christmaz :D

+2 votes   media: Dude, this music is so trippy.
‡vlado32‡ Dec 9 2011, 3:09pm replied:

not yet, just trailer which basicaly is a music video... so yes :D

+1 vote   media: Vlado32 - Fields Of Green
‡vlado32‡ Dec 9 2011, 10:21am says:

If i only could use high graphics too..

+2 votes   media: Nod Base in a Red Zone
‡vlado32‡ Dec 9 2011, 8:47am replied:

i dont care too much, but that HoN from TS is fraking epic too.. and it would be nice change.. but... it would be probably just needles luxory

+2 votes   mod: Tiberium Essence
‡vlado32‡ Dec 6 2011, 10:56am replied:

oh yeah ive read that badly...

and i dont think hes gonna add it... but... i dont know :D

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
‡vlado32‡ Dec 3 2011, 10:03am says:

this picture somehow reminds me Project Reality... it has that.. feeling :D

+12 votes   media: Brothers in arms
‡vlado32‡ Dec 3 2011, 9:30am replied:

yeah, that idea about legs is good, it will look more creepy

+2 votes   mod: Tiberium Essence
‡vlado32‡ Dec 3 2011, 7:30am says:

oh yeah finaly someone put those flames there :D epic job

+3 votes   media: Nod Tiberium Refinery
‡vlado32‡ Dec 2 2011, 10:17am says:

pervert ? just a normal guy :D

+10 votes   media: Pervert...
‡vlado32‡ Dec 2 2011, 2:35am says:

Mám takové skušenosti že nekterí češi proste nerozumí slovensky :D Ale keď ty vieš tak v pohode, aj tak mi chýbajú české tlačítka :D nieje ich veľa, vlastne len tie čo sú na stránke, dnes ich hodím na uložto a potom ti pošlem link do správy aj heslo.

+3 votes   member: CommanderDef
‡vlado32‡ Dec 2 2011, 1:48am replied:

he has Orbital strike instead of C4

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
‡vlado32‡ Dec 1 2011, 3:53pm says:

Zdarec, sem rád že se ti líbili :D a bude jich ješte víc a nekteré sou vážne pecky (z tech novejch jako) myslím že až bude soundtrack hotov vydám to jako album na mé stránce nebo na moddb taky s nevydanými tracky .. možná nejaké bonusovky proste všechno, uvidím ješte co na to Carnius ale myslím že bude souhlasit, tak když to vydržíš mužeš počkat ale když je chceš hodne napiš do soukromí správy možná to nejak zrešíme vidím te tady hodne takže se ti dá verit :D ale já bych stejne radeji abys počkal, jen posílat Carniovi je to hrúza a nechci to nikam dávat páč pak to lidi stahují a nevim co.. je to takové.. víš :D

+3 votes   member: CommanderDef
‡vlado32‡ Dec 1 2011, 1:01pm says:

Hello I am Cyborg Reaper

and I will kill you

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
‡vlado32‡ Nov 28 2011, 11:38am replied:

C&C3 is slower game with slightly different atmosphere, Carnius choosed music that fits there best for him, thats right i think when i was creating my tracks for TE ive had to be careful to make them with right tempo and stuff to make them not so... eeh... energic or what so they would fit good to slower gameplay and stuff

also... theres not just music from TS, Carnius choosed the best fitting music from all of older tiberian games

+1 vote   mod: Tiberium Essence
‡vlado32‡ Nov 28 2011, 11:36am replied:

this not supposed to be here, yeah :D

+1 vote   mod: Tiberium Essence
‡vlado32‡ Nov 26 2011, 7:12am replied:

oh yeah because fuckload of wingy thingies must be always way better :/

who cares about simple elegant design today

+1 vote   media: orca concepts
‡vlado32‡ Nov 24 2011, 5:18pm replied:

he will throw presents lefty-handed

+5 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
‡vlado32‡ Nov 24 2011, 5:13pm replied:

i havent played warhammer at all.. ive just seen tons of those WH tank pictures on internet :D

+2 votes   media: UN Occupation
‡vlado32‡ Nov 24 2011, 2:55pm says:

cant wait to command them and conquer something :D

By the way... those tanks reminds me warhammer slightly :D

+2 votes   media: UN Occupation
‡vlado32‡ Nov 23 2011, 3:06pm replied:

and too much work

+1 vote   mod: Tiberium Essence
‡vlado32‡ Nov 21 2011, 1:48pm says:


+3 votes   media: Google find
‡vlado32‡ Nov 20 2011, 6:05pm says:

Thats an interesting and funny idea... i dont really found it weird :D

+2 votes   media: Weird
‡vlado32‡ Nov 20 2011, 5:45pm replied:

what about name of transport aircraft that already exists... Hercules, Galaxy, Spartan, Globemaster, STARLIFTER - i personaly like this one :D


or GDI Aerospace

or... :D

+2 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 1.5
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