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‡vlado32‡ Feb 13 2012, 6:13am says:

I remmeber when you teleported this into my non-secured main base...

i was like aawww ****

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‡vlado32‡ Feb 12 2012, 2:01am replied:

nope, For The GDI ! and Carnius

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‡vlado32‡ Feb 11 2012, 3:40pm replied:

Yea elephants that Hannibal Barkas used against Romans were used similiar way as tanks now

+2 votes     media: The Original Tank?
‡vlado32‡ Feb 10 2012, 4:25pm says:

Nice one !

+4 votes     media: Allied AA Gun action
‡vlado32‡ Feb 10 2012, 9:11am replied:

it just Hezbollah... doing it right :D

+1 vote     media: Good shot :D
‡vlado32‡ Feb 10 2012, 4:35am replied:

Another tank had its main armament 120mm barrel blown off by a "lucky" shot, but the crew managed to drive it back to the border, where a field ordnance repair team exchanged the barrel and sent the tank back into battle within hours.


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‡vlado32‡ Feb 10 2012, 3:06am says:

dat resolution.. mother of god :D i love this tank :D

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‡vlado32‡ Feb 6 2012, 4:45pm replied:

i wouldnt want it in any version... if you read redbee7s comment below you will understand why, thats even a reason why i dont play TE with NE

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‡vlado32‡ Feb 6 2012, 12:50pm replied:

If you want that, you can play New Experience with TE

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‡vlado32‡ Feb 3 2012, 4:29pm says:

Cool vid :D

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‡vlado32‡ Feb 3 2012, 3:22am replied:

We will steamroll your base ! :D

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‡vlado32‡ Feb 1 2012, 4:25pm says:

looks futuristic, minimalistic, and like it is fun to fly

yea i like this one

The power of simplicity :D

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‡vlado32‡ Feb 1 2012, 12:30pm says:

whoops.. canceled your friend request..

rush deleting updates :D

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‡vlado32‡ Feb 1 2012, 12:16pm says:


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‡vlado32‡ Feb 1 2012, 12:03pm replied:

The pentagram is used as a Christian symbol for the five senses,[22] Medieval Christians believed that the "pentalpha" symbolizes the five wounds of Christ. The pentagram was believed to protect against demons.

This is from wikipedia, but I saw evidence about this on other more specialized sources too

Pentagram became evil for Christian just in 19. century..

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‡vlado32‡ Feb 1 2012, 11:43am replied:


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‡vlado32‡ Feb 1 2012, 10:49am replied:

true, true

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‡vlado32‡ Feb 1 2012, 6:13am replied:

agreed.. but i dont think Chieftain is ugly, maybe a little but not too much :D:D.. and for me.. T72 Moderna ftw :D

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‡vlado32‡ Jan 30 2012, 2:36am says:

Hi yeah I live but theres too much stuff happening now.. ****.. why im not in school ? :D

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‡vlado32‡ Jan 30 2012, 2:30am says:


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‡vlado32‡ Jan 24 2012, 3:05pm says:

yeah :D

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‡vlado32‡ Jan 23 2012, 5:32am says:


+2 votes     media: Time Left
‡vlado32‡ Jan 21 2012, 5:42pm replied:

I bet enemy armor will have laser canons :D

+2 votes     media: Mystery ArmA III tank
‡vlado32‡ Jan 21 2012, 9:47am says:

Armored barrel... coooool :D

+2 votes     media: Mystery ArmA III tank
‡vlado32‡ Jan 20 2012, 11:28am says:

True Norwegian Bla... ehm... Female soldier

wonder how many will understand :D

+4 votes     media: Norwegian Female Soldier
‡vlado32‡ Jan 19 2012, 5:35pm replied:

good for hunting harvesters and stuff at early game :D

+2 votes     media: sone more stuff...
‡vlado32‡ Jan 12 2012, 10:18am says:

Youve got to ask yourself one question... Do i feel lucky ?.. Well do you punk ?

+4 votes     media: "What's that noise coming fr... Oh shi-"
‡vlado32‡ Jan 12 2012, 9:32am replied:

they dont have any attack abilities... therefore no anti-air.. you just send them to battlefield and have enemys units

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‡vlado32‡ Jan 10 2012, 7:45am replied:

Ive been writting with Carnius someday before christmas. He wanted to release it till the end of year but said it may be too much for him, apparently he was right, IDK maybe hes working on some additional content he wasnt counting with...

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‡vlado32‡ Jan 9 2012, 10:48am replied:

holy **** ! i was just thinking about how cool would TE be with stuff from that mod

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