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Report RSS Star Wars fanfic - Clash of the two strategists (Zofia vs Thrawn) (view original)
Star Wars fanfic - Clash of the two strategists (Zofia vs Thrawn)
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Videogamer13 Author

Thrawn is OP, I personally say Thrawn would win.

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Battle of the two strategists (General Zofia vs Grand Admiral Thrawn).


-Gender: Female
-Homeworld: Earth
-Species: Human
-Role: Intel officer, Fleet/field commander, Fulcrum recruitment agent, pirate
-Mastered Tactics: Marg Sabl Maneuver, Ackbar Slash
-Job: Steal Imperial vehicles/ships, scavenge old technology
-Vehicle(s): Venator-class Star Destroyer (Soviet Justice) used as her flagship during Galactic Civil War.
-Affiliation: Soviet Union, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Rebel Alliance
-Info: Zofia was the Force-sensitive Human from planet Earth, was the former intel officer and was the prominent member of the Soviet Union who worked with the Separatist alongside with her fellow Soviet comrades during Clone Wars. She's very smart and strategic. After the downfall of the Soviet Union and reformed into Soviet Resistance Remnant, Zofia became the independent pirate militia general and as well Fulcrum recruitment agent helping the growing rebellion during the prior to the Galactic Civil War, it believed that she defected from the Soviet Resistance Remnant. Therefore, she joined the Rebel Alliance under Mon Mothma's offer when every leaderships of the rebellion trusted her to help fighting against the Galactic Empire. Her dream is to become a Jedi.

-Gender: Male
-Homeworld: Csilla
-Species: Chiss
-Role: Expertised fleet admiral
-Mastered Tactics: Thrawn Pincer, Marg Sabl Maneuver, Precision Hyperspace Jump
-Job: Eliminate rebels
-Vehicle(s): Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (Chimaera)
-Affiliation: Galactic Empire
-Info: Thrawn was a Chiss male who served as the Grand Admiral in the Imperial Navy, his expertise is so brilliant to eliminate the rebels.

Just think about that who's gonna win...

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