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Victorious Jan 2 2009, 10:25am says:

That is some really nice texture work on those models, very high quality.
Also, the design of the shapeshifter's armour is great, reminds me of Oblivion and Lord of the Rings somehow.
I'm interested to see more of this mod.

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Victorious Dec 27 2008, 9:47am replied:

^what this guy said.

+2 votes     media: Tau Cannon
Victorious Dec 27 2008, 9:45am says:

The model and texture look great, can't wait to see them moving ingame.
These things used to creep the **** out of me in HL.. those little footsteps running towards you, always made me freak out ;)

+1 vote     media: Female Assassin
Victorious Dec 27 2008, 9:43am replied:

yeah.. preferably with spread legs, right? ;D

+2 votes     media: Female Assassin
Victorious Dec 27 2008, 9:40am replied:

The one that Eli has is also used by legless runners in the paralympics.
They have been around for years, but are not the same as the ones Chell or the female 'ninjas' use.

+5 votes     media: Female Assassin
Victorious Dec 27 2008, 9:36am says:

Awesome stuff, as always.
I really got some great flashbacks while watching that vid.. it looks really nice with the high-res textures and motion blur.
Keep up the good work!

+3 votes     article: Developer Banter: Black Mesa Source
Victorious Dec 15 2008, 6:01am says:

Awesome trailer, guys, very professional. Makes me want to play this even though i don't know **** about the gameplay, so that's a good thing ;D
I've watched this mod for years now, and i'm happy to see you guys make such good progression.. kudos!

+5 votes     article: NeoTokyo: Source - Official Trailer & December Media
Victorious Dec 10 2008, 3:43pm says:

Very nice work, as always. I did notice that the bottle of air isn't properly optimized.. if it doesn't add to the shape of a model, extra polys are useless, and kind of a waste. It's a much better idea to remove a few of those rings around the center, and put some more polys into the curve at the top of the bottle, that way you'll still cut down on the polycount, and improve the shape of the prop itself.
Also it seems that the alpha sorting isn't working right on the plant.. does that also occur in Crysis itself?

And i still have no clue as to what species that plant is ;D

+2 votes     article: December Update
Victorious Dec 10 2008, 3:30pm says:

I really like the animation, i'm sure it looks even more awesome when the thing is towering above you ingame.

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Victorious Dec 5 2008, 7:50am replied:

The mod is SP, the rest of your questions will be answered with our next release ;)

+1 vote     mod: Lost Hope
Victorious Dec 1 2008, 6:53pm says:

As Kattevoer said; thanks for all the great comments, we appreciate that you support our mod. And although our team is still very small, be sure to know that we will not give up on this project.
Again, thanks for the support, and all (constructive)feedback is welcome!

+3 votes     article: 3 New Screenshots Released
Victorious Dec 1 2008, 4:51pm replied:

No, he's right about the props. This map is still a work in progress, so more props will be added later on, but feedback is always appreciated.

+4 votes     media: Screenshot 10
Victorious Nov 30 2008, 2:49pm replied:

i think you mean bullpup weapons ;)

+4 votes     media: NT MX Weapon Preview
Victorious Nov 30 2008, 2:46pm says:

i like the design, good job!

+2 votes     media: NT Murata Weapon Preview
Victorious Nov 12 2008, 12:23pm replied:

i like the rhyme, pretty creepy..

+1 vote     media: A note
Victorious Nov 12 2008, 12:22pm replied:

ah that explains it, the handwriting looks realistic, but incredibly hard to read ;D

+1 vote     media: A note
Victorious Oct 28 2008, 4:18pm says:

looks like a nice, original total conversion, really refreshing!
i'll be tracking this mod as well, good job.

+2 votes     article: What's behind the secret door?
Victorious Oct 19 2008, 6:11pm says:

eh.. the butterfly mapping is really obvious in this one. i assume you'll get rid of that in the next polish?

+1 vote     media: The Mortewood Plaza Weapons
Victorious Oct 19 2008, 12:18pm says:

got some weird stuff going on there in the smoothing groups.. i'd have a look at the triangulation in those areas.

+1 vote     media: WIP Colt45 Combat Untextured
Victorious Oct 19 2008, 12:17pm replied:

..and the one from HL2, Battle Royale, and pretty much every other hollywood movie.. it's the SPAS12.

+1 vote     media: newego
Victorious Oct 19 2008, 12:10pm says:

what, an uruk-hai blade?
can't make any sense of this weapon.. which side has the cutting edge?

+3 votes     media: Melee Concept "Rena"
Victorious Oct 16 2008, 3:20pm says:

Ik heb tenminste een hogere rank dan jij!

+1 vote     member: Kattevoer
Victorious Oct 5 2008, 8:08am says:

i like the detail you put in the room, very nice for a HL mod.

+1 vote     media: Beheadings
Victorious Aug 27 2008, 10:29am replied:

how can you not laugh at that ;D

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Victorious Aug 18 2008, 3:57am replied:

thanks for the positive comments, and you're right, 3/4th of the team is dutch ;D

+1 vote     article: 4 New Screenshots Released
Victorious Aug 18 2008, 3:51am says:

nice work, i always love to see your new updates, how's the work on the raptor/deinonychus going?

+1 vote     mod: Lost World Returns
Victorious Aug 17 2008, 8:44am replied:

how is he a whiny bitch?
you're being a whiny bitch about him expressing his opinion..

+1 vote     article: WIP Character Sculpts
Victorious Aug 16 2008, 8:09pm replied:

we're trying to keep the quality of the maps as they are, without having to bother the player with too many loadings, but as you know it's a hard thing to do with that (damn!)entity limit on maps ;D
anyway, we're doing our best on finding a balance between quality and quantity.

+2 votes     mod: Lost Hope
Victorious Aug 13 2008, 3:53am says:

selftaught, and after that via other developers in the industry.

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Victorious Aug 11 2008, 2:49pm says:

nice model, texture also works great!
only thing that bothers me is the nose and chin, they both make her look just a bit too manly, i think a smaller nose and rounder chin would give her that typical anime girlish feature.

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