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vezzy Apr 3 2006, 4:30pm says:

I watched Raditz
I watched Raditz dance
I watched Raditz dance banana style


+1 vote   mod: DragonBall Source
vezzy Mar 5 2006, 4:42pm says:

Ah, a little bit of mod-watch news eh, by the way good lesson, its like the plural of sheep is sheep

+1 vote   mod: The Pokemod
vezzy Feb 28 2006, 3:57pm says:

All questions? even questions like why did I see Jesus playing keyboards at an Oasis concert?

+1 vote   mod: DragonBall Source
vezzy Feb 28 2006, 3:53pm says:

There are people that dont like this mod? who? theyre stupid, Id love to see them try to make a better one, I love the mod, especially the sonic gulch eggman thing ^_^

+1 vote   news: A Public Announcement
vezzy Feb 26 2006, 3:45pm says:

Thank you ^_^

+1 vote   mod: Sonic The Hedgehog : Genesis of the Azure Wind
vezzy Feb 26 2006, 8:19am says:

Hey where can I get one of them there fancy 3rd person making doohickeys?

+1 vote   mod: Sonic The Hedgehog : Genesis of the Azure Wind
vezzy Feb 25 2006, 5:53pm says:

"We love everyone whos watching us for their interest in the mod , including such people as .... "Gamez1985" because it shows you have taste and paitents"
No. 1 awww how sweet, a tad on the gay side but sweet all the same
2. paitents? even without the typo thats patients, is he a doctor or something? am I missing something?
hehehe, Ok i'll stop mocking you now

*snigger* I mean *cough*

+1 vote   news: Latest News : FEB 25 TH 2006
vezzy Jan 22 2006, 5:27pm says:

Well, good description of the situation vash, couldnt have done better myself, I wasnt going to explain it though, merely say **** off you bitch, think yer so damn good show me something better, hope ya contract cancer and get bitten by a dog with false fangs made of rusty nails and get tetanus...but now i dont have to

+2 votes   media: nf_waterprocessing
vezzy Jan 22 2006, 5:17pm says:

1 thing, next time before you open your metaphorical big frickin mouth think about something, why shouldnt i rant at the creator of a mod? Oh yeah, because he/she can destroy it and stop you playing it

^_^ have a terrbile day and learn some manners

+2 votes   mod: Crazy Ball
vezzy Jan 22 2006, 9:43am says:

You will find that the use of brute force in a pirate would be easily countered by a ninja, in fact as someone who is a practitioner of Ninjitsu i know several techniques which could simply turn any melee weapons onto their former wielders. But I'll allow you to stay in your little fantasy ^^

+1 vote   mod: Ninjas vs Pirates
vezzy Aug 23 2006, 5:01pm says: it wasn't...if you think that's funny then you obviously have no sense of humour -_-

Its like someone ripped out your very soul and replaced it with that of a banana

+1 vote   mod: Dragon Ball: Break The Limit
vezzy Jan 12 2006, 3:24am says:

Perhaps for the beta it would be less of a burden if you used less characters, for instance out of all of those we dont really need them all, and perhaps it would be a morale boost for everyone to have the 1st beta out sooner, just a suggestion though

+1 vote   mod: Dragonballz: The Power Within TC
vezzy Apr 12 2006, 4:42am says:

Pretty...*licks lips*

+1 vote   media: Installer
vezzy Jan 7 2006, 6:15pm says:

Well hello, glad to see other people noticing the mod's potential and waiting with much anticipation like myself for its release, have a nice day

+1 vote   mod: DragonBall Source
vezzy Dec 18 2005, 11:41am says:

Tis looking quite amazing so far but Morbo demands you work harder puny humans :p
Only joking, take your time and have a nice time

+1 vote   mod: DragonBall Source
vezzy Jan 21 2006, 3:29pm says:

Shut yer whining, theyre going as fast as they can, they have their own lives to lead, and as for your power level query, does it REALLY matter?

+1 vote   mod: DragonBall Source
vezzy Jun 8 2006, 7:46am says:

lol, communication no problem, work meh

+1 vote   mod: Final Fantasy Battle Arena
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