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Veqryn Jun 2 2013, 11:35am says:

You can now host games online without having to mess with your firewall or router or port forward.
TripleA now has "Dedicated Servers", which you can join, then change to whatever map/game you want.

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Veqryn Dec 28 2012, 10:10am replied:

Hope you aren't shooting the messenger here. The "Battlemap Skin" you see pictured above is a direct and exact copy of the ABattleMap map for the same game (and yes, it is that skewed/distorted). Our users requested that we make this skin, since many of them are ABattlemap players who miss the look of it. The ABattlemap's map is itself inspired by the board for the boardgame of Global 1940, which is also very skewed and distorted. So if anyone is to blame, it would be the people who drew those maps.
As described above, this battlemap skin is a "second skin" that can be optionally enabled by downloading it. The "first skin" (the default one) is much prettier in my eyes, and not so distorted (although europe was made larger to accommodate all the action that takes place there), although I would say it is still a little skewed. You can view the first skin here:

If that still bugs you, then take a look at the map for Anniversary Edition, which is by far my favorite map of the world. The map was hand drawn by one of our members and it is very close to what you expect the world to look like. You can see the that map here:

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Veqryn Aug 27 2012, 3:27am replied:

Some maps have politics, some maps do not. Politics is a relatively new feature, so it is only available on some maps.
In addition, most maps follow very specific rules that do not have politics in them.
For example, the Classic, Revised, Anniversary, and Spring 1942 editions do not have any politics in their official rulebooks, so of course our recreation of them will not have politics either. (These games take place in 1941 or 1942, so it is just the Axis vs. the Allies).
Global 1940 has politics in the rulebook, so there is politics in this game.

Maps that I know have politics are:
Global 1940
Pacific 1940
Europe 1940
Total World War
Napoleonic Empires FFA (free for all) 8 player and 5 player versions

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Veqryn Aug 24 2012, 7:30am says:

We have a new tournament running: The Battle of the Ages!

$40 to the grand winner, and $5 to almost all participants. (Prizes are sponsored by the Historical Board Gaming web store)

Sign up here:

(It is completely free to sign up and participate. The prizes are donations.)

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Veqryn Aug 9 2012, 5:55am replied:

This will be updated and fixed next week, sorry for the delay...

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Veqryn Apr 26 2012, 5:16am replied:

Axis & Allies is a lot closer to the truth. There are several mods that play as exact Axis and Allies boards, fully according to their rules.

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Veqryn Apr 21 2012, 5:57am says:

New version,, is released.

This means we have a new Online lobby server running for any live online games.

If you prefer not to play games against live opponents, you can try out the new "Play by Forum" ability on Axis And Allies .org website.

To find players, check out the "find players" section of their forum:

Or you can use the rewritten Play-By-Email way, and find players for that on the TripleA War Club:

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Veqryn Mar 26 2012, 10:48am says:

The game does not work based on the install provided.
The error message (I am using Windows 7, so the error was in CMD), was that the game could not find:
C:\Users\my Name\Documents\speed-dreams.settings\ config\raceman\sc-champ.xml
I was about to uninstall the game, when I fixed I might be able to fix it. I searched the desura\common\ files for sc-champ.xml and found it.
I created this folder on my system:
THEN i copied and pasted the entire "config" file from this game's installation there.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Desura\Common\speed-dreams\config
AND IT WORKED. the game now ran, and I was able to watch a test race with all AIs.
However, when I tried to make my own player, it failed (the "Accept" button in configure players did nothing).

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