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VeniVdVici Sep 21 2015 replied:

Its actually a fairly good fit. Please remember that these modders are working for a game from 2006. Polys will be visible. I doubt the armies liked letting their helmets rust anyways. Bronze oxidizes to green. All the ornamental details are there. The nob is at a slightly different angle but I don't that qualifies as a new design.

+3 votes   media: Thracian helmet
VeniVdVici Sep 13 2015 says:

If it took six hours they probably lost... Now I need to go check.

+1 vote   news: Borg Wars S3
VeniVdVici Sep 10 2015 says:

I only care about how jail is spelled. An archaic form "gaol" is more common in british english areas.

+1 vote   media: Imperius and Devestator
VeniVdVici Sep 6 2015 replied:

Xerxes was a real Persian king...

+1 vote   media: Needs a name!
VeniVdVici Aug 20 2015 replied:

Your English is very understandable. Don't be sorry; be happy! and get a bit more practice.

Chris is right on every detail; however, there is a workaround to give ships animations. It is very time consuming and would make the game run much slower so most mods don't do it.

+1 vote   mod: Dawn of the Reapers
VeniVdVici Aug 19 2015 replied:

its an email address... If you don't have your 'mailto:' URI referenced to software you use just copy paste it.

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VeniVdVici Aug 19 2015 replied:

Also GMT + 8 until October. Saturday and Sunday Mornings correspond to Friday and Saturday nights in the US. I schedule meetings often for multi timezone gaming clans. It tends to be nearly impossible to get more than 9 people together... I would guess they have more than one session a week anyways. A 10 person game is very full and hectic.

+1 vote   news: Open Applications for Testers
VeniVdVici Aug 19 2015 says:

What about negotiation to -.01 DPH?

+1 vote   media: Playtester Corp
VeniVdVici Jul 28 2015 says:

Lore Question here, because I had a sudden fit of being a Grammar Nazi. Weren't there multiple prophets? If so did they share high charity or have individual capitals? If so this would be a fun Submod version of the flagship victory mode, and the text description is wrong "Prophets' " would be correct. (I can now return to being a normal human being)

+1 vote   media: The Holy Capital of the Covenant
VeniVdVici Jun 1 2015 says:

I would change the chevrons to giant displays. A stargate attachment or small landing dock would be appropriate. Anyways it looks nice. You show talent. Maybe someone from one of the other sins mods can show you how to light it.

+1 vote   media: Capital Texture
VeniVdVici May 12 2015 replied:

Would you be willing to wager that the sins engine only supports a 2 dimensional frame for graphics, targeting mechanics, abilities, pathing, and construction?

+2 votes   media: Drop It Like It's Hot
VeniVdVici May 8 2015 replied:

This is pretty much the wrong mod then. Sorry. Stars is all about pretty and interesting space stuff. If you want some more redesign, I think ZombieRus5 has permission to use Stars' assets in his mod packs. Look for Fall of Kobol or Sins of the Fallen.

+1 vote   download: Stars 3.1
VeniVdVici Apr 13 2015 says:

My only feedback on this mod so far is as follows.
1. Fun.
2. Planets have the durability of a tissue box in the suns corona; would you be so kind as to work out a way to make them last about a minute to assaults?

+1 vote   mod: Thrawn's Revenge II: Ascendancy
VeniVdVici Apr 9 2015 says:

a moon? or are you trying to moon us?

+1 vote   media: Sanghelios Render
VeniVdVici Feb 22 2015 says:

It might just be me. But planet health seems to last as long as a tissue in a flamethrower fight. Could you add techs to reduce bombing damage by up to 45% and have it so that planetary defense upgrades reduce bombing damage as well?

+2 votes   news: 0.95 Overview
VeniVdVici Feb 12 2015 says:

All Hail the one and only Lord_Set

+10 votes   news: Dawn of the Reapers V3 Onslaught Update
VeniVdVici Jan 24 2015 replied:

I am pretty sure you have to run Sins at least once for the file to get created. The file should be at the same level as the folder for the mod; not within it.

+1 vote   mod: Dawn of the Reapers
VeniVdVici Nov 13 2014 says:

I understand these islands are a difficult issue. I hope the mod, in remembering the conflict helps reduce the tension.

-1 votes   mod: 1982 | Heroes del Atlantico
VeniVdVici Oct 5 2014 says:

Last time I played with flood active; they seemed to be a minor nuisance at best. (There are pros to preparing to contain them ahead of time.)

+1 vote   media: Flood Mode
VeniVdVici Sep 28 2014 says:

Very good; but grey text against a grey green skybox is heresy...

+1 vote   media: Main Menu Version 242358
VeniVdVici Sep 27 2014 says:

very very pretty

+1 vote   media: Stargate Particle Effect
VeniVdVici Sep 26 2014 says:

My first impression is that the style is extremely clean. The background is appropriate but unlike most sins stuff, it doesn't distract me from the menu.

The second impression is of menu options being cards on a table. The images are more complex, and won't do well on a low res monitor. I doubt however most users would have that low of a res. I agree with IceBlade that the pictures seem scrunched because of that complexity. They could also be more specialized. For example taking "Skirmish" -> "AI Skirmish" with pic of a Halo AI. Other connotations would work for the images.

Third. The image is very dark; high contrast and some messing with gamma are going to effect how it looks a lot. The title and options could use some bringing out.

+2 votes   media: Main Menu Version 242357
VeniVdVici Sep 26 2014 says:

I feel as if the colors clash a bit too much. A bit of a background for the text, it could be translucent still, would help reduce the tension (between Orange, Blue, and Background). I have to agree that a general, either: Hammond, or especially O'Neill would be a more appropriate choice for the Tau'ri pic. Its been way too long since I watched the show, but I also agree that for the Goa'uld a face may be more appropriate than the snake helmet. There were a couple episodes where there was a conference of the system lords. You might be able to get many in the pic and the Jaffa serving them. I would also get rid of the shared capital ships and super tech panes icons if possible.

-1 votes   media: New Race Selection Screen WIP
VeniVdVici Sep 22 2014 says:


+1 vote   news: Status Update #7
VeniVdVici Aug 27 2014 says:

This is what flak ships are for. Shoots spores easily and if it gets infected, doesn't pose a huge threat to much else.

+4 votes   media: "One Single Flood Spore..."
VeniVdVici Aug 7 2014 says:


+1 vote   media: Mushrooms
VeniVdVici Aug 5 2014 says:

Watching the mod, it looks great, but when you can do fix the campaign map up a little! I recognize the normal rome II outline.

+1 vote   mod: Medieval Kingdoms: Total War
VeniVdVici Jul 22 2014 says:

That improvement was well needed. Great addition Tak!

+1 vote   media: New Battle Troll
VeniVdVici Jul 21 2014 says:

fingers are crossed over the gameplay tweaks

+1 vote   news: Sins of the Prophets Rebellion Alpha v.0.56.1 Released
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