Hello, my name is Brandon and I just came back from a month of USAF BMT after being medically discharged. Just to clear something up, on all of my online profiles I go by Velancious. I consider myself a fan of many game series to even count. The only notable fanbase I take direct part in is the brony fandom. If I had to pick a favorite pony, it would have to be Pinkie Pie, but even that pick is a very slight one. I love the Mane 6, but Pinkie seems to have the closest personality to me. My beliefs? I have none, but if you must classify me, I'm an agnostic-atheist. My personality type is INTJ.

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0 comments by Velancious on Sep 9th, 2014


This a long over-due follow-up to my last blog. I don't know if it will be as long as the last or shorter-although it's much likely to be shorter considering it's more of a wrap-up to it.

I've gotten this question asked a lot to me and it has bugged me for some time: Velancious-why do you care about what "idiots" think of? Why not just ignore them? Why not just simply dismiss them and move on?

Well, first off. I like to consider every human is equal and that his/her ideas are on equal ground with mine. You could say that humanity deserves eradication-and I won't immediately disagree. However, I will ask simply: Why?

That's the golden question with me. Intention matters; or more specifically, the reasoning behind your beliefs is what helps rationalize your views for me. If I cannot rationalize your beliefs, then I have a feeling you might be crazy, or not considering the full picture of things.

As for why I care about what they think of: everything is linked on this planet. What happens to you, what happens to me, can set off a butterfly effect where one change, such as a butterfly dying, can impact the future in drastic ways. Idiots have gained support in the past, and there are MANY ideological groups on the internet who have gained too much support. A fun one to discuss personally, is the laughable "social justice" and its social "justice warriors."

Social Justice:

Social justice on the blogging site tumblr is a unique case. Attention whores of all types come there to blog about what they think is the cause of the world's issues. This always involves an oppressor. A group that is inherently evil and determined to oppress everyone else. (White people, tall people, skinny people, etc...)

As we all know, not any one group is one hundred percent pure evil, especially when it's as fucking trivial as SKIN color or some other nonsense. Now, I believed I bitched about feminists before on my blog, and there's a definite reason for that: feminazis on tumblr are a huge part of the social justice scheme. With them, they hate men. They despise men. However, they claim to be for equality....interesting. Are you noticing a pattern here because from what it looks like, social justice warriors seem to love attributing blame to one party while claiming to love equality. (A direct contradiction, if I might add)

Now, when I first heard about the whole brony thing, I thought feminists would love the idea of it. It was men appreciating a show that was marketed towards girls. What's the harm there? I mean, after all, feminists seem to love it when girls get equal treatment in "guy stuff" like sports, video games, and guy-marketed TV shows.

I was dead wrong, but hilariously wrong I was. Feminists on tumblr reacted negatively-even going so far as to criticize bronies for being into a show "made for women". Isn't it just...interesting how one can claim to be for equality yet be completely against it? Maybe that's because....they aren't for equality but instead-are just bigots in disguise pretending to be?

Oh well, regardless, idiots will be idiots. What can you do? Oh wait-laugh at them. Seriously, I recommend anyone who actually took the time to read this article to look up the "tumblrisms" series on YouTube to see what I mean. What I just talked about was just the tip of the iceberg with social justice, so you are bound to enjoy laughing at the insanity of these people.

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bronyblaine Mar 13 2013 says:

you made a good point in your blog recently, people don't do good things, because its in there nature to do what is best for them alone. we are all pretty much animals with higher intellect, the thing that infact does seperate us from a common beast. is that our intellectual capacity and awareness of our surroundings, gives us the chance to do what is right, we can choose to do whats right or whats wrong. most of us choose to do what is wrong. but there is that small margin of people who do what is right, not because it will benifit them later but because, it is simply the right thing to do. i once thought like you did. like all humans are easy to compare when it comes down to they're moral codes. but i was shown that i was wrong. were not all the same. im not saying your wrong, yes there some terrible people in this world, and most people in this world are terrible. but we cannot subject the whole human race to the undesirables. trust me i made that mistake long ago. and now, it is a thing i only wish i could forget.

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Velancious Creator
Velancious Mar 13 2013 replied:

Oh, just so you know I wasn't trying to throw every human being in with the stereotype of humanity being bad. I know there's good people out there who just want the best of it and strive to make it better.

I was pointing out that we got ourselves SCREWED by lying to ourselves about our true nature, and instead of trying to improve it; the majority just run around acting like they're so morally superior to everyone else when it's obvious they are all jumping on the biggest bandwagon humanity ever created (religion is 2nd place here). An example could be how there's so many people now FERVENTLY against the crime of rape that you can't even joke about it, yet to an worse issue like murder, jokes of it are made all the time about it.

What about Amanda Todd? That's an obvious bandwagon jump. Poor girl killed herself, but what about the many others that also have and didn't get fan followings? Zip. Anyone else also notice how society seems to care about bully victims only until after they've killed themselves? And all the while everyone seems to forget thousands of people die across the world every day...

When it comes to religion, I understand people have good intentions but what do you honestly think helps more people in a realistic scenario: a religious text or food/water?

There's a side to humanity that is GOOD, but it needs to come out and DO something. You know what happened to 99% of the species that existed before us on this planet? They go extinct. It doesn't help that the average IQ of humans seems to be dropping. Let's hope this at least doesn't lead to an Idiocracy (remember that movie)?

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bronyblaine Mar 13 2013 replied:

I understand what you mean, the world is screwed, that much is an inevitability. and i do agree with you about the issue of there being no compassion in society. we don't really care about each other anymore. no that i think of it i don't think there ever was a time when people shared sympathy towards each other.

I also agree with you about matter of religion, god didn't create people, people created god, simply because they wanted purpose in the world, and apparantly they couldn't find it on there own. then people came by and abused the religion and corrupted it. now a' days its almost as if your not christian, your not welcome. but im not just talking about christianity, i mean all religions. i don't mean any offense if you belong to any religion, but me, i can't belong to something that is controlled by someone(or some people) ive never seen before, know nothing about, and is followed by people who are told to, "just have faith" in it.

Oh, and yes i do remember that movie. i loved that movie. i was laughing the whole time, but at the same time i was a little scared because the movie did make alot of since. the dumb people are literaly outnumbering the smart people these days by about 20 to 1.

I also wanted to say that i love that song that you have playing in the back on your profile. its very soothing.

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Velancious Creator
Velancious Mar 14 2013 replied:

I'm not religious in any way and if I was I wouldn't take any offense. I'm an agnostic-atheist, but with slight leanings toward pantheism (although it's a much darker version than what most people have in mind).

Idiocracy was funny, but yeah the message of that movie was SCARY and probably the most important part of it; especially considering how many stupid people there are right now. I used to think the internet was a haven for smart people (and in a way it still is), but now that's even changing. The internet is getting invaded by the mainstream on Facebook and other such sites who have now invaded memes and created their own.

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bronyblaine Mar 14 2013 replied:

You know, i like talking to you guy. you make sense. people like you *clears throat* are a "rarity" in this world, ya know. lol

But seriously. no matter what anyone says, your awesome in my book. oh and I am as well an agnostic-aethist.

Im am open to further discussions, when ever you'd like. I don't have many people to talk to with the same intellect as me, or atleast some that think on the same wavelength as me.

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chalix Mar 11 2013 says:


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Guest Mar 4 2013 says:

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Guest Mar 4 2013 replied:

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Velancious Creator
Velancious Mar 5 2013 replied:

Silent Hill :3

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Dejected-Angel Mar 8 2013 replied:

Didn't you hear?
Henley is gonna find these profiles with music playing and nuke them to orbit.

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Velancious Creator
Velancious Mar 8 2013 replied:

You can easily turn the music off by a button on my blog. I don't believe it.

If he tells me to shut it off though HIMSELF, I will.

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CLOPPING Feb 20 2013 says:

can you upload some more vidoes please

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Velancious Creator
Velancious Feb 20 2013 replied:

Of what, exactly?

+2 votes   reply to comment
CLOPPING Mar 1 2013 replied:

clopp videos :)

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Dejected-Angel Mar 2 2013 replied:


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