Hello, my name is Brandon and I just came back from a month of USAF BMT after being medically discharged. Just to clear something up, on all of my online profiles I go by Velancious. I consider myself a fan of many game series to even count. The only notable fanbase I take direct part in is the brony fandom. If I had to pick a favorite pony, it would have to be Pinkie Pie, but even that pick is a very slight one. I love the Mane 6, but Pinkie seems to have the closest personality to me. My beliefs? I have none, but if you must classify me, I'm an agnostic-atheist. My personality type is INTJ.

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0 comments by Velancious on Jun 24th, 2014

Throughout my time on the wonderful place that is the internet, I have come across arguments used that were at their best, idiotic; and at their worst, downright manipulative. The majority of anti-brony behavior exemplified on the internet is one generated through a constant flow of rhetoric; phrases and sentences that sound powerful but are really just repeated gibberish with no basis in reality. This is what we call a bandwagon on the internet and they are some of the more disturbing trends in human behavior. Some even completely go out of their way to blame bronies in situations that could never be the bronies fault nor do they ever seem to give a good explanation as to why bronies are such bad people. They just are. Apparently. And we all should know how horrible they all are because....they're bad people, ok? It's a show for little girls, FFS!

This isn't to say there exists an actually good anti-brony argument, it's just that many of them are contradictory to their efforts and downright fallacious while having seemingly large support on communities like YouTube and tumblr. (Both equally known for their shitty communities)

I thought over time seeing these stupid arguments and their influence would become a thing of the past, seeing as how brony extremism has already become rarer than gold itself. (It's been a good year since I remember seeing any form of brony extremism; the majority of brony communities I've been to even despise the behavior) However, anti-brony behavior comes with a bandwagon and when things have a bandwagon, they never stop being an issue because the comment section becomes a massive circlejerk for them. Why should they stop? They want to appear like the majority, after all. We all know the majority is ALWAYS RIGHT, huh?

So without further ado, here are some common anti-brony statements with rebuttals attached:

1. "This is why I hate bronies"

This one isn't even an argument and serves more as an opinion. Normally I ignore shit like this, however, at the frequency and ridiculousness it is often used and employed for manipulative effect, I have to make a comment regarding the use of this phrase.

The most recent time I saw this used was on a video regarding a GMOD PonyRP server. Yes, that's right. GMOD Roleplay. If you've never been to a GMOD Roleplay server then I'd feel lucky to be you. GMOD Roleplay by itself is at its best silly and at its worst, filled with RDMing little kids and people having public sex out in the streets. Now what is blamed for this? Bronies. Of course, because it's a pony server, MLP fans are the problem. Clearly, GMOD Roleplay was NEVER like this to begin with. It was only when bronies came around that the internet started to SUCK. You'll notice very quickly that this theme does not deviate from anti-brony rhetoric. It even goes so far as to say they'd like bronies to have no voice on the internet and to be censored from public sites.

All silliness aside, these comments tend to get a lot of upvotes yet are nothing more than bandwagon statements that anti-bronies can jerk off to together. (Another reason why you shouldn't take comment sections seriously) As if they haven't been talking shit about bronies for years now.

2. "Bronies RUINED the internet!!!"

This one is funny more than anything. It seriously is implying that bronies, a small 10% minority on the internet at best, have ruined the internet. There is no need to exemplify how much of an exaggeration this has to be when you consider the full scale of pony modifications and content on the internet. I'm sorry to offend anyone but if you truly feel seeing a pony thumbnail is ruining your time on the internet then you are fucking MENTAL.

I'd say I was fucking insane too if I was frothing at the mouth because something I didn't like or approve of is on a public uploading site I frequent.

3. "Bronies are disgusting"

Another funny, blanket statement used regarding issues surrounding clop aka pony porn. What these people don't seem to understand is that a small fraction of the entire brony community admits to actually clopping and an even smaller minority makes it. The best part about this buzz statement to me is that clop would still exist had bronies not even existed, effectively proving the entire point of R34. (The idea that porn exists regardless of whatever the subject is)

I would also love to hear these people's opinions relating to porn made of Pokemon, seeing as how this statement seems to refer to sexualizing animals. Pokemon porn is also extremely popular on sites like Rule 34 as well as tons of other anime porn starring tentacles. (Hentai)

As you can already tell, these have all been buzz phrases used primarily to get upvotes without actually stating anything important. I also love how there is never an explanation with any of them to try to explain for the outright bastard claims they make. Clearly once someone becomes a brony they are immediately turned into a complete faggot. I wish I was joking. Anti-bronies aren't the only ones to use rhetoric on the internet; it actually seems quite common with many bandwagons to employ these kind of tactics. The CoD hate bandwagon, for instance, uses buzz phrases to similar effect, stereotyping fans of CoD as childish kids who know no good entertainment and talking about how every CoD is the absolutely same game with just a different title. The irony comes is when you realize that the people who do this are mainly Battlefield fans who's own developer, Dice, has been making yearly releases which have been heavily criticized for hardly deviating at all from the previous titles. (Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline come especially to mind) It's shit like this that made me wonder if anti-bronies would ever come under the same scrutiny they put bronies under. (If only....lmao)

Now hear me out: I am no CoD fan, I actually dislike CoD gameplay in general. I am a Battlefield fan if anything out of the two. However, I'm at least mature enough to admit the faults of the Battlefield series while being reasonably aware that others may not like the franchise for its gameplay. I'm not the one out there calling anyone who doesn't like Battlefield a fucking moron for not "appreciating great gameplay" because I realize everything is purely up to opinion. Neither am I out there saying people don't appreciate great cartoons because they don't like MLP like I do. This is because, unlike them, I actually respect that other people hold different interests and I encourage others to pursue their OWN interests.

Unfortunately though, it seems gamer culture has been hijacked by all of these silly little bandwagons that are against everything free speech. Not one of them has shown an ounce of intelligence nor sign of improving. Please do not be this kind of person. I speak out to you, the reader, to search your own soul; to stand by your own beliefs even if it means being yourself. Group entities like this devoted to trashing other people for their preferences have never shown the slightest of reason and IMO, stand tribute to how little we have changed from our early tribal upbringings as a species. It's always "CoD vs. Battlefield, Xbox One vs. PS4, bronies vs. anti-bronies, Christians vs. atheists!" Ever notice that? It should be clear by now that humans love to fight, and rationalizing is honestly not our best quality...unfortunately.

I could go on and on with more examples of common rhetoric spewed in the recesses we call the YouTube comment section, but that would be boring as they all seem to be just the same trash statements, hence the theme "common" throughout this article.

If you have any disagreements with me then feel free to share them. I am always open to others.

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iAmaNewb Mar 17 2013, 12:23am says:

I 100% support what you said in your blog.
The world is 100% ****** up with Justin Bieber, Nicki Minjal, Goverment corruption and other ****.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only human with common sense left while been surrounded by ignorant bastards and retards(No offense)

+3 votes     reply to comment
Velancious Mar 17 2013, 5:08am replied:

It isn't just that either. It's that the people that are smart and good can't do much to help the situation. Already the stupid people outnumber all of us 8 to 1. If we continue down this road I fear the odds will turn more and more against us and worse...we may have to throw out morality in order to save our species (a suppression field to stop many people from breeding, mass extermination...).

Then again, we may just be heading down a lighter road with science and technology increasing as it is. Still, that doesn't improve the quality of the individual we are getting... Facebook and Youtube just brought all the idiocy of the mainstream onto the internet. The end result is only a handful of the millions actually changes for the better.

I'm going to try not to rant about it that much because it makes me sound so pessimistic, but seriously humanity come on! Get your **** straight!

+2 votes     reply to comment
iAmaNewb Mar 17 2013, 12:25am replied:

And one more thing,
If it wasn't for some stupid God belief, there wouldn't be any religious suppression on human advancement, that means we would have flown to the moon in 1500 if it wasn't for retards and their god

+3 votes     reply to comment
RighteousFighter Mar 26 2013, 11:45am replied:

Nope. No matter if the grand scam and control organization called christian church existed or not, Rome would still have fallen and Europe still would have had to slug it out with the dark ages. Advancement before the dark ages was suppressed by the "not broken, why fix it" mentality, which the Romans had. Otherwise they would have used the steam engines, heliocentric solar system idea and anything Archimedes invented.

This thing was true in Chinese empire for the whole of its existence.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Velancious Mar 18 2013, 11:32am replied:

Well, you can't blame religion for everything; and this is coming from an anti-theist who wishes to see religion gone for good.

Religion was just a tool to keep order among humanity in a cruel universe. It tried to explain our reality by showing that all the bad humanity faces is supposed to be a 'test'. It helps people endure through the bad, thinking they are being tested for greatness and will get something good in the afterlife if they do what they are told. This is meant to make people subservient and work hard. When religion finally fades away, we are going to have to find new motivations for the weak-minded masses. However, I believe these motivations already exist among atheists/agnostics in a more humanist ideology.

If anything, I believe our focus as a species should be focused on: "The betterment of our species through reasonable means." This can be broken down to:

1. Preserve happiness and knowledge wherever possible
2. Attempt to preserve life, if possible
3. Stamp out corruption and selfish desires whenever possible; bring us together as a united species focused on improving ourselves

Note: We all have selfish desires, and I don't see it going away soon. It is likely that we will always remain selfish.

+2 votes     reply to comment
bronyblaine Apr 15 2013, 6:43am replied:

humanity as a whole is natuarally self prioritized. they look out for them selves 72% of the time. granted this the average human not all of them. what i mean is humans are naturally selfish, not because they're evil, and not because they're listening to some false prophet. it is utterly because they want to live. they follow self preservation laws. when the laws are met the human will look for more to obtain. wether it be something to prolong it's life, or as simple as sating boredom. humans were born for three purposes.

and consume

humans never think about their sole purpose in life because it's not their job. they just follow instinct. they just keep living and following they're leader, the president, they're parents, "God", whoever that might be. like the common animal, they just do what comes first to the mind. the only things that makes them sentient beings is that they can give commands and follow them. and they have morals. even then, when these items become fruitless, which they have been for centries, they revert back to the beasts they always were.
we live in a world inhabited by monsters, forged by demons, and enslaved by idealisms that were never it's own. it's a world that should have never existed in the first place... but i think it can be saved. if it can't, then what is our purpose?

+1 vote     reply to comment
bronyblaine Mar 13 2013, 7:36am says:

i meant no offense in my last comment if any was received.

+3 votes     reply to comment
bronyblaine Mar 13 2013, 7:04pm replied:

I understand what you mean, the world is screwed, that much is an inevitability. and i do agree with you about the issue of there being no compassion in society. we don't really care about each other anymore. no that i think of it i don't think there ever was a time when people shared sympathy towards each other.

I also agree with you about matter of religion, god didn't create people, people created god, simply because they wanted purpose in the world, and apparantly they couldn't find it on there own. then people came by and abused the religion and corrupted it. now a' days its almost as if your not christian, your not welcome. but im not just talking about christianity, i mean all religions. i don't mean any offense if you belong to any religion, but me, i can't belong to something that is controlled by someone(or some people) ive never seen before, know nothing about, and is followed by people who are told to, "just have faith" in it.

Oh, and yes i do remember that movie. i loved that movie. i was laughing the whole time, but at the same time i was a little scared because the movie did make alot of since. the dumb people are literaly outnumbering the smart people these days by about 20 to 1.

I also wanted to say that i love that song that you have playing in the back on your profile. its very soothing.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Velancious Mar 14 2013, 2:00am replied:

I'm not religious in any way and if I was I wouldn't take any offense. I'm an agnostic-atheist, but with slight leanings toward pantheism (although it's a much darker version than what most people have in mind).

Idiocracy was funny, but yeah the message of that movie was SCARY and probably the most important part of it; especially considering how many stupid people there are right now. I used to think the internet was a haven for smart people (and in a way it still is), but now that's even changing. The internet is getting invaded by the mainstream on Facebook and other such sites who have now invaded memes and created their own.

+1 vote     reply to comment
bronyblaine Mar 14 2013, 6:54am replied:

You know, i like talking to you guy. you make sense. people like you *clears throat* are a "rarity" in this world, ya know. lol

But seriously. no matter what anyone says, your awesome in my book. oh and I am as well an agnostic-aethist.

Im am open to further discussions, when ever you'd like. I don't have many people to talk to with the same intellect as me, or atleast some that think on the same wavelength as me.

+2 votes     reply to comment
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