Hello, my name is Brandon and I just came back from a month of USAF BMT after being medically discharged. Just to clear something up, on all of my online profiles I go by Velancious. I consider myself a fan of many game series to even count. The only notable fanbase I take direct part in is the brony fandom. If I had to pick a favorite pony, it would have to be Pinkie Pie, but even that pick is a very slight one. I love the Mane 6, but Pinkie seems to have the closest personality to me. My beliefs? I have none, but if you must classify me, I'm an agnostic-atheist. My personality type is INTJ.

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NOTE: This is not so much a rant as it is something I deal with pretty often playing SC2. Also, I'm not ranting about anything faction-related.

Have you taken notice that like most of the bronze/silver level scrubs you come across like to talk shit and insult people's skill? I noticed most RTS games have just the worst case of this, where games suddenly become personal "Who's got the bigger dick" contests.

Most SC2 players know a term called "BM"; it stands for "Bad Manners" and there is a reason why the term was created. RTS games (like SC2) are full of it.

I don't have actual chats from the games I've been in, but I've gotten replays that show the amount of BM I get. The thing is, I'm a very nice and respectable person playing the game. I don't insult people, I don't rage, and I always throw out a "gg" when I lose. Lately, I've run into my share of people who do quite the opposite and it is by far, the most frustrating thing about the game. Normally, in standard matches you only really get to see it in games of 1v1, 2v2, and FFA. It's generally uncommon, but getting locked into a game with an annoying player like this makes me just want to quit halfway and say fuck it.

An example of this in action would be where I'm Zerg vs. some Protoss player I will not name. He opened up the game with a capslocked "GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN!" which was strange, because most people just say "gl hf". Later, he attacked when I had next to nothing to really defend against it (and he knew it, observers were spying everywhere in my base, even though I had Overseers and Hydralisks to find and kill them).

As soon as he beat back my army, he said "TOO EZ" and I said "gg" and left the game. Right as I came out of the game, he messaged me several times, insulting my skill in the game, feeling the need to boast like some major asshole. He should be glad he's making use of the anonymity of the internet, because I'd so fast punch his face in for acting like that if I saw the little bitch in real life.

I made this rant because I was wondering if anyone else had been matched up with these sort of annoying dickless 13 year old players.

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