I honestly have no idea how i will fill 'Bio' field.

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I am at that stage were Doom 3 weapons mod beta 13 is ready for testing and be published, just well... i have no testers to test it whit and estimated release date will be early December or even this month.

Until then here is a change log:

* Fixed minor annoyance whit soul cube health regen system, instead of entirely based on Decorate it runs on ASC. It means no you can switch to other weapons wile you health regen's.
- Removed AlphaEntA2K9 from being accessible in legit ways.
- Removed Hell Marine class.
* Almost all weapons can be switched in middle of reloading process. Thanks to CED assets pack (Star 1088 on moddb) for this idea.
* Fixed a bug whit 'insta' reload.
* Changed structure of code PK3. now quite a lot of decorate has bin sorted.
* All demon like monsters from vanilla doom (2, Final Doom) 'Drop souls', not Nazi ones, those guys have no soul.
* Replaced Soul drop's by direct insertion in to players inventory.
- Removed transparent hud elements due to comparability issues.
+ Added Colored hud elements.
- Removed "Replace ammo' on ammo types.
+ Added more Backpack's for invasion.
+ Added to modeldef Backpack model.
+ Added Armor Shard Model, now you have a body.
* Assets are 100% code free.
- Removed from assets all color palette files.
+ Added Color palette to code base.
- Deprecated old zdoom's 2.1.0 golden age's bullet puff.
+ Added new bullet puff's, thanks to DBThanatos and MajorCooke.
+ Added new bullet hole's (decal), again thanks to DBThanatos and MajorCooke.
+ Added chainsaw decal.

This is change log so far, stay tuned.

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Hi bronie friend, are you a programmer?

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Vavency Creator

Most of the time trying to sort out mess some one made and at same time get myself in it...

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