I am a History student and a WWII fan. My favourite games are historicall FPS set in WWII like Call of Duty and Red Orchestra. I also like RTS games like Age of Empires and Warcraft III. Other hobbies I have are reading history books or novels (I like J.R.R Tolkien) and listening to heavy metal music. I like Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian and Rhapsody.

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Vassili_Tzaisev Apr 4 2011, 10:48pm says:

Very nice.

I didn't know that Polish forces fought in Afghanistan (when someone speaks about Afghanistan or Irak here, it seems like the Americans and British are the only ones invading those countries, but actually there are soldiers from many countries fighting there). So, I'm a bit surprised, but I supose you can allways learn something new ;)

I'm also surprised that you didn't make a WW2 mod from Polish side (also, something that has never been made before, except for that little CoD 3 campaign never released for pc), wich I would like more, since I'm a WW2 fan. If you are good making new sp missions (something not very common, sadly) perhaps you should make some new ones for CoD2 or CoD WaW (if possible).

But still, anything involving new sp missions will be welcome here!
So, nice job, and good luck with your mod!!

+2 votes   mod: Polish Blood
Vassili_Tzaisev Mar 28 2011, 9:04am replied:

You couldn't have said it better, my friend.

I'm affraid that the last CoD are only commercial games (wich isn't bad, since they make games in order to sell them, that's obvious), but they don't care much about the game's quality anymore. They know that there are a lot of people wich will allways buy they games because of the CoD logo. So, thay make console crap, then they port it to pc, the game is very basic and full of issues, and half of the things they had planned for the game are cut off before the release, so they can reach the "release date" and then tart working in the next game. CoD WaW is in my opinion the best CoD game. And I was very dissapointed when I saw all the things that were cut before the release (British campaign, multiplayer maps, skins, weapons, vehicles, etc); still a great game, but 1/3 parts of the original game where cut in order to release it as soon as possible, and why? just to start working in that MW 2 crap. It's ok they want to make money, but they should care a bit more about quality, specially for us pc gamers.
Anyway, CoD isn't what it used to be anymore. My solution is to keep playing the 2WW2 trilogy" (CoD1/UO - CoD2 - CoD WaW) with some good mods like this one; and then try Red Orchestra 2 once it's released.
Regards, and sorry for such a long post.

+1 vote   mod: Vietnam Mod
Vassili_Tzaisev Mar 26 2011, 10:37am replied:

Very nice!

The only oficial game I have played in wich the Italian army is featured was Road to Rome expansion pack for Battlefield 1942 (they were also featured in the 1936 España en Llamas mod for Call of Duty 2, and in the Mare Nostrum mod for Red Orchestra).
But still, there were not a lot of weapons. In Battlefield 1942, the only Italian weapon was the Breda 30; the other weapons were german weapons :(
Martin had already mentioned that the Italians would be included in some maps in the Brittish campaign, wich will be ccol since we could see them in sp. In mp, well, it will also be nice since the mod will have bots, so, we will be able to play as Italians. But, if there is the possibility to inlcude some new sp maps, that would be excellent!!

Regards, peolple, keep up your gret work.

+3 votes   mod: Back2Fronts Mod
Vassili_Tzaisev Mar 24 2011, 9:23am says:

Excellent work on that Beretta M38!!

So, the Italians are finally coming in-game. One question, what other weapons will they have (I have already seen some pictures of the Beretta pistol and the Breda 30 LMG; there should be also a Carcano rifle, but I don't know much about italian weapons).
And will they be in Africa or also in Europe?

Regards, people, excellent work!!

+3 votes   mod: Back2Fronts Mod
Vassili_Tzaisev Mar 15 2011, 10:14am says:

Very nice trailer! I will give it a try once it's released.
Keep it up!!

+4 votes   mod: 'Outfoxed'
Vassili_Tzaisev Feb 23 2011, 11:47am says:

Excellent work with the new weapons, guys. I remember the first pictures of these weapons you sent to me, and it seems that you have improved them a lot; thewy look as good as stock weapons now.
Just one question: will this weapons be seen in the sp campaign also, or only in mp?
Anyway, awesome work.
Regards, people :)

+3 votes   mod: Back2Fronts Mod
Vassili_Tzaisev Feb 12 2011, 11:58am says:

Excellent work with the tanks, people. I thought you couldn't surprise me anymore, but I was wrong. Really awesome.
Regards ;)

+3 votes   mod: Back2Fronts Mod
Vassili_Tzaisev Feb 2 2011, 9:56pm replied:

Could you make the new version of PeZBOT for CoD WaW also compatible with the sound mod? I've been playing PeZBOT 005p with new sounds and it rocks.
Another thing, ther's a bug wich does not allow to play a map after other. When a round ends, you have to disconnect and create a new server. Not a big problem, but perhaps you could fix it in the next version.

+1 vote   mod: PeZBOT - Multiplayer Bots
Vassili_Tzaisev Feb 2 2011, 12:44pm says:

Very nice, boys!! It looks like the one in Red Orchestra Ostfront.

+2 votes   media: PPD40 (WIP)
Vassili_Tzaisev Feb 2 2011, 12:42pm replied:

Well, I'm not really a part of the team, but as MCh2207Cz told me, the sp part of the game will not include new missions at the moment, just the new weapons and vehicles, and perhaps also the Italian army as an enemy in some African missions.
I would also like very much an expansion pack for CoD2 with new sp missions, but, sadly, there aren't many developers. Rememeber September looked very good indeed. It's a shame it's dead (I hate when developers leave all the work they are doing to move to a newer game... they will also leave). I'm still waiting for the GFM (I want to play as agerman for once!!), but there haven't been any news in a while (that's ussual for them, though). 1936 Spain in Flames, is very good, perhaps you should give it a try. But that's all :(

+3 votes   mod: Back2Fronts Mod
Vassili_Tzaisev Feb 1 2011, 11:10am replied:

Patience, my friend. Rememeber he's working on this mod alone ;)

+2 votes   mod: WCP2.92,fuelled by Back2Fronts,Merciless2 and more
Vassili_Tzaisev Feb 1 2011, 11:09am says:

It looks very good.
Was this one ported from MW2 or BO?

+1 vote   media: Aug Steyr *BETA*
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 29 2011, 10:51am replied:

Well, I suposse he has done his duty as a CoD soldier :D
Give him an Iron Cross.

+1 vote   media: German Gore
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 28 2011, 9:20am says:

Poor man :(

+1 vote   media: German Gore
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 27 2011, 10:59pm says:

Well, I have finished the game with this mod. It was a whole new experience. I played on veteran, and I found it much more difficult than the original game, especially because grenades; also, it's much more inmersive. Many of the weapons are excellent and definetly had to be included in-game, and another thing I loved are the skins.
So, only thing I can say is: congratulations!! I have really enjoyed this mod.

Now, I have also founded some bugs:
1) I'm still getting that error with the missions of attack and defense of Point du Hoc. Even if I had changed the hunk using the console as you posted, and I have also checked in the console and it said 512, but I still got that error.
2)The Rhine mission also has an error, wich has already been posted here, if I remember well.
3) There is also a small bug in the mission Angoville. When I died, instead of respawning in the last checkpoint, I got an error, something also relatd to memory, I think. It wasn't a big problem, since I loaded the game again from the last checkpoint, and I could win the mission, but Ihad to load from main menu every time I died.

Well, that's all the problems I had found.
But again, congratulations and thank you very much for making this great mod.

+1 vote   mod: WCP2.92,fuelled by Back2Fronts,Merciless2 and more
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 25 2011, 9:50pm says:

Hi. If this is your first mod, then congratulations!!
One question: the katana (actually, a wakizashi, I think), looks very good indeed, is there a chance that you make a mod for CoD WaW replacing the Ka-Bar knife for the wakizashi for the japanese team? Because I was a bit dissapointed when I saw the game didn't feature an usable katana :(

+2 votes   mod: CheapOne
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 24 2011, 7:35pm says:

Yeah, I also think that would be awesome. By the way, do you know anything about that mod? They said they were still working on sp, but there hasn't been any news in a while.
Now, about the tanks, they all look excellent. I have tested the different versions of the Panzerkampfwagen IV and it rocks. The Panther and the T34/76 also lookk great. It was about time the Russians had their own tank in CoD2. Also, is there any chance to add the T34/85? perhaps you could import it from CoD1.
Anyway, excellent work!!

+1 vote   media: New and older tank model renders
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 24 2011, 3:19pm says:

Very nicee indeed!! Is this weapon also from Black Ops?

-2 votes   media: SCAR-H
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 20 2011, 11:28pm replied:

10/10 for the Degtyarev DP28. I love that gun :)

+3 votes   mod: Back2Fronts Mod
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 19 2011, 10:33pm replied:

Tal vez yo podría darte una mano con las traducciones. El asunto es que no sé nada de mods así que no podría modificar los subtítulos yo, pero si me mandas los textos podría intentar traducirlos.
Un saludo.

+1 vote   mod: 1936-1939 The Spanish Civil War
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 19 2011, 1:09pm says:

Las dos primeras partes de este mod son muy buenas, pero parece que la tercera va a tener algo todavía mejor para sorprendernos. Las imágenes de la batalla de Teruel se ven excelentes; por alguna razón, siempre me gustaron los mapas nevados.
Una pregunta: ¿habrá más misiones jugando con los italianos? Porque creo que esas fueron las mejores misiones y no hay muchos juegos de la SGM donde aparezcan, pero parece que el personaje italiano se fue de la guerra decepcionado, ¿volverá?

Un saludo muchachos, y sigan adelante con este fantástico mod.

+2 votes   mod: 1936-1939 The Spanish Civil War
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 17 2011, 8:43pm replied:

Hi, sorry but I'm getting and error too. When I try to load the Point du Hoc mission, I get that error you posted, even if I change the hunk with the console and it says 512. Perhaps it could be fixed in a later patch, I don't know.

But besides that, the new patch is great and makes the mod even better. I like the new DP28 model, it's correct now :).

And I also wanted to tell you about another think I noticed (it's not a bug). I was playing the African campaign the other day (by the way, great DAK skins), and I saw the FW 200 chasing after the Spitfires and fighting agains them as if they were fighter palnes; they also attack groud forces while diving. Could you perhaps replace them for ME109s? I think it would make more realistic, and besides I love the ME109, it looks excelletn and it's also very fast (it was a bit difficult to beat them in the flak mission).


+1 vote   mod: WCP2.92,fuelled by Back2Fronts,Merciless2 and more
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 17 2011, 8:36pm replied:

Thanks for adding the new FG42 in the WCP mod. I can't wait to use it!!

And you say "kind of complex demo with all weapons, 2d stuff, sounds, skins etc". That seems to be much more than a "demo" :D. What else will the fullversion have? Italian army, perhaps, or will it also be in the demo? Other nations? Anyway, this looks so good.

Take car, mate. And keep it up, please!!
Regards :D

+3 votes   mod: Back2Fronts Mod
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 17 2011, 4:32pm replied:

Well, let's hope he wants :)
Ah, I wrote a message in your ptofile about a sound mod; perhaps you like it.


+1 vote   media: Lee-Enfield Needs Looootttss of fixing by Hacker22
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 16 2011, 11:00pm says:

Hello Cpt Wesley, how are you?
I know I'm not a modder of any kind so I can't help you with your fantastic Axis player mod for CoD WaW, although I would like to, but I wanted to recommend you this sound mod. Perhaps you already know it.

The author of this mod has released the source of the files he used so other modders could include it in their mods. The PezBOT team has already released a version of their mod with this new sounds, and it rocks. Weapons sound now like actual weapons. Son could you perhaps add it to your mod? I think it would make it even better.

And another thing. I don't know how advanced is the new german campign (yeah, I'm a bit excited about it, I know) but I have read about the battle of the Falaise gap and how general Meindl and his Fallschirmjäger managed to escape from the surroundig Allies. It was an epic escape, so, I thought that perhaps it would be a good idea for a mission.

Anyway, keep up your awesome job.

+3 votes   member: CptWesley
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 16 2011, 10:47pm says:

Hi, Martin, how are you?
So, you have finally made both FG42s, the CoD1 version and the CoD WaW. I don't know how to say except that you have made an awesome job, but it seems to be usual with you :D

By the way, I was playing the WCP mod this days, wich has a lot of your weapons, and they are also very good indeed. All of them (but specially the Walther P38; I love that weapon since Battlefield 1942).

Awesome, man!! Keep it up!!

P.S: Any release date planned?

+3 votes   mod: Back2Fronts Mod
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 15 2011, 9:46pm says:

Something else about anti-tank weapons. The Panzerfaust has two rounds. Is this a bug or is it suposed to be so?
Shouldn't it have just one?

Also, you said that perhaps you will add bayonet for the Lee-Enfiled. If possible, could you add it also for the russian rifles?


+1 vote   mod: WCP2.92,fuelled by Back2Fronts,Merciless2 and more
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 13 2011, 4:12pm says:

-Added cvar for enemy anti-tank usage.
Does it mean that we can select in the main menu if the enemy will use anti-tank weapons or not? That would be nice.

You know, I like all the anti-tank weapons in this mod, but I think you should reduce the amount of them. Make them like in the original campaign, where the AI only used anti-tank weapons in some specific point. when there were tanks, vehicles or heavily fortified enemy positions. I mean, I don't think it's very realistic that the common infantrymen shoot each other with bazookas all the time (that's a thing I have never liked in Battlefield 1942, besides the bots' lack of inteligence XD).

And I have read that the Panzerschreck was first released in 1943; in the russian missions, perhaps you could replace it for the Panzerfaust, wich entered service in late 1942. The same goes for german semiautomatic rifles in the russian campaign. I like how you replaced somo of the Gewehr 43 rifles for Tokarev SVT40. Perhaps you could replace all of them in russian missions, and keep them in the brittish-american missions.

Well, I hope not to be anoying with all this stuff. Just trying to give a few advices to help make this mod even better.

Regards from a history fan ;)

+1 vote   mod: WCP2.92,fuelled by Back2Fronts,Merciless2 and more
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 12 2011, 9:23pm replied:

Well, you could say so. But still, both weapons were to be featured in the game, but were droped before the releae. The HUD is still in the game's files, but no models :(

+1 vote   media: Lee-Enfield Needs Looootttss of fixing by Hacker22
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 12 2011, 9:19pm says:

Will you add a Terminator model for the player while using this gun? XD

+1 vote   media: New Weapon: Minigun
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