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I love to study warfare and history in general, play with LEGOs, watch almost anything Sci-Fi, and experiment with various mods. I am a board game designer in spare time, when I'm not recording/editing the Matt & Zach Show or doing stuff with the gaming makeshift clan known as JSSG. My main project right now is March of the Reds; a strategy/tactical card game based on what would happen if the Cold War went hot in 1989. Also, Please refrain from profanity on my page, thank you! If you see a "Vadronus Prime" running around, that's my alternate gamer-tag. (Long version of Vader91 really) The Free Voice from Vegas Itself!

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Vader91 Jun 9 2013 says:

Durin' my Senior year of high school, last day before summer, I was bored out of my wits in my physics class (since the test was short and we still had 40 minutes to burn). So I pull out some old paper and started doodling. Eventually I drew a fairly nice-looking Remington 870 (a common shotgun). Teacher saw that and complimented on it. I walked out showin' the paper to a buddy of mine, hall monitor sees it, and it all went to hell from there.

Eventually I just said "Ya know what? I've put up with your crap for 4 years and you're givin' me trouble for a drawing? Go to Hell ya damn Hippie" and with that I stormed out of the building never to return.

The American school districts are the epitome of indiocracy and hypocritical "teaching."

Ok ok.. I'm off my shoebox now, sorry for the long-winded rant.

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Vader91 May 18 2013 says:

Is that Shore Leave?

+3 votes   media: WTF Capcom??
Vader91 Apr 20 2013 says:

Now imagine that you have 15 bins full of these things...

A LEGO creation is a week long process for me these days.

+3 votes   media: Romnus
Vader91 Apr 18 2013 says:

That looks like that doctor fellow from the Followers of the Apocalypse, so yeah it's New Vegas

+5 votes   media: More
Vader91 Apr 18 2013 says:

LOL, just lol.

+7 votes   media: Awkward Zombie
Vader91 Apr 11 2013 replied:

“May I make a suggestion? RUN!” Adam exclaimed as he began to spin his cannon and light his left flamethrower. The man dropped everything, including Jenny and his trusty flask and ran off down the hill, tripping and falling repeatedly. Adam broke out in a hearty laugh that rivaled the volume of a jet engine, which got the entire camp awake. The mighty machine was laughing so hard it bent over. Soon Jenny joined in the celebration. Kirby came running out to Jenny, asking what had happened, though neither her nor Adam could stop and breathe long enough to tell him.

+2 votes   media: Jenny, Kirby, and Vader read "The Drunk"
Vader91 Apr 11 2013 replied:

Where the drunk had saw just another machine, Adam saw the struggle out of the corner of his viewport. He began to make his way over to the attacker, who had turned his back to him to face the truck of food supplies. The man was so far from the sober side of life he didn’t feel the tremors of Adam’s gait. The old trickster in the heart of that Iron Mongrel decided to have some fun with this guy. He powered off his lights and only had his speakers on.
“You know what? That is not the best idea you have had.”
The man spun around, looking for the source of the voice, still holding onto Jenny. Seeing only some power plant thing, he turned back around. Adam continued;
“I may have to finish what your liver started.”
Again the man searched around to find the voice. Again, to no avail. Adam decided to use a joke from his comrade.
“Hey man, I think I might like you. Why don’t you slap my hand?”
The drunk began to turn around, saying in a pleased tone, “Well now that sounds right proper, where be ye?”
“Right behind you, simpleton.”
The man turned around fully, again staring around trying to find this person who may become a dear friend. He became quite puzzled.
“Come on, Come on, slap it now!”
“Eh? What kind of *burp* trickery is this?”
“This is not a trick.”
“Alright trickster, show yerself!” the man was getting mad at the attempt at friendship.
“As you wish.” Adam flicked on all his lights, including the spot lights. He rose to full height and brought every weapon he had to bear. He pumped extra steam out his exhaust and took 2 steps forward. The drunk stood there dumbfounded. The wrath of the maker had embodied itself right before him.

+2 votes   media: Jenny, Kirby, and Vader read "The Drunk"
Vader91 Apr 11 2013 says:

Down the road one could see a Camaro that was held together by no more than gum and string. It was driving at a slower speed, weaving between the lanes though still avoiding the trees. The driver was a rough one. He hadn’t shaved, or used any other form of personal hygiene, in months. It wasn’t long before he saw lights and pulled over trucks. The man pulled over a block down the road.
“Ah, some folk here be so kind as to leave some supplies for troubled old souls like me.” The man stumbled his way to the campground, flask still in hand. It was at this point he saw a young gal strutting out to the vehicles in bed clothes.
“Ah, even better” the man mumbled to himself. He approached behind the lady quietly and slipped a hand over her mouth. This muffled the screaming she was doing.
“Now now lassie, you be fine. I just be looking fer something to ease my pain. Ya see, I haven’t eaten anythin’ solid for a week, and I’ve been quite lonely. Now thanks to a good saint like yerself, both those problems be fixed.”

+2 votes   media: Jenny, Kirby, and Vader read "The Drunk"
Vader91 Apr 11 2013 says:

It was later that evening. Most were in bed, though Adam was still standing at full power. Jenny came out of her tent and walked over to one of the trucks. On her way out she noticed Adam still up.
“What? Cyborgs don’t need sleep?” she asked.
“I do, just compiling a set of records of our encounter. I doubt that any being like that is alone. Just letting the Alliance know in case they need the information.” He replied factually.
“Who’s the Alliance?” she asked in curiosity.
“Oh yes, the Alliance to Restore the Constitution, or ARC for short. They were a revolutionary group before the Crusade, but thanks to their wartime preparations they survived the Delano System. They still operate today trying to keep people safe from the bots.”
“Ah, I see. Why do you have connections with them? I thought we try to lay low and stay off the radar with other factions.”
“Because a long time ago I was an ARC member, and they still keep in touch to make sure we’re safe.”
“Ah ok.” With that Jenny continued to the truck.

+2 votes   media: Jenny, Kirby, and Vader read "The Drunk"
Vader91 Mar 21 2013 says:

Listen up men! Or photographs starring cats will be the second funniest thing you see today.
He has already breached our defenses.
You've seen what he has done to our updates.
And worst of all, he could be any one of us...
It could be Skeybar, it could be me, it could even be....

*head blown off by shotgun in the shadows*

+3 votes   media: All your updates belong to us
Vader91 Mar 16 2013 says:

I'm going to venture a guess and say that this leg armor was inspired by the Toa Metru legs?

Still, awesome work here.

+1 vote   media: Toa Mata leg armor type A
Vader91 Mar 11 2013 says:

Holy crap that muzzle flash and bullet tracers, lol.

I would have an easier time to figure out where bullets are coming from.

Also, ROFLMBO at the Toilet Terrorist, he knew what was up

+2 votes   media: Rainbow Six Vegas - Library
Vader91 Mar 7 2013 says:

Hey those expansions are already released? Awesome. I'll have to pick them up after I get some more cash.

+1 vote   media: genius
Vader91 Feb 20 2013 replied:

All of JSSG has been quiet as of late. I think we need another battle royal, but getting time to do that is difficult.

That, and only really Kirby, Raven, and myself play TF2 regularly anymore.

+1 vote   group: Just Some Subordinary Gamers
Vader91 Feb 13 2013 says:

I can confirm the Vegas fact, seeing as how I live there.

However I am incredibly skeptic of the bulletproof vest tidbit.

+1 vote   media: The more you know
Vader91 Feb 13 2013 replied:

The minds of the modern generation of humans have the inherit nature to circumvent the more simplistic answers of life problems in favor of far more complicated, risky, and challenging alternatives.

I call it the Goldberg-complex

+6 votes   media: How to cheat
Vader91 Feb 12 2013 replied:

The Final Countdown.

That was a good movie, gotta love the Japs' reaction to seeing a few Tomcats buzz over 'em.

+5 votes   media: LOL?
Vader91 Feb 11 2013 says:


+1 vote   media: Orks vs Tau
Vader91 Feb 2 2013 says:

So that's what the damn game looks like when not in lag-fest mode!

Wonderful review in of itself Admiral, very well made.

+1 vote   media: The Admiral Reviews - PlanetSide 2
Vader91 Jan 29 2013 replied:

I have actually started working on this again. I just got distracted over the holidays.

Expect it around late this week or early next.

+1 vote   blog: The Return, Chapter 2 Part 3
Vader91 Jan 27 2013 replied:

And done. How do y'all like it?

+2 votes   group: Expanded Universe Fans (Star Wars)
Vader91 Jan 27 2013 says:

Hmm, mind if I try to improve our header a tad? I can whip up something a little more coherent then a slightly skewed Star Wars Logo, lol.

+2 votes   group: Expanded Universe Fans (Star Wars)
Vader91 Jan 23 2013 says:

I was asking myself how they could've stretched the Hobbit into a trilogy when it was announced. But after actually seeing the movie I realized they added in some of Tolkien's other works. I wonder how many people actually read the book and paid attention beforehand.

Gotta love Radagast, lol.

+1 vote   media: Tired of people....
Vader91 Jan 19 2013 says:

I like it, nice work once again Admiral!

+1 vote   media: VX 30 Fighter Aircraft
Vader91 Jan 15 2013 says:

Ah, I usually stick with a 32x pack, until some bug update breaks the pack XD

+2 votes   media: Matt's Minecraft Pyramids
Vader91 Jan 14 2013 says:

I see that you have been experimenting with texture packs, lol

Looks Good

+2 votes   media: Matt's Minecraft Pyramids
Vader91 Dec 29 2012 replied:

You wanted me to upload it, so I did. If you wish I shall delete it at a moment's notice.

+1 vote   media: The Matt & Zach Show Episode 13: Part 3
Vader91 Dec 27 2012 replied:

Like you stayed on topic as well. I wanted to get a schedule set up, but you and Kirby wanted to just jump in unprepared.

+1 vote   media: The Matt & Zach Show Episode 13: Part 2
Vader91 Dec 23 2012 replied:

No no. The JSSG talk ends there, hence why I cut it there. More varied topics are discussed. It will be up later today. Sorry for the confusion.

+2 votes   media: Transmission 212-M44-V91-K54-e13
Vader91 Dec 23 2012 replied:

Keep in mind it said "to be continued." The full recorded show is an hour and a half long, so we decided to split it up into parts, hence the awkward ending.

+2 votes   media: Transmission 212-M44-V91-K54-e13
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