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Ustra Sep 26 2014 says:

I like the atmosphere and the sneak peak of the monster. Couldn´t find any Bugs, hope to play a beta build or the full game later. If you want to take a look, before try it for yourself, take this video :)

+1 vote   download: Wooden Floor 2 - Alpha Concept Demo 1
Ustra Jul 12 2014 says:

Hey guys,

Wanna show you the first steps into the full game.
(But for the moment only with german commentary)

Hope you enjoy it anyway and are also excited for the release date.

You will find the Video here:

+2 votes   game: Schein
Ustra Jul 5 2014 says:

Hey guys,

Thanks for this great horror game.
I love to crawl into the darkness and that every sound crap my pants. But I think the Monsters are to "weak" - to easy to sneak by, in my opinion.

Waste 10 min. of your Time, to see how I beat the game :)

Also apologize for my bad english, german moron tries to write here.

+1 vote   game: VANISH
Ustra Apr 10 2014 says:

Nice Atmospheric game. The changing rooms are awesome. You close a door and nothing is the same.

Take a look here: , (german language)

or try it for yourself

+1 vote   game: Wooden Floor
Ustra Sep 29 2013 says:

Good game, nice puzzles.

I enjoyed it a lot.

Watch my Let´s Play if you want:
try it for yourself :)

+2 votes   game: Shady Casket
Ustra Sep 11 2013 says:

Hi there,

nice game so far, watch my german Let´s Play if you want:

0 votes   game: Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs
Ustra Aug 30 2013 says:

Hey there,
huge map and great sounds. Great work, like the scares a lot.
Watch my Let´s Play if you want (german language):

Keep an Eye out for more.

- Ustra

+1 vote   game: Homewards
Ustra Aug 24 2013 says:

Hi there! :)
WOW what an amaizing Work. Nothing else to say, your way to tell this Story is great and everything fits together.

Hope you will enjoy my german Let´s Play:

- Ustra, truly deep impressed

+1 vote   mod: Down the rabbit hole REMAKE
Ustra Aug 21 2013 says:

Hi there,

finished my Let´s Play of the Pre-Alpha Version.
This is not a Slender clone! :)for you guys out there, try it for yourself its worth it.

Watch it if you like:

Keep up the great work

+1 vote   game: Whisper
Ustra Aug 17 2013 says:

Hey there,

I have just started with my german Let´s Play of Death by Fear. Good scares and atmosphere.

Visite me if you like:

Keep up the great work.

- Ustra

+1 vote   mod: Amnesia : Death By Fear
Ustra Aug 10 2013 says:

Hi there,
I made a german Let´s Play of this Demo hope that is ok for you, sure I could ask you before -.-.

Very well done! Hope you get Greenlit on Steam, keep up your great work

Watch it:

-Cheers Ustra

+1 vote   game: Schein
Ustra Jul 27 2013 says:

Great game try it for yourself.

Want to see me scared?


+1 vote   game: Dream of the Blood Moon
Ustra Jul 20 2013 says:

Hey guys,
finished my Let´s Play in german + Genisis 8/8 :-).

Visite me on Youtube: Ustralp

+2 votes   game: Slender: The Arrival
Ustra Jul 18 2013 says:

Well done guys! Can´t believe that this is "just an Alpha version".
Keep up your great work.


Visite me on Youtube: Ustralp

+1 vote   game: VANISH
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