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Uridon Dec 4 2010, 12:01pm says:


+2 votes   media: ARC Trooper Mod 3.0 Reveal trialer
Uridon Dec 2 2010, 9:19pm says:

I know I meant the community in general, but I was just venting I know that it's all based on voting and obviously the mods I want to win will not be the mods that some larger majorities might favor. Oh well :(

+2 votes   news: Top 100 mods of 2010
Uridon Dec 2 2010, 5:53pm says:

Looking back now, I'm quite dissapointed. When I ever play star wars EAW or FOC which I rarely do, I go on to play the single player mode. This is because usually there are less than about 40 people at a time that I see online playing. I find it hard to believe so many Empire at War mods besides Thrawn's Revenge even made it to both lists. What happened to all the Half Life mods? Cry of Fear, sven coop? Is that really it? What about Nohra's Concealment, Residual Life, Hypernova, Halfquake sunrise, or QUIVER? How did QUIVER not make the frekin list??? Did the community just ignore all these other mods that have been updated and polished with great effort because they are for Half Life 1? I call bs on you MODDB >:O

+2 votes   news: Top 100 mods of 2010
Uridon Dec 1 2010, 4:57pm says:

why is this not in frekin top 100? What do the fools vote for anyway

+2 votes   mod: DNIEPR
Uridon Dec 1 2010, 4:55pm says:

Why no Jastian Summer? Alien Swarm haters much?

+2 votes   news: Top 100 mods of 2010
Uridon Nov 29 2010, 8:18pm replied:

I have the 1.3.0 version. The updater's been working up until now, just can't get that 0.0.5 more :'(

+1 vote   mod: Overwatch
Uridon Nov 29 2010, 8:04pm says:

Only 2 downloads so far? WEll Im glad to say I'm the 3rd person who ever dled it off of this page!

0 votes   download: Blue Portals Release (v1)
Uridon Nov 28 2010, 3:47pm says:

hey guys I noticed you released the 1.3.5 today, and the auto updater says it has an error with finding updates. Is there any way I can fix this?

+1 vote   mod: Overwatch
Uridon Nov 28 2010, 3:18pm replied:

they do mods like this to get a rise out of ppl like you. Apparently, they've succeeded :P

+1 vote   mod: School Shooter: North American Tour 2012
Uridon Nov 28 2010, 3:11pm replied:

ooooooooooooooor u could just vote for all 3! I'd say that Dead b4 Dawn, I hate Mountains and 149 are the best l4d mappacks out there atm

+2 votes   mod: Back To School
Uridon Nov 28 2010, 2:23am says:

Sooooooooooo is this mod going to be tied into the Cartoon series? And I don't mean the stupid Jimmy Neutron's deformed brother looking show, but the samurai jackish one which was kickass

0 votes   media: Geonosis
Uridon Nov 18 2010, 5:09pm says:

Voted :D

+3 votes   mod: Revenge of Revan
Uridon Nov 17 2010, 9:42pm says:

I think it's sad how you never implemented Orion into the modding community at all, and it was never played much throughout its lifespan. It's a shame that I got excited when such a seemingly high quality title was released only to never have anyone play it. I can't vote for you to get MOTY, as it would be wrong, but I do wish you good luck with independent development :)

+5 votes   mod: Orion: Source
Uridon Nov 17 2010, 9:29pm says:

if the MODDB awards ran like the oscars, I say NH2 would win Best Picture and Visual effects, mmm and maybe Best Sound and Editing. 1187 would get best cinematography, and Dear esther best original screenplay. Any1 else wants to make an addition :O ?

+5 votes   mod: Nightmare House 2
Uridon Nov 14 2010, 8:03pm replied:

Before you make any decisions I just want to say "The Treasure of Terror" rolls off the tongue better, but you work with it and try to find a title you want :P

+1 vote   mod: Treasure of Horrors
Uridon Nov 11 2010, 4:14pm says:

Orion was good, you know how many people played that throughout it's moddb lifespan? NO ONE. Maybe a few people got together for a couple of hours, and the developers had 2-3 special events, but during most of its existence nobody played it. I suggest you stop being so cocky and just make the game playable..

-2 votes   mod: Zombie Master Black Edition
Uridon Nov 7 2010, 7:11pm buried:



-7 votes   mod: The Core
Uridon Nov 1 2010, 9:22pm says:

As for a new name for the mod, why not keep it simple? "Treasures and Terrors" or "The Terror Underground?" If you are willing to accept longer names, how about "The Temple of Treasure and Terrors" or "The Temple of Terrible Treasures" or something like that. Using the alliteration with the T's makes it catchier

+2 votes   mod: Treasure of Horrors
Uridon Oct 29 2010, 5:11pm replied:

Pointing out the obvious the way you are doing, and when I mean obvious it's an understatement doesn't make you look intelligent. It just makes you (and most everyone who classifies themselves as a critic) look like a jerk due to the condescending tone you put out in your words.

0 votes   mod: Zombies! Source (Closed...)
Uridon Oct 26 2010, 6:35pm says:

I finally got EVERYthing working, the hrp etc, and it's still glitchy. I have missing textures and it lags whenever I look at the broken billboard in the first level...this is really annoying and I cant get rid of it. I've probably downloaded at least 2 gigs of extra crap trying to play this, can you please make this mod simple so that people who just have duke nukem and aren't completely computer savvy have to figure out how to make this work ourselves?

+1 vote   mod: Duke Nukem Eternity
Uridon Oct 25 2010, 10:32pm says:

I know the headbobbing is to make it look more realistic, but Im sorry can I have the option to turn it off? It gives me eye strain after awhile. and i dont like to nitpick but OMG the KNIFE IS GIVING ME A HEADACHE PLEASE CHANGE THE ANIMATION I CAN'T USE IT AT ALL besides taht its pretty kewl mod :D

+1 vote   news: RELEASED
Uridon Oct 24 2010, 9:25pm says:

finally dled and it looks great! But it crashes at lvl 3 :( porqueeee

+1 vote   mod: Imagination World Tc
Uridon Oct 17 2010, 12:23pm replied:

Teenage drivers dying from distractions isnt an american cliche :P ? and who says that can't happen to you ?? and WHO IS YO DADDY and gta is funner

+3 votes   mod: School Shooter: North American Tour 2012
Uridon Oct 16 2010, 9:50pm says:

Congratulations on your release :D seeing as how there are comments from 2003 I see no1 thinks Duke Nukem is kewl anymore :'( well I love it ima dl as soon as I can

+1 vote   mod: Imagination World Tc
Uridon Oct 16 2010, 9:38pm says:

Thanks so much for this mod. I really enjoyed Kotor 2 much more than the first because I felt the gameplay and story were inflexible in comparison. In Kotor 2, there are many more secrets and you have to get influence to learn new things from different people, and you can't do the same thing with each character every time you play. Kotor 1 plays out more like a movie unfortunately, although it is still a 10/10 game lacks the intense replay value of the sequel

+1 vote   mod: Revenge of Revan
Uridon Oct 11 2010, 7:32pm says:

Yay finally an update hope u finish soon

+2 votes   mod: Imperium
Uridon Oct 11 2010, 7:21pm says:

People die everyday. Just because their lives are not highlighted or happened in a school doesn't mean they are less or more important. Why not have a game, play as a teenage driver on a cell phone where u can kill innocent people 2012? It SHOULD be just as controversial right? People die all the time from that issue, why is it not as sensitive

-1 votes   mod: School Shooter: North American Tour 2012
Uridon Aug 24 2010, 9:06pm says:

cant believe i missed the only chance to actually play orion on the 20th. You know if there was at least 1 server maybe it would be fun??? games that are nowhere near as finished like Overwatch and lethal stigma consume much more of my time that Orion because the fail community and no servers. if everyone is waiting til the complete product is out, why is there still over 1k downloads for the beta and the patch??? between all those people there hasnt been a server???

+1 vote   mod: Orion: Source
Uridon Aug 24 2010, 9:01pm says:

this is rreally really good. its sad...cuz no one plays

+1 vote   download: Orion Beta 1.2a [PATCH]
Uridon Aug 24 2010, 8:09pm says:

lol cant wait for boom 2

+1 vote   mod: School Shooter: North American Tour 2012
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