Scotch and Coffee founder, level designer, texture artist, model editor and voice actor. I'm always up for a voice acting job and will gladly do any lines you want to send to me. Also, I enjoy making video reviews for mods for Half-Life and Half-Life 2, so let me know if you want me to review one and I'll fit it in when I can.

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Urby 23hours 13mins ago says:

DO NOT peddle your mod on other people's pages.

+3 votes   mod: Vertigo mod
Urby Jan 12 2015, 4:34pm replied:

Not all of Black Mesa was reduced to ruin you know? There are plenty of areas in the original Half-Life that were undamaged and running as normal, albeit with a few corpses lying around

+7 votes   media: Progress
Urby Jan 7 2015, 1:55pm says:

Oh look, it's this mod again...

+2 votes   mod: Nazi Zombies Zource
Urby Dec 13 2014, 8:13am says:

Jesus. It's a young Bruce Forsyth!

+2 votes   media: Whoops, wrong facemap
Urby Dec 11 2014, 7:35pm says:

You're definitely improving, but you need to start varying your rooms a little. They just look to bare and the lighting is a little bland. Mix things up a little. :)

0 votes   mod: Senses in Decay
Urby Oct 4 2014, 6:55pm replied:

We've considered it but upping the scale requires development work. We'll probably just use 3d skyboxes.

+1 vote   media: The Empire Strikes Back
Urby Jul 15 2014, 1:21pm says:

I would say the stairs are a little big. They look like they might be 16 units high and 32 wide. Ideally they should be 8h and 16w.

+3 votes   media: Headcrab and a dead grunt
Urby Jul 8 2014, 4:51am replied:

The same years that they had wall breaching laser cannons and teleportation fields. :P

In all seriousness though, we're sticking with the original 200X- dateline, as seen in Freeman's acceptance letter. Flatscreen monitors made an appearance in Opposing Force which is set in the the same timeframe so we'll say it sticks.

Although, there are still plenty of beige CRTs and towers on show in the mod as well. :-)

+6 votes   media: Diversion (WIP)
Urby Jul 1 2014, 7:22am says:

Hilarious and awesome.

+5 votes   media: Kigurumi customistation tests
Urby Jun 17 2014, 10:12am replied:

No need for concern, it's in there. It specifically says that Urby's dorm needs an HDTV. No need to check it or anything.

+3 votes   media: A thank you to our 1,000 followers!
Urby Jun 8 2014, 8:32pm says:

Played it. Loved it. Reviewed it.

+2 votes   mod: Hopelessness: The Afterlife
Urby May 21 2014, 10:46am says:

Pipes! Mario would pop a million boners right here.

+4 votes   media: Pipes
Urby May 14 2014, 9:38am says:

Refreshing to see some well lit areas in a horror mod...

You got yourself a tracker

+5 votes   mod: Inherently Evil
Urby May 7 2014, 8:54pm says:


Love it. :D

+3 votes   media: Safety in numbers
Urby Mar 28 2014, 10:00am replied:

Ahhh, SoHL. What a wonderful little mod you are. :D

+2 votes   media: Collapse - very early WIP
Urby Mar 28 2014, 2:57am replied:

Haha. Nice idea though. I'll get on it.

+1 vote   media: Glimpse [WIP]
Urby Mar 26 2014, 7:11pm replied:

Thanks LTD. Still a work in progress area, but regarding wiring we have recently had some prop models made for this very purpose. :D

+5 votes   media: Glimpse [WIP]
Urby Mar 23 2014, 4:32pm replied:

Logan's promise*

+3 votes   media: Logan's Promise [WIP]
Urby Mar 22 2014, 12:20pm replied:

Cool. :D

+2 votes   media: ["Work in progress" indicator] HL: B7 Demo #05
Urby Mar 22 2014, 5:12am says:

Safe to say that this isn't a transhuman elite. Genuine combine soldiers wouldn't need a laptop or an external headset radio as everything is usually built-in.

+3 votes   media: ["Work in progress" indicator] HL: B7 Demo #05
Urby Mar 21 2014, 10:52pm replied:

There was a system crash prior to the events of Half-Life so they are possibly related.

+2 votes   media: Collapse - very early WIP
Urby Feb 5 2014, 7:24pm says:

Played the demo on hard. Hell of a challenge but I actually really enjoyed it. All I would say is to try and put some more detail into your maps. It's not 1998 anymore. :)

Good luck.

+2 votes   mod: Light of Hope
Urby Jan 9 2014, 8:19pm replied:

I assumed legal departments were staffed by vampires... well, some kind of blood sucking creature anyway...

+2 votes   media: Legalities, legalities... [WIP]
Urby Dec 17 2013, 1:41pm says:

Very very nice. :D

+1 vote   media: Storage Room
Urby Dec 10 2013, 4:44pm replied:

Yeah, it's a heavy WIP. They're not actually staying in this area but thanks for the comment. :D

+1 vote   media: December 2013 WIP shots.
Urby Nov 26 2013, 3:06pm says:

Hey! Nice one. :D

Whoever came up with the name and logo idea is a God damn genius. Hahaha. :P

+3 votes   media: New Icon
Urby Nov 13 2013, 4:04pm replied:

Yeah, why not use Blender? Totally free and there are plugins for it specifically designed for Source modelling.

+5 votes   article: Help wanted
Urby Oct 21 2013, 6:20am says:

So you Googled New Mexico and applied filters in PhotoShop... but why?

+2 votes   media: New Mexico
Urby Sep 25 2013, 11:35am replied:

This area of the facility wouldn't really have the need for a turret system.

+2 votes   media: Down, down, down... (WIP)
Urby Sep 22 2013, 5:47am says: +4 votes   article: "Help Wanted"
Urby Sep 21 2013, 8:15pm says:

"You never knew it was in the engine already."

Uhm... Yes I did. You're not the first mod to use it. :P

+2 votes   media: Cool Reflective Tiles in Source
Urby Sep 20 2013, 7:40am says:

Now make a mini-mini-game within the mini-game.

+6 votes   media: Making mini-game for BM computers
Urby Sep 14 2013, 1:54pm replied:

Uhm... no he doesn't! Jesus dude, you'll get somebody hurt!

+3 votes   media: Dormitories
Urby Sep 9 2013, 3:31pm replied:

Vluzacn's awesome compile tools.

+1 vote   media: August 2012 Media Update
Urby Sep 9 2013, 3:25pm replied:

How does one "map" lighting? -_-

+1 vote   media: Easter Weekend Media - 5 Screenshots from Archie!
Urby Aug 26 2013, 1:37pm says:

I have that ball tube as well. Small world.

+1 vote   media: Bullies
Urby Jul 29 2013, 8:41am says:

"This is the General. I would prefer to not be grasped or welded! Now fall out maggots!"

+3 votes   media: Assembly line concepts
Urby Jul 13 2013, 4:03am says:

We are now using

+7 votes   article: The Summer Update
Urby Jul 2 2013, 4:54pm says:

Is that Brian Blessed?

+4 votes   media: (Probable) Ivan's Spray
Urby Jun 28 2013, 4:19pm says:

A very promising start. :)

+1 vote   media: VERY WIP - Refuge
Urby Jun 16 2013, 3:04pm says:

I was going to say Junon Harbour but you said that in the above comment so I guess I was too late to guess. :(

+1 vote   media: Mystery Location
Urby May 28 2013, 7:15pm replied:

Aw, downvoted? Well, guess that means someone around here is a wank...

+2 votes   mod: Surface Run
Urby May 25 2013, 3:38am says:

Shame this was done with standard Milkshape tools. The animations are broken.

+1 vote   download: Beta Scientist
Urby May 18 2013, 4:02am replied:

I'm not sure. By the way the cars are arranged I would say that this took place during the 7 hours war or shortly after, where people were trying to escape the city. The military may have been there to try to prevent a panic. The Combine APCs wouldn't have been manufactured yet.

+6 votes   media: Street
Urby May 9 2013, 2:39pm says:

As cool as this is, I think the player should be forced to move a little more. Perhaps the forward pillars could crumble under such intense fire and eventually force the player to fall back further each time the chopper gun winds up.

Just a thought. I don't know ****. Ignore me.

+2 votes   media: WIP Helicopter Fight
Urby May 5 2013, 11:16am replied:

Playing with friends makes anything fun. Even the buggiest most monotonous games are entertaining when you add more people. That's not really an arguments FOR zombies.

+1 vote   media: Tips for modders everywhere.
Urby Apr 21 2013, 12:30pm replied:

I assume you're referring to the outlining. It's just an effect added for the promo. The style of the mod wouldn't suit it at all.

+2 votes   media: Central Security - Final Model
Urby Apr 21 2013, 12:27pm replied:

If you run the game it will update.

+1 vote   article: Half-Life mods are not broken!
Urby Apr 17 2013, 8:07am replied:

We use lights.rad

+1 vote   media: Central Complex WIP
Urby Apr 6 2013, 7:48am replied:

Except this came out 12 years earlier...

+3 votes   mod: Betrayal
Urby Mar 31 2013, 10:36am says:

I remember this. I reviewed this. I loved this!

+1 vote   mod: Surface Run
Urby Mar 30 2013, 11:28am says:

All aboard the band wagon!

0 votes   media: Concept
Urby Mar 26 2013, 8:46am replied:

Unfortunately the original has been gutted and rebuilt to what you can see here. The previous version was basically this, with about 75% less awesome.

I'm glad you like it.

+1 vote   media: Day One (WIP)
Urby Mar 26 2013, 8:33am replied:

Ha, they're there for a reason. Thanks for the comment.

+1 vote   media: Day One (WIP)
Urby Mar 24 2013, 9:37am says:

Please don't "extend" the original campaign with Azure Sheep maps. Azure Sheep extended its own 45 minutes of decent gameplay with 3 hours of endless bland hallways.

+2 votes   mod: Assault-Strike
Urby Mar 20 2013, 6:34pm replied:

What do you like about them exactly? They are a boring enemy.

+2 votes   media: Tips for modders everywhere.
Urby Mar 16 2013, 1:21pm says:


+3 votes   mod: ZOMBIE HAZARD
Urby Mar 11 2013, 2:31pm says:

Those are some chunky cubicles! Thin those brushes a little.

+3 votes   media: cap_1_oficina foto 1
Urby Mar 10 2013, 10:25am replied:

That's ******* stupid. That's like saying don't critisize a director's first movie or an author's first book.

+7 votes   download: They Hunger : I do not want to be one of them!
Urby Mar 10 2013, 10:01am replied:


+2 votes   mod: Half-Life 2: Rebel Story
Urby Mar 4 2013, 12:04pm replied:

Textlights and spotlights. Entity lighting is always horrible in Goldsource.

+4 votes   media: Central Dormitories
Urby Mar 2 2013, 9:02am replied:

Many thanks. I think I'll leave the barnacles in the vents but the ones near the lights have to go.

+1 vote   media: Central Dormitories
Urby Mar 2 2013, 4:50am replied:

Nah, the lights busted.

+3 votes   media: Central Dormitories
Urby Mar 1 2013, 9:59pm says:

Mossman never worked at Black Mesa. She applied for the same job as Freeman but lost out to both his Innsbruck experience (as said by Eli Vance in Black Mesa East) and Isaac Kleiner's personal recommendation.

Freeman's HEV training was covered by Gina Cross.

+5 votes   media: Progress
Urby Feb 19 2013, 5:07pm says:

Oh look. It's one of these mods again. ¬_¬

+9 votes   mod: The Gaben Scrolls: Half-Life
Urby Feb 10 2013, 2:35pm says:

This Summer, GMan is... Sad Keanu

+4 votes   media: Gman on a train again..
Urby Feb 3 2013, 11:36am replied:

HL1 is like $9.99 on Steam you cheap bastard...

+2 votes   download: Sweet Half-Life Steamfix
Urby Jan 30 2013, 7:40am replied:

Actually, ignore me. He appears a bunch of times now I think about it. Derp.

+1 vote   media: Otis
Urby Jan 29 2013, 6:40pm replied:

Why would he? He only appears once in Blue Shift.

+1 vote   media: Otis
Urby Jan 29 2013, 7:33am says:

"You play as James Reagan, a scientist unaware of his name or profession..."

Well, now we know. Mystery solved! </mod>

+4 votes   mod: Overdrive
Urby Jan 28 2013, 7:52am says:



+1 vote   mod: In San Andreas nobody hear you scream
Urby Jan 14 2013, 8:06am replied:

It's all about using the right tools for the job. :)

+2 votes   media: Lab Hub - WIP
Urby Jan 4 2013, 6:38pm replied:

Too* well ¬_¬

+1 vote   media: WIP - Lab Hub
Urby Jan 4 2013, 7:57am says:

Heh, got the two SVN email updates this morning. Another all nighter Archie? :P

+2 votes   media: WIP - Lab Hub
Urby Jan 2 2013, 3:51pm says:

Looks good.

If I'm honest I'm looking forward to this more than Overturn and I wish there were more updates for this mod. (Not saying Overturn is bad at all)

I'm a sucker for the Black Mesa Facility. :P

+3 votes   media: Small January Update
Urby Dec 30 2012, 10:12pm replied:

Ahhh, gotcha. :)

+1 vote   article: London 1992
Urby Dec 30 2012, 11:54am says:

Won't you still need to make everything from scratch?...

+1 vote   article: London 1992
Urby Dec 30 2012, 11:50am says:

Love this rifle.

+3 votes   media: M14 world model
Urby Dec 8 2012, 8:04am says:

I wish I had the experience to help out! I hope you find the people you need.

+5 votes   article: Guard Duty and Operation Black Mesa- MOTY update
Urby Nov 29 2012, 8:01am says:

Well, from the screenshots, all I can say is: "Euw."

The lighting is just wrong and the water... wow. I notice there is a demo however so I may just download it and give it a fair review later.

+2 votes   mod: Silent Samurai
Urby Nov 28 2012, 7:49am says:

Developer has never experienced LSD. Fail mod.

+2 votes   mod: LSD: Source
Urby Nov 22 2012, 9:16pm says:

Looks like you just fired up a HL:Source map in GMod and dumped a bunch of crap in it... and then covered it in tomato ketchup.


+4 votes   mod: Half-Life Heart of Black Mesa
Urby Nov 17 2012, 12:37pm says:

You will compile the maps properly at some point right? Those fullbright screenshots look WORSE than MineCraft...

+5 votes   mod: Craft-Life
Urby Nov 16 2012, 7:47am replied:

Spot on good sir. A texture is already in the works for that very purpose. :D

+2 votes   media: Central Dorms and Leisure Complex WIP
Urby Oct 12 2012, 7:44am says:

I take it he's off to the Ministry of Silly Walks?

+1 vote   media: Uncredited - Seven Hours of Hell
Urby Oct 11 2012, 7:55am says:

Fcuknig mazinag!

Sorry, I got more excited that carloscarlin...

+3 votes   media: Xen (Bonus Level)
Urby Sep 26 2012, 7:47am says:

"Good news..." I was like :D "...and bad news" I was like D:

Seriously though, I applaud you choosing to delay rather than rushing to meet a deadline. I learned the hard way that no good can come from doing that.

+2 votes   article: Good news and bad news
Urby Sep 22 2012, 1:46pm replied:

Ok the. It just seemed as though you were taking credit for them below.

+1 vote   mod: District 13: Source
Urby Sep 20 2012, 7:54am says:

The two weapons concepts aren't yours. :|

+1 vote   mod: District 13: Source
Urby Sep 8 2012, 1:13pm replied:

That doesn't sound right. This does look like it could be the area following the dam, but the Residue Processing area is quite a distance from there.

+4 votes   media: August 2012 Media
Urby Sep 5 2012, 9:19am replied:


-1 votes   media: Combine vs Xen
Urby Aug 20 2012, 4:03pm replied:

You get one upvote sir, for the best variation of that comment that I've ever seen. I'd give you another for making me giggle, but MODDB is a harsh bitch.

+3 votes   media: The 'these compiles took ages' Update
Urby Aug 18 2012, 5:11am says:

I cannot fathom how Red Mesa managed to inspire a sequel, but here it is. Sitting neatly alongside the original in their own special layer of mod hell, Red Mesa 2 manages to increase the difficulty curve while becoming one of the most annoying experiences of my life.

First off, the sound effects. Right from the off the 2 enemies filling the first few levels, zombies and headcrabs, have had their sounds replaced by some pretty annoying vocals, and while I didn't understand what they were saying it was rather pleasant to shut them up... or not as it seems. On Hard mode there simply is not enough ammunition to take them all on and you have to run by most threads, their hideous garbling never out of earshot. Urgh.

The maps are no better than before, with horrendous architecture, no real design work put into them at all. You go from what I believe to be city streets, to caves, to a gman factory, all of them just huge open hallways with bad lighting. Well, at least it HAS lighting this time.

I think I finished it. 2 killboxes full of grunts and grenadiers with 35HP remaining throughout, before getting kicked to the menu. Also, a lack of autosaves meant I had to play through from the start after dying. That was unforgivable.


+9 votes   mod: Red Mesa 2
Urby Aug 17 2012, 9:02pm replied:


+2 votes   mod: Red Mesa 1
Urby Aug 15 2012, 2:35am says:

Comic Sans!?


-1 votes   media: Max Payne Style Cutscene
Urby Aug 12 2012, 7:57pm says:

I had no trouble with this running on Steam. I blasted through it Hard mode which actually seemed fairly easy in some sections. I don't know if you coded the enemies to be less accurate but they certainly had trouble hitting me.

There are just a few things that bother me about this mod that kept me from enjoying it fully. While the old school find key to open door, rinse and repeat method was fun to return to, it managed to be less intuitive in this mod. Maybe with some custom voice acting or some kind of colour coding would have made things more obvious. Also, the models included aren't great and the left handed weapons genuinely broke my concentration at first. Mapping isn't great and a lot of it blends into one long dull corridor after another.

Could have been better, but could have been much much worse. 5/10 for you. :D

+4 votes   mod: Half-Life: SOLDIER
Urby Aug 12 2012, 2:30pm replied:

No problem.

+3 votes   mod: Sky Mesa
Urby Aug 12 2012, 12:33pm says:

Always good to see another mapper using the GoldSource engine. One thing I will say though is that taking on a mod so early on may be a little over ambitious. You're maps don't really present any sense of place or logic with regards to the design. Try to look on Google for modern style offices or facilities for inspiration, and it never hurts to join a community to learn tips and tricks and improve your skills.

I link to this one a lot, but is an active community of both Source and GoldSource developers and one of the nicest communities to be a part of.

+3 votes   mod: Sky Mesa
Urby Aug 10 2012, 9:21am replied:


+1 vote   media: August 2012 Media Update - Part 2
Urby Jul 25 2012, 7:50am says:

Haha. I forgot Yahtzee made a DN3D mod. I wonder if he'll ever finish episode 3 between doing ZP and releasing novels. ¬_¬

+1 vote   mod: Age of Evil
Urby May 27 2012, 1:45pm says:

For some reason I was not tracking this mod. I have looked into it and have now corrected this issue.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

+7 votes   media: Personnel facilities
Urby Apr 24 2012, 8:04am replied:

Yup. :)

+1 vote   media: Cendark April Update WIPs
Urby Apr 10 2012, 10:45am replied:

Says the last guy who tinkered with the code. :P

+2 votes   mod: Mutagen
Urby Apr 9 2012, 4:17pm replied:

It's quite simple. New Vegas is awesome. Case closed.

+1 vote   media: OF2 - NV
Urby Mar 20 2012, 2:30pm replied:

I am still working on The Core at home, this is literally something to do at work during my breaks.

+2 votes   mod: Mutagen
Urby Mar 16 2012, 8:27am says:

Hey, I spoke to you via PM recently. I'll throw out some audition lines this weekend and send you a link. :)

+2 votes   article: Life's a Beach Character Biographies + Voice actor requirements
Urby Mar 12 2012, 8:57am says:

Now that is a very cool model. :D

+1 vote   media: updates
Urby Mar 8 2012, 7:54am says:

It certainly is. CS:S SAS model.

+7 votes   media: My Hunk from RE
Urby Mar 1 2012, 5:21pm says:

Weapon of choice, right here.

+3 votes   media: The Sharp Shooter
Urby Jan 29 2012, 10:57am says:

I would get a hold of some new textures. The ones used here are a bit of an odd mix of half-life's stock wad and some crazy signs. (That sign on the right (Club Zoro I think it says) is pretty awful too.)

+1 vote   media: town-block-progress
Urby Nov 30 2011, 7:39am replied:

Yes. Numbers are fun.

+3 votes   article: Not dead!
Urby Nov 23 2011, 7:12am says:

Based on the PS2 version I assume?

Looks cool.

+1 vote   media: Turret - WIP
Urby Oct 10 2011, 7:15am says:

But now it makes no sense when you try to blend in... D:

+1 vote   mod: Dark BrotherHood
Urby Oct 4 2011, 7:12pm replied:

Not really. :|

It's not like nothing like this has been done before, look at dead space and dead space 2.

+2 votes   media: Ohhh look new stuff ????
Urby Oct 2 2011, 12:38pm says:

You need a genuine voice actor from Russia or just a voice actor who can do a Russian accent?

+2 votes   media: Russian Merc's - v3 WIP
Urby Oct 2 2011, 12:25pm says:

Residual Life: The most awesome nothing you will ever not play...

or something.

+2 votes   media: Nothing
Urby Sep 27 2011, 7:55am says:

It would be awesome to see some new behaviours from grunts. Placing turrets, switching to sidearms and such. :)

+1 vote   media: New Hgrunt Bodygroup - WIP
Urby Aug 31 2011, 7:28am says:

Should probably fix that chair, seeing as it's your only media and the texture is stretched to Hell. :|

+5 votes   mod: Blood Stains
Urby Aug 3 2011, 6:07pm says:

The blue alpha skin always looked cooler than the release version IMO.

+3 votes   media: Alpha Gargantua
Urby Aug 1 2011, 7:08am says:

lol, G-String.

+5 votes   mod: G String
Urby Jul 20 2011, 7:56am says:

Indeed. A simple 8 unit high trim would do the trick.

+3 votes   media: Hallway
Urby Jul 8 2011, 7:40pm says:

Yeah, it looks like you used MS3D and your textures got bumped over a few pixels. Face texture looks pretty good though.

+2 votes   media: Nick Farell - The protagonist
Urby Jul 8 2011, 7:23am says:

Man is about to get knocked the **** out son.

+1 vote   media: Melting Cat
Urby Jun 16 2011, 8:14am replied:

What are you talking about!? The Human Error grunt is bloody awful! It looks like a potato with legs and the skin is a joke!

This on the other hand, looks awesome.

+7 votes   media: Alien Grunt
Urby May 14 2011, 3:55am says:

While I do like the column, it's positioning just seems inconvenient.

Considering that there is (what looks like) a large freight elevator just past it, but the space either side of the piller itself looks only just wide enough to fit a crate.

+5 votes   media: Surreal
Urby May 7 2011, 7:27am says:

Nice work. :D

+3 votes   media: Gravy
Urby May 7 2011, 7:21am says:

I stand by what I said previously. Those brick textures work really well with the biological look of xen. Nice work.

+1 vote   media: Valley of ruins
Urby Apr 25 2011, 2:37am says:

"First map is sort of a tutorial, hence the reason for not extremely amazing mapping"

Take a look at the Hazard Course in Half-Life or Boot Camp in opposing force. The mapping in those chapters was as good as the rest of the game.

Let me tell you the problems here:
1. The doors are at varying heights in the walls. Why?
2. No frames around the doors.
3. No light source and using a point light entity. Texture based lighting always looks better.
4. Bland, bland and more bland. There is no detail here what so ever. Walls, ceiling and floor make a room sure, but so far, this room has no purpose and makes no sense. Every room should have a reason for existing and if this is a test chamber of sorts then there needs to be a means of monitoring test subjects. Think about the chambers in Portal or again, the Hazard Course in Half-Life.

It looks as though you haven't had much experience with Hammer or mapping in general and if that is the case you should NOT be trying to create a mod straight away. Learn the tools and techniques and then try and tackle a big project.

+1 vote   media: Puzzle 3
Urby Apr 2 2011, 4:04pm says:

Looks cozy. ^_^

+2 votes   media: New Alaska map screenshots
Urby Feb 21 2011, 2:22pm says:


Awww bless. Yeah, valve are going to help you distribute this. Sure. It's 14 years out of date and you want to charge more than the original HL is going for.


+4 votes   article: Project News
Urby Jan 16 2011, 8:40am says:

Don't forget to credit the author. :)

+2 votes   media: New Otis Model
Urby Jan 4 2011, 5:58pm says:

I hope we will be able to use the tactical scope. Makes little sense otherwise... :|

+1 vote   media: On A Rail
Urby Dec 13 2010, 3:04pm replied:

Because the non-zombified assassins don't have heads now???

+2 votes   media: Recharge
Urby Nov 12 2010, 5:18pm says:


+1 vote   download: Residual Life (Test Demo)1.0g
Urby Nov 10 2010, 7:00pm replied:

My guess is that either the story changed and this area no longer made sense or the quality of the mapping improved and this wasn't up to scratch any more.

Happens all the time.

+1 vote   media: Give me a intestine (Deleted)
Urby Nov 6 2010, 5:21pm says:

Pic 2: "Ooh, shiny. ^_^ "

+1 vote   media: Dark Golden Things
Urby Oct 24 2010, 5:12am says:

Well well well... uhm, nice well ^_^

+1 vote   media: Well
Urby Oct 19 2010, 3:05am replied:

At the moment this is only the player model. If the player bumps into any others, they will not be friendly.

+1 vote   media: Rebels and Robots
Urby Oct 15 2010, 3:48pm replied:

This is true. AS had far too many long *** hallways. Bland and uninspiring.

+2 votes   media: engineer Adventures
Urby Oct 13 2010, 9:17am says:

"During the experiment, something goes wrong, creating a super portal between our world and other dimension.You wake up 3 hours later, and you see everything destroyed, now you have to make your own way out of the complex p-46, fighting against zombies, demons, aliens and robots!!"

Sooo, its Half-Life built in an inferior engine...with stolen models.

Yeah, this was dead before it started.

0 votes   mod: Alpha Project
Urby Oct 10 2010, 10:07am replied:

2 headcrabs... humping

+2 votes   media: Mid-Summer Mini Media Release (Outdated)
Urby Oct 10 2010, 7:49am says:

Nice re-colours.

+1 vote   media: Textures Appreciate.
Urby Oct 9 2010, 10:23am says:

Bob is short for Robert. I see no issue with the name. Nice reskin btw.

+1 vote   media: Bob
Urby Oct 3 2010, 3:11pm replied:

Q1 2011 it says at the top.

+2 votes   media: HUD
Urby Sep 20 2010, 2:24pm says:

Yeah, this is a little rushed on reflection. I may scrap it and start again. It seems the screens in the office are a lot darker than my home one. :P

+1 vote   media: Resonance Cascade Survivors
Urby Sep 19 2010, 11:21am replied:

You're not wrong. I plan on reworking the texture at some point.

+3 votes   media: Admin and Female Guards (Removed)
Urby Jul 25 2010, 10:51am says:

The way the gun shrinks towards the end doesn't look good.

Nice model but it hasn't been made properly.

+3 votes   media: houndeye
Urby Jul 13 2010, 7:43am replied:

Pretty simple. The old version is pictured on the bottom right, the main part is the updated version. :)

+1 vote   media: Super Suprise Resurrection / Update
Urby Jun 5 2010, 2:27pm replied:

Looks ok but I agree that the walls need some supports or something. Thats an awful lot of concrete to stand up by itself. Try breaking it up a little with additional textures, or some metal support beams.

+1 vote   media: Forklifts in action
Urby Apr 7 2010, 3:40pm replied:

It's a defiler.

+1 vote   media: The Defiler
Urby Nov 2 2009, 3:31pm says:

It's wearing orange. I'm guessing a workmen.

+1 vote   media: Chapter "Intersection"
Urby Aug 29 2009, 9:19pm says:

Those screen shots are awful.

No detail whatsoever. Maybe you should create a few maps first and get your skill up before diving into a whole mod.

+5 votes   mod: portal black mesa
Urby Aug 26 2009, 8:51am replied:

Have you? I don't see whats 'ironic' about your post.

+3 votes   media: MEDIA #3
Urby Aug 23 2009, 9:41am says:


+2 votes   media: Chapter "Hazardous Environment"
Urby Aug 5 2009, 5:35am replied:

Judgeing from the title I would say that the timeline may be a little distorted so there is every possibility that the Combine would turn up. :P

Also, that model looks like the Soldier from the REIssues Mod Chapter "It's safer here."

+2 votes   media: Time's End screengrabs
Urby Jul 19 2009, 7:59am says:

Actually, there is no mouse at all. He's typing so I assume its the BIOS.

+1 vote   media: Some office stuff
Urby Jul 3 2009, 6:31am says:

Please credit the ORIGINAL AUTHOR. This is not your model.

-1 votes   media: Medkit
Urby Jun 30 2009, 8:11am says:

Top Stuff! Can't wait to see the rest of the uniform buddy. :)

+2 votes   media: Final Fantasy VII: Mako Dawn, Mako Dusk
Urby Feb 11 2009, 8:29am says:

"Mandatory sewer level"

Still, looking good.

+1 vote   media: Screenshot
Urby Dec 16 2008, 4:00pm replied:

Ah ok. The summary confused me.

+1 vote   mod: Global Operations Remake Mod
Urby Dec 16 2008, 3:40pm says:

"...every weapon, every model, every animation, to look exactly as it was in the original game but with enhanced visuals"


So its going to look exactly the same, but with Source effects? Like Half-Life: Source did? Euw!

You should remake everything to today's standard.

+1 vote   mod: Global Operations Remake Mod
Urby Sep 2 2008, 6:40pm says:

Looks like a creepy commercial for Sharpie. :P

+3 votes   media: Office
Urby Mar 27 2014, 9:52am replied:

lol, I know. :P

+2 votes   media: Glimpse [WIP]
Urby Mar 27 2014, 8:05am replied:

...or a modified scratchy? :P

+2 votes   media: Glimpse [WIP]
Urby Mar 27 2014, 8:04am replied:

This would be the central complex mentioned in the trailer. The area has been left without power and is running on a backup generator, limiting which systems remain in operation.

+2 votes   media: Glimpse [WIP]
Urby Mar 27 2014, 7:59am replied:

The shadow in the upper window is indeed a model, and although it has a darker skin the model is not completely black. It's just an nice little accidental effect thanks to the lighting in the upper area.

+3 votes   media: Glimpse [WIP]
Urby Mar 26 2014, 7:09pm replied:

The upper floor isn't accessible at the moment, however there are several areas areas in this section for curious players to check out.

+3 votes   media: Glimpse [WIP]
Urby Mar 26 2014, 7:08pm replied:

But... bullsquid don't have spikes... right? (o_o')

+4 votes   media: Glimpse [WIP]
Urby Mar 25 2014, 3:26pm replied:

Just pretend it's the Colt 9mm SMG. :P

Of course you'll be free to change models to your liking as with any other HL mod.

+2 votes   media: Logan's Promise [WIP]
Urby Mar 23 2014, 4:32pm replied:

Yup, that was featured in the trailer.

+3 votes   media: Logan's Promise [WIP]
Urby Mar 23 2014, 3:45pm replied:

...and definitely not realistic. That's why they're good.

+3 votes   media: Tips for modders everywhere.
Urby Mar 23 2014, 3:42pm replied:

Have to agree. If you're going to go with HD textures then the LD models look out of place by comparison...

+2 votes   media: common offices
Urby Mar 22 2014, 7:10pm replied:

Wait wait wait... you think STALKER is a modern FPS? Haha!

0 votes   media: Kick & gameplay
Urby Mar 20 2014, 8:47pm says:

Wasn't a fan of the original games, FO1, FO2 and Tactics but I love the FPSRPG games by Bethesda and Obsidian

Just started playing Fallout 3 and Fallout NV again. You can follow my new Fallout 3 game here if you like:

No mods other than HD blood textures.

+1 vote   group: Fallout Fan Group
Urby Mar 19 2014, 5:56pm says:

Hey JC, I know you like, died for our sins and all but... well, I've done some pretty rotten things and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind doing that again for me? Clean my slate as it were. Just once more. Next Sunday is good for me.

+2 votes   member: Negan
Urby Mar 19 2014, 5:48pm replied:

Terrifying. They offer a lot more variety in combat if done right. Zombies are slow / fast, have to get right up in your face and can be dispatched with bullets and melee weapons. SNOOORE

Dinosaurs vary in size, speed, armaments and armour plating. You couldn't take down a Tyrannosaurus with a knife now could you? If you did, you'd have to be really crafty about it. It would be epic.

Dinosaurs are good.

+2 votes   media: Tips for modders everywhere.
Urby Mar 19 2014, 5:39pm replied:

You are most welcome sir!... for... whatever I am supposed to be looking at on that page there... I guess...

+5 votes   member: Urby
Urby Mar 19 2014, 11:33am says:

Not a bad reskin, but show a little courtesy and credit the original author: Romka.

+3 votes  
Urby Mar 18 2014, 2:44pm says:

Since Half-Life came out with Worldcraft2.1, I've been modding. 15 years...

+4 votes   poll: How long have you been modding?
Urby Mar 17 2014, 6:30pm says:

Very cool. Shame it's not dynamic.

+1 vote   media: Custom Desktop Background
Urby Mar 14 2014, 11:24am replied:

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

+3 votes   mod: Brutal Half-Life
Urby Mar 12 2014, 3:57pm replied:

Oooh, OK. Misunderstood. :D

+1 vote   article: Need some HELP here!
Urby Mar 12 2014, 1:17pm says:

You can edit an .fgd with notepad

+3 votes   article: Need some HELP here!
Urby Mar 10 2014, 11:50am replied:

I agree.

People on MODDB seem to downvote the member, regardless of the comment. It's petty. Upvoted and thanks for the feedback.

+2 votes   media: "Do your damn job..." [WIP]
Urby Mar 10 2014, 11:37am replied:

Heh, don't worry. I gave you a plus point, but we'll pretend it says '+2' ok? :P

+5 votes   mod: The Core
Urby Mar 9 2014, 1:30pm replied:

Was a styling issue. The code is pristine. Thanks though, sorted. :P

+2 votes   mod: The Core
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