Scotch and Coffee founder, level designer, texture artist, model editor and voice actor. I'm always up for a voice acting job and will gladly do any lines you want to send to me. Also, I enjoy making video reviews for mods for Half-Life and Half-Life 2, so let me know if you want me to review one and I'll fit it in when I can.

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Urby Nov 14 2014, 9:54am replied:

I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately the mod will be released using high poly models given the higher level of detail going in to the mapping. Of course, we welcome the community to work on a low definition pack once the mod is released.

+3 votes   media: Cleithrophobia
Urby Jun 20 2014, 9:28pm replied:

Uh-huh? What you got against hellspawn!? D:

+1 vote   member: Crypt
Urby Jun 18 2014, 11:25am says:

This man doesn't like cats! I don't understand!

+3 votes   member: Crypt
Urby Jun 11 2014, 6:34pm replied:

Info_node_air is for flying aliens I believe, such as the controllers. Apaches use path_corner entities, like trains.

+3 votes   article: [In Dev] Creating an Evolution of a Map
Urby Apr 22 2014, 7:20am replied:

Certainly does.

+5 votes   media: "You'll never believe who just reappeared.." [WIP]
Urby Mar 27 2014, 8:04am replied:

This would be the central complex mentioned in the trailer. The area has been left without power and is running on a backup generator, limiting which systems remain in operation.

+2 votes   media: Glimpse [WIP]
Urby Mar 25 2014, 3:26pm replied:

Just pretend it's the Colt 9mm SMG. :P

Of course you'll be free to change models to your liking as with any other HL mod.

+2 votes   media: Logan's Promise [WIP]
Urby Mar 19 2014, 5:48pm replied:

Terrifying. They offer a lot more variety in combat if done right. Zombies are slow / fast, have to get right up in your face and can be dispatched with bullets and melee weapons. SNOOORE

Dinosaurs vary in size, speed, armaments and armour plating. You couldn't take down a Tyrannosaurus with a knife now could you? If you did, you'd have to be really crafty about it. It would be epic.

Dinosaurs are good.

+2 votes   media: Tips for modders everywhere.
Urby Mar 4 2014, 5:23pm replied:

I think what he's getting at is that there are literally thousands of textures out there to use instead of the standard ones. It adds a lot to a mod when it has a little variation from every other half-life mod out there.

0 votes   mod: Gina's Adventures
Urby Dec 13 2013, 7:56am replied:

First off, your English is better than mine. :P

Second, many thanks for the comment. :D

+2 votes   media: The Core [OFFICIAL TRAILER]
Urby Dec 8 2013, 2:44pm says:

Tracking. This looks hilarious. I wish you the best of luck.

Will there be any functionality to let you customize your gang? Colours, outfits, hats, glasses, anything?

+3 votes   game: Gang Beasts
Urby Nov 22 2013, 3:39am says:

I'll be honest. I really don't understand why people make mod pages like this... It's sad that you have nothing better to do with your free time.

+2 votes   mod: Super Nazis vs Space Pirates
Urby Apr 10 2013, 3:31pm replied:

Probably something like: "Jesus this level editor is crap!"

Consider that they were working with version 0.1 of Worldcraft... On a Pentium 2... 15 years ago. :P

+3 votes   media: Evolution of a Map - The Lab Hub (video)
Urby Mar 23 2013, 10:53am replied:

Uhm... he read it fine. Maybe you didn't.

+9 votes   media: M4A1 + M203
Urby Mar 10 2013, 10:21am says:

Ha! I remember this. My bro in law bought a copy but it got lost. Thanks for uploading.

+3 votes   download: Half-Life Add-ons (Rare CD)
Urby Feb 10 2013, 12:04pm says:

Damn sad news. Regardless, all the best for the years ahead. I will continue to track and pray for an update in the future.

+5 votes   article: Mindworld: Project Cancelled
Urby Feb 2 2013, 3:10am says:

wub wub wub wub wub wub <3

+2 votes   media: Elevator to hell
Urby Aug 12 2012, 6:57am replied:

Bye then. ^_^

+7 votes   mod: Half-Life : Residual Power
Urby Apr 16 2012, 9:21am says:

I've amended the story a little so that the disaster takes place in game. Should be a fun little scene to put together. :P

+2 votes   mod: Mutagen
Urby Feb 24 2012, 7:24am says:

Half castle, half church. Casrch? Chutle!

I don't know what I'm talking about...

+1 vote   media: Cemetery
Urby Jan 29 2012, 11:00am says:

I'll track because I'm a sucker for GldSrc, but the mapping and texture work could use some improvement.

+1 vote   mod: Half-Toned
Urby Dec 22 2011, 6:42pm says:

The mapping could use a lot of work. None of the environments on display are believable as real places.

It would be better to keep practicing on custom maps for HL2 etc, before diving headfirst into a huge project like this.

+2 votes   mod: Carriers
Urby Aug 1 2011, 7:17am says:

There is a lot of positive feedback here so I might just have to give this a look. One thing I will say before hand is that the mapping needs to be worked on. It is massively lacking in detail for GoldSource standards, let alone the Source engine. :|

+1 vote   mod: The Stanley Parable
Urby Aug 1 2011, 7:13am says:

This looks incredible.

(Sorry, I am SUCH a ******* liar)

0 votes   mod: half-life 2 ivan returns
Urby Jan 23 2011, 11:24am says:

So... this realism you mentioned. When are you planning on adding any of that in?

+1 vote   mod: Half life HD V2
Urby Jan 3 2011, 12:34pm says:

Good to see this back in the hands of it's rightful owner. Still loving this Atom. Rated. :)

+2 votes   mod: Half-Life: Uplink Extended
Urby Oct 29 2010, 7:52pm says:

Thanks for expressing an interest in joining the Scotch&Coffee Studios team. We are currently only seeking an experienced coder at this time.

Also, having looked over your mapping work, masses of uncredited / stolen models and content, as well as hearing about your modding history and reputation, I would prefer you not to be a member of the team.


+1 vote   member: ackar
Urby Oct 19 2010, 3:10am says:

Nothing will be overwritten by this mod.

+1 vote   media: Cencom Security
Urby Sep 20 2010, 8:01am says:

Awesome. :D

+1 vote   media: Scientist
Urby Jun 13 2010, 6:18pm says:

Why it's Mr.Messy-Textures and his wonky face! :D

+1 vote   media: engineer Adventures
Urby May 26 2010, 3:42pm says:

The weapon looks like the large pipe from condemned, albeit a lot smaller. It looks a little too small actually.

+1 vote   media: Tube
Urby May 26 2010, 3:54am says:

I like it.

Looks like a vort who got a cameo in Dead-Space. :P

+2 votes   media: Healer
Urby Aug 18 2009, 5:09pm replied:

Standalone means releasing their engine for free which they will not allow whether you own a license or not.

A license usually costs within the regions of a few thousand dollars.

Seriously, you will save yourself a lot of hassle by just making a mod.

+1 vote   mod: Doom III Alpha
Urby Jun 9 2009, 4:16am says:

May I ask why you are using the Registered Trademark symbol after your title?

+2 votes   mod: Triage
Urby Apr 8 2009, 8:57pm says:

Poor zombies have been waiting for the train all damn morning! >:(

+1 vote   media: Metrostation 2nd floor.
Urby Dec 16 2008, 1:41pm replied:

Fair enough. I didn't mean to sound harsh. I was just pointing it out. :)

+1 vote   media: 1187 - DEMO 02
Urby Dec 15 2008, 12:24pm says:

1 's' in 'Xmas'
1 'm' in 'coming'

Otherwise 'Yay!'

+1 vote   media: 1187 - DEMO 02
Urby Jan 3 2011, 12:30pm replied:

Cool story, bro.

+1 vote   media: Sams mod 1
Urby Jan 3 2011, 12:26pm says:

Uhm, your "concept art" appears to be images of the original models from Gunman with a photoshop filter on them...

I hope this changes because some of the models in the original were shockingly hideous.

+1 vote   mod: Gunman Reloaded - (Gunman Source)
Urby Dec 28 2010, 8:23pm says:

Ha. YouMurderer font.

Looks cool though. :)

+1 vote   media: Basements
Urby Dec 28 2010, 8:18pm replied:

Yes you did.

We do not appreciate spam comments so please keep it to yourself in future.

+2 votes   mod: The Core
Urby Dec 28 2010, 8:15pm says:


+31 votes   media: Robot Stripper WIP 2
Urby Dec 28 2010, 1:35pm says:

Stop spamming my pages. I will not tell you again.

+3 votes   member: ackar
Urby Dec 19 2010, 12:14pm says:

Holy crap. Tracking as of right now.

+10 votes   media: Black Mesa Engineering Lab
Urby Dec 18 2010, 4:04am replied:

I mean, looking at the screen shots, everything is brown - like the image has been used as a coffee filter.

If you want to go for psychological mind **** horror, why not throw it into a nice clean and shiny environment? It would certainly make this mod stand out among all of the other brown mods.

+2 votes   mod: Inquietude
Urby Dec 16 2010, 3:56am says:

Horrifying. Horrifying amounts of brown that is.

+5 votes   mod: Inquietude
Urby Dec 15 2010, 3:57am says:

That hole is far to angular for Source.

+1 vote   media: First level
Urby Dec 14 2010, 8:13pm says:

"this is not a mod. this a place for maps."

Oops. I seem to have stumbled into by mistake.

+12 votes   mod: Map
Urby Dec 14 2010, 3:49pm says:


Seriously, how sad do you need to be to actually spend the time setting up a mod for the purpose of trolling?

It's your life I suppose. I hope you don't die in a freak accident tomorrow because if this is all you have to show for your accomplishments...well, ****. :|

+6 votes   mod: BATTLEWARS
Urby Dec 14 2010, 3:43pm says:

This mod has changed my life. It has truly opened my eyes.

Never did I think that anything could fail this hard. Now I know. :|

+5 votes   mod: half-life: mission mc Poker
Urby Dec 14 2010, 3:55am says:

These are great. The skinning is spot on.

+2 votes   media: Some More Cleaning Props
Urby Dec 13 2010, 3:04pm replied:

Because the non-zombified assassins don't have heads now???

+2 votes   media: Recharge
Urby Dec 9 2010, 6:43pm says:

I hope this is finished and just needs to be textured. Levitating mooncow FTW.

+1 vote   media: A small update
Urby Dec 8 2010, 3:50am replied:

view original > right click > view image > save image as


+1 vote   media: More Final Level shots
Urby Dec 8 2010, 3:48am replied:

That got me as well. Other than that this looks incredible.

+2 votes   media: Old market square, ZG-Stuttgart
Urby Dec 7 2010, 6:18pm says:

Do MyChemicalRomance appear anywhere in this mod? :P

+1 vote   mod: The Black Parade
Urby Dec 6 2010, 8:01am says:

Very cool

+1 vote   media: E1MB - Demo
Urby Dec 5 2010, 7:23pm says:

The mapping and lighting need a lot more work.

+2 votes   mod: Mission to Xen
Urby Dec 5 2010, 7:23pm says:

Use textlights as apposed to point light entities. It looks odd when the light has no visible source.

+2 votes   media: Storage Room FIXED
Urby Dec 5 2010, 7:22pm says:

Gah! Add some lights. Full bright lighting is horrendous.

+3 votes   media: Garage New
Urby Dec 5 2010, 2:02pm says:

Awww, my comment disappeared...

Anyway, again, this is nice. :)

+1 vote   media: Morgue/Lab
Urby Nov 30 2010, 7:24am says:

The team and I don't expect to be voted the top mod of 2010, but we would like to thank everyone who voted. It really means a lot that our little project is worthy. :D

Thanks guys.

+2 votes   mod: The Core
Urby Nov 29 2010, 8:03am replied:


+1 vote   media: Urby V.2 and HECU V.2 (Outdated)
Urby Nov 28 2010, 4:26pm says:

Just FYI, you've obviously never held a scoped rifle seeing as how that is not how scopes work. :P

+1 vote   media: m76 sniper rifle (WIP)
Urby Nov 28 2010, 4:24pm says:

These shots are all early work in progress pics right? Looks very unfinished and in desperate need of new textures.

+1 vote   media: Versalles flat - A huge map
Urby Nov 28 2010, 11:12am replied:

The only model here is the pipe weapon. Everything else is brushwork.

We are using the Spirit engine. Other than a few new gameplay elements being added in, there is no modification to the engine.

+1 vote   media: WIP Central Offices
Urby Jan 22 2015, 9:55am says:

You are a true master of brushwork my friend.

+2 votes   media: Vehicle Brushwork
Urby Nov 14 2014, 9:58am says:

Thanks for the feedback everyone. It's true that there are quite a lot of low quality textures used here. This is a side room that the player can potentially walk straight past.

However, given the nature of the feedback, this area will be heavily modified. :)

+2 votes   media: Cleithrophobia
Urby Apr 23 2014, 6:06pm replied:

Most of the lights in the hallway are broken / flickering. Again, this is post disaster. It's not really any darker than the Sector C labs in "Unforeseen Consequences"

+1 vote   media: "You'll never believe who just reappeared.." [WIP]
Urby Apr 23 2014, 6:05pm replied:

There are also lights running along the railing facing the windows, you can't see them from this angle. :)

+1 vote   media: "You'll never believe who just reappeared.." [WIP]
Urby Apr 23 2014, 10:39am replied:

Thanks for the feedback. :)

It is a little dark to be sure, but this is at least a day after the disaster takes place. Not to mention that you wouldn't realistically spend much money on lighting the tunnels for the transit system, the same way subway tunnels aren't flooded with light.

+3 votes   media: "You'll never believe who just reappeared.." [WIP]
Urby Mar 28 2014, 8:40pm replied:

It certainly is curious isn't it... ^_^

+2 votes   media: Glimpse [WIP]
Urby Dec 3 2013, 8:06am replied:

You're a good man. :D

+3 votes   poll: 2013 Mod of the Year KICKOFF!
Urby Sep 4 2013, 3:36pm replied:


+5 votes   media: Barney
Urby Jul 18 2013, 1:39pm replied:

I'm far too awesome to be proof reading ****. I let my bitch minions do that for me. Good work Joebama, my little bitch minion. That's worth one fish head.

+4 votes   media: Briefing room over the years
Urby May 25 2013, 3:52am replied:

440MB of half-life goodies from around the year 2000. There are only a couple of mods for HLDM, mostly just simple coding changes, the most well known being Rocket Crowbar.

There is also a ton of singleplayer and multiplayer maps, all of them quite dated and back when not a lot of people knew what they were doing. :P

Wallpapers, winamp skins, really outdated modding tools, example maps for hammer, hundreds of DM player models which are mostly just crappy mspaint reskins, another hundred player "skins" which are more of the same.

Long story short, this pack was amazing back in 2000 or whenever when the internet wasn't as prominent, but looking at it now it's almost funny that this was SOLD IN A SHOP back in the day.

I wonder what happened to the guys who released it.

+4 votes   download: Half-Life Add-ons (Rare CD)
Urby May 12 2013, 9:11am replied:

I'm sure they appreciate you keeping your on it.

+3 votes   mod: Hazard: The Plague
Urby Mar 29 2013, 6:18pm says:

Why are people still blaming Valve for this? The only mods that are broken are the ones that use heavily modified versions of the engine.

Someone please explain why Valve should have to do anything about that? Fix your own broken *** engine!

0 votes   article: Small update and old news
Urby Dec 18 2012, 6:29pm replied:

Almost. The main difference being that Black Mesa isn't such utter utter shite.

+4 votes   article: Black Mesa: Uplink Released!
Urby Dec 18 2012, 7:41am replied:

Because it's a mod for BMS...

Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. :P

+3 votes   article: Black Mesa: Uplink Released!
Urby Apr 30 2012, 4:33am replied:

Updated the summary. Read that.

+2 votes   mod: Mutagen
Urby Feb 22 2012, 7:23pm says:

Raven? Awww... could have been a Crowbot.

+1 vote   media: Mindworld Concept Art
Urby Jan 20 2012, 7:56am says:

Haha. Sorry, I read it as "Frosty wind sock."

Looks good though. I've yet to even install STALKER but I will give this a look in when I do.

+1 vote   mod: Frosty Wind SoC
Urby Apr 25 2011, 1:15am replied:

You are right on the money there. The door texture is using an original texture where everything else is a higher resolution. This will be changed in due time, it just wasn't ready when this shot was taken.

+1 vote   media: Easter weekend revamp (day 2)
Urby Feb 21 2011, 4:01pm replied:

Because you have never looked at BMS?

+1 vote   mod: Duty Calls:Source
Urby Oct 27 2010, 7:26am replied:

What? How in the hell is BMS stealing Valve content?

I'm sorry but you seem to have no idea what you are talking about.

BMS is a recreation of HL1 in the Source engine. It is available to those who own the Source SDK and so already own the content within it such as models and textures. Besides which, the majority of the content is their own work.

This mod appears to be using ported models and textures, ripped from the source files and redistributed for free. That is against the copyright terms and conditions which you agree to when installing the game.

+6 votes   mod: Half-life 2 parody
Urby Oct 26 2010, 10:45pm says:

What is it with your mods and horrible text? D:

Anyway, good luck with the lawsuit with Valve. :)

+5 votes   mod: Half-life 2 parody
Urby Jul 19 2010, 2:16pm replied:


You are distributing commercial content for free. THAT IS ILLEGAL!

+1 vote   mod: Diary OF Suffer
Urby Nov 1 2009, 9:55am replied:

This would be a ZBrush render. They will use it to make the normal maps and then create a low poly model from this.

+2 votes   media: Update
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