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Urby May 7 2011, 7:27am says:

Nice work. :D

+3 votes   media: Gravy
Urby May 7 2011, 7:25am says:

Loving the new media. Everything looks superb. Can't wait to play this when it is finally released. Keep up the good work.

I might go play Life's End again for old time's sake. :D

+2 votes   mod: Time's End
Urby May 7 2011, 7:21am says:

I stand by what I said previously. Those brick textures work really well with the biological look of xen. Nice work.

+1 vote   media: Valley of ruins
Urby Apr 26 2011, 11:57pm says:

I tihnk Gordan is a prety cool guy. eh kill zobmies and doesn't afraid of anything.

0 votes   mod: Half life:epic gordons destiny chronicles reloaded
Urby Apr 26 2011, 11:50pm replied:

You know Moddb has private messaging right? :P

+1 vote   mod: Mesa - Fallback
Urby Apr 26 2011, 11:43pm says:

Your mother must be so proud.

+9 votes   media: I beat BooM!
Urby Apr 26 2011, 4:01am replied:

Yes, this section is still being tweaked. The lighting supports at the top are being done again with new textures as well.

+1 vote   media: Easter weekend revamp (day 1)
Urby Apr 25 2011, 6:09pm says:

You're = You are.
your = belonging to you.

There should also be a full stop at the start, not a comma.

"Of course not. You're going to..." etc

+4 votes   media: cutscene
Urby Apr 25 2011, 6:01pm replied:

The mapping in the house at the start seemed really cool and there was some good entity work and some parts where genuinely mysterious. I wanted to learn more about the character but then I was thrown into a selection of dark corridors which is so abymally basic I quit and removed the game from my PC.

Sorry, but these same cheap scare tactics come up over and over again and it has never seemed the slightest bit scary to me.

-4 votes   mod: Underhell
Urby Apr 25 2011, 5:58pm says:

Saw some really cool action scenes in the trailer so downloaded but then it turned out to be another basic attempt at horror. Shame :(

-3 votes   mod: Underhell
Urby Apr 25 2011, 5:56pm says:

Darkness is not scary unless you're 5 years old.

Don't resort to cheap scare tactics! None of them work!

+2 votes   media: Where... am i?
Urby Apr 25 2011, 5:51pm replied:

I was actually going to go for the SD option and use the PS2 models by Ambient.Impact

However you're right. While the animations do work with the PS2 models, they haven't been rigged up properly so everything warps all over the place! D:

If I can come up with a solution I will let you know. :D

+2 votes   mod: Life's End
Urby Apr 25 2011, 5:47pm replied:

Does it really matter?

Also, don't assume apologise is spelled incorrectly. The creator of this fine mod is British.

+3 votes   mod: Life's End
Urby Apr 25 2011, 1:54pm replied:

Good to know. Best of luck. :D

+1 vote   mod: The Truth
Urby Apr 25 2011, 3:16am says:

I really need to play through this again. :P

Also, if I were to throw together an SD model pack for this, would you mind adding it to your downloads?

+2 votes   mod: Life's End
Urby Apr 25 2011, 3:12am says:

Clothes look ok but the actual skin, face and hair need a bit of work to look more convincing.

+6 votes   media: Kacia
Urby Apr 25 2011, 3:08am says:

Psst, it's the 25th...

Also, this looks interesting but the mix between source and goldsource material is very odd. some of it looks cool, then some of it looks outdated and crappy like HL:Source did (and still does for that matter)

+1 vote   mod: Mesa - Fallback
Urby Apr 25 2011, 3:05am replied:

Cool story bro

+8 votes   media: Mesa - Fallback Screenshots
Urby Apr 25 2011, 3:04am says:

"Alright, who farted?"

+9 votes   media: Mesa - Fallback Screenshots
Urby Apr 25 2011, 2:37am says:

"First map is sort of a tutorial, hence the reason for not extremely amazing mapping"

Take a look at the Hazard Course in Half-Life or Boot Camp in opposing force. The mapping in those chapters was as good as the rest of the game.

Let me tell you the problems here:
1. The doors are at varying heights in the walls. Why?
2. No frames around the doors.
3. No light source and using a point light entity. Texture based lighting always looks better.
4. Bland, bland and more bland. There is no detail here what so ever. Walls, ceiling and floor make a room sure, but so far, this room has no purpose and makes no sense. Every room should have a reason for existing and if this is a test chamber of sorts then there needs to be a means of monitoring test subjects. Think about the chambers in Portal or again, the Hazard Course in Half-Life.

It looks as though you haven't had much experience with Hammer or mapping in general and if that is the case you should NOT be trying to create a mod straight away. Learn the tools and techniques and then try and tackle a big project.

+1 vote   media: Puzzle 3
Urby Apr 25 2011, 1:21am replied:

The before pic is hideous and yellow and the mapping is terrible. It makes no sense to have a huge vent duct opening into an office so it was changed to this storage area.

We are trying to move away from the Black Mesa seen in half-life and it's expansions and create a more expensive and impressive looking environment.

Before = 1998
After = 2011

I appreciate your comment, but "half-life's style" is 13 years out of date.

I hope that further media released in future is more to your liking.



+4 votes   media: Easter weekend revamp (day 1)
Urby Apr 25 2011, 1:15am replied:

You are right on the money there. The door texture is using an original texture where everything else is a higher resolution. This will be changed in due time, it just wasn't ready when this shot was taken.

+1 vote   media: Easter weekend revamp (day 2)
Urby Apr 24 2011, 4:53pm says:

I know you say this is a basic puzzler but please try and put more work into your maps. The texturing and the lighting are pretty awful and need sorting out. The current media looks like it was farted out in under 5 minutes. :/

+1 vote   mod: The Truth
Urby Apr 23 2011, 9:00am says:

I love the GoldSource engine as much as the next guy and am a GldSrc modder myself. However, I must say that your screen shots look pretty dated. Considering this is to take place away from Black Mesa, you will need to use some new textures to make it believable.

Also, get some super definition models to go with it :P (unless you plan to use the LD 1998 models)

Tracking ^_^

+2 votes   mod: Office Shift
Urby Apr 17 2011, 4:31pm replied:

Originally the player was going to be given a prototype version of the HEV Mk5 as seen in HL2, however this was altered when the character was changed from a scientist to a engineer. Instead the player will make use of security force armoured vests and helmets.

+4 votes   mod: The Core
Urby Apr 16 2011, 3:20pm says:

Keep working on it. My first suggestion would be to make the top layer use a different texture and not be so flat. Also, fix up the lighting to match the colour of the skybox and you'll be on to a winner. ^_^

Good luck getting this finished. I'll track. :)

+2 votes   media: Xen -first try [updated]
Urby Apr 11 2011, 8:44pm says:

I agree that this looks too scratched up. It looks like a couple of grunts have been kicking it around for ***** and giggles.

+6 votes   media: April Media Release
Urby Apr 9 2011, 6:35pm says:

One critisism I would make is that the helmet looks too much like a nazi ww2 helmet rather than the USMC standard.

+1 vote   media: HECU Gas Mask - Model v0.1
Urby Apr 2 2011, 4:07pm replied:

Glad to help. I wish you all the best with this. :)

+2 votes   mod: Nuclear Rain
Urby Apr 2 2011, 4:04pm says:

Looks cozy. ^_^

+2 votes   media: New Alaska map screenshots
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