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UnknownToaster Feb 25 2015, 3:40pm replied:

Oh okay, so everything is just covered in dirt because it's in an apocalypse. Kool.

+3 votes   media: Full Resolution Texture
UnknownToaster Feb 25 2015, 11:40am says:

I realize it seems to make sense to make it look old and dirty because it's from all the way back during the Civil War, but I can imagine that during the Civil War, it probably wasn't all that old and dirty at the time.

+3 votes   media: Full Resolution Texture
UnknownToaster Jan 25 2015, 12:53pm says:


+3 votes   article: Change of (Game)Plans
UnknownToaster Oct 14 2014, 9:27pm replied:

"i fixed it"

It's technically better at least.

+4 votes   media: The Professor CONCEPT ART
UnknownToaster Sep 18 2014, 1:37pm says:

I'd have to say this one is still my personal favorite.

+1 vote   media: Menu Background
UnknownToaster Sep 17 2014, 7:44pm replied:

I don't have huge high hopes at all either, but I feel that if they were going just for money they would have bought it a few years ago.

+2 votes   article: Microsoft bought the whole Minecraft!
UnknownToaster Sep 12 2014, 3:10pm says:

I honestly like the first one better, but I have to admit this one is kind of cute. But the first one really sells the Pikmin feel.

Nice work on it anyhow, though. Others might like this one more, but personally I think the first one just fits the most.

Under the hypothetical that you wanted to improve this, honestly the background picture would definitely be the main problem. I like the floating on water idea, but I think it wouldn't be too hard to find something more 'foresty' with a hint of mysticality with a little pond.

Otherwise I don't really give a **** anyways.

+3 votes   media: Menu Image 2
UnknownToaster Aug 14 2014, 11:52am replied:

Well honestly,I like the subtle ones a lot more than the one with thick edges, I think it looks a lot better. Personally I would prefer the frames that aren't edited, honestly.

+1 vote   media: Olimars WIP animations
UnknownToaster Aug 12 2014, 7:18pm says:

I think it looks great too, though the first/final frame when it looks is a bit odd, why is it different from the rest of the frames with the thick outlines?

Either way I think you did a great job for sure! Keep it up!

+3 votes   media: Olimars WIP animations
UnknownToaster Jul 31 2014, 10:22pm says:

Hate to say it but Meatbox stole these tiles too.

If you've removed the other tiles because of blatant art theft then it'd probably best to remove this too.

Sorry man, hope you can get back up on your feet with art content soon. If you're lucky the artist might give you the consent to use his work. Good luck!

+2 votes   media: Day 4 Part 2: Progress
UnknownToaster Jul 31 2014, 8:10pm replied:

Personally, I think you should just hold on and see what the artist says, you should message him directly yourself too, as the team leader. It will help you represent yourself.

If he's alright with it and you'd still like to use the art then you can do it just fine. But if he's not okay with it, of course you should remove all of his work and start from scratch with your own style separate from his.

I think for now you should emphasize that this is his work and that you do not have the rights to use it. It's obvious you mean well and I appreciate that.

Overall you're best off making the art from scratch and scrapping the stolen art, but if you get direct permission from him fantastic.

+1 vote   media: Days 1, 2, and 3 progress
UnknownToaster Jul 31 2014, 6:14pm replied:

It's obvious that you should have his permission before making a public announcement about you using all the art he did.

And don't pretend like making the numbers are of the same artistic caliber and ability of the guy who made the rest of the art, let alone the fact that you wouldn't be making those numbers had you been able to get more than the '3' from the original picture. You just needed to finish the set.

Every single thing that you made that wasn't from the picture was a product of the work that was already stolen. There's no pride or integrity in theft.

Further, you went ahead and slapped your name on the whole sprite sheet which directly implies it was all done by you. No credit to the actual artist who made the majority of it. I'm not at all impressed and I find it shameful.

+2 votes   media: Days 1, 2, and 3 progress
UnknownToaster Jul 31 2014, 6:01pm says:

Jesus, man, that's way far from cool. It would be one thing if the majority of important things were done from scratch, but so many things I just blatantly stolen from someone elses project, and everything that isn't just stolen is a modified version of something that was stolen.

I mean,I'm all for you enlisting some help from Meatbox, I'm all for you going 2D, and I'm glad you've got a base of art to work from for your new version of the project..but all the art is stolen. It's all directly from that picture you showed in the news article, all of it.

I made the pictures larger so you can see better.
That's the picture in the article, and here's the art Meatbox 'made':

If you get permission from the person who created it to use in your project, fantastic, but don't credit Meatbox as your spriter if he's just giving you stolen material. Please consider reviewing the art you've been given so far and decide what you should do about it.

+2 votes   media: Days 1, 2, and 3 progress
UnknownToaster Jul 4 2014, 4:14pm says:

"No more updates until REAL progress."
Then posts this video with no progress at all, in fact, shows a picture of a Unity project that's irrelevant to BTL completely.

+4 votes   media: 4th of july video
UnknownToaster Jun 9 2014, 8:03pm says:

This is actually one of my favorite things I've seen so far, which actually says quite a bit! Great work, keep it up! I can't wait to see more and eventually try it out!

+3 votes   media: Trooper
UnknownToaster Jun 7 2014, 8:47pm says:

The English is a little poor, but it's certainly way better than no English and I definitely appreciate the effort! I think it would be fairly easy for someone who is fluent in English to go over the lines of dialogue and correct it, though they may to communicate with others to understand the full intentions and meanings behind the words.

Anyhow, glad to see the update! Seeing some English translation for the dialogue makes me happy!

+5 votes   media: New Dialog.swf
UnknownToaster Jun 7 2014, 8:28pm says:

You know, it's funny, at first it hurt looking at the third one, I feel the new curvature changed the personality of the sword, possibly the one that you felt best about. It seemed wrong to have suggested such a thing, but looking back, it just makes the sword look more natural, more real. Number two has character, and it's got a nice fantasy style, while number three is just a nice sword that could be used. It's hard to pick a favorite. I really do like them both. It's kinda funny, I think you did a great job and both are really nice swords!

I do hope to see your future work as well! Nice edits and nice work so far! You've gotten much better since you began, I'd love to see where it takes you. Great work!

+2 votes   media: Unnamed Sword (Double fix)
UnknownToaster Jun 7 2014, 8:18pm says:

Hey, you should make some nice renders for presentation and show some work here on your own page. I think it would be nice, I'm gonna follow you on here in case you decide to, then I'll get updated with pictures you post if you do.

Good luck with your future projects! Hope to see your work.

+1 vote   member: MoonMoon420
UnknownToaster May 29 2014, 8:15pm replied:

Eh, that's the fun of criticism! You don't have to agree with it. I just hope to see more models in the future! Good luck, hope the go well.

+2 votes   media: Unnamed Sword :D
UnknownToaster May 27 2014, 9:02pm says:

It's impossible to deny how adorable this is. I've always had quite a fondness for it.

+1 vote   media: "Pollito"
UnknownToaster May 27 2014, 8:59pm says:

This sword design is actually pretty cool! I like it, if I had any complaints, I'd say the handle is a bit thin for the size, though it doesn't bother me, but I'd say the point needs to be a bit sharper. I like the design though, it's creative and creativity isn't always easy.

+2 votes   media: Unnamed Sword :D
UnknownToaster Mar 23 2014, 10:47am says:

The new guns look brilliant! Fit so well!

+4 votes   media: Firing Weapons
UnknownToaster Mar 5 2014, 11:47pm says:

It might help to make the 'box room' less evenly spaced. If you've played a game with crates everywhere, think about how they do it. It's neatly placed, but not really like this. Try having them sorted together in groups, some stacked, maybe even put a few angled off, and maybe lessen the amount, or at least order it so there's a path through, it would make it a much more interesting room. Good luck!

+1 vote   media: Mall
UnknownToaster Mar 5 2014, 11:44pm says:

Have you considered trying to make the stair case a flat slope with a texture that makes it appear like steps?

It might not look as good as full brush stairs, but it will cut down on the amount of brush required, but if this is for AT6 PC then I guess it really wouldn't be a issue.

+1 vote   media: School
UnknownToaster Feb 24 2014, 12:20pm says:

I really love the look of the gun. It looks so nice in this.

+3 votes   media: Factory MP Map (WiP)
UnknownToaster Feb 22 2014, 1:01pm replied:

The hands aren't the problem, unless you're saying you're just replacing the whole model.

+1 vote   media: Stockpile (Skirmish map)
UnknownToaster Feb 21 2014, 12:51pm says:

I'm hoping some day you guys decide to fix that arm.

+3 votes   media: Stockpile (Skirmish map)
UnknownToaster Feb 16 2014, 1:13pm replied:

It just needed to buffer.

0 votes   media: Small update(read the shite y0)
UnknownToaster Feb 10 2014, 6:54pm replied:

You have 216 posts on NZP forums, they're not all of maps. If you want further clarification or any sort of appeal, you should directly talk with Dr Mabuse, either way, the ban certainly isn't permanent, he set it for 14 days.

As for the blog, the multiplayer one was what I believe made Scatter make the decision, you made the post unofficially announcing to everyone that it would not have multiplayer and Scatter didn't even know for a few days.

I'm not trying to force guilt or blame upon you, I'm just clarifying based on what I know.

Also, WeeGee, it's not hostile, don't worry.

+1 vote   media: Harpers Ferry Armory
UnknownToaster Feb 10 2014, 5:32pm replied:

It's because Meatbox has a habit of making blog posts (the multiplayer one in particular) without asking, therefore non-official. I think Scatter wants to do it himself so that he can make sure everything is as he wanted.

It's not a punishment or anything against Meatbox, he just wants do the uploads and posts on his own now.

(Note, this post is referring to WeeGee9000 asking about Meatbox not being able to upload, the other post is referring to Meatbox saying why he was banned from NZP forums.)

+1 vote   media: Harpers Ferry Armory
UnknownToaster Feb 10 2014, 5:26pm replied:

I'm pretty sure he decided to ban you because he was getting tired of your posts on the forums. I believe he felt they were not useful to the conversation and seemed counter intuitive. You should just ask him.

It wasn't a flame war, no one was even arguing. If anything, that just bothered him some, I don't think he could care that you went on his page to tell how he didn't accept your or others help.

+2 votes   media: Harpers Ferry Armory
UnknownToaster Feb 1 2014, 12:21am replied:

Halo 1 does have multiplayer. Co-op as well. Doom and Call of Duty 1 did as well, hell, Doom is where the term 'deathmatch' came from.

Even Super Mario Bro's technically has one, it's co-op and is the only way to play as Luigi. It's very simple and crude, but it's still multi-player none the less.

I realize that Gresh made a comment that was antagonizing, but at least look it up before throwing the comment back at him. Not only does Halo 1 have multiplayer, but it still has a decent online community on the PC that is still generating new mods.

+3 votes   article: Why we wont add Multiplayer
UnknownToaster Jan 25 2014, 4:11pm replied:

The 'South' as we knew it in the Civil War would never have the capability to do any of that, let alone the interest in doing so. At the height if it's power, it posed a threat to the North and could potentially have stopped the North from reclaiming it, but events did not allow that to happen. Had the North not won, there's absolutely no chance that they would have the might, power, or resources to do much besides possibly having taken land outside the United States. Ignoring that, had this legion of Southern soldiers banded, there is enough military force in the regions mentioned to wipe the South entirely off the map.

+1 vote   media: Manor
UnknownToaster Dec 22 2013, 10:24am replied:

The fact that the thing is still moving is a testament to the brand.

+2 votes   download: THE Original Survival Island
UnknownToaster Dec 11 2013, 10:10pm replied:

If Southerners are all stupid and racist to you, then to me, you are a bigoted ignoramus whom judges millions you know next to nothing about.

If you want this game to be satirical and a joke, go ahead, people can take a joke, but if you're genuinely serious about this, then you need to do a lot more thinking about the world around you and how you view them.

+2 votes   media: Forest Gameplay
UnknownToaster Nov 19 2013, 3:18pm replied:

Because nothing fits war like dubstep, huh.

+2 votes   media: Trailer Soundtrack Demo
UnknownToaster Oct 29 2013, 2:46pm replied:

Should be pretty easy, not much of a challenge.

+2 votes   media: First gun model 3D view
UnknownToaster Oct 12 2013, 6:55pm says:

This is actually quite kickass. I love that it's low poly, too. What's the final polycount on this?

+1 vote   media: V4 M4 LP Model Silenced.
UnknownToaster Sep 29 2013, 8:53pm says:

This really looks amazing.

+6 votes   media: Lighthouse
UnknownToaster Jun 11 2013, 7:09pm says:

Pretty awesome pixel art.

+1 vote   media: tyrant lizard
UnknownToaster Jun 9 2013, 7:04pm says:

I'm liking the look of this! Keep it up, I'll be watching. Hopefully develops into something great.

+2 votes   game: Jurassic park: The hunter
UnknownToaster May 28 2013, 5:26pm says:

I quite like this. It's an interesting design, I just wish that the grey textures were made a touch less bland so it doesn't blend in as much.

Great job, anyhow.

+2 votes   media: Geonosis Campaign
UnknownToaster Mar 9 2013, 8:29am replied:

I understand where you're coming from completely, but it will become a disaster zone of spam and stupid **** if it's set free. It was bad enough being updated every day with a house someone made out of dirt in 7 minutes, allotting more freedom to that is not good. A large majority would rather to be updated only about important changes and news to Minecraft.

+4 votes   article: Community news guidelines
UnknownToaster Jul 6 2012, 2:21am says:

Liking the screenshot.

0 votes   download: Tau FireWarrior Chapter 1 by Bloodhonor andSpace M
UnknownToaster Jan 5 2012, 5:14pm says:

Great looking screenshot! Great job!

+2 votes   media: a postcard from the zone :)
UnknownToaster Aug 29 2011, 5:36pm says:

Very cool looking place, some Aztec architecture inspiration I see?

+1 vote   media: Lacushire City
UnknownToaster Aug 28 2011, 11:36am replied:

Still cool and interesting! :)

+1 vote   media: Vertisa Background
UnknownToaster Jul 21 2011, 2:15pm says:

Epic win, looks great!

+2 votes   media: WIP 22
UnknownToaster Jul 12 2011, 8:33pm replied:

My first thought upon seeing them was Death Troopers, the Star Wars novel.

+2 votes   article: 12 July Update.
UnknownToaster Jul 11 2011, 4:23pm replied:

I like your lack of anything to support what you say.

+16 votes   poll: Do you own a smartphone?
UnknownToaster Jul 8 2011, 1:55pm says:

I'm hoping what you mean is that you want to hold off on updates until you have a good amount of content and you're happy with it to show off with.

You said pause and break in the project, which insists a stop in production but you insisted also that that is not the reality. You didn't directly say a pause on updates, though.

+2 votes   article: Project Pause
UnknownToaster Jun 8 2011, 3:44pm replied:

44 in that wall alone.

+1 vote   media: Wall of Steve heads!
UnknownToaster May 14 2011, 10:58am says:

I didn't look at all of them, but quite a few look pretty nice. Good work. :)

+1 vote   download: AudioGhost's Wasteland Wallpapers DC Edition
UnknownToaster Mar 16 2011, 11:17pm says:

Hey, I saw your youtube videos and was quite impressed. It's a shame you haven't made any recently.

+1 vote   member: 3rdHalf
UnknownToaster Feb 17 2011, 9:58pm replied:

The internet is not America. Regardless, just use google translate. Google chrome has it built in so I can automatically get it all translated immediately. I don't think they need to write it in English for you. In fact, I'd rather them speak their most fluent language so it's not full of errors.

+10 votes   article: [РЕЛИЗ] Русский Чат Crysis\Crysis Wars v2.0
UnknownToaster Feb 15 2011, 6:07pm says:

Yay, left handed perspective. :D
Righties get all the love. >__>

+1 vote   media: New FAMAS
UnknownToaster Feb 12 2011, 5:09pm replied:

I think the size is fine its just that the lack of transparency that most hud's have makes it look like its blocking out a lot. I don't think it's a huge deal though.

+1 vote   media: WWI Source 2.0 HUD.
UnknownToaster Feb 7 2011, 4:26pm replied:

Why does this have negative 2? He said first but he also participated in actually making a comment, he showed support, unless supporting this mod is something worthy of outcasting someone.

+3 votes   media: Urban Wars Video Update
UnknownToaster Jan 22 2011, 11:30am replied:

Congratulations, you win the no one gives a **** award! Again, Congratulations. :D

+21 votes   media: Nzp in full hd tv
UnknownToaster Jan 21 2011, 12:44pm replied:

Yay buttsecks. :D

+2 votes   media: OF2 - 2Fort
UnknownToaster Jan 2 2011, 1:50am says:

Are you going to release the source? Who knows maybe someone might pick it up from where you left off.

+4 votes   article: Official Cancellation
UnknownToaster Dec 1 2010, 5:18pm replied:

Well assuming he still has windows hes going to get it anyways. ;)

-1 votes   download: Windows Classic GUI
UnknownToaster Nov 28 2010, 3:56am replied:

Yes, we are making the PC models first then we are going to lower the poly count for PSP. :)

+1 vote   media: Saiga 12 Combat Shotgun
UnknownToaster Nov 23 2010, 12:45am replied:


+1 vote   media: In big WIP
UnknownToaster Nov 17 2010, 10:46pm replied:

ya he mad

+1 vote   media: whatta?
UnknownToaster Nov 13 2010, 3:26pm says:

What red and black thing in the corner?

+1 vote   media: New weapons and preview of verruckt
UnknownToaster Nov 13 2010, 3:24pm says:

Why does the front of the iron sights look like a hook?

+2 votes   media: New weapons and preview of verruckt
UnknownToaster Nov 13 2010, 3:04pm says:

Wow that site isn't half bad. :)

+2 votes   article: It's Been Awhile...
UnknownToaster Nov 13 2010, 3:01pm replied:

What's with all the hostility? All he was doing was asking if thats what it was. And even if you misunderstood him, why go off like that immediately at a fan?

+8 votes   media: whatta?
UnknownToaster Nov 4 2010, 4:51pm replied:

Hardly ever you mean.

+2 votes   media: Anoying glitch...
UnknownToaster Nov 3 2010, 9:38pm says:

Everyone makes mistakes. Just gotta keep on going. ;)

+1 vote   article: Game over man...
UnknownToaster Nov 3 2010, 7:18pm says:

Not bad.

+1 vote   media: Props
UnknownToaster Oct 26 2010, 6:26pm says:

That's great..

+1 vote   media: Pimpwalk
UnknownToaster Oct 18 2010, 4:37pm says:

Wow it looks really nice. :)

+1 vote   media: Albatros - Closer look
UnknownToaster Sep 14 2010, 10:00pm replied:

They're weapons from Worms.

+5 votes   media: The Rebels get new weapons!!!
UnknownToaster Aug 31 2010, 4:51pm says:

Nice looking model. Probably one of my favorites so far.

+1 vote   media: Early Semi Final Mp5
UnknownToaster Aug 27 2010, 11:16pm says:

Hopefully when we have a nice texture artist we can add a lot more detail to the arms and weapons. :)

+1 vote   media: R870 Shotgun
UnknownToaster Aug 16 2010, 5:37pm says:

I still dont understand why a maze game needs guns.

+1 vote   media: heres my final luger modeled by joealtair
UnknownToaster Aug 5 2010, 11:22pm says:

Kinda blocky in many places.

Moar autosmooth?

+1 vote   media: Final M40a3
UnknownToaster Jul 26 2010, 2:02pm replied:

Yeah he could always make tiny little buildings around it and use an entity to make them look bigger.

He obviously knows how to use displacements so he can add a little road or pathway.

+1 vote   media: ss_dust
UnknownToaster Jul 26 2010, 2:00pm says:

Nice. Fuctional and tied to the nets or just showing off?

+1 vote   media: timer board
UnknownToaster Jul 26 2010, 1:57pm says:

Wow looks great.

+1 vote   media: Okasankaar Artworks
UnknownToaster Jul 25 2010, 2:39am replied:

That was 4 hours ago and its still not working.

+1 vote   media: beauty of annhiliation and lullaby for a dead man
UnknownToaster Jul 24 2010, 4:15pm says:

Looks nice. I assume the stock is never to be seen?

+3 votes   media: Final combine spas 12!
UnknownToaster Jul 24 2010, 2:20am replied:

Coke machines usually dispense more. Coke makes more than one drink.

+3 votes   media: In Game Props
UnknownToaster Jul 24 2010, 2:14am replied:

Nah its just kinda hard to see what it is. Its not strong enough Id say.

-2 votes   media: In Game Props
UnknownToaster Jul 24 2010, 12:47am says:

I feel the coke machine looks kinda weird. Feels like its missing something. Maybe the buttons for the drinks?

+2 votes   media: In Game Props
UnknownToaster Jul 24 2010, 12:45am buried:


The F on the mail box looks ugly and obnoxious and hard to read in game.
Also, I like the midget trees.

-9 votes   media: In Game Props
UnknownToaster Jul 21 2010, 10:44pm replied:

What did he say? Missed it.

+3 votes   media: Bill Textured
UnknownToaster Jul 21 2010, 3:02am says:

Damn that looks nice.

+8 votes   media: Bill Textured
UnknownToaster Jul 20 2010, 1:21am says:

Not the best but not bad at all. Kinda looks link a claw with the branches.

+1 vote   media: Dead Tree
UnknownToaster Jul 20 2010, 1:20am replied:

If its a place where graffiti is rampant then you need some graffiti art. Put a graffiti design on the back or something.

+1 vote   media: Failbox
UnknownToaster Jul 16 2010, 1:36am says:

Why would you upload a barely halfway done model?

+1 vote   media: the maze 22 rifle so far
UnknownToaster Jul 15 2010, 1:43am says:

Looks really nice.

+1 vote   media: nothing like a friendly visit to the dentist! :D
UnknownToaster Jul 12 2010, 8:26pm says:

Is this supposed to be underground or flood infested?

+1 vote   media: Screenshots
UnknownToaster Jul 11 2010, 3:26pm says:

Looks like they have hooves. Should be fixed with the texture though.

+1 vote   media: Hellhounds + For the lulz
UnknownToaster Jul 11 2010, 3:26pm says:

Great model.

+2 votes   media: Hellhounds + For the lulz
UnknownToaster Jul 10 2010, 4:44pm replied:

No, on the front of the barrel. Its a solid peice, its supposed to have a hole.

+1 vote   media: Early M16A4
UnknownToaster Jul 9 2010, 11:22pm says:

Probably my favorite model so far besides the ironsight missing the hole.

+1 vote   media: Early M16A4
UnknownToaster Jul 8 2010, 4:42am says:

I dont like the grenade at all. I dont know why, I just really really hate it. Sorry I cant give any constructive criticism, it just looks like a gourd with a pin at the top. And that pin should atleast reach the other side and extend as much as the other side. Also that sphere should be a torus. I just feel it looks less like a grenade and more like a fruit.

+1 vote   media: Early Frag Grenade
UnknownToaster Jul 1 2010, 4:42am replied:

No, Im looking at the height. In the picture where hes holding the pistol, its a good height. Maybe a tad too tall but fine. But now that you mention it, the texture is like the tiling of suburban home's roofing.

+1 vote   media: Gangangel's School Map WIP + No final tex
UnknownToaster Jun 30 2010, 11:27pm says:

The roof still looks pretty low. It would make me feel a bit more stuck especially when by zombies and have to run and shoot. Which I guess is better for the game but theres no way it was intentional.

+1 vote   media: Gangangel's School Map WIP + No final tex
UnknownToaster Jun 28 2010, 2:31pm says:

What the hell is with the M16 texture?

+1 vote   article: new map features
UnknownToaster Jun 27 2010, 5:45pm replied:

Yes I am. Fatty.

And great.

+1 vote   media: Armsel Striker Shotgun
UnknownToaster Jun 26 2010, 7:06pm says:

The handles look really fat and uneven.

+1 vote   media: Armsel Striker Shotgun
UnknownToaster Jun 14 2010, 8:16pm replied:

You've never seen an MP5? They're everywhere..

+2 votes   media: MP5 + Uzi
UnknownToaster Jun 14 2010, 8:15pm says:

I was really hoping if you guys were gonna add modern guns they'd at least be more interesting. I mean, these are all guns that have been in almost every gun game..

+2 votes   media: MP5 + Uzi
UnknownToaster Jun 13 2010, 11:58am says:

A little boxy for a springfeild to be honest.

+1 vote   media: Early springfield
UnknownToaster Jun 10 2010, 2:18pm says:

People do that all the time. Remember when StealthKill unleashed that crap pile that is CS PSP? Everyone started making videos HOW TO GET CS 1.6 ON PSP and CS SOURCE ON PSP. They do that for more views but everyone who sees that gets all hyped but then see it was worse than they expected.

Nothing new.
Dont be too hard on yourself.
Its not all that bad, in fact Im impressed not by the quality but more of the fact that this has been living for so long. It died like 6 times but it always picked up. Keep workin'.

0 votes   article: Give us a break, here...
UnknownToaster May 22 2010, 7:37pm says:

Stupid skybox. Again, need different textures for floor and walls but at least this time you can kinda see the difference.

+1 vote   media: THE MAZE map tactics beta
UnknownToaster May 22 2010, 7:35pm says:

Get different textures for the floors and walls to compare. Again, almost impossible to comprehend. Also, when video taping, look up more. You may know all the jumps and need to know when to jump, but the viewers don't. Let them know where your going. I have a lot more things to say but I think this is sufficient so far.

+1 vote   media: THE MAZE new map desert canyon "WIP"
UnknownToaster May 22 2010, 7:31pm replied:

Jesus christ, have him make you an avatar too. Is that MS Paint? Gotta look professional, dude. While your at it try to use some grammar, people will look at you better.

+3 votes   media: new boxart
UnknownToaster May 22 2010, 7:28pm says:

Trey will be an excellent member assuming he put the same amount of work and stays completely loyal to the project as he did with Urban Wars. Good luck.

+2 votes   article: new memeber
UnknownToaster May 14 2010, 9:16pm says:

I like the hands.

+1 vote   media: Mortal kombat ninja models
UnknownToaster May 3 2010, 10:38pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Sickle
UnknownToaster Apr 18 2010, 11:51pm replied:

Eventually, don't worry. We're focusing on PC version first as it has the most capabilities not to mention its easier to port to PC than from.

+1 vote   media: FN-SCAR-H
UnknownToaster Apr 16 2010, 4:22pm says:

Learn C++. If its as simple as you say, it shouldn't be so hard.

+1 vote   article: Almost Dead
UnknownToaster Apr 9 2010, 8:18pm replied:

Maybe a bit smaller heightwise but it doesn't really bother me in game. Actually I find it easier to see my ammo.

+1 vote   media: Tree in our test level
UnknownToaster Apr 2 2010, 11:25pm replied:

Should pull the thing back overhand. Looks kinda stiff to me though.

+1 vote   media: STG-44 Animation Demonstration
UnknownToaster Mar 30 2010, 4:59pm says:

Looking terrific. :)

+1 vote   media: Screenshots, 30th march 2010
UnknownToaster Mar 27 2010, 8:33pm replied:


+1 vote   media: SVD
UnknownToaster Feb 28 2010, 3:14am says:

I can't wait! I'm sure it will be amazing! :)

+1 vote   article: Dicta Flies Again
UnknownToaster Feb 15 2010, 9:33pm says:

Lol I get A's and B's without studying. Ever.

-4 votes   media: Newer Gun Renders...
UnknownToaster Feb 7 2010, 1:51am says:

Because he cant code for the engine doesn't mean he can't QC code. -___-
You REALLY had to do this already?

+1 vote   article: bad news!!..
UnknownToaster Feb 4 2010, 5:55pm says:

Vents look too small. Whats with the bricks? Just looks weird because of your surroundings. Looks nice otherwise besides the repetitiveness of the screens.

+1 vote   media: Subway_DEV_01
UnknownToaster Feb 2 2010, 4:33pm says:

Yeah. Totally worth uploading. Don't worry, not like you guys could have uploaded something exciting. :)

0 votes   media: 1337 Posts on website......
UnknownToaster Jan 27 2010, 9:53pm says:

I would say the the green ammo drum or whatever you want to call it should be rounder but it doesn't look that bad ingame.

+1 vote   media: MG42 Animation: Non Ingame
UnknownToaster Dec 14 2009, 11:23pm says:

BC? British Columbia

+1 vote   article: Christmas Break... im leaving again!
UnknownToaster Dec 6 2009, 2:56am says:

No cover between the gaps of space? Also, would be cool to have like a transport truck in the big hangar thing in the middle.

+1 vote   media: Finished Map with temp. textures
UnknownToaster Oct 31 2009, 10:40pm says:

Chest is a bit pointy but besides that its pretty nice. :)

+1 vote   media: Samus
UnknownToaster Oct 11 2009, 1:14pm says:

No updates and forums are dieing. :(

+1 vote   article: CallOfQuake needs your help!
UnknownToaster Oct 11 2009, 12:26pm replied:

Yeah...autocad 2007. Gross.
2010 is out. :D Sexy.

+1 vote   media: ak-47
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