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UnknownToaster Oct 14 2014, 9:27pm replied:

"i fixed it"

It's technically better at least.

+4 votes   media: The Professor CONCEPT ART
UnknownToaster Sep 18 2014, 1:37pm says:

I'd have to say this one is still my personal favorite.

+1 vote   media: Menu Background
UnknownToaster Sep 17 2014, 7:44pm replied:

I don't have huge high hopes at all either, but I feel that if they were going just for money they would have bought it a few years ago.

+2 votes   article: Microsoft bought the whole Minecraft!
UnknownToaster Sep 12 2014, 3:10pm says:

I honestly like the first one better, but I have to admit this one is kind of cute. But the first one really sells the Pikmin feel.

Nice work on it anyhow, though. Others might like this one more, but personally I think the first one just fits the most.

Under the hypothetical that you wanted to improve this, honestly the background picture would definitely be the main problem. I like the floating on water idea, but I think it wouldn't be too hard to find something more 'foresty' with a hint of mysticality with a little pond.

Otherwise I don't really give a **** anyways.

+3 votes   media: Menu Image 2
UnknownToaster Aug 14 2014, 11:52am replied:

Well honestly,I like the subtle ones a lot more than the one with thick edges, I think it looks a lot better. Personally I would prefer the frames that aren't edited, honestly.

+1 vote   media: Olimars WIP animations
UnknownToaster Aug 12 2014, 7:18pm says:

I think it looks great too, though the first/final frame when it looks is a bit odd, why is it different from the rest of the frames with the thick outlines?

Either way I think you did a great job for sure! Keep it up!

+3 votes   media: Olimars WIP animations
UnknownToaster Jul 31 2014, 10:22pm says:

Hate to say it but Meatbox stole these tiles too.

If you've removed the other tiles because of blatant art theft then it'd probably best to remove this too.

Sorry man, hope you can get back up on your feet with art content soon. If you're lucky the artist might give you the consent to use his work. Good luck!

+2 votes   media: Day 4 Part 2: Progress
UnknownToaster Jul 31 2014, 8:10pm replied:

Personally, I think you should just hold on and see what the artist says, you should message him directly yourself too, as the team leader. It will help you represent yourself.

If he's alright with it and you'd still like to use the art then you can do it just fine. But if he's not okay with it, of course you should remove all of his work and start from scratch with your own style separate from his.

I think for now you should emphasize that this is his work and that you do not have the rights to use it. It's obvious you mean well and I appreciate that.

Overall you're best off making the art from scratch and scrapping the stolen art, but if you get direct permission from him fantastic.

+1 vote   media: Days 1, 2, and 3 progress
UnknownToaster Jul 31 2014, 6:14pm replied:

It's obvious that you should have his permission before making a public announcement about you using all the art he did.

And don't pretend like making the numbers are of the same artistic caliber and ability of the guy who made the rest of the art, let alone the fact that you wouldn't be making those numbers had you been able to get more than the '3' from the original picture. You just needed to finish the set.

Every single thing that you made that wasn't from the picture was a product of the work that was already stolen. There's no pride or integrity in theft.

Further, you went ahead and slapped your name on the whole sprite sheet which directly implies it was all done by you. No credit to the actual artist who made the majority of it. I'm not at all impressed and I find it shameful.

+2 votes   media: Days 1, 2, and 3 progress
UnknownToaster Jul 31 2014, 6:01pm says:

Jesus, man, that's way far from cool. It would be one thing if the majority of important things were done from scratch, but so many things I just blatantly stolen from someone elses project, and everything that isn't just stolen is a modified version of something that was stolen.

I mean,I'm all for you enlisting some help from Meatbox, I'm all for you going 2D, and I'm glad you've got a base of art to work from for your new version of the project..but all the art is stolen. It's all directly from that picture you showed in the news article, all of it.

I made the pictures larger so you can see better.
That's the picture in the article, and here's the art Meatbox 'made':

If you get permission from the person who created it to use in your project, fantastic, but don't credit Meatbox as your spriter if he's just giving you stolen material. Please consider reviewing the art you've been given so far and decide what you should do about it.

+2 votes   media: Days 1, 2, and 3 progress
UnknownToaster Jul 4 2014, 4:14pm says:

"No more updates until REAL progress."
Then posts this video with no progress at all, in fact, shows a picture of a Unity project that's irrelevant to BTL completely.

+4 votes   media: 4th of july video
UnknownToaster Jun 9 2014, 8:03pm says:

This is actually one of my favorite things I've seen so far, which actually says quite a bit! Great work, keep it up! I can't wait to see more and eventually try it out!

+3 votes   media: Trooper
UnknownToaster Jun 7 2014, 8:47pm says:

The English is a little poor, but it's certainly way better than no English and I definitely appreciate the effort! I think it would be fairly easy for someone who is fluent in English to go over the lines of dialogue and correct it, though they may to communicate with others to understand the full intentions and meanings behind the words.

Anyhow, glad to see the update! Seeing some English translation for the dialogue makes me happy!

+5 votes   media: New Dialog.swf
UnknownToaster Jun 7 2014, 8:28pm says:

You know, it's funny, at first it hurt looking at the third one, I feel the new curvature changed the personality of the sword, possibly the one that you felt best about. It seemed wrong to have suggested such a thing, but looking back, it just makes the sword look more natural, more real. Number two has character, and it's got a nice fantasy style, while number three is just a nice sword that could be used. It's hard to pick a favorite. I really do like them both. It's kinda funny, I think you did a great job and both are really nice swords!

I do hope to see your future work as well! Nice edits and nice work so far! You've gotten much better since you began, I'd love to see where it takes you. Great work!

+2 votes   media: Unnamed Sword (Double fix)
UnknownToaster Jun 7 2014, 8:18pm says:

Hey, you should make some nice renders for presentation and show some work here on your own page. I think it would be nice, I'm gonna follow you on here in case you decide to, then I'll get updated with pictures you post if you do.

Good luck with your future projects! Hope to see your work.

+1 vote   member: MoonMoon420
UnknownToaster May 29 2014, 8:15pm replied:

Eh, that's the fun of criticism! You don't have to agree with it. I just hope to see more models in the future! Good luck, hope the go well.

+2 votes   media: Unnamed Sword :D
UnknownToaster May 27 2014, 9:02pm says:

It's impossible to deny how adorable this is. I've always had quite a fondness for it.

+1 vote   media: "Pollito"
UnknownToaster May 27 2014, 8:59pm says:

This sword design is actually pretty cool! I like it, if I had any complaints, I'd say the handle is a bit thin for the size, though it doesn't bother me, but I'd say the point needs to be a bit sharper. I like the design though, it's creative and creativity isn't always easy.

+2 votes   media: Unnamed Sword :D
UnknownToaster Mar 23 2014, 10:47am says:

The new guns look brilliant! Fit so well!

+4 votes   media: Firing Weapons
UnknownToaster Mar 5 2014, 11:47pm says:

It might help to make the 'box room' less evenly spaced. If you've played a game with crates everywhere, think about how they do it. It's neatly placed, but not really like this. Try having them sorted together in groups, some stacked, maybe even put a few angled off, and maybe lessen the amount, or at least order it so there's a path through, it would make it a much more interesting room. Good luck!

+1 vote   media: Mall
UnknownToaster Mar 5 2014, 11:44pm says:

Have you considered trying to make the stair case a flat slope with a texture that makes it appear like steps?

It might not look as good as full brush stairs, but it will cut down on the amount of brush required, but if this is for AT6 PC then I guess it really wouldn't be a issue.

+1 vote   media: School
UnknownToaster Feb 26 2014, 5:37pm replied:

That's a good idea, you might be able to find someone with a lot of talent who's easy to work with, at the very least someone who might be able to match your 'vision' or style. Good luck, Scatter

+6 votes   game: Beyond the Lines:RR
UnknownToaster Feb 24 2014, 12:20pm says:

I really love the look of the gun. It looks so nice in this.

+3 votes   media: Factory MP Map (WiP)
UnknownToaster Feb 22 2014, 1:01pm replied:

The hands aren't the problem, unless you're saying you're just replacing the whole model.

+1 vote   media: Stockpile (Skirmish map)
UnknownToaster Feb 21 2014, 12:51pm says:

I'm hoping some day you guys decide to fix that arm.

+3 votes   media: Stockpile (Skirmish map)
UnknownToaster Feb 16 2014, 1:13pm replied:

It just needed to buffer.

0 votes   media: Small update(read the shite y0)
UnknownToaster Feb 10 2014, 6:54pm replied:

You have 216 posts on NZP forums, they're not all of maps. If you want further clarification or any sort of appeal, you should directly talk with Dr Mabuse, either way, the ban certainly isn't permanent, he set it for 14 days.

As for the blog, the multiplayer one was what I believe made Scatter make the decision, you made the post unofficially announcing to everyone that it would not have multiplayer and Scatter didn't even know for a few days.

I'm not trying to force guilt or blame upon you, I'm just clarifying based on what I know.

Also, WeeGee, it's not hostile, don't worry.

+1 vote   media: Harpers Ferry Armory
UnknownToaster Feb 10 2014, 5:32pm replied:

It's because Meatbox has a habit of making blog posts (the multiplayer one in particular) without asking, therefore non-official. I think Scatter wants to do it himself so that he can make sure everything is as he wanted.

It's not a punishment or anything against Meatbox, he just wants do the uploads and posts on his own now.

(Note, this post is referring to WeeGee9000 asking about Meatbox not being able to upload, the other post is referring to Meatbox saying why he was banned from NZP forums.)

+1 vote   media: Harpers Ferry Armory
UnknownToaster Feb 10 2014, 5:26pm replied:

I'm pretty sure he decided to ban you because he was getting tired of your posts on the forums. I believe he felt they were not useful to the conversation and seemed counter intuitive. You should just ask him.

It wasn't a flame war, no one was even arguing. If anything, that just bothered him some, I don't think he could care that you went on his page to tell how he didn't accept your or others help.

+2 votes   media: Harpers Ferry Armory
UnknownToaster Feb 2 2014, 10:19pm replied:

Meatbox, there's a strong difference between telling someone off and telling them to kill themselves. If you genuinely think that that is the proper response to someone who is bugging you, then you need to do a lot more thinking and grow up.

+1 vote   article: Why we wont add Multiplayer
UnknownToaster Feb 2 2014, 1:35pm replied:

The SNES version did have multiplayer, you just needed the XBAND.

+1 vote   article: Why we wont add Multiplayer
UnknownToaster Jan 14 2014, 12:51pm says:

It's definitely interesting, the sad part is that I find it drastically less immersive with the lack of 'real lighting' and other fun features. I love Doom to death, but in my opinion, this game would be better off on Darkplaces.

+2 votes   media: Simple art style testing
UnknownToaster Nov 19 2013, 2:40pm says:

I really like the look of the gun from the side views, but the first person view seems a bit simple. Originally that seemed to be the look you were going for, but now things are getting detailed and look really nice, I think you should put some more details on the first person view to get it to match.

Looks great though. This is all shaping up well.

+2 votes   media: Pulse Rifle Ingame
UnknownToaster Oct 12 2013, 7:17pm says:

Looks like the bad guy from Deus Ex.

+1 vote   media: wip face practice
UnknownToaster Sep 29 2013, 7:19pm says:

The model looks pretty good overall, just has some scaling issues.
The thumb is quite long and pops out quite a bit further than it should. Other than that, I like how the fingers aren't all the same length, but they knuckles are portrayed to be roughly the same length in this, check you hands and see how they're further out on the longer fingers.

Only other thing is the knuckles are quite dominant mid-finger.

It's definitely a good model, with some small tweaks like I mentioned, it would look a bit better.

+1 vote   media: Hands(PC)
UnknownToaster Jun 9 2013, 7:11pm says:

Very very interesting. Keep up the great work, I'll definitely watch your future works too.

+3 votes   game: Middens
UnknownToaster May 19 2013, 9:15am replied:

Regretful, I was rather amused by the preview.

+8 votes   download: Planet Survival
UnknownToaster Jun 22 2012, 2:25pm says:

Wow, absolutely fantastic concept art, nice job, H4ngman.

+4 votes   media: Stalker concept
UnknownToaster Jan 21 2012, 6:58pm replied:

I'd say it's fairly logical to assume that a programmer programming a windows game who is showing off his accessibility to Mac OS on a game as an update JUST MIGHT be using it to hint that he is going to be programming it for Mac too considering someone who is programming for the Mac might just want to be able to use a Mac os.

But who knows, it's just a guess.

+4 votes   media: Mac osx in windows 7, why?
UnknownToaster Jun 16 2011, 1:18am says:

Easily one of my favorite profile pictures of all time. Ferrets are badass.

+3 votes   member: ashton93
UnknownToaster Feb 17 2011, 10:00pm says:

The maturity of this news update is VERY refreshing after the previous. I'm glad you're taking control, I'm sure it will be in much better hands and I'm sure you can solve this and get things going. Hope no fans left and stayed watching.

+2 votes   article: Back to Basics
UnknownToaster Feb 11 2011, 10:27pm replied:

Well there are some people who just like videogames regardless the company because they don't have any bias, a video game developer would probably be one of those. I don't see any reason to hate on Microsoft especially since Microsoft actually helps the world by advancing technology and pays for vaccine research and Sony kind of just makes video game consoles.

+4 votes   article: status "weekly" upate 10
UnknownToaster Jan 31 2011, 8:21pm says:

I know Nix branched out to some other projects probably out of boredom and I've been on skype.

+1 vote   media: EX-41 Grenade Launcher
UnknownToaster Dec 7 2010, 5:59pm says:

Why does the animation seem rather slow?
In a situation with tense combat you wouldn't be chillaxing and reload with a chilled tense. You'd be hurrying but still confident.

+1 vote   media: M202A1 Flash Animation
UnknownToaster Nov 25 2010, 7:49pm replied:

No, I mean as a mapper his lights were poorly done, not its hard to see. It fits the atmosphere but they still need some work.

0 votes   media: pics from house of maddnes
UnknownToaster Nov 23 2010, 4:51pm says:

The person who did this is ridiculously immature. He's spamming a bunch of moddb pages.

+1 vote  
UnknownToaster Nov 16 2010, 6:26pm replied:

Thank god. I was going to say it looked ridiculously awkward.

+1 vote   media: Working psp game play video + new map
UnknownToaster Nov 13 2010, 5:09pm replied:

But the :P could have been for anything! D:

+1 vote   media: did someone say easter egg?!?!
UnknownToaster Nov 13 2010, 3:35pm replied:

It's just a box. The 12 tris just form the box. 2 tris for each side.
It's the texture that makes it look pretty. I cant imagine a box being pretty with 12 tris since its just a normal box.

+1 vote   media: did someone say easter egg?!?!
UnknownToaster Nov 13 2010, 3:30pm replied:

Caring at the early stages is extremely important especially if your going to present it. You don't want people to get a bad impression. No lighting gives me a terrible impression.

+1 vote   media: New weapons and preview of verrückt
UnknownToaster Nov 13 2010, 3:25pm says:

REALLY needs lighting. It can be dark but you still need lighting. It makes the game look ugly with no lighting at all.

+1 vote   media: New weapons and preview of verruckt
UnknownToaster Nov 3 2010, 7:21pm replied:

I totally agree with Ark. The lighting has been terrible. Its nice for it to be dark but you REALLY need to learn to use effective lighting.

+1 vote   media: New weapons and preview of verrückt
UnknownToaster Oct 30 2010, 7:16pm replied:

I don't think he should stop, rather make them ironic again. At this point we kind of expect it.

+3 votes   media: Oh the irony 4
UnknownToaster Oct 30 2010, 6:36pm replied:

Message Notch.
Request DEMAND IT!

+1 vote   media: Status of the Halloween Update
UnknownToaster Oct 30 2010, 6:34pm replied:

Well of course. That's why I'm so impressed by him. He wastes no time and codes WAY fast.

+3 votes   media: I TOLD youabout status updates .....
UnknownToaster Oct 29 2010, 4:54pm says:

I'm so gonna build a house in hell.

+2 votes   media: PCgamer-Slipgate Adventures 01
UnknownToaster Oct 18 2010, 8:35pm says:

Haha is that necessary? I don't even know the use of cactus. The only one I can think of is I can replace blocks in the side of my mountains with cactus to hurt zombies as they walk and climb.

+1 vote   media: CACTUS FARM OVERKILL!!
UnknownToaster Oct 16 2010, 5:02pm says:

Cloud effect background with a brown color. Flare and sun effects. White greenish text with darker green glow. Totally black foreground. Looks nice but everything used in this is pretty basic.

+1 vote   media: Menu wallpaper
UnknownToaster Aug 22 2010, 4:39pm replied:

multiple times*
Damn I should have checked this before I posted it. -_-

+2 votes   media: Back Ground Pic and Facebook Page :D
UnknownToaster Aug 22 2010, 3:36pm says:

Nice but the problem is the blood patterns are clearly shown multiple things and since t hey're spread out like that it looks kind of random.

Maybe some bigger spots of blood with smaller ones around it would work better but this isn't bad at all.

Just my 2 cents.

+2 votes   media: Back Ground Pic and Facebook Page :D
UnknownToaster Aug 20 2010, 8:31am says:

Really it looks real fine in game. Don't worry about it. ;)
I agree it looks weird but its gonna be great.

+1 vote   media: SCAR H Reload Animation
UnknownToaster Jul 26 2010, 5:49am says:

For your posts on the School Shooter mod, I reward you 100,000 internets.

I think its totally sickening that they're making that mod. I don't think video games make people violent. Rather simulation gives them ideas. And the guys making it, remind me of the kid who shot up the school because it would be "just like Doom" except they're doing the opposite. They're making a game to be Just like murdering innocents.

0 votes   member: FuzzyMcDoodle
UnknownToaster Jul 24 2010, 1:22pm replied:

A green would work. Or light blue.

Well if he took time to add it youd think he would care about it. He thinks its a nice part of the prop, so if its a big part of the prop then if you cant tell what it is that would be problematic.

+1 vote   media: In Game Props
UnknownToaster Jul 20 2010, 2:55pm replied:

Actually there are no cross hairs to go away. In real life there arent crosshairs. So the only place where that can be true are in video games and its up to the creators of that game to make that choice. So that logic is fail. But still, to take them off when going into ironsights would be really simple code and should have been implemented already.

+7 votes   media: :O? Ironsights
UnknownToaster Jul 18 2010, 4:57am says:

Why is the barrel flat at the bottom?

+1 vote   media: new colt!
UnknownToaster Jul 16 2010, 11:20pm replied:

Looks? It has no pictures. -_-

+11 votes   game: We: The Hunted
UnknownToaster Jul 13 2010, 3:45pm says:

Ridiculously skinny.

+1 vote   media: Early Dragonuv
UnknownToaster Jul 11 2010, 8:29pm says:

Can we see it in First person perspective?

+1 vote   media: FG-42
UnknownToaster Jun 25 2010, 11:19pm replied:

The title is "ultra super cool box bus with no wheels" none of it says, not done, or WIP.

+2 votes   media: ultra super cool box bus with no wheels
UnknownToaster Jun 25 2010, 7:23pm says:

Could have been a bit less boxy don't you think? Like beveling the corners and edges on the top? And if your not gonna add wheels, you should at least cut out the side where the wheel should be.

+2 votes   media: ultra super cool box bus with no wheels
UnknownToaster Jun 24 2010, 2:48am says:

Why would you change the background to grey? You wouldnt be able to see the models anymore..

+1 vote   media: Bouncing Betty
UnknownToaster Jun 13 2010, 8:14pm replied:

If thats tall then the bench is gonna look wide as hell.

+1 vote   media: Super Early Cafeteria
UnknownToaster Jun 13 2010, 11:59am says:

Raise the roof a tad and heighten the tables.

+1 vote   media: Super Early Cafeteria
UnknownToaster Jun 13 2010, 11:56am says:

I thought it was a stupid drawing or a logo in the thumbnail. And it DOES like like a plastic toy kids throw at eachother that bend around all the time.

+2 votes   media: some weapon models!
UnknownToaster Jun 9 2010, 1:58pm says:

Looking great. Gotta head to the forum more often.

+1 vote   article: First ModDB Update
UnknownToaster May 22 2010, 7:38pm says:

Why do you need a gun if its a maze?

+1 vote   media: THE MAZE rifle "WIP"
UnknownToaster May 2 2010, 2:40am says:

Looks a little too gold. More silvery?

+2 votes   media: Wunderwaffe Texture
UnknownToaster Apr 7 2010, 6:15pm says:

Kinda looks a bit blocky around the edges but otherwise its nice. :)

-1 votes   media: Forklift
UnknownToaster Mar 7 2010, 2:19pm says:

We know.

+1 vote   media: Mechanized Nazi (Enemy type)
UnknownToaster Feb 27 2010, 10:09pm says:

Wow it looks great. So glad to see this is still alive! :)

+1 vote   media: new skybox
UnknownToaster Jan 31 2010, 9:47pm says:

I wouldn't believe it for a second but I was so hoping you guys photoshopped it nicely and halfway through the conversation I decided to look at it and I lol'd. :)

+1 vote   article: We Prank our Leader
UnknownToaster Jan 15 2010, 7:50pm says:

I think were crazy. :)

+1 vote   article: Update...
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