I'm a student in IT Carlow, Ireland studying computer systems. I play a lot of games and I'll be tossing my abominations onto moddb eventually, but for now I gotta get better at coding.

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CaptainLagfail Mar 28 2010 says:

Best gun in the history of gaming guns.

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CaptainLagfail Mar 28 2010 replied:

That's where leveling comes in. You lose experience for each death. Leveling up unlocks upgrades.

If your team dies constantly in order to stay as a team, they'll be quickly overrun.

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CaptainLagfail Mar 23 2010 replied:

1) Using uTorrent only, and PROPERLY CONFIGURED FOR MY CONNECTION which is more than I can say for 90% of users.

2) Using Microsoft Security Essentials which has the highest detection rates of any free program currently on the market.

3) i average a 3:1 upload/download on my other torrents (42:1 for Ubuntu 9.10 ^^ but that one's a bit of a cheat xD)

When I used the torrent, I got one tracker, 4 seeders (no connections) 2 peers (1 connection). This is after 32 hours of straight downloading. In total I dl'd about 35mb. In 32 hours.

It's a seeding problem, not one on my end XD

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CaptainLagfail Mar 22 2010 says:

Tried the depositfiles link for LITE. no download slots. every time.

Tried the Megaupload link. ETA 18 hours for ~900 mb. Timed out after 4 hours (160mb)

Tried the torrent. 4 seeders, 2kbps download. ETA 1 year 13 weeks.

Seriously... Upload to moddb. I really want to play this xD

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CaptainLagfail Mar 22 2010 replied:

fair enough. enjoy the break. we're all happy to wait for something special (Black Mesa ftw lol)

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CaptainLagfail Mar 19 2010 replied:

Also, while I'm here... Can I get an eta on 3.0? (How many years till it's on the CoP engine lol)

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CaptainLagfail Mar 19 2010 says:

When are you going to upload ANY version of this to moddb? I have 30mb internet yet I have to download at 30kbps from depositfiles....

I love this mod, but I don't leave my computer on overnight for 'only' 2gb of content. (Not saying the work on the mod isn't appreciated, but come on! Depositfiles?! Just upload to moddb!)

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CaptainLagfail Mar 13 2010 says:

I played this for one reason and one reason only. The premise reminded me of Dear Esther, and the summary mentioned Lovecraft.

Needless to say I wasn't disappointed.

I might as well end the review here as anything else would ruin it for new 'players'...'readers?' ('experience-ers?', needs a new word to describe it I guess...)

Oh yeah, Post Script was amazing.

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CaptainLagfail Mar 13 2010 says:

Gotta say for the most part i loved it.
I had feared camping would be a huge issue, but the spawn points are so open there's really no point in trying!

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CaptainLagfail Mar 8 2010 replied:

I think it's probably a problem on my end. My ISP is pretty poor at picking up servers in any Steam game. Maybe it's to do with the way they route traffic from Ireland through Holland. Meh...

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CaptainLagfail Mar 7 2010 replied:

Ok, I concede that point. Just try to get such a car an NCAP rating today xD

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CaptainLagfail Mar 7 2010 says:


One minor thing I've noticed... That blue car... There is absolutely no need for those side spoilers on the front and back (Lights can be placed elsewhere), aerodynamically they just create drag, and I doubt road safety regulations would permit an attachment on a car that could cut pedestrians in half when the car is doing 30mph.

I know, different timeline, scientific advancement moving faster than legislation can keep up, etc. I just think the car looks wrong ^^ it's not a submarine xD

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CaptainLagfail Mar 6 2010 replied:

Can't see any servers on graviNULL from Ireland. Oh well... lol

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CaptainLagfail Feb 26 2010 replied:

Count me in.
I hate being the guy to tear a game apart when it reaches 1.0 but that seems to happen on a regular basis ^^ maybe I'm just too logical for my own good.
I'm not satisfied with most games until I've found all the exploits. Guess that's why I mention SourceForts so much in comparisons, the damn thing changes every round.

Can't wait for the Beta!

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CaptainLagfail Feb 26 2010 replied:

Wait, so secondary fire is an upgrade? Never thought of that ^^
What I mean with the camping is that mass camping in this game is inevitable as there is no reason for a tactical player to leave the spawn area.

Counterstrike gets around this with bomb/hostage, HL2DM gets around it with random spawn points (which won't work in this due to disorientation), Team Fortress does it with capture points.

For this to work as is, you would need to design the maps to provide virtually no cover at spawn and increasing cover as you reach the centre of the map.

OR add capture points that provide a boon for your team (such as resupply points or maybe XP accumulators for leveling up quicker). The advantage of this is that the centre of the map is equally accessible to both teams and cover can be designed to make holding the centre hard and capping it relatively easy. The trade off then becomes how much of one resource (team population) can you trade off to gain another resource (XP) which would make your game easier. No teammates would risk suicidal tactics while gaining XP as they would switch teams, and no teammate would make stupid rushes to cap the point as, even if they succeed, they would switch team.

Both teams would attempt to populate the centre of the map before attacking the capture point and cover would be designed to favor the attackers, not the defenders. This way, the smaller team would still be able to get some kills and the team sizes would fluctuate enough not to favor either one too much.

This, I think would balance the game, allow you to tactically use Tanks without them being too powerful and help to prevent camping in the corners of the map.

Also, engineers would now be useful to defend points and use the grav gun to stack sh*t in doorways near the cap point.

Jesus... maybe I should get to work on my own mod of your mod ^^

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CaptainLagfail Feb 26 2010 replied:

suiciding / team choosing isn't what I was aiming that comment at (although it is another valid point)

What I'm worried about is that, assuming spawn points are specific per team and that they are at opposite ends of the map (as spawning in the centre of the map on the opposite team every round would lead to mass teamkills for new players ^^) you have to consider the possibility of better players utilizing the placement of spawn points and terrain, camping near their own team's spawn point and simply killing anyone from the other team that gets close. Every kill = larger team and I'm worried that by camping near your own spawn (as the more tactical players would) it would slow down the game and just drain players from one team to the other until the game ends.
This is where my concern about tanks and snipers comes in as they would be perfect for this scenario and prone to being exploited.

The problem is that camping in this game type is extremely effective as in most game types a proficient camper usually can't be taken down until the numbers are stacked against them, but in this, the longer they camp, the less chance of them being overwhelmed.

I've just had a thought... Give the assault class a single rifle grenade each and they would prove extremely effective against campers! Even if tanks can survive the initial blast they'll be disorientated enough to storm!

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CaptainLagfail Feb 26 2010 says:

Seems interesting so far...

Looks like a little bit of HLDM, SourceForts(Classes), ModernWarfare(Upgrades) and team swapping on death to keep things interesting.

A few words of caution, though...

Don't make the Tank too powerful or it will be spammed like crazy. (Slows the game down completely in SourceForts and other class based games). Maybe make him a little faster and more damaging, but with less health. Otherwise you'll find one or both teams just spamming Tanks in the middle of the map. Considering how effective the AR2 is at range I don't feel snipers will be able to deter Tank spamming unless they can one-hit-kill everything. And that in itself creates another host of problems.

Keep the upgrades balanced. Modern Warfare made the mistake of giving the regulars game-changing powers such as Martyrdom, Last Stand, Overkill and stupidly good weapon upgrades while new players were stuck with an M16, an MP5, ironsights and nothing useful long or short range for those new to the guns.
I'm guessing your upgrades will take the form of damage/health/speed mods but yet again, dont allow them to be too powerful. If you double health, half the speed or damage done, etc.

Also maybe add a time limit before team switching begins. Otherwise you'll get a 'pros vs noobs' effect where all the good players know each other, join the same team and play tactically (read: Camping), killing everyone on the other team and bolstering their own numbers. Every game type should have balance and I see very easy ways to exploit this one.
(Team deathmatch keeps teams in equal size, CT Flag / 'Capture Points' is designed so that the final points to capture are near the enemy spawn point making it progressively harder the more ground you gain).
All I see happening here is both teams camping their own spawn points and picking off the poor bastards that get ****** off waiting. Players will slowly drain from one team to the other, and no one will have any fun.

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CaptainLagfail Feb 18 2010 replied:

(Reply to DOLBYdigital)

Must be my damn ISP I guess. Used to get over 1000 counterstrike servers, with the new ISP I can only find ~50. And half of those have bad ping. Managed to get around 400 with some minor modifications in my router but the damn thing boots me off the connection and logs a UDP flood (???). Guess the server just wasn't visible to me.

Hopefully next time it comes round to SF I'll have my router woes fixed.

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CaptainLagfail Feb 17 2010 says:

Yay! GE:S! I was on SourceForts for a few hours the last day and saw no-one... You should probably advertise a single server for everyone to join.

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CaptainLagfail Feb 11 2010 says:

Have you decided on a server to join or do you host your own for the duration of these games?

By the way, SF rules regardless of HL2's ping/physics bugs

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CaptainLagfail Jan 24 2010 says:

Might as well ask (Though I'm probably the millionth to do so...)

What is the difference between this and SAMP?
Is it a difference in gameplay or just the same idea with different code?
The reason I ask is that me and a few college friends have a small SA-MP server we play on in between lectures. It's got a few custom scripts, nothing big, but I'm wondering if it'll be worth the effort to swap across to MTA.

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CaptainLagfail Jan 23 2010 says:

Gotta admit it's really stable so far! Found about 10 or 12 bugs, but I tend to torture test anything I beta XD.
All in the name of building a Steam-killer!
Loving the design so far, you've managed to add a lot of flair without making it tacky or inefficient. Even with it's bugs, I'm now launching all my games from Desura rather than Steam!

Great work!

+1 vote   group: Desura
CaptainLagfail Jan 6 2010 replied:

Thought so.

I'm torn between the visuals/stability of this and the gameplay of OL/SMP. Using SMP at the moment but it crashes every 3 minutes xD. They must be doing something right if I'm willing to put up with that much instability!

+1 vote   mod: STALKER Complete 2009 (2012)
CaptainLagfail Jan 5 2010 says:

Can this mod be combined with arsenal mod?
Or could the visuals in this be added to Super Mod Pack?

Sorry, I just can't decide which to use :P

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CaptainLagfail Jan 4 2010 replied:

FULL version on Depositfiles downloading for 5 hours so far, 13 hours left oO... how the hell do they call 30 KBps a fast download... guess I'm paying a 30 MBps monthly fee for nothing.....

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CaptainLagfail Jan 4 2010 replied:

Finally got back from Wild Territory to Rostok without a crash (Took 20+ restarts) and now I find the game crashing whenever I try to leave Rostok in EVERY direction....

Is there an ETA for 2.5?

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CaptainLagfail Jan 4 2010 replied:

Have got an uber-rig (so proud of my home builds). I couldn't download FULL as the depositfiles file kept resetting halfway through the download. (Gigs of my download limit wasted this month....)

Guess I'll try again when you have another way to download. What's stopping you from uploading to ModDB anyway? LURK comes in at 1.95 gigs as well, and that's uploaded.

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CaptainLagfail Jan 3 2010 says:

Love the pack, but I've crashed soo many times!
Happens about once every hour.
The latest crash must have happened during a quicksave and messed it up as now the game crashes on load!
Also, getting more extreme versions of the standard STALKER 'freeze up when passing a pack of bloodsuckers who are riding on top of pseudodogs with a G36 each'. This happens about once a minute for about 2-3 seconds each when i enter a new area.
Hopefully it'll be stable with 2.5... This is the best mod I've ever played.

Any chance you could look to combine this with the new visuals of Stalker Complete 2009? That would be godly...

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CaptainLagfail Dec 18 2009 says:

Sign me up for the beta!!!

One thing I'd really like to see is integration with messenger programs like msn. I usually have to sign out of these whenever I want to play games (which is all the time ^^) due to my ping going haywire. I'm pretty much off the radar when it comes to msn, skype, facebook, and everything else my friends tend to post on because of my gaming habit ^^

Anyway, that's just a suggestion, I'm sure there's more than enough on the team's plate already ^^

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