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umd223 Mar 31 2015, 8:59am replied:

Speaking of Caldari- when you get around to them, if Missile effects / performance is less satisfying than what you're aiming for- pop over to the Sins of the Prophets page and ask about those archer missile effects; just an idea :3

Otherwise, Really can't wait to finish downloading this version xD

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umd223 Feb 28 2015, 2:08am replied:

Correction, Lord_Set isn't EA, he actually completes his content no matter how long it takes, before calling it Finished/Released.

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umd223 Feb 20 2015, 10:10pm says:

Any ETA on the next faction release?

+1 vote   download: Updated Amarr .004
umd223 Feb 15 2015, 4:56am says:

Thankyouuuu, been eager as hell for this mod to release more content; and I was blessed! xD

The rorq as the colonisation cap- but as a drone ship is a really cool idea, think it should have a jump drive though' or get a Little bit of a speed boost (or even have that microjump drive ability the apoc had in the version before)

Otherwise though, this looks really solid' love it :3

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umd223 Mar 21 2013, 6:27pm says:

I havnt logged into my account for Ages, even after skimming alot of mods~
You certainly changed that xD

Keep up the awesome work!
Also, would there be any way to 'warp' the vasari beam 'projectile' to look like green/blue petrusite lightning beams?

+1 vote   media: ISA Cruiser In-game Screenshots
umd223 Apr 4 2012, 6:58pm says:

Pretty sure a Supercarrier and Carrier is meant to be
(Huge = Capitalship)

Also shipyard = huge, so it can build the bigger stuff like supercarriers and titans, possibly rorquels aswell

+1 vote   media: Updated Buildtree
umd223 Mar 16 2012, 7:06am says:

This has got to have been, the most Epic mod' ive ever played.
Besides the Simple Complex mod xD

The ships are to real scale, speed is to real scale, Damage is to real scale'

Only problems are, the maps are huge and a fleet travelling at battleship speed (97m/s) is painful without warp/jumping D:

Besides all of that, I hope that one day' this mod will be as epic as the wallpaper named Iron Tide.

Situated here:

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umd223 Feb 1 2012, 3:41pm replied:

Sweet, alright :)

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umd223 Jan 31 2012, 2:33am replied:

Ahh, I see'

Yeah Im happy with that =o
Ill tell him about the nuke cannon, gonna try that as well x3

One last problem/bug that I wanna tell you is, on some maps when you put "Starting reanumiration/res: Dev/Test (11,000)" on the Moon map it'll set the rank as the highest for that, but on most other maps you'd have to upgrade the ranks, but once you upgrade the first rank the res injection minimizes back to that rank, and you cant upgrade pilots/officer moduals until you upgrade those ranks =/

Even if the option is set lower though, it'll be the same case;
Any chance you can fix that? =o

+2 votes   download: Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 1.9
umd223 Jan 30 2012, 5:47am replied:

I had the Battle Ark 10-20 minutes into the game, the Blackhole Tech costs /100,000 res, most wont Get that far' unless in a very controlled ai game >.>

The Battle Ark had just under 2mill hp, my friend had 3-4 cruisers with a small fleet of arty/flak frigates (which it obliterated, All of them)

In the end it ended up flinging the Vagyr Mothership at the moon insanely fast before it actually blew up (Note that he was litterely broke, he didnt have any res left to save it nor progress any further because that One ship that I could build in a few minutes, utterly pwned everything he had >.>

Hounestly I can say it was an unfair advantage, but I didnt cheat'
And tbh, nerfing the /repulsion effect would make it seem a Ton more realistic and quite possibly cooler xP

I can go on about the two starting ships (Crew and Research) being completely overpowered but im gonna leave That be because of the such low amount of hp they have >.>

Besides that, good mod' youve improved it thus far

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umd223 Jan 29 2012, 5:30am says:

Oooor nerf the repulsion effect to 5m/s + every few seconds? =o

+2 votes   download: Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 1.9
umd223 Jan 29 2012, 5:20am says:

The game is bloody amazing' but there was one exception

After playing a game with a friend in Multiplayer, I was losing so i build the Battle Ark; and found that it was greately overpowered o.o;

The Widow Maker cannon on the bottom of it that shoots red laser 'bolts', has the repulsion effect of the Ion cannon (but 100-1000x greater), which while i admit was funny, my friend got upset in the end because of it o.o;

It ended up flinging his Command Fortress into the moon at 800m/s, he was trying to save it back he was broke on ru =/

Also besides that fact that its So damn powerful, I think the prices of the Battle Ark and Colony Station should be switched to put actual balance into it o.o;

So yeah, can you Please cut out the repulsion effect of the Widow Maker cannon, and switch the prices around? I think quite a few people can agree on this idea xD

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umd223 Dec 20 2011, 7:26pm replied:

Do you know how many people have been given CCP Models/Textures for modding content?

Obviously your not an Eve online fan.

+1 vote   mod: EVE: RTS
umd223 Dec 13 2011, 2:33am says:

The smoke on the top left, pouring from the crater-
Is this edited or ingame? o.o

******* Epic

+1 vote   media: UEF vs Cybran
umd223 Nov 30 2011, 4:14pm says:

oh wow, make the gold /slightly darker and you've got a watcher+ for certain

+1 vote   media: First Shots
umd223 Nov 30 2011, 4:13pm says:

******* Sweet!

+1 vote   media: Wreckage demonstration
umd223 Nov 30 2011, 4:12pm says:

You have my heart for this one. <3

+1 vote   mod: EVE: RTS
umd223 Nov 17 2011, 3:55pm says:

I'd prefere the Capsuleer 'Research' version of this station, its alot smoother =o

+1 vote   media: caldari station
umd223 Nov 17 2011, 12:08am replied:


+1 vote   media: ship experience adds to super high speed!
umd223 Nov 16 2011, 11:51pm says:

****. Me.

Spaceships and Sentry Turrets are blowing up everywhere, the Power Capital Ship crashing into the enemy mothership and blowing up' in an attempt to save my own; All whilst epic music is playing loudly, a soundtrack from Transformers and a game called Ace Combat 6 (Liberation of Gracemaria)...

You sir have just modded Homeworld 2 to its near full potential.

+1 vote   download: Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 1.7
umd223 Nov 8 2011, 2:01am says:

Wow, certainly looking forward to playing this mod'
looks freakin Sweet

+3 votes   mod: Sapience
umd223 Nov 3 2011, 11:09pm says:

Might just be the screenshot quality but the texture seems abit to iffy
Also, is this going to be a war-starbase' or like a tradestation/refinary =o

+2 votes   media: amarr station
umd223 Sep 3 2011, 5:50am says:

Im curious'
Will you guys change the Pirate faction to the Sansha Nation (Now that theres alot more variation of ships (Other then the main, (Frigate_Forgotname), Phantasm (Cruiser) Nightmare (Battleship), Revenant (Carrier/Super Carrier), then the rest inbetween from missions.

Or will you keep it as the Guristas?
(This is after you reletively Complete implementing the effects/ships) =o

+1 vote   mod: Sins of New Eden
umd223 Aug 3 2011, 1:53am says:

Nice xD

+2 votes   media: WIP Screenshots
umd223 Aug 1 2011, 10:52am replied:

You paid $3000+ for 3DS? o.o;

+1 vote   media: UEF XP Gunship.
umd223 Jul 30 2011, 2:54am says:


So much little time and so many 'Dev-Grade' models

Keep it up!
I look forward to playing them x3

+1 vote   media: UEF XP Gunship.
umd223 Jul 11 2011, 1:01am replied:

I second that'

If the game ends up looking like this, then this Could quite possibly be the best mod in excistanc

+1 vote   media: Border Crossing
umd223 Jul 11 2011, 12:57am says:

If the "Mass Effect Field Inhibitor" is gonna float in space on that small platform, you might aswell add an asteroid on the bottom to make it look more realistic' unless the ball-side is gonna be facing the sun

+3 votes   media: Citadel Council Stations
umd223 Jul 7 2011, 12:36am says:

Nice =o

+1 vote   media: new stuff
umd223 Jul 1 2011, 2:56am says:

I swear this use to be a Homeworld 2 wallpaper...

+1 vote   media: The Breakthrough at New Stalingrad
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