I guess this bio I already have was placed depending on I've made one from scratch. Experienced from Google Sketchup and the rest of the game maker. I do like playing games such as Assault Suit Leynos, Assault Suit Valken, Gungriffon, Rayforce, Raystorm, Iron Soldier, Raiden Fighters, and Tempest 2000. Also the rest of the other video games I like are quite great, but not much. Experience: Google Sketchtup: 3D Model; Basic Computer Graphics; Advanced Game Maker: Programmer;

Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Ultras finished Models

0 comments by UltraKiroXei on Apr 1st, 2012

When I've done all of these models, I'll upload it right here.

All of the C&C Models are in one file.

C&C Original Faction; Download Link: Mediafire.com

C&C Extra Models Finished; Download Link: Mediafire.com
ACV Models (Old and now its free < without the notepad text ): Mediafire.com
Ray Series (Rayforce, Raystorm, Raycrisis) models: Mediafire.com

Xenoforce Quadrology Models:
The project with Tiberian Wars Ressurrection, Original Force, Xenoforce Reborn, and Last Century Ultimatum is still in progress, so it will take time to get it finished.


Assault Command ValGriffon Model Tweak Done!

I'll update right here, ASAP, once when I finished all of the models. I have a free time to do modeling with the concept drawings, lists, and etc.

Report abuse Incidentally Mod Creators Rules

0 comments by UltraKiroXei on Mar 13th, 2012

What am I going to next, as I planned I've have already finished for the following:
Xenoforce Reborn:
For those who needs help on Installing.
Link for Installing: Moddb.com
For those who really wants to help; then I have set it up for those who were interested.
Link: Moddb.com

I found something strange that I not expected like this:

{(Laughs) It seems you are just completely a discouraged brainless person, than I've expected.
- Alberto
March 13, 2012 12:15 PM }
and this:
{Tiberium Essence is better than Xenoforce Reborn :P
- Alberto
March 13, 2012 1:15 PM}

While I'm checking at the Xenoforce Reborn Blog-spot, there are real personal conflicts between Azuza001 and Alberto, I don't believe about Alberto and I don't know him. This is rarely started As I was going to take a look at the Fighunter.com about 2 year ago. I was exploring all of the community members  at the users IP Address, and there's a lot of Alberto's users with his IP on it. That real guys name is Despina Alberto George, what Fighunter users calls him, he is definable a true troller. He is creating multiple accounts more than 70 accounts to impersonating anyone and Pseudolonewolf (Creator of Fig-hunter Websites).

Urgent rules for the real modders and game developer (free-time in real life):
This mod will finish at any time until tragedy leads to death events. (Likely Death will do us apart)
The game progress can still go on at any time.
Use Citation often, to avoid plagiarism.
^ This will for game developers and modders to give credit to someone who made it.
The game designers can make ideas/planing at any time.
Competing with another persons games with your best games is not sort of your thing.
Making money is either up to you or freeware.
Game releases is up to you.

The Mod Creators/ Developers Team can only control their mod not everyone else.
If ^ only they can use the only model they like is they want to put into the game, not anyone else makes it or copy it.

Whenever you fell into the Trolls/Vulgar offenders trap, do not trust those trolls/Vulgar offenders ; report to any moderators with evidence by mark it by using screenshots, just tell, or all of these reporting methods.

On the updated:
Alberto is just only a troll person who wants to demoralize someone with his trolling comments. And I realize that he is not a Macross Fan or Robotech Fan, but this person was just a troll unwelcome.
If check on the his account, there a lot of accounts he created at the Archive Fighunter. It was founded according to the IP Address:
Alberto's Multiple Account
Alberto's Unwelcome Comment

The one I download from Doug's Podcast with the current name "TS-66720.mp3". After listening, I figure it out that it wasn't come from Macross Fans or Robotech Fans either. Its just only Alberto, who wants to make a troll comment to anyone. Just beware!

To Tell: I didn't mention to update details, because I was off to do something, but I didn't have time to do things.

Report abuse Doing Model List

1 comment by UltraKiroXei on Feb 19th, 2012

Doing Sketch-up model list, and then export and convert to 3DS Max 7.
Getting bored and I'm still going to do next for the models (If Possible) :
- AR Lock-On-Laser*
- Nod MCV*

- GDI Surveyor/Repair/defense*
- Nod Emission/Repair/Stealth*

- Nod Scorpion Tank*
- Nod Ellipses Tank*

- Nod Aircraft*
- Nod Cardinal Bomber*
- Nod Armageddon Multirole*
- Nod Vertigo Ellipses*

- GDI Orca*
- GDI Phoenix*

- GDI Transport*
- Nod Transport*

- Nod Component Base (Shredder, Laser Turret, SAM, Flame-tower)*
- Nod Original Wall*

- GDI Original Wall*
- GDI Component Tower (Vulcan, Cannon, Chain-gun , Artillery Pierce)*
- GDI Adv Component Base (Sonic, Prism Spectrum, Volt Turret. Rail-gun)*

- Nod Adv Obelisk of Light/ Dark < Upgrade Maximum Range, Double Fire Rate.*
- GDI Firestorm Generator/Wall upgrade*
- GDI Structures (Power, Resource, Production, Recruit, Con-yard, Crane, Defense, Support, Airfield, Barracks, War-factory, Radar, Technology)*

- Nod Structures (Power, Resource, Production, Recruit, Con-yard, Crane, Defense, Support, Airfield, Barracks, War-factory, Radar, Technology)*
- Scrin Structures (Power, Resource, Production, Recruit, Con-yard, Crane, Defense, Support, Airfield, Barracks, War-factory, Radar, Technology)*
- NOD Infantry* < I'll finish the Scrin first.
- GDI Infantry* <^

- Scrin Anti Gravity Tank (Plasma > ichor plasma shot, Photon Lance, Phase shot, buzzer shot, cosmic cannon)
- GDI Multirole Fleet "Raigrez"
- NOD Multirole Fleet "Exodus"
- GDI Kodiak*
- Nod Creed*

- Nod Laser Wall*
- Scrin Annihilator Tripod* (Ichor Lance shot, Seerers needler missile, teleport, blink pack, photon lance.
- K'destralan*
- Catastrophic* (Gigantic superweapon unit)
- Dark Matter Warship* (Blink-pack , teleport, dark matter shot, plasma burst)
- Planetary Offensive Interstellar Star-craft* (Blink-pack, teleport, additional 4 unit locust, energy beam cannon )
- Interstellar Multirole Dreadnaught* two slot transport only fleet, one fire main cannon

- Warp Base Defensive (Buzzer, Photon, Plasma, Ichor Acid Vile)*
- Scrin Infantry* And later too
- Scrin Harvester*
- Locust*
- Scrin Ion Storm Tower*
- Scrin Storm Column*

- Scrin Storm fighter/ and Interceptor*
- Nod Zodiac upgrade model*
- Infantry Weapons*
- Scrin As-simulator Regen*
- Scrin Explorer/Repair/  shield*
- Old EF AW remake* Xenoforce
- Old EF UC remake* Xenoforce
- EF (Seed), Zeon, Invid, Robotech < Followed by Azuza001, Dougbendo.
- UN Macross Mecha Design ( Moddb.com )
- adding Zaft model upgrade/ component parts
- Gundam 00

*New Models included
----------- The one I have crossed out that the model is done.
The point is that only one individual unit can only have one install upgrade. Some other units have an Ability to use advantage.

Once all done, I'll make another civilian structures.
If not:
Assault Command ValGriffon Remake Models or find any peoples rare concept to use for practice.

Report abuse How to make/design a RTS game Faction?

0 comments by UltraKiroXei on Feb 7th, 2012

Okay its time for me to put this for the "Create Your Own RTS Faction" parts:

My Example:
Xenoforce Reborn (Unused, Develop)
NUN Macross - Any
ZAFT - Any

Assault Command ValGriffon:
Aldion 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Army - Any
Belkanai 215th Military "Nextgen" - Any
StrangeReal Armed Technological Force - Any
Aldion 4th Army "Comet ValGriffon" - Any
StrangeReal Peacekeeping Forces - Any
Belkanai 642nd Army "Meteor NeoNextgen" - Any
Penta Industry Terrorists - Any
Freelance Phalkeon - Any

Azuza001 EXAMPLE (Xenoforce Reborn):
GDI - Turtle Army
Scrin - Damage Per Second /Super power/ Swarm Army
NOD - Rush /Super Power/ Elitist Army
Earth Federation (UC) - Turtle Army
Earth Federation (AW) - Swarm Army
Earth Federation (Seed) - ?
Invid - Tank / Swarm Army
Zeon - Tank / DPS Army
RDF - DPS / Elitist Army

Command & Conquer mods (All of the mods that is included!) Example:


Video Game RTS (Made Up):
Nintendo Military:
Playstation Army:
Microsoft Xbox High tech:
Sega Network Militia:
Freeware Games:
PC Military:
Retrogade Game Mercenary:
All Worlds Game:

Faction Type, Unique, and Armament Reference:

Turtle Army: designed to take a long time to execute but when it does it hits with a massive amount of power.
DPS Army: designed to do maximum damage at the expense of the units themselves.
Swarm Army: designed to over-run an enemy position with numbers.
Rush Army: designed to hit fast and first.
Tank Army: designed to take a hit and shrug it off.
Elitist Army: designed to use special, expensive super units to deal with multiple enemies at once.
Super Power Army: designed to be able to manipulate the entire army with powers and upgrades.
?:Ummmmmmm What!
MultiArmament: Any unit can only equip one weapon, no turn-backs.
Equipment Weaponry: Any unit can equip any kind or weapon without using all units killed.
Multiunit purpose: Units can change to any purpose as multirole.
Modification: Salvage with another enemy unit parts for more firepower.
Guerrilla Division: Hit and Run, but disadvantage by careless against their weak spots.
Mercenary: Money paid by killing all units just like the bounty hunter
Conservator Army: Only few units to handle by advantage ,but weak against large number of units.
Assault Force: Balanced Military Tactics
Tactical Field: Expansion, Base Field Area, and Extendable Resource.
Any: Depending on your Strength and Weakness
Economic Advantage: High Income, and Low Price
Power Resource: More Power, Less Power Plants
Mind Control: Take over enemy objects except garrison tropps.
Takeover: Capture Buildings Instantly Regardless of Engineers
Artillery Army: Long Range Ballistic
Close-Range Army: Short Range Damage
Interstellar Army: Using space aerial units and orbital siege weapons.
Orbit Army: Siege purpose and assault tactics.
Mutation Army: Hitpoints Regeneration in any area and objects.
High-tech Warfare: Very expert technological equipment.
Mechanized Military: Robotics army with all role purposes.

Now for Weapons Reference

RTS Weapons, Armor, and More Destruction Reference
Time for me to get thing work at most: I've look all of the RTS Mods and started to make a new reference guide:

Projectiles: All Parts
Melee Range: Close Attack Range
Bullet: Normal Bullets for Units
Velocity Attack: High-speed melee attack also known as crushing.
Armor Piercing: Great against low armor.
Cannon Shell: Normal Shells for Units.
Takeover: Capture enemy buildings.
Hijack: Take on enemy vehicles and aerial space unit instantly.
Rocket: Basic Rocket explosives.
Missile: Homing dragoon targeted.
Heat Seeker: Thermal targeted units.
Plasma: Heat surface damage, excellent against any tier units.
Hollow-point:Instant Kill against infantry
Laser: Heat energy damage, good against any object.
Swarm Weaponry: Large amount of drones that would take on one unit.
Psychic Weaponry: Mind control weapon, and a blast damage.
Incinerate Weaponry: Flamethrower weapon good against organisms.
Incendiary Weaponry: Exposure flame damage area, good against organisms.
Lancer Beam: Scrins useful weapon with tiberium, good against materials, except infantry.
Nano Weaponry: Useful off high-tech weapon with holographic for diversion .
Prism: Comet spectrum weapon with additional damage against infantry, and structures, even vehicles.
Sentry Weaponry: Automatic drone control on any kind of weapon objects.
Electronic Weaponry: Fried on electronics which can cause the chance of unstable units.
EMP: Electronic Magnetic Pulse, good against infantry.
Proton: Once its blast on a group of units, it can result a chain reaction damage.
Tesla Weaponry: Electronic powerful lethal weapon, good against units.
Radius explosive: More area damage against groups of units.
Explosive Weaponry:
Gauss Weaponry:
Vile Acid: Chemical damage against all objects, then which cause start to melt the objects  in a minimal damage.
Cryo: Once froze on the enemy units, any projectiles with physical damage will destroy them instantly.
Frost: Minimal damage, but a penalty stat for units.
Psionic Weaponry: Mind gravity manipulation on any objects causes to damage rapidly.
Spectrum: Extremely more powerful then prism, which is lethality to units, and even structures.
Carpet Bomb: Thrust bombing damage
Napalm: Upgraded Flammable weaponry which is completely lethality against units.
Magma: Destroying any object instantly to organism, but weak to hard objects.
Inferno: Fireball range, just like the rain flames.
Ion Rail: Packs a punch against one unit, but a slow reload.
Ion Pulse: Rapid-fire improvement, but less damage.
Lightning: A half chance lethality against infantry, and even disable vehicles.
Chemical: Any weapon that is improved with the physical projectiles increase damage.
Tiberium: Organisms in expose can cause health damaged and no cure with chance. And if death, all organisms are transformed into ichor mutants, or visceroids.
Ion Storm: Scrins lightning damage, but stronger against all.
Flash: Giving chances of blindness and lethality against infantry and garrison troops.
Neutron: Good against units even useful for capturing vehicle, but not against structures.
UAV: Unman-ed Aerial Vehicle, Crew controls an drone.
Drones: Automatic control with and personnel or an AI.
Search And Destroy Weaponry: Scouting weapons can take down one unit at a time.
Rail Gun: Improvement powerful as ion rail, but very slow reloading even useful against all units.
Pulse: Re-loadable weapon, but less damage.
Chrono: Once hit with one units it disappears and erased.
Chloride Weaponry: Physical Bullet Damage.
Cutter Weaponry: Melee range, reach attacks, and faster rate, but weak attacks.
Photon: Guided laser damage, useful for lock-on.
Torpedo: Submerge damage, lethality against naval ships.
Bombos: Of course not, gigantic damage against infantry.
Shock-wave Weaponry: Good against groups, and even disable vehicles except aircraft.
Cluster: Multiple Explosive in one pack, good against groups.
Colliding Energy Beam: Using all group of units to fire all weak attacks to form one strong energy.
Particle: Massive long range, but long reloading, good against units.
Phase Weaponry: Dimensional damage on the other side.
Dark Matter: Powerful plasma beam against organisms and structures.
Beam Weaponry: Laser charger beam useful for powering up defense materials.
AP Rocket: Velocity damage against armored units.
Flak Spreader: Less damage, but very reliable against infantry and aerial.
Bunker-buster: Very good lethality against units in buildings.
Digital Weaponry: Electronic frying against all materials, except organisms.
Virus Digital: Once infected by digital hacking, it can cause to take over robotic units.
Biological Virus: Damage against infantry which cause to transform into and decompose or mutant organisms.
Anthrax: Upgraded toxin with more lethality against infantry and even vehicles, but not good for absorbance units.
Toxin: Lethality damage against infantry.
Mechanized Chainsaw: (Evil Laugh) Time for this Destruction! Which is good against any stationary objects.
Scud: Missile Launcher, but vulnerable for anti-counter attacks.
Gravitational Weaponry: Manipulation control to create collision damage.
Anti-Weaponry: Counter against any projectiles.
Magical Weaponry: Nature Element damage.
Elemental Weaponry: Same as above with powerful eleven elements.
Matrix Weaponry: Useful with hijacking computer tactics and hackers to take control on structures.
Atomic Weaponry: Huge blast damage, but creates exposure radiation.
Orbit Weaponry: Space weapons useful for invasion operations on planets.
Interstellar Weaponry: Galactic weapons with nano technological advances.
Experimental Weaponry: Prototype weaponry with random statistics, but truly unstable.
Prototype Weaponry: Reducing unstable stats, and improving stats.
Nuclear Weaponry: Atomic upgrade damage and radius.
Anti-material Weaponry: Good against all armored units with high penetration.
Sarin Nerve Gas: Lethality against all units. Result to take over.
Infection Weaponry: Once units received infections damage it'll cause the this to take over organisms.
Mind Control: Useful to control any objects.
AI Control: Taking over robotic units or causing them go berserk.
Magnetic Attack: Gravity attack against materials only.
Multirole Purpose: All weaponry.
Weapon Jamming: Disable any mechanical vehicle weaponry.
Scouting Weaponry: Scan Area.
Comet: Powerful attack to create collision field radius damage.
Sonar: Sound Weaponry against groups and stealth units.
Sonic Weaponry: Blast attack against all units.
Solar: Sun damage against all. Too Bright!
Lock-on-laser: Guided weaponry with chemical damage.
Lock-on-Proton: Guided weaponry with high ammunition.
Guided Weaponry: Guided weaponry with physical damage.
Boomerang Weaponry: Hit and return back fire against groups.
Star Weaponry: Interstellar Plasma damage which can cause to create an unstable dimension attack.
Fusion Weaponry: Combination with missile/rocket physical materials.
Fission Weaponry: Combination with laser/plasma chemical materials.
Cosmic Weaponry: High tier combination with plasma stars materials.
Warp Weaponry: Forceful of creating dimensional damage.
Black Hole: Instant kill against all objects.
Meteor Weaponry: Massive asteroids/rock damage against all objects for siege purpose.
Rift Dimension: Extreme damage and huge radius to pull any object in and collision damage.
Omega Weaponry: Very Rare damage with experimental and prototype damage.
Secilia Weaponry: What the heck is Secilia Weaponry? Great against all things elements except one of the five legendary weapons. Good against Omega Weaponry.
Infinity Weaponry: What the heck is Infinity Weaponry? Great against all things elements except one of the five legendary weapons. Combination with Juda.
Juda Weaponry: What the heck is Juda Weaponry? Great against all things elements except one of the five legendary weapons. Combination with Infinity.
Ultimatanium Weaponry: What the heck is Ultimatanium Weaponry? Great against all things elements except one of the five legendary weapons. But countered with an Ultimatanium Weaponry.
Ultra Weaponry: What the heck is Ultra Weaponry? Great against all things elements except one of the five legendary weapons. But countered with Ultimatanium Weaponry.

Specific Damage: All Parts
Projectile Speed:
Slug: Less than medium sized bullet could take less damage. But large projectiles could give enough damage.
Slow: Weak projectile speed.
Medium: Normal Projectile speed.
Fast: Strong Projectile speed.
Versatile: Very excellent projectile speed for bullets, and other materials.
Intense: Instant Speed Projectiles such as specialized energy.

Length Range:
Melee: No range.
Very Short: Some melee weapons could help, but most of it was a pistol weaponry.
Short: Weak range.
Medium: Usefull sight.
Long: Normal range.
Very Long: Strong against all stationary targets
Huge Range: Accuracy.
Gigantic Range: Intensive Accuracy.
Infinity Range: Anywhere, Anytime.

Area Radius:
Tiny:Weak against groups.
Small: Good against infantry.
Medium: Normal radius such as artillery.
Large:Strong against groups.
Huge: Massive damage with more radius.
Gigantic: Armageddon!!

Wood:Made from low gear and tier materials.
Light: Normal Armor.
Organic: Original Organism.
Composite Armor: Increasing units hit points and armor.
Slat Armor: Armored Vehicles recieve less damage from rocketed weaponry.
Bullet Proof: Good against bullet projectiles, but weak with armored Piercing bullet.
Chemical Infusion: Increased units hit points and speed.
Regenerative Organic: Units hit point regeneration.
Velvet: Normal armor with minimal damage against all armor piercing bullet projectiles.
Chain: Normal armor with a minimal damage against all bullet projectiles.
Medium: Basic Tank armor.
Heavy: Basic Heavy Unit Armor.
Mutation: If any organisms effected by this, this can process to mutate to increasing randomly stats.
Massive Protection: Heavy armor protection.
Reflexive Armor/Shield: Uses reflective attacks from energy weapons except physical projectiles.
Infective: Any units get caught with an enemy infect armor gets exposure.
Evolving: More units stats increaed.
Concrete: Basic Epic Armor.
Juggernaut Armor: Very high armor against all basic projectiles.
Titanium: Rare armor, and light which increase speed.
Plastic: Fortunlately good against magnetic attacks.
Carapace: Organism armor.
Absorb Materials: Any physical projectile hits this heals with this armor.
Nano Shields: Protection however limited time.
Object Shield: Basic armor shield with one handle.
Energy Shield: Takes only a minumum damage, but lethality to EMP weaponry.
Phase Shield: Recieve no damage, but cannot attack. But harvesters can dig.
Plasma Shield: Takes only a maximum damage, but lethality to EMP
Gravitate Armor: Special interstellar armor, with an increaed armor level and an maximum hitpoints.
Gods Armor: Immortal Armor!
Infinity Armor: What the heck is Infinity Armor? Combination with Juda Armor.
Secilia Armor: What the heck is Secilia Armor? Rare attack Stats increased.
Juda Armor: What the heck is Juda Armor? Combination with Infinity Armor.
Ultimatum Armor: What the heck is Ultimatum Armor? Hit this with Ultra Weaponry.
Ultra Armor: What the heck is Ultra Armor? Hit this with Ultimatanium Weaponry.

Resource Type: All Parts
Control Point: Take your units to control the checkpoints for gaining incomes.
Base Income: Based on your structures income, so you don't have to worry to harvest anything.
Regenerative Resource Income: After harvesters digs up this resource, it always comes back for renewable.
Limited Resource Income: Once all of the resource depot is depleted, then it is no longer renewable.
Call for Resource Drop Zone: Building one of your resource passive structures would generate
Infiltrate Money: Sending your infiltrator to spy in the resource structures and steal money, however the enemy does not have more money.
Hack Money: Hack one of your enemy resource structures and take what ever you need, however the enemy does not have more money.
Search And Snatch: Sending your Units to search for the Crates.
Picking-up: Send your units to pick up the crates and return to your resource structure or anything.
Upgrade Income: Purchase an upgrade to increase more income, no problem.
Bounty Hunt: Kill only a unit for a reasonable income.
Limited Credits: You can't exceed your credits, until you build a new extended credit storage.
To the Scrapyard: Sending your units right to the scrapyard for money.
Sell Instantly: What, you just want to conserve your units to by selling useless infantry for money.
Scouting: Search for an enemy in the area for income.
Sponsor: Units Stay at one point for an fast income, before it disappears.

Movement type:
Stealth: Unseen and Unexpected
Walker: Just like Infantry, and Mechanized Vehicle
Amphibious:Going on Land and Sea
Treads: Tanks, and larger size than normal can crush any units that is less than their size.
Flight: Aircraft, Space Fighters, Star Fighters, and interstellar aircraft's.
Hover: Able to go across the sea and land.
Helicoptering: Any VTOL, Helicopters, and sky hovers.
Teleport: Teleport right off like chronoshift, blink-packs, recall, and etc
Transformable: Any Object turns to object.
Detector: Search for all stealth.
Diggers: Can go any where on land, except sea, air, and space.

Attack Purpose:
Against Aircraft: Blast them off the sky
Against Infantry: Take the weak ones first.
Against Vehicles: Take the strong ones first.
Against Epics: Swarm them with a lot of units
Against Swarm: Expect this with radius damage.
Against Diggers: Expect this with detectors, surprise attack and special perfect spots.
Against Radius Damage: Fly around and hit their weakness.

Got this whole idea works, and I'll have to look for anything else.

Got this from: Azuza001, C&C series, Starcraft series, etc.

Updated Note: You can still reply with comment if you like. You're still welcome to comment. And be aware that I have finished all of some these contents but I'll still need to find more things.

Report abuse Reasons that I have not been logged here!

0 comments by UltraKiroXei on Dec 2nd, 2011

The reasons why I was not logged in here for a while. Is first at all I was just something else like: doing Google Sketch-up models. Practicing Gmax and 3ds max by animation and import/export Drawing GIMP < computer graphics, Working on Game Projects, getting tired, Surfing everywhere includes this website. Playing Flash Games, C&C3 mods, ZH mods and MAME. And also personal reasons. Well, many people does have a lot of reasons includes everyone from the world. Moddb members, all website members, us, my friends, relationships, and myself. So please take most of your time!

Report abuse C&C Models Quick Simple Guide

0 comments by UltraKiroXei on Nov 24th, 2011

Okay, this is what I have to starts on how make models for C&C! I might going to set up links for fast shortcuts other than visiting on Mod forums.

The Best way:
3DS Max (Outdated Version)
or Ren X

If you are using other than this(above), then I would recommend that you need for:
Google Sketch-up < This isn't hard to use, IMO
Note: That you need an Importer like:
Autodesk FBX Converter
and this
FBX Converter
^ Useful thanks to Auto-desk :D
Just an Easy fast quick step blog advice. Bookmark is still useful. Done

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