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Ultra64 Sep 19 2012 replied:

* Are you sure about that? I decided to try out the Bitter Coast module along with Rebirth. I didn't find any clipping... After all, aren't the rocks suppused to seamlessly replace the originals? I didn't explore every inch of the BC, but I didn't find anything odd around Seyda Neen.

* I understand that, and it's fine ;)

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Ultra64 Sep 18 2012 says:

I got around downloading the newest version of Rebirth (didn't do it sooner for some reason...) and I really like what I am seeing. A tiny question: Why can't we use the Bitter Coast module of "On the Rocks!"? I'm just curious :)

Also, I have a few suggestions...

- It would be a good idea to add a link to this little utility:
It's a must-have if your PC isn't very powerful (like mine!)

- There are a few mods I think you should add to Rebirth (either as extras or in the main plugin): "Illy's Solstheim Rumour Fix"; "Talrivian's State-Based HP" and "Particle Arrow Replacer". You can find 'em in Planet Elder Scrolls. I'm pretty sure the first two are compatible with Rebirth but I think you should add them for convenience & stuff.

Good luck with the project! c:

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Ultra64 Jun 20 2012 replied:

No problem!

Also, I was wondering if you were thinking about implementing some of BTB's mods into Morrowind Rebirth...
Unless your mod is compatible with those anyway.

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Ultra64 Jun 19 2012 says:

The mod looks great!

A tiny recommendation - Wouldn't it be possible to change the Khajiit's Night Eye and Argonian's Water Breathing abilities so that they can toggle? I've seen mods doing it. Better than having both abilities as permanent (no quest screw-ups, yay) or lasting 20 secs or whatever.

Just a thought.

(also, the quest that is screwed up by permanent water breathing isn't part of the Main Quest - It's a Temple quest.)

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Ultra64 Dec 30 2011 replied:

I see. I respect your opinion, then.

But I hope that Signy Signposts is compatible with this mod - But I guess I'll live if they don't.

Happy New Year and good luck with the project!

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Ultra64 Dec 30 2011 says:

This is amazing! I like how the towns look now - They used to be way too empty and boring, in my opinion. And there's new content, too! You did a great job on this mod, and I can't wait to see a new version.

I've got a suggestion - You could use "Signy Signposts" in your mod. It replaces the old road signs with new, better looking ones. I'm sure you can use them as a resource.

You can find it in Planet Elder Scrolls (can't post links yet, sorry!)

Good luck! c:

+2 votes   mod: Morrowind Rebirth 3.31
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