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Ulmont May 11 2012, 4:19am replied:


I speak English. I learn it from a book.

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Ulmont May 11 2012, 4:15am replied:

I speak American English; the language of drunkards and fools.

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Ulmont May 11 2012, 2:32am replied:

Wrong. Cole Protocol was the correct answer.

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Ulmont May 10 2012, 4:50pm replied:

You are indeed correct

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Ulmont May 8 2012, 4:55am replied:

Maybe when you're older... or learn to read the front page.

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Ulmont Apr 28 2012, 7:27pm replied:

Not Miranda. Nice guess, though.

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Ulmont Apr 20 2012, 3:42pm says:

Thanks! It took me about an hour and a half each.

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Ulmont Apr 18 2012, 9:35pm replied:

Read this, please. It should explain the first part of the above comment pretty well. If that was a little bit too deep for you, the first part of the comment above implies not that you were jealous, but is instead mocking your query about whether or not they're be a beta. Because if there wasn't going to be a beta, we'd just be posting pictures here to make you jealous.

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Ulmont Apr 18 2012, 12:25am replied:

My response is two quotes:

Quote:In order for us to get to a point where we can release this public beta you all long for, we need more team members.

Quote:It's like your not even bothering to read.

Quote one came from the front page. Quote two came from the comments above. If you're wondering why we don't have patience with people who ask about the beta's release date, this is why. Also, we have a inherent distaste for people who use relatively correct punctuation yet are unable to form a coherent sentence.

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Ulmont Mar 23 2012, 9:58pm replied:


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Ulmont Jan 18 2012, 11:08pm replied:

The website's still down on my end, but at least its no longer a 404 (which should just mean that my internet is being stubborn as usual). Any chance you can tack on my recent addition to SVN to the update?

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Ulmont Jan 18 2012, 11:06pm says:

Farseer, are you planning to release a patch for the land beta, or is it going to stay as-is until the space beta and/or the final release?

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Ulmont Jan 4 2012, 8:02pm replied:

Any idea when the forums are going to be operational again?

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Ulmont Dec 23 2011, 4:05pm replied:

Agreed. Sniper-spotter teams are pretty standard; it'd be nice to see them in the mod as well.

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Ulmont Dec 19 2011, 8:46pm replied:

Yeah, they can be found in the armory right before you destabilize the ship's fusion reactors.

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Ulmont Dec 17 2011, 5:07pm replied:

Actually, it would just spin slower and slower until it cooled down so that it was no longer luminous (this happens when the star slows down enough so that it rotates on its axis once ever three seconds). For a neutron star to form a black hole, it has to acquire mass from an outside source - such as a nearby Red Giant. Perhaps if it was possible to write a script that caused the neutron star to spin slower and get dimmer over time...

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Ulmont Dec 15 2011, 9:24pm says:

Another quick bug/inconsistency: When researching Bombing Runs as the UNSC, the Longsword Run is described as a "Y-Wing Bombing Run" rather than a Longsword Bombing Run.

+1 vote   news: Land Beta Feedback
Ulmont Dec 14 2011, 7:59pm says:

Another quick bug that I found (its more of an inconsistency than a bug) - When preparing to deploy specters, the driver appears blue and the gunner appears white, but when they're dropped off the driver is white and the gunner is red. Also, the Specter's icon shows a white elite driving and a blue elite gunning.

+1 vote   news: Land Beta Feedback
Ulmont Dec 14 2011, 7:45pm says:

After playing the game again, I have to recommend that:

1. You split the grunt squad so the elite is still deployed with the squad, but is selected separately. Grunt movement speed and health seems perfect, and the elite just seems out of place - especially if its the last unit alive in the squad (the elite will still sound like a grunt when it is given orders).

2. If you're going to adjust health tables to be more like the Halo games, here's the values from the second Halo. I abhor using Halo 2 as an example, but:

Unit heath (easy/legendary):
Grunt Minor - Health: 25/40
Grunt Major - Health: 50/75
Elite Minor - Health: 30/70, Shields: 70/105
Elite Major - Health: 45/60, Shields: 105/160
Elite Ultra - Health: 90/120, Shields: 200/300
Marine - Health: 100/150

Weapon damage:
Plasma pistol - 7
Battle Rifle - 6 (Remember, it fires 3-round bursts, so the actual DPS is 18)
Plasma rifle - 10

3. The grunts that man the shade turrets wear purple armor in the mod, but green armor in the Halo games.

4. The turrets could really use a self-repair upgrade (heals 5% health per second; thus it take 20 seconds to fully heal a turret, can only be used while not in combat - e.x. firing interrupts the ability), as they're expensive and can be easily destroyed.

5. Personally, I think it would be useful to have a permanent cloak upgrade for the spec-ops elites at Tech-3 (attacking/taking damage negates cloak) so they may be used more effectively as ambush/guard units.

+3 votes   news: Land Beta Feedback
Ulmont Dec 14 2011, 7:13pm says:

The elite major domo in the Councilor's squad is missing its unit name tag. (If you mouse over the unit, its name shows up as [missing]).

+1 vote   news: Land Beta Feedback
Ulmont Dec 14 2011, 2:01am replied:

I found it to be most noticeable with the grunt squads. The elites seemed to be slow-walking, while the grunts' speed seemed more or less fine. It feels out of place to have the covenant infantry units moving so slowly; I remember them sprinting everywhere back in Halo: CE. Perhaps you could split the elite up so it moves as a separate unit? Also, is it just me, or does the ODST sniper have an incredibly short range? Additionally, I found the ghosts to be way to weak against infantry, and their boost speed to be insanely fast - a pair of ghosts were able to make it completely across the map in under ten seconds. As for abilities, I think it would be nice to have a plasma grenade ability for the basic Covenant infantry, and a frag grenade for the basic UNSC infantry - however it does have the potential to be overpowered.

Is it just me, or does the Troop-transport/Medic hog only have one passenger firing at a time?

+1 vote   news: Land Beta Feedback
Ulmont Dec 13 2011, 3:11am says:

Is it just me, or is it possible to dodge the turret's fire with hornets? Just two things really bothered me: 1 - My bunkered down infantry were damn near invincible, 2 - Warthogs cannot as of now splatter infantry. Oh, and the ODST snipers are improperly described as explosives specialists (or was that intentional). I'd just like to say this: I found your BETA to be more fun and graphically detailed than Halo Wars was. Top notch work, Farseer! Top notch.

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Ulmont Dec 11 2011, 5:27pm replied:

Did you Anti-virus software blacklist the exe and not tell you about it? That happened to me awhile back.

+2 votes   mod: Arc Trooper Mod
Ulmont Dec 10 2011, 3:30am replied:

A large chunk of the team is finishing up with finals and will be free from scholarly concerns for the next month. Progress will now resume!

+1 vote   mod: Arc Trooper Mod
Ulmont Dec 5 2011, 5:01am replied:

It uses ported content - a sort of mod taboo that most of the Halo: CAW team is extremely uncomfortable with. If you need something to tie you over, I highly suggest you check out Halo: Campaign Commander. Farseer says he's just about ready for a beta release. ;)

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Ulmont Nov 6 2011, 5:19pm says:

It's a perfectly valid question. We haven't put out any new content for a while because we've been busy with school. College eats up a lot of time, most of which is spent studying for midterms (which come about every 2 weeks). We'll try to resume our normal schedule as soon as we can. ;)

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Ulmont Oct 7 2011, 10:13pm replied:

We nerfed 'em due to animation and muzzle-flash problems.

+1 vote   mod: Arc Trooper Mod
Ulmont Oct 7 2011, 2:39pm replied:

Jet-packs are over-rated, if you get hit while flying and the fuel's explosion doesn't kill you, the fall will.

+1 vote   media: MuddyTrooper
Ulmont Oct 6 2011, 9:35pm replied:

Yeah, its a small (ha ha, okay an ANNOYING) bug left over from when the melee would 1-hit-kill anything. We were trying to make the melee stun (electrocute) and damage enemies over a short period, but the normal melee was just killing things, so the melee power was nerfed in favor of the 'shock' damage. We eventually removed the 'shock' damage and effect because it wouldn't stop shocking anything you meleed (you could stab a squad-mate, and they'd take damage until they died), but never replaced the melee damage. So, unintended annoyance. Think of it as a difficulty-modifier. ;)

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Ulmont Sep 22 2011, 7:21pm says:

I agree with these guys. Personally I think the new one looks great, but it lacks the Spray & Pray Assault-Rifle feel (though TBH, the assault rifle acts more like a SMG than a rifle in this game). The new one looks like it should be a semi-auto or burst weapon instead of a fully automatic gun. I honestly think that you should keep the original model as the start-weapon for the marines, then use this as a 'Marksman's Rifle' for mid/late game. Especially because the new one looks different enough to be made by the same people, for the same people, but for a different function. ;) Just my 2 cents.

Anybody else think this looks a little bit like the shotgun?

+2 votes   news: Rifle Rework
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