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(WS)KAKAROT Mar 24 2013, 6:36am says:

wow good job man

+2 votes   media: Testing Dynamic camera and flight combat system
(WS)KAKAROT Jan 21 2013, 4:09am says:

no understan lol

+1 vote   member: (WS)KAKAROT
(WS)KAKAROT Dec 27 2012, 9:38am says:

nello man its great time to change zeq2 gamepacks xD

+2 votes   download: ZEQ2-Lite F3
(WS)KAKAROT Dec 10 2012, 5:08am says:

who made this nemix? will a suggestion goo every thing except for you should work on the body/ chest a bit more.. improove that it would be so much better xD

+1 vote   download: Goku SSJ4
(WS)KAKAROT Dec 10 2012, 5:06am says:

Its for zeq2 -_-

+1 vote   download: Goku-Yardrat
(WS)KAKAROT Dec 5 2012, 6:35am says:

Wann become pro? I am mod in U*F if u would like to join us i dont care i u dont but register and apply good luck.

+3 votes   mod: ZEQ2-Lite F
(WS)KAKAROT Dec 5 2012, 6:32am says:

U*F| If u wanna be a member apply now to become pro i am teaching people.
*The power is our*

+1 vote   download: SUPER SAIYAN GOKU(NAMEK SAGA)
(WS)KAKAROT Dec 5 2012, 6:23am says:

ok all i am kakarot a moderator in uf clan if u would like to join us i am happy to train people right now to become a pro. In melee first and as u go along spam. We dont care if u join or not but if u want to become a pro i am ready to train people so that U*F clan can become bigger. Korttana is the leader of U*F, register on the website link i give u and apply in the applicaiont form were it says recruitment up top.

0 votes   download: Goku-Yardrat
(WS)KAKAROT Dec 5 2012, 5:59am says:

first of all guys luka is good friend of mine and revo six is a very good pack. Idk if this guy knows luka or not but this brloy is good. Download revo 5 or 6 both of them is good but right now he is working on an awesome pack called dark appocalaspe and guys this is a must download. Also if u are very good at zeq2 please applie for this clan website an register to play with pros in zeq2 thanks.

+1 vote   download: BROLY -REVOLUTION6
(WS)KAKAROT Aug 5 2012, 6:28am says:

nello i was told by wizard that you know how to make characters. Please could you make a ssj4 gogeta charcter

+1 vote   member: NELLO!!
(WS)KAKAROT Aug 1 2012, 6:10am says:

also i found when character runs out of energy there is a bug. He's upper body buries in the ground

+2 votes   download: Goku SSJ4
(WS)KAKAROT Aug 1 2012, 4:30am says:

like the max power level, you should continue your progress. Great:)

+1 vote   download: Vegetto DEMO
(WS)KAKAROT Aug 1 2012, 4:26am says:

great model everything about it is great!!

+1 vote   download: False SSJ Goku pack
(WS)KAKAROT Aug 1 2012, 4:22am says:

please fix ssj4 the character is great but ssj4. So when fixed i can't wait to download this character again. Keep it up!

+2 votes   download: VegetaGT + BonusSSJ4
(WS)KAKAROT Aug 1 2012, 4:18am says:

nice character downloading...

+1 vote   download: (AKT)vegetaBuu, fully separated,damage states
(WS)KAKAROT Aug 1 2012, 4:14am says:

finally! great character thanks a lot!:)

+2 votes   download: new frieza
(WS)KAKAROT Aug 1 2012, 4:13am says:

great work man its a great character!

+2 votes   download: PerfectCell
(WS)KAKAROT Aug 1 2012, 4:11am says:

same, is there supposed to be the dragon fist i am having the same problem

+2 votes   download: Goku SSJ4
(WS)KAKAROT Jul 29 2012, 1:02am says:

if you are going to modify this character you should make him more stronger but besides that its great

+2 votes   download: Goku SSJ4
(WS)KAKAROT Jul 29 2012, 12:43am says:

wow great charcter

+2 votes   download: SUER_VEGETTO
(WS)KAKAROT Jul 29 2012, 12:39am says:

great character it by far my favourite

+2 votes   download: Goku SSJ4
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