i am just a guy who likes mapping playing and do all kinda stuff on pc :D

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0 comments by {}TyPeR_H.S.D.T{} on Aug 18th, 2011

about abandoned for now we are looking for source engine programmer we posted a job ad so for now we are waiting hoping someone will send a resume
but atleast some how the game is progressing
and yay im at level 10 :D garrysmod 10 :D good game though :)
for now im away from my computer only sitting in library and watching news and posting stuff
thank god soon i will be able to reach my pc and start working hardcore.
this is all for todays blog.

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0 comments by {}TyPeR_H.S.D.T{} on Aug 11th, 2011

well im starting weekly blogs so everyThursday i will post new blog acctualy it will be most cases about news for example about "Abandoned" or about our team and stuff so this is almost the end of the blog for todayand the news are about abandone so we are working on mission 1 but we dont know how to name it :D .

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