I've never been one to fit in with the crowd; I'm my own man, and it shows. While every sheep on this website licks the toes of terrible developers in order to feel like they're part of something big, I refuse to give my eternal devotion to these amateurs. They've done nothing to impress me. They haven't changed my life. By offering them nothing but praise, all anyone is doing is blinding them from the flaws in their creations. My criticism is tailored to help developers open their eyes to the disasters in their mods. All the haters love me!!

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Half-Life 2: Enhanced

Mod review

This mod reminds me of a time when I would install ludicrous amounts of add-ons to Garrys mod. In theory one would assume that with more cool features, the game can only get better. What I got out of installing all of these add-ons was an unplayable abomination, and after learning my lesson I tried my best to steer away from committing the same mistake again.

Seeing a mod like this makes my stomach churn. The developers are doing nothing more than repeating the same mistake I made, but for some reason they behave as if it's mod-quality. They most likely haven't tested their mod, and if they have, they'd pull it off this site immediately. Why anyone would think that recreating Frankenstein's monster would be a good idea is beyond me.


Black Forest (DEMO)

Mod review

Naturally I'm skeptical when it comes to half-life clones; no matter how pretty they appear, you can never shake the feeling that you're playing a mod of someone who has no clue on what they were intending. After the heartbreaking release of Black Mesa Source, I nearly lost hope in the Half-life 2 modding community altogether. I must be a chump, because I just can't stop giving second chances.

Black Forest tries hard to please everyone; it has story, puzzles, mystery, and a sprinkle of suspense. The developer should have focused on one of these features and stuck with it, but instead he tried to tackle them all at once and failed to produce anything worth mentioning. I understand that this is simply a demo, but I don't even want to touch the main release after playing through this disaster.

The one thing the developer does understand is how to design a gorgeous map. I stopped playing at one point just to admire the quality landscape around me. My advice is that he should design the maps first, then start filling in story and gameplay after that. Things can only go up if you have a plan.

Get organized, I'm really counting on you to create the Black Mesa that should have been!


Mount&Blade; Retexture

Mod review

While a mod like this at first glance can appear to be the work of a passionate modder, in reality it's nothing but a honeytrap that displays the cool but impractical. Every retexture that you'll see are astounding, but the gameplay itself is nothing but the boring vanilla game that we all try to escape every time we download a mod. I find myself unable to admire any of the work this gifted modder has done due to yearning for a new game to play, which makes me angry at the devs for having me feel this way. Shame on you.


Fino4: SP-Editor Mod

Mod review - 4 disagree

There's really nothing special about this "mod" at all. The only thing this "mod" adds are two weapons ripped from COD and a few poorly retexured npcs. I'm sure after a few more additional features are added this mod will be fun, but as of now, I feel as if nothing has changed in-game.


House Living Simulator 2015

Game review

Abandon: The Town

Mod review - 2 disagree

I have the habit of giving Half-life 2 modders the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their creations; thanks to the aging source developer tools for having a clumsy design, things can go wrong all the time during the creation of a mod. But it's hard to defend a modder who appears to have deliberately ruined something which could've been excellent if it were to have been created by someone more skilled.

Upon glancing over the title, I was expecting a horror mod. While the mod did scare me, I was scared by reasons which shouldn't have been in the mod. I was shocked by how dreadful the launch screen turned out to be. There was nothing to admire, which lowered my expectations immediately. I quit playing at this point, and never opened the mod up again.

I was looking forward to this mod, but if I was let down by the launch screen, then chances are that I'd be let down by the rest of the mod. Until you can prove to me that I am wrong, I refuse to give you any praise.



Mod review may contain spoilers - 30 disagree

After being blown away by Nehrim, my expectations were incredibly high for SureAI's next behemoth. In Nehrim I embarked upon vast lands which varied depending on where you went, I met original characters and beasts who were far more complex than any philosopher, and I became a slayer of gods in the process. With a sword in one arm and an attractive companion in the other, I was an unstoppable force. That feeling of godliness died the moment I entered my second hour in Enderal. Maybe my expectations were a little too high.

I was under the impression that I was entering a world full of dark storylines and many secrets, but that was not delivered at all. Upon waking up in a forested village filled with the cliched ruins and bumbling peasants, I was advised to seek out the Enderal-equivalent of a local shaman. What I got out of this long and treacherous trek to his hut was nothing more than an incomprehensible montage which looked as if it was made for a high school art project. The concepts that this montage introduced were so complex, that I wouldn't be surprised if the developers expected it's fanbase to be able to decipher ancient markings in caves. The developers expect us to be dumb enough to ignore how cliche this beginning is, yet they expect us to be genius enough to understand their incomprehensible lore.

Never face an enemy without keeping the console commands in handy. The mod tricks you by giving you an easy group of opponents to face off with after leaving the starting village, but upon leaving a little further into the great unknown, be ready to cheat. While the enemies are generally easy to kill, they usually come in hordes that will devour you in mere seconds. Don't even try to run, because they will keep up and you will end up discovering a monster horde even deadlier than before. The game transforms you into a wimp until you can level up a few more times, but who would ever play the mod long enough to do that at this state?

The voice acting is amateur at best, which makes it hard to understand characters at times. The accents are thick and every character sounds angry at me. It's absolutely jarring when a character is smiling at me while screaming with the fury of a hate-group activist. It's almost as if everyone in the game is speaking an entirely different language! I would recommend turning down the volume and resorting to reading subtitles if you're playing this mod late at night; the sudden shrieking and shouting from NPCs is bound to upset the neighbors.

Lastly, I was not impressed by the amount of glitches I've encountered during my two-hour run. I sunk through the ground, got flung into the air, swam on land, and became encumbered for an unknown reason. My armour would never render in completely, so most of the time I was trapped wearing a nicely-shaped blur. I relaunched the mod countless times because my saves would become corrupted due to poor programming, and each time I returned my hope dwindled a little more.

The developers should've waited another year to release this damaged product. I see so much potential, yet instead of grasping for it, SureAI instead reached for an early release. So I will leave you with this question to ponder upon: who is the real victim here? The community for having to live with a disappointment in their lives, or SureAI for being pushed by harsh and demanding fanboys into releasing an incomplete product?


The Italian Wars

Mod review - 5 disagree

The war for spaghetti rights, essentially. Why anyone would care about the Italian states is beyond me.


Morrowind Rebirth 3.7

Mod review - 2 disagree

Like everyone, I was excited for this mod to finally be released. I saw the screenshots, watched the videos, but the moment I downloaded the mod, I lost all hope in the development team.

Upon launching the game, I found myself surrounded by enemies thirsty for my Lvl. 1 blood. I couldn't leave the starting village without being slaughtered by flying dinosaurs, and any effort in getting better armour in the village ended with me facing the full might of the Roman guard. I tried rallying the townsfolk to my side by getting them to like me, but they're all cowards when it comes to battle.

To this day, I'm still trapped in the starting village. I know that the rest of the gaming community is alright with using console commands to cheat their way out of poor developing such as this, but I'm not a cheater. I'm sure that the developing team created a masterpiece, but if they want my continued support, then I demand that they make changes to their game.


Nations at war

Mod review - 1 disagree

This is just another one of those mods where the creator has a god complex and acts like they can make a better game than the original developer. When will these losers ever learn? There's no way that a team of 4 nerdy social outcasts can create something better that a group of accredited professionals.

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