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Twerty Jun 26 2010 replied:

All you gotta do is stick around in a server, other people are periodically checking too. Server populations snowball, don't just turn away because you see all the servers empty. :p Window the game and check back every couple minutes, if you really want.

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Twerty Mar 25 2010 replied:

It is not an official release. It's the last version of the SVN released by the staff after they gave up to showcase the work that they DID complete. I personally do not recommend playing it. It's nice to poke around, but to play it, it's not balanced properly. (IIRC, one team has machine gunners finished, but the other side completely lacks it, basically meaning that side is screwed). This version is January 2009. The announcement post is linked.

If you're interested in TT, I suggest moving over to WWI sourcemod which was very recently released: The "The Trenches 2" team merged with them a while back. Consider it a spiritual successor. (Linked below)

As for TT1, TT1.1, and any The Trenches evar, it's done, gone, over, zip, nada, nothing left. Move on, there's literally nothing to linger around for. To ze future!

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Twerty Dec 6 2009 says:

It's because of you gentlemen that people have a reason to buy HALF LIFE 1 instead of just waiting for Black Mesa for the 'Half Life 1 experience'. Just to be able to play this ungodly beautiful mod justifies the purchase of an eleven, almost twelve year old game. :)

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Twerty Mar 26 2009 says:

WHAT?! Filefront was absolutely my favorite file hosting place, whenever I see it in a list of mirrors, I always pick it first... no waiting or anything stupid, 1 gig per upload... I just sent something to a friend over the weekend! Screw the banks, FILEFRONT needs to be given an economic bailout. :[

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Twerty Oct 10 2008 says:

Mod looks extremely unique, concept is really interesting, I've never quite seen anything like this before. I'll be watching this carefully.

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Twerty Mar 23 2008 says:

System Shock 2 > Bioshock. =( It came out first and is -moddable-, hash -multiplayer- and is not dumbed down for the generation of console tards we have today.

No one in their right mind would make a spin-off of Bioshock. >_>

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Twerty Mar 23 2008 says:

EA will shut this down. They own ESA, so don't think they're not afraid to take down the little guy.

No matter how good you make this, they're still going to hunt you down for it. =/

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Twerty Feb 9 2008 replied:

The fact that your ocmment has -11 votes at the time of this writing should say something about how people feel towards that game.

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