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Persianimmortal15 Aug 8 2010 says:

Hey I had a suggestion, your idea with Arnor was amazing but it is way to challenging! I play on very hard/very hard it just not fun if you dont=). See the problem is eriador is extremely week and can get its butt raped by any other faction. Also when I transformed into Arnor all of the buildings are still straw and wood; as I beleive they should be stone and granite like the Gondorian Kingdom. Also the colour of the faction stays green on the map even though the flag is like navy colour and I'm still called the free peoples!( i mean when i mouse over settlements, units, or in deplomacy) And the generals all look like hil-billies! should they not be looking like more like the Gondorian Genrals? anyway these are just suggestion. I love your mod and keep the fenamenal work!

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Yiio Aug 6 2010 says:

Hello :) i just wondering if you could tell me how you and your mate make the third age total war:) I meen did you do it whit help from some program or how did you do it? I really wanna know so that I maybe some day could do it by myself:)

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DJJ66 Aug 5 2010 says:

Hello mate!

I'd just like to say, great work on the 3rd age mod, I'm downloading as I'm typing and I'd just like to know if it works on the STEAM version of Medieval 2 Kingdoms.


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elendil33 Aug 4 2010 says:

I was wondering if the developers of the Third Age mod 2.0 were open to suggestions? If so, I think I have a really good idea about a new patch/add-on, that'll make player feel more a part of the game then ever before...What if you could make your own General at the start of a single player campaign, but make him young (like Eomer from Rohan who is 6 when the campaign starts), this way by the time you build up your armies and settlements, your personalized general is ready to go to war!
Battle for Middle Earth II had this feature, and it made my gaming experience that much better! Just think of the possibilities this could create...

As far as making the general, It would be awesome to name him and choose his bodyguard type, maybe even what kind of weapons/armour he wears, even colors or distinguishing marks that seperate you from other general's appearances, maybe allow to choose 1-2 traits....Command, Loyalty, Obedience......

Faction: Rohan-my general's name would be Theomare, and I would have a sword/spear and shield, and his bodyguard type would either be Rohirrim Lancers or Royal Guards...etc...

Faction: Gondor-My general's name would be Danessar, and I would rock a sword and shield, plus that gorgeous gondorian armour, but my bodyguards would be Heavy Infantry instead of Heavy Cavalry....etc....

Faction: Isengard-My General's name would be Burbataluk, and I would ride a Warg with a scimitar, and my bodyguards would be warg riders as well.....

Faction: Orcs of the Misty Mountains- My General's name would be Grom, and I would definately be a mountain troll with a huge hammer/club and my bodyguards would be either half-orc's or other trolls....

Well, that's my idea....I hope you like it and take it into consideration...

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gerrit1919 Aug 14 2010 replied:


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hadeschaosbleeds Jul 26 2010 says:

hello sir :) i just wntd to say i was really impreessed when you made third age man :O so i just wanna congrats you on doing so :) not many pple do like you can , so gratz bro :)) please send my thanks to all the group who made it ! p.s do u get paid !? :O:O:O

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Shadrach Jul 25 2010 says:

Thanks so much for TATW 2.0, its awesome.

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Klidus Jul 21 2010 says:

will all my save's "disappear" when i download the 2.0? =/

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Legolose Jul 28 2010 replied:

Yes the 2.0 will overwrite everything including all saves...

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Legolose Jul 20 2010 says:

As stated before it will be ready when its ready, He doesnt have time to anwser all his comments so I help him out when I can..

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