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QC: Doom Edition

Mod review

In the new Quake Champions it feels like Quake but isn't Quake. But in Quake Champions: Doom Edition it feels like Quake blended with Doom which I think is better.


Don`t play with HELL - Black edition

Mod review - 1 agree

It's pretty awesome to me to be honest. No idea why all the bad reviews are for. It is really odd because none of them explain anything as to why other than "that it sucks" soooooo. From watching videos and thinking it was cool and then downloading it. It really is awesome and the bad reviews are retarded I think. It's a Doom we needed something with a story line and new level design and all that.


Brutal Doom 64

Mod review

I usually play all my games on the hardest difficulty but brutal doom64 I just couldn't play it on survival horror modes at all. I died to many times in the 1st level to even enjoy the difficulty and though something was wrong and that it couldn't just be me. Watch Me Die! is probably the best setting for players who have never played Doom64 before and don't know the layout and enemy placements throughout the levels. So Brutal Doom64 in that mode is a solid 10 our of 10 for me. You wanna play this game play it on Watch Me Die! first to get a feel for how projectiles and enemies work.

Hardcore! mode though is when I started noticing the drastic difference in difficulty. I noticed that not only are the projectiles twice as fast like typical brutal doom. But the enemies move about a lot less. It can get difficult if you have more than 3 enemies just shooting at you since nothing but spam is around you it makes it harder to dodge. But other than that though enemies hardly move around. They just keep shooting and shooting and moving maybe 2 steps before they start shooting again.

You are playing good you are getting far and have plenty of health but then all of a sudden 2 chaingun zombies notice you so fast you can't even react fast enough to get a shot out and that 2 seconds of delayed reaction results in death and you have to restart where ever you quicksaved last and it ends up being the very beginning. This has happened to me so much restarting a level about 5 times to the point I can't get any further unless I quicksave. Like the game is punishing me for not quicksaving every single ******* step through the level.

But it's just I have to be aware and react to every single sound because the enemies will react far faster than you do unless you know they are around the corner and are aware of their placement on the map. But there is so much trial and error and quicksaving that you can't ever really beat a level without doing so.

Now that, that is out of the way. The chaingun zombies I mentioned including the shotgun zombies HOLY ******* **** MAN. They do so much damage so ******* fast that they are actually the hardest characters in the game!. Why!? Because almost all enemies in Doom are projectile based. A good percentage of every single Doom game has a vast amount of projectile enemies. But in Hardcore! mode the enemies including yourself do 25 percent more damage or something like this? It's nice that this percentage applies to you as well being able to kill imps in one shot to the head with the pistol rather than two. Saving your ammunition of other weapons for more important enemies. But the shotgun and chaingun enemies can take down almost all of your health from ONE ******* good shot they land on you. There can be up to 10 of these enemies just around the corner that I literally have to run around the corner with the chaingun instead and hope to kill all of them.

I save and load so much that the game doesn't really become difficult and if I do it enough I can get through a level on Hardcore! mode hardly ever losing all my health. But this is only a complaint that I've noticed some people like the quicksave idea and what not. But I like playing through my levels where they are hard yes but don't require me to save every minute throughout the level to the point that if a easy enemy like shotgun zombie or only 2 ******* chaingun zombies mow me down I'm not punished for not quicksaving since their reaction time is literally up to half a second.

Some people want the alt fires and different music, sprites for weapons, skins, alternate fire abilities, blah blah blah etc etc etc. and that is all well and good but at the end of the day. I'd much rather play Doom 1 and 2 in vanilla mode over the brutal doom mode. What I'm saying is. If ever in the future these new things are added to the game. It kinda pushes itself away from the original feel I prefer. So I'm not against if anything I'm all for these new things.

But when if ever you do there should always be ALWAYS BE a setting so that like me. If I don't like to use these new sprites and all that candy feel. I can turn it off and still enjoy playing Brutal Doom and Brutal Doom64 in a more nostalgia vanilla state and not be forced to play it in the way others may prefer over the original.
It has been nearly 20 years since Doom64's release and has finally been brought back after all this time when it is the doom game I love a tad bit more. Updates are gonna happen they already have so if a new patch comes out addressing certain issues maybe even the ones in this review then the game deserves a 10 in case of future updates. I'm reviewing as it is right now.


Blood 2 - Extra Crispy

Mod review

roably when I first heard there was a second one after years of it's release. Loving the first blood it felt like a no brainer to just buy it. Loving monolith games with Blood, No one lives forever, F.E.A.R, Alien vs Predator 2, etc. I just had to buy it. When I saw gameplay videos It looked cool seeing Caleb in 3d models. But the game felt "different". It felt like Monolith wasn't use to transitioning from the build engine to Lithtech.. The game was definitely not perfect. But the gameplay still remained intact with speed and just being able to destroy everything it was just the feel of the game that was different. In blood 1 you go through graveyards, Church's, Hell, Woods, Snow, Water, Etc. Every level in blood 1 felt like a horror dark gritty haunted level. Where in Blood 2 everything feels more "modern". But the game is set a whole century after the first. So it made sense. It just didn't feel like it. Blood 1 is a Halloween feeling game and blood 2 is Modern/Halloween game. Especially in the later the levels, you go through some dark cathedral looking levels. But Blood 2 always felt unsure of itself. But it was a good game with awesome voice cover of Caleb and Cool music.

With that though Extracrispy mod give blood 2 or at least gave blood 2 another reason for me to play again. Blood 2 is a lot like Turok 3 shadow of oblivion. I want to love it so much because of what it is. But find it hard to with what it became. Extracrispy mod changes that though. It balances the gameplay out more. I can weapon combo like the 1st and use every weapon like the first. Everything feels right and it kinda reminds me of No one lives forever or james bond but with Caleb as the villain/Good guy with the speed of Doom/Duke Nukem. The game looks better and is more appealing giving it a more gritty looking feel adding to the atmosphere of what blood is. With being able to destroy everything in sight! The Flare is bad *** as to every other weapon as well.

I really feel like Extracrispy is the way blood 2 is meant to be played. I actually enjoy Blood 2 so much more now. Caleb is fast as hell and makes the 1st one seem slow in comparison. I got it to work on windows 10 which took a bit. But it's almost October I have to play blood 1 and 2 its required as a blood fan.

It seems monolith at the time and a few other companies but aminly monolith. Made it to where their games are super ******* hard on normal to high difficulty. And it's not even really a fair type of hard. I think they made Ai hard as **** to compensate for dumb ai. It kinda makes sense but at the same time it really doesn't. The ai isn't bad I've seen worse and it is from the 90's but God damn is the ai pin point in accuracy!! and they aren't even smart. They run directly toward you, and if there is a wall they run into that wall continuously even if you are behind them. Though this seems to happen a bit Extra crispy mod makes it to where there are more enemies than usual so even if 1 is running into a wall. the other 7 are running toward you in a flank shooting you with no remorse.

This is really just a minor issue. But I definitely think Monolith made it to where the ai just had God like aim or Quake 3 nightmare mode aim so that you wouldn't really notice the ai as dumb. Especially for that time it was a smart approach but with todays games and Even F.E.A.R or Turok 2 you can tell the difference from smart ai and lacking ai. I really do love the extra crispy mod and am surprised someone is still updating such an underrated game. That just makes me love blood 2 more to see people fixing and adding to what was once just a broken game compared to the 1st. Extra crispy mod is really the only way to enjoy blood 2 and see monoliths game shine for what it could have been. I found myself smiling playing blood 2 because of how much better it is in every single way. It really reminds me of painkiller and serious sam. But i feel blood 2 with this mod is better than pain and serious sam.


Brutal Doom

Mod review

now that I finally got it to work this mod is absolutely amazing and I love the rush adrenaline and challenge. Keep it up! maybe even add your own soundtrack to it :) METAL!!!!


GoldenEye: Source

Mod review

Devs love to spread lies <3 of a mod and not being able to mod a mod. Brightskins were never supported but I was the first one to ever bring it up. Been playing since 2012 and winning since 2012 <3. My mods never existed till last year when I was fed up with maydays hiding in the corner.


[REC] Shutter - Ghost Horror Game

Game review - 4 agree - 3 disagree

This game is beautiful, Though the 'walking' seems slowish, it fits perfectly in with the over all world and atmosphere of the game. I honestly cannot complain because the speed is perfect. I'm sure if anyone of us were to go to a asylum that was spooky we would all walk slow. Honestly this man has balls becuase I would sit in a corner for 10 minutes if somethingwas chasing me and leave. So the walking is perfect for those who are complaining about it becuase it fits how a actually person would walk. The mouse sensitivity is HIGH! but for those who don't know how to fix it, simply go to where the game is located and go to setup, in setup there is a command line for mousesensitivity. Change that and there you go. Other than that I found this game to be the perfect scary game that is no where near related to Amnesia and is very very scary. This game has sooo much potential and I think more people should promote it. If I didn't have Desura I would have missed out on such a amazing game such as this. It's a nice feeling to play games made by others. Fantastic work!


Mental Memorial a Full Conversion mod "Updated"

Mod review - 2 agree - 3 disagree

It's awesome!!! It's soooo much different than Amnesia itself or the other mod I have which I also love. It's very dynamic like a movie but in a video game!!! Defiantly worth playing. It's a beautiful scary master piece with many many scares and spine chilling gameplay. My only complaint is the framerate of the game. I have a hd 7850 and the frame rate is choppy. I don't think it's my computer at all, If there will be another update that will fix the frame rate issue then this game will be a 11/10


The Dark Mod (Standalone)

Mod review

Amnesia Hill

Mod review - 1 disagree

This is a excellent Extension to the decent. Completely different and feels like it should have been released in stores. If you are to break this down and see all the work and creativity put into this. I'm sure you will love it just as much as I do. I look forward to seeing more. Rating 10!!!!!!

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