I'm getting out of the Mod business. I'll also be changing my avatar too(maybe to S'Gs Gel-Bana or Urashima). I love anime/manga. :) I'm not working on anything right now, but decided I needed a BPP.

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random stuff

8 years ago by tsfan 0 comments

Just some tidbits, etc.

I'm wondering how you add friends(If anyone knows, send me a message)

Still waiting 4 the newest version of the GunRun's Mod 4 Tiberium Wars.

A new Corner Gas episode was aired this week, along with a new episode of Heroes.

We won't see any new episodes of the Colbert Report because of the WGA strike.

Naruto fansubs are on the edge of extinction(Dattebayo's anyway, not sure about the others)

Saw Law & Order SVU last night, poor Elliot was blinded by a perp in custody

(it's only temporary blurry vision, TGFT)

*I'm only writing this because there's nothing else for me to write about, sorry. :)


8 years ago by tsfan 0 comments

ok, I guess nobody is really interested in helping

(not even coreangel since I've received no answer from her)

so I thought I'd post some news:

-The GunRun has released a new mod(C&C Justice) which has the Tiberium Tribute system, walls, Cranes building cranes/defenses and the Unholy alliance team(Has all available technology)

-C&C Retarded v2.5 is going to be released soon

-I scrapped my current project and starting a new one.

I'll release the details in about 1-2 weeks

So yeah, I'm working on version 0.2 of my mod.

I got some help with the xmls, so the changes should show up in the next version.

Anyways, Bleach Chapter 299 is due out this week, along with the new naruto chapter.

Same thing goes with the new chapter of Full-Metal Alchemist.

(EDIT: It looks like the new FMA chapter wasn't released last week, maybe this week?)

(I get the scanlated stuff free for myself)

I am really looking forward to Kane's Wrath, the expansion pack 4 C&C 3.

I'm also looking forward to Universe at War; Earth Assault

I'm looking for a skinner/modeller for my mod. If interested, you can send me a PM or email me at Psychics1@hotmail.com or cncgamefan@gmail.com.


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