I'm getting out of the Mod business. I'll also be changing my avatar too(maybe to S'Gs Gel-Bana or Urashima). I love anime/manga. :) I'm not working on anything right now, but decided I needed a BPP.

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EA has given a press release about the new C&C squad based FPS tiberium. It may be using the CRY engine 2. It takes place 11 years after TW III and begins at the Threshold in Italy(the Scrin tower).  You play as Ricardo Vega, a GDI soldier. Tiberium will be available in Fall 2008 for the PS3 , the Xbox 360, and of course, the PC(probably DVD-ROM). The game hasn't been rated by the ESRB, but it will probably be rated M, judging by the site(www.tiberium.com).

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This is the last week of school for me and I get two weeks of holidays. The NDA for the Kane's Wrath summit ended today, so check any C&C fan sites for info about Kane's wrath goodies. GDI's epic unit sounds like the best so far. CoreAngel is currently finishing up the mod, so I'll upload it when I can. We got a snowstorm yesterday and buses were cancelled today. CNCNZ has a video podcast RE: Kane's Wrath, so check it out!! MusicWorld is still closing, so I got American Dad Vol. 2 for about $28. TW Advanced released a new version recently as well, so those of ya who have C&C 3 can DL it from FileFront or here @ModDB. I've got no news concerning the WGA strike, so it's probably still going on. Looks like someone got framed for the woman's death on CSI last week and Warrick got suspended. For all you Naruto Shippuuden fans out there, this week's episode is an hour-long special, which proves that anime multi-episode specials still live to this day. That's all for this week, so happy holidays!!


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I recently acquired Robot Chicken Season One throught Ebay. Last weeks Bleach episode came late for some reason, but both it and Naruto were transcendant(sp?). I have some sad news for y'all, Naruto Buzz is closing on January 1st, 2008 due to server hacking, death threats, cyber stalking and spam. On a lighter note, CNC Reborn, the standalone TS FPS game is almost completely done, so they'll be releasing a beta soon which I plan to download when it comes out(Yippe Kay Yea, I'm DLin' It). I'm also holding a small poll:

Do you plan to buy Heroes, Season 2 on DVD?? To vote, just post a comment with your answer and I'll post the results on December 31st. Each comment costs $32,000.00(I'm j/k, hahaha)

I haven't received word from Coreangel RE: the beta for the Money Mod, but it should come soon. On CSI, Warrick is in a deep (expletive) hole when a woman was found dead in his car. We'll find out what happens this week. YTV is now showing reruns of Eureka 7, sine the series ending approx. 2/3 weeks ago(or more). to be rThis month's Shonen Jump has a collectible Yugioh Card and the debut of Naruto Part II. In the monthly FMA chapter, I discovered that Edward survives and closes his wound using his life energy(like using a one-soul Philosopher's Stone). His life is shortened a bit(think back to Tsunade's Genesis Rebirth technique). Elsewhere, Father's(the villain) plans are coming to fruition(that is, a gigantic transmutation circle around Amestris designed to create a Philosopher's Stone, which would be cataclysmic if it were activated). I won't go into any details on that, so you'll have to look it up on Wikipedia or read the actual manga, which can be downloaded.

Banshee of Project Perfect Mod is going eleasing V0.6 of his OS BIG Editor software, so y'all can modify those .big/.meg files easier!! UAW is due out this week, so I'll be on the hunt for it!! Planet CNC has some new files from 2 weeks ago, one of which is a Generals Mod for Yuri's Revenge. This particular mod is one of the best I've played in years!! To DL it from Fileplanet, you can either subscribe or register as a free member(subscribers have more privileges though). Yarochisai has recently updated the story Stranded, which now has a new chapter. A article was recently shown in Game Informer which shows screens from an= game called Tiberium being made by Electronic Arts. Although this isn't really confirmed, it does like like we C&C fans are getting a shooter game that is set after C&C 3(there's a Scrin Threshold tower in one of the pics) and it apparently uses squad mechanics(like Rainbow Six). To see more details, visit CNCNZ.com or Project Perfect Mod(ppmsite.com). UAW is now out, but I've been unable to locate it.



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We've had fires up here in Canada. Earlier in November, a fire destroyed most of the boardwalk in Wasaga Beach. It destroyed some of the oldest buildings in the city, which were part of the boardwalk. Earlier today, we had a fire here, in Barrie(where I live). It took place at the 5 points area, which is in downtown Barrie. I plan on entering the Are You Kane? EA contest.

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I'll be releasing a small beta for my mod soon(thank you CoreAngel). Sorry about the late update, but we've had two snowdays straight up here in our little spot in the Great White North, so I've made over $!00.00 during the time. The last episode of Heroes, Powerless, aired last night along with a small preview of the next season, Villains. (Curse you, Sylar!!) The WGA strike still has not ended, so we've got delays for shows in the USA. I finally figured out how to recharge the battery in my MP3 player(the one that plays video). Last week's naruto shippuuden episode was an hour long special(Hallelujah, Hallelujah, halle-lu-jah!!), but Bleach wasn't. It's a pity that the Viz dubs don't have the hour-long specials.*sniffles* EA is holding another C&C3 community summit for Kane's Wrath. UAW is due out soon, and I'm eagerly looking forward to it. In the next BattleCast PrimeTime, the GDI epic unit is supposed to be revealed. And that's pretty much everything for this week, TTFN.

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Since Monday, quite a few things have happened:

-C&C Aftermath has released a new episode over at commandandconquer.com

-BattleCast Primetime episode 4 is coming out on thursday this week

-There are rumors circulating that the WGA strike(hold your applause) is almost over.

These are, of course, unconfirmed.

-Timothy Raynor is not going to be cast in Kane's Wrath(despite the controversial IMDB page)

-The season finale of heroes is fast approaching

-I taped CTV last night, but instead of Law & Order SVU, it was the Dancing with the stars finale. *&#@ !#%* !#@$ #@!&!!

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I add two new fonts to my PC from the KaneLives.org Propaganda kit.

I have to hand in portfolio 1 for photography later this week. I'm almost done it too

Youtube.com is a site where you can view a CGI video, which includes stuff like the USS Enterprise from Star Trek and some C&C footage(you can see the logos and such).

The second last episode of Heroes airs tonight @ 9 on Global/NBC.

Corner Gas airs on CTV @ 9:30 tonight for all you fellow Canucks out there!!(and no, the corner is not flatulent)

Planet Command & Conquer has added some new downloads to their server.

Ppmsite.com leads to a PPM forum topic where someone created a new mod for C&C 3.

Planet Crysis opened up recently, so all you Crysis fans can go there for mods, maps and more!!

The REnEvo mod team is looking for someone to say Mechanical Man for their mod for UnREal Tourney 7, so check their website for details

BattleCast Primetime episode 4 is set to debut later this week(this was confirmed by EA's community manager last week)

Canadian tire was handing out free boxes of Lindor Lindt chocolates on friday if you purchased something. I bought a 2 Gig mp3 player, which puts the others I've had to shame to shame. It plays videos, photos(jpegs), mp3s and wmas and has a radio(FM) and a clock. I bought it for close to $50.00. I also finished X-Mas shopping last month and wrapped the presents not too long ago. I hid them in a neighbors garage(i got their permission first). I still have a couple to wrap, and I will take care of them soon. I also got my dad a medium shirt with a wolf on it, since he likes wolves. It's no $100.00+ painting, but it'll do with the other stuff.(Home Depot Card, Turtles Chocolates Box and Tim Hortons Gift certificates). I ended up getting two boxes of free Lindor Chocolates, which was sixteen(16) in total, like everyone in my family who went there Friday night  I finally got word from Coreangel that she would help me with my C&C3 mod, hooray!!!

That's the events from last week that mattered to me, toodles!!

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Still no word yet from Coreangel, but I did recently discover that Corner Gas won a Gemini this year for Best Ensemble in a Comedy. Two days ago, I bought Robot Chicken, Season two. It's really funny. I was also recently assigned two major projects in Civilizations and a series of portfolios in photography. Anyways, I'm looking forward to the new episodes of CSI Miami, Law and Order SVU, CSI, Corner Gas and, of course, Heroes for this week. If you like Harry Potter and Naruto, I recommend reading the two stories over at Fanfiction.net entitled Stranded and Narutotachi goes to Hogwarts(They follow two different plots, and are not connected). To find them, search Yarochisai with the search engine. Yarochisai is currently on hiatus, since he(or she) was barred from using the home computer. Today, I finally got my little mittens on the demo for Petroglyph's latest game, Universe At War: Earth Assault. I am sure that I will be able to enjoy it immensely.

 That's all for today, folks!!

PS From now on, I'll be updating this on a weekly basis...

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I've added two polls to my page @ fanfiction.net. Just search the authors for cncgamefan and visit my profile for the polls(they might be in the bottom of the page)

Still nothing new to report, but I'm disappointed because my PC can't play Guitar Hero 3. *sobs*

Bleach has started a new filler story arc over in the land of the rising sun. It's basically adventures in the forest of Menos(Gillian and Adjuchas). This is done to allow more manga material to be released by SJ down there. Also, the Heroes episodes for Season Two are drawing to a close, due to the strike by the WGA. I was looking forward to a good season, but we only get a 1/2 season(or maybe a 1/3. Anyways, the crappy english Naruto Movie 1 dub is on, so I'll be back to poke fun @ it since Naruto's english voice sounds like a whiny brat LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL (I'm too used to the Japanese Seiyu in Part I and Shippuuden, even though it is a woman) Anyways, in Part II(Shippuuden), she actually sounds like a guy(her voice is deeper for the character, since 2 and a 1/2 years did pass in between Pt. 1 and Pt. 2.

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In last night's episode of CSI, Sara left Las Vegas. This happened because Sara needed some time away from the crime lab or she'd probably suffer a psychotic break.

You can visit this link for more information:



On a lighter note, a demo for Universe at War was released yesterday(you can find it on gamespot, filefront, etc). The GunRun has released V2.5 of his Tiberium Wars mod, C&C Retarded.


The lastest version makes more changes and adds the Catalyst Avatar to Nod, which turns another vehicle(except aircraft and other catalyst Avatars) into an catalyst avatar.

Another change is the buffed Nod Commando(now costs 9k) and one more noteworthy change is the increased duration/cooldown time of the Rift Generator(4 all you Scrin lovers or haters out there!)

I also recently asked 4 help with my C&C 3 mod, so stay tuned for an update!