I'm getting out of the Mod business. I'll also be changing my avatar too(maybe to S'Gs Gel-Bana or Urashima). I love anime/manga. :) I'm not working on anything right now, but decided I needed a BPP.

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0 comments by tsfan on Oct 10th, 2008

Sorry for the late update, I've been busy. Anywhoo, I recently received my SFA/CPR-C certification. The SWBF 2 Conversion pack has released their 2nd version, which includes KOTORI/II characters including Atton Rand, Darth Traya and Bastilla Shan(to name a few). I plan on going as Revan for Halloween(I am not T&Ting). They show Hancock and Step Brothers at the college this month. I wanted to see #2 and I hate #1, but not as much as Clone Wars. Speaking of which, the series debuted on CTV last Sunday. It was better than the movie, which I wasn't expecting. I think Ventress is getting overused though. I forgot to add something last month, so I'll put it in now:

On September 4th, 2006, Steve Irwin was fatally pierced in the chest by a stingray spine while snorkeling off the coast of Port Douglas in Queensland. Irwin was filming his own documentary, Ocean's Deadliest.

I was a fan of Crocodile Hunter, which chronicled Steve and Terry's adventures with animals. CNC Reborn is now offering beta tester positions, so hurry and apply if interested.

That means I'm applying too,

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0 comments by tsfan on Sep 10th, 2008

Starting immediately, I'll be posting once a month(evry 2nd wednesday). My OSAP funding came in last Monday, So i was able to get the required textbooks for GC classes. They show a movie every monday, save for holidays like Family Day and study week and the break days that come up. The movies scheduled for this month include:

-Iron Man
-Get Smart
-What Happens In Vegas
-You don't mess with the Zohan and
-The Happening

They've already shown the first 2, which I did enjoy. The only one I don't want to see is #4, because it seems really funny to me(not Happy Gilmore funny, but John Wayne in Taxi Driver funny). Some mods for C&C games have been updated, particularly Contra(v6) and TW Advanced(v1.51). These are amazingly done and I encourage owners of the games to try these out. The NNK mod team has posted another weekly update, this time featuring Uchiha Sasuke!! Some new maps for SWBF2 have been released. I have also managed to find a healthy balance of mods for KOTOR 2, which thankfully do not give me a lot of decapitated characters(watch as I'm attacked by headless sith!) and hopefully no Telos errors. I did look for demos for some games and found most of what I was looking for(except Resident Evil 4). I did get RE3, RE2, Final Fantasy XI and Spore Creature Creator. Before I forget, Mark Hamill was cast as everyone's favourite funny villain, the Joker in Batman Arkham Asylum.
Anyways, that's it 4 now peoples,


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0 comments by tsfan on Aug 28th, 2008

Sorry for the late update, I was busy with college related stuff. I did find a Sonic game here on ModDB. It is very well done and I think everyone should try it out. I was unable to see the clone wars movie, since I got Heroes Season 2 for my mom's B-Day. I've been getting plenty of letters for the Subway Scrabble(I only buy pop, so more entries 4 me). I've been reading up on Claymore manga recently and have almost read the series(2 vol. 2 go!). TWA v1.5 has been released and it's sure to be fun folks! It adds some KW stuff to it and utilizes some of KW's particle systems and effects. It also resurrects the long-lost Tiberium Fiend @ the mutant hovel. Some new stuff has been released for SWBF2, mostly land maps. I did get some mods for KOTOR2: TSL, including heads and of course extra stuff(WOOT!!).

UPDATE; I did see the clone Wars, and it was horrible. I would recomend this movie to children under 4 or 5. We didn't see Grievous, which I'm glad for. I'll always remember the cartoon where he crushes a Jedi by landing on them on Hypori(that was late in Season 1 I believe, or in a season 2 preview).

That's everything for now, bye!!

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0 comments by tsfan on Aug 11th, 2008

I didn't get too much on my B-day, other than dinner and cake. I'm currently thinking about what i want 4 Xmas. A PS3 bundled with soul Calibur IV is near the top, as is a Dell Studio Laptop with 4GB of RAM and a BluRay player. I did see the new Mummy movie, but it was fasterpaced than the last two. We weren't able to see Rachel Weisz as Evelyn and Alex seemed too old. The Iron Man movie comes out on DVD near the end of next month, which I'm looking forward too. I started helping an old woman with lunch and dinner, so I'm earning some extra $$. I am also going into college as a PSW. I am going thru KOTOR II as a Jedi, as well as light/neutral until after Nar Shadaa, than I'll quietly fall, like Kreia and Atris. I'm planning to go see the clone wars movie on Sunday at Cineplex Odeon since I've got a coupon(buy 1, get 1 free) and am a regular SCENE Card member. I did get a free blizzard @ DQ via coupon and a chocolate bar at a chocolate specialty store(which I have a reward membership at) during the week of my birthday though. I also got some happy B-day emails from Omni TV anf Filefront. I also did learn of a special edition for the PC version of RA3
Well that's all, I'll see y'all after the SW: CW movie

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0 comments by tsfan on Jul 28th, 2008

My birthday is tommorrow!! I'll be 19. I decided to not see the X-Files 2, because it is just a hunt for a missing agent(feat. a psychic priest). I thought we'd see something new. I still plan to see the pther movies in August. I did see the dark Knight, it was amazing!! The Thrawn's Revenge mod has released unit lists for The empire, The Rebels and the Empire of the Hand. These also include buildings. The NNK mod for half-Life 2 has finished their Kawarimi no Jutsu sytem, which works just like in the series so you can teleport away from harm(it does require a lot of chakra though). BCPT episode 12 was released on the 25th and is 27 mins long instead of the usual 40min. A petition thread for the Kane's wrath mod SDK has been started, you can go here to sign it(you will need an EA forums account of course):

The KW patch was released some time sgo, but it causes a problem with the disc anti copy software. A solution can be found here:
Just replace your cncep1.dat with the new one

I finished the KOTOR 2 plot as a Dark Jedi(not a Sith, because I hated the tatoos on the face). This means I was almost completely Dark, but I helped defend Khoonda and Citadel Station and that saved me a bit. I started the game again and am following the Jedi code until after I get Mira, then I'll become a Dark Jedi again. I plan on following the light side completely the next time and then playing as a male Jedi/Dark Jedi. I saw a post on Wookiepedia recently, Karen Traviss(author of the Republic Commando series and 1/3 of the Legacy Of The Force series[Bloodlines, Sacrifice and Revelation]) is writing Imperial Commando and a post LOTF book feat. everyone's favourite Mandalore, Boba Fett. Bloodlines introduced us to Mirta Gev, Boba's grandaughter. Sacrifice fetaured the Death of Mara Jade Skywalker and the beginning of Caedus. Revelation featured Jaina training on Mandalore and the discovery of Boba's wife, Sintas Vel(who was frozen in carbonite for several years). I bought a copy of the Robot chicken Star Wars Special, which came out on the 22nd.

Wow, that was the longest blog in a while, See ya soon!!

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0 comments by tsfan on Jul 14th, 2008

Today I was surprised to discover that the Georgian Mall here has a Gamestop store where the Musicworld used to be(before they all closed sometime ago). I was able to get a copy of the new Nancy drew game for a friend and KOTOR 2 there as well. My mod is on hiatus seeing as how CoreAngel has not been comming me for months now. I saw Hancock and Journey to the center of the earth, the latter of which I liked. I placed a bid on a copy of the 2nd Lego Star Wars game and it should be coming soon on Ebay. I plan to see the Dark Knight, along with X-Files 2(yay!!), the Mummy 3 and Star Wars Clone Wars this summer. I've misplaced my information, so this will be updated soon, ciao!!


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0 comments by tsfan on Jul 2nd, 2008

HI everybody, sry for posting late. I was busy with Canada Day stuff. BCPT has released the new episode, so download it from C&C.com. I saw American Gladiators, seeing as how "Crush" is going to star in Red Alert 3. I also saw Wipeout on Sunday, but missed yesterday's. I got some new maps for SWBF II. I like the stunt course one. Some mods were featured on BCPT, including Mid East Crisis 2. I finally beat Lego Indiana Jones, but have trouble with an unlocked level.

That's really all I have,

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0 comments by tsfan on Jun 16th, 2008

I recently saw Indiana Jones 4 and The Incredible Hulk. IJ4 was ok, but the Hulk was definitely better than the Ang Lee one. It's good to see Dr Jones, but I don't know why he did something a coroner would do on a regular basis. I've almost finished Lego Indiana Jones. I'm at the part where you fight Mola Rom on The bridge. I'm stuck though, cause I can't seem to destroy the ropes that hold the bridge together. I did find Iron Man for PC, but the requirements were very high. I did find manga for the series I mentioned, but have yet to finish reading E7, because some chapters are unavailable. I also got a copy of the Sims 2, but it won't install properly. I did get custom sims(and meshes) for Lara Croft(TRL version), Naruto, Cade Skywalker, Bender and many others. The RA2 mod for Renegade has released some info about the V3 Rocket(yes, it can be shot down by AA). I had uninstalled my copy of SWBF II, but after seeing stuff like the conversion pack and several modded maps I intend to install it again ASAP. One of the maps will let me drive a Juggernaut, which is a wheeled vehicle from the clone wars(You probably saw it in ROTS). It might look like this
Starwars.wikia.com, but I have no idea yet. If the Sims 2 issue is not resolved, I'll go get it @ Future Shop. (Deluxe Version)

Anyways, that's all for now, toodles!!

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0 comments by tsfan on Jun 2nd, 2008

LEGO Indiana jones comes out tommorrow and I plan to get it. Some C&C mods have recently posted updates like Asylum and Only War 2. The next version of Tiberium Wars Advanced has the Tiberium Fiend in it and may be trainable at the mutant hovel. I have someone at work drawing Bobi'ka(Boba Fett), which includes Slave I chasing the Falcon. There was a extra discount day at Chapters yesterday, so I pickd up some manga. While I was there, I saw a book about Black Spiderman for $40. I want that book... I went back to playing BFME2 and the expansion, ROTWK in addition to Rainbow 6 Raven Shield. O have a slide show assignment to work on for Co-Op(I'm still @ the Cat Hotel and have full library access(it's across the street) and plan on doing when the day is over. If anyone from the Anime Fans here is reading this, try reading Bleach, Naruto or Claymore(suggestions). I plan on looking for E7 manga.


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0 comments by tsfan on May 19th, 2008

Hey evrybody, it's me again!! I actually have stuff to post now, so I'll keep this pattern(post every 2 weeks). I tried the demo for Lego Indiana Jones(it was fun). I also watched The Raiders of the Lost Ark yesterday(1st Indiana Jones movie) and it's still one of the freakiest movies I've seen(the bad guys' fate, particularly Belloq, the short guy who wears black and the commander). The last part of the LOTF series in Star Wars was released on Tues. It features the death of Jacen Solo, Admiral Daala becomes Chief Of State and the Solos)Han and Leia) adopt Allana. Prince Isolder and Lon Shevu also die. I also read book 7, Fury, which amounts to the end of Alema Rar. The next Star Wars book is due out this fall and is called Millenium Falcon. Basically Han, Leia and Allana(their grand-daughter) go on a quest to find the history of the Falcon after Darth Caedus' demise. I've started reading a couple of more manga series, which are Claymore, Hellsing and Cloverfield Kishin(manga prequel for Cloverfield movie). I plan on getting the demo for the 2nd lego Star Wars game(takes place during the older trilogy with Han, Leia and Luke). I found out the library has a copy of Lego Star Wars, so I put a hold on it.

Anyways, that's it for now, so I'll see youse guys in a fortnight,