I'm getting out of the Mod business. I'll also be changing my avatar too(maybe to S'Gs Gel-Bana or Urashima). I love anime/manga. :) I'm not working on anything right now, but decided I needed a BPP.

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Anime North!!

tsfan Blog

Almost done with the convention. I've bought some stuff, including 2 Funimation SAVE sets and a wooden Tensa Zangetsu. I'll be playing Persona 4 tomorrow and getting a photo set with a maid from the cafe as well. I saw some anime presentations/previews including Accel World, AnoHana, Hyouka and Chaos;Head.

I've been treated to dinner 3x so far and probably will get treated tomorrow too. I came with a coworker of my mom's(and her mother too). We'll be heading back tomorrow after checking out and I may upload cosplayer photos after my return.
(I've got 20+ including a very convincing Gordon Freeman/Alyx Vance duo)

-Anyways, that's all for now.....
It was fun,

AN Con Incoming.....

tsfan Blog

With less than 3 weeks until the trip date, I've finished half of my packing.
(mostly food/drinks, some clothes) I've also packed some games for the trip
including Lego Star Wars III and Elder Scrolls IV. I also reinstalled Half Life 2
and installed Tribes Ascend and DC Universe Online too. Tribes turned out
to be pretty slow, so I'm running it on "LOW" settings. I'm also going to
try and complete any VNs I haven't already finished. I did recently finish
the VN LB and it turned out to be pretty good. It also made me think
about something and I'm curious what readers would think as well:

If everyone in the world looked exactly like you,
(hair/clothes/height,etc)what would you do?

Post your answer in the comments section for this Blog Entry,


tsfan Blog

It's... time to post another blog again.
The C&C Generals Zero Hour Mod Rise Of The Reds has posted some new updates recently.
The Movie Battles mod for Star Wars Jedi Academy released an April Fools video
showcasing LEGO characters fighting each other.

EA's brower based RTS Tiberium Alliances has gone through a few updates:
-Resource system changes
-Changes to post-combat
-Collection of resource packages
-supply points/crate rewards and
-officer ranks

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that since our team leader in TA left us, I was able to take the reins after demoting everyone else(we were all promoted to leader while I was online).
I do take this game a little bit seriously, but it is free to play, so I don't pay for points.
I just watch the earn points video 2x everyday, since that's the maximum #.

As your score increases, your rank will increase(sergeant to Staff Sarge, etc).
This has an effect on most crate rewards(not CP crate). The effect will only apply to crates you obtain after your promotion, so any crates you've been saving beforehand will be unaffected.

In preparation for Anime North next month, I have recently bought two games
(C&C 4 plus Elder Scrolls IV GOTY), since the hotel room has free WiFi. I did start playing C&C 4 already and it's not quite as good as I'd hoped...

Nevertheless, some of the unit ideas are interesting, like BNod's Spider Tank. The thing I dislike about it the most is the unit cap, trying to complete a campaign mission with a group of units so small you only need one hand to count them on can be pretty frustrating. (-_-#)

Anyways, I guess it's gone on long enough for this month,
so I'll return in May doing AN coverage...

Incoming Spring

tsfan Blog

Henry's had a store promotion today where they handed out gift certificates today.
They turned out to be one day only coupons,
since gift certificates don't come with an expiration date...

I recently learned that the 2nd part of Persona 2 is coming to the psp in may
for owners in Japan. That means we'll probably see it in stores up here during October.

I'm basing this on Persona 2 IS, which is part 1 and saw a release in mid April for JP
and then 9/20 for stores throughout North America.

UPDATE: The Tiberium Alliance MMORTS browser game by EA is now in open beta,
so I might see you online... BTW, my user id there is Isaacfan-097.

Anyways, I gotta finish this nearby apple,

The new year

tsfan Blog

Well, the so called last year is here...
I don't think anything big will happen, except me going to Anime North this year. This will of course be my first convention other then the CNE. I've already got my ticket and room booked, so I'll enjoy free wifi on my laptop as I provide highlights of the convention each day I'm there.

Of course, you'll have to wait til May for that. :)

Fallout New Vegas gets a re-release next month for $40, which is the main game plus all the game's post release DLC. I've already preordered it and just have to pick it up in 9 days.

I decided to try my hand on MMOs recently. There's one that I like called Sentou Gakuen.

I guess that's really it for now...

Sorry for the late update,

December Break

tsfan Blog

Well, it's after christmas and Boxing Day is almost over.
I managed to score a new tablet pc for $70(and a SD card for it for $25),
plus 2 birthday gifts for next year.
(1 for my mother, and the other for my sister)

I got Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY for the PS3 yesterday, along with Demon Souls.
I also got The Thing(1982) on DVD as well. I became interested in it when I noticed
it came out in theatres earlier this year.

I was able to find Eden Of The East on Blu-Ray for $20.
(The DVD version was 2x that and I'm still not sure why)
*shrugs shoulders*

This week's Persona 4A episode was confusing near the beginning,
but it got settled as the episode progressed. Haganai and Working'!!
ended this week, whereas Mirai Nikki and Shana III are halfway done.

Apparently someone finds Bugs Bunny boring,
so I'm gonna fix their little red wagon...

November 2011

tsfan Blog 1 comment

First off, sorry for not updating last month...
Batman Arkham City came out and I've been busy playing VNs.(Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate)

I've also been catching up on When The Cicadas Cry, which is one of the bloodiest animes I've seen.
I, probably like most viewers, didn't understand S1 until the last episode. As for the 2nd season, the last few minutes of the final episode are strange...
You'll have to watch it(the series) to know what I'm talking about.

UPDATE: Watching When The Seagulls Cry, which is similar to WTCC. I also learned that Vic Mignogna is providing the voice for Chaos;Head's "The General" character. It's an interesting choice but I'm wondering why they decided not to use "Shogun" for the character's name(Shogun sounds like an actual name, cause he's not a general in the slightest because only 1 person actually works with him).

I'm 1/2 done with P2s 2nd playthrough(I'm @ Aoba Park) and have yet to complete the PT quest.
I'll wait until after I have to go to 7 Sisters again(I spread the rumor that the principal *HISSSS*).

I did get a few game demos to try, specifically crysis, UAW, Sins of a Solar Empire and TinTin.
(which I'm really interested in, as I watched the cartoon as a kid)

Crysis was really slow for some reason, so I gave that up after about 15min.
I still have to try the others though.

I watched the OVAs for When The Cicadas Cry, and it gave me something to think about:
Is a perfect world really that good?

I think while it might seem good at first, it would quickly become boring because nothing actually would go wrong. Don't get me wrong, the lack of crime would be good and all but if I could compare it to something else, it's like having really good luck(ie always getting the winning lottery ticket) which would lead to you cursing your own fortune. (See: Kanzaki Kaori)

I'm headed to 4-chan now,

September 2K11

tsfan Blog

I finally have my copy of P2P.
The one thing I noticed right away is that the O button is no longer select/confirm. :)
I'm currently working on a contact guide for happy/eager only and I'm currently in Aoba @ the Smile Hirasaka building working to find a really important item...

I did play the theater side quest(school of the heart) and I'll say this..
Part II was very difficult. As for the Persona thief, It'll have to wait.

UPDATE: In final dungeon and almost finished. really glad I stocked up on healing items before entering. I'm almost done the making the contact guide too.
UPDATE-2: Finished final dungeon. Will try Persona Thief sidequest on new playthrough.

I finished watching Steins;Gate and I have to say, it's a really good anime.
If you're interested in sci-fi, you should watch it.

I guess that's about it for now,


tsfan Blog

First off, sorry for not posting last month(haha).
I was going to the fan expo in toronto tomorrow since some of the people from Rooster Teeth Productions were going to be there, but thanks to someone's big mouth I am now not going over there. I recently purchased portal 2, but was kinda disappointed since it doesn't work even though it should...

Anyways, I was able to reinstall Fallout New Vegas to play some new content. I also started playing Halo 2 again since I hadn't played anything Bungie in a while. I'm also pretty excited that Persona 2 is out in about 3 weeks and that it comes with a preorder bonus. I did eventually decide to buy Catherine for the PS3 @ Gamestop. I was kinda surprised when I discovered that Walmart and Future Shop are also selling it for both systems(I'm not sure if Best Buy is selling it though).

Speaking of Best Buy, they finally opened one in my hometown about 2 weeks ago. I didn't win very much at the opening, except a water bottle. They had a lot of draws for gift cards over that weekend too(10/500/1000). Darker Than Black Season 2 is finally coming to DVD/Blu-Ray in October.
Both versions are DVD/BR Combo.

I guess that's all for now, but I well see you on 9-21


June 2011

tsfan Blog

Hey everybody,
I decided to keep blogging here for the rest of the year.

Item #1
Persona 2 IS has now been announced for a Sept.20 release by ATLUS USA.
It's been a long time coming, but I've already reserved a copy through the local GameStop store.

Item #2
I ordered a copy of Infamous 2's Hero Edition through Future Shop, since pre-ordering meant you got a free copy of the first game with it.
I was going to geti it through GameStop, but cancelled once I heard about it. I wasn't expecting that Infamous 2 had a level creator.
(that was a surprise, as I'll look forward to challenges, like racing)

Item #3
I still haven't decided on whether I'll get Catherine or not. I probably well, cause ATLUS makes good games and the difficulty patch has already been included in the game since a lot of people complained about the difficulty when it came out, which would mean it was more difficult than Demon's Souls.

In a surprising development, about 2 weeks ago, Future Shop had dropped the price of the Halo Reach Legendary Edition from $100 to $50. Naturally, I grabbed one after pacing in front of them for about 5 minutes since they only had 3 left. I had a challenge getting it home, because it was raining pretty heavily that day.

I also recently finished Half LIfe 2 despite getting the Orange Box in April.(I also finished EP1 too and before that I finished Portal)

Itte kimasu, tsuki ni modotte iru,

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