I'm a long time mod player, from France. I've played hundred GoldSrc/Source map's and mod's. I've also done some french translations : Cry of Fear, Half-Life (Update mod), Underhell (abandoned. Too much work for one man... if someone else is interested, he's welcome to contact me). I'm usually friendly in my reviews because mod's are free and need hard work from usually amateurs. However, I'm a diehard opponent towards paying mods. Donation is a better system for this kind of thing. I'll usually be harsh towards such mods if they're too much "vanilla".

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Half Stories: The last breath

Mod review - 2 agree

It's bad. It's too short, bland, gameplay is weak, this is very low level modding.

Furthermore, the title and teasing are misleading, there is no intro, no story, nothing.


The Evasion

Mod review


Mod review

Nice GoldSrc mod more brains than brawls.


SHOOTA 4: Shoot is Life

Mod review - 2 agree

Would you kindly delete yourself?


Xeno Project I & II

Mod review

A really well done mod, not too long, not too difficult, with a good story (evil Gman who gets what he deserves!), various places to visit, various challenges, 2 endings...

An understimated cool mod.


Pokemon Go

Game review

Stupidity mainstream gaming at its dumbest


Hopeless Night

Mod review

I don't understand at all such a low rating, this mod has it all.

Besides the first and last sequences a bit boring with all those keys and stuff to search go-back-and-forth, I particurlaly liked what you do with the city, those giant herds where the player has to run for its life, and the whole part with Harry and Maria, nice story and voice acting, I was a bit disappointed to left them behind... That, and the ending was a bit abrupt.
Nice musics also.

Overall, after a decade of playing hundreds of HL1/HL2 mod's, I can really say you've done a pretty good job, even considering that you used NH2 zombies material.

I hope you won't let those harsh reviews demotivate you and continue to work in the modding, or video game scene, you have talent.


Half-Life: White Shift

Mod review

This is far worse than expected, and a joke title...

It's basically a re-skin of HL1, just white suits for Barney, grey suits for scientists, and new titles for the maps... He didn't even bother to reskin Nihilanth (now simply called "boss"...!) and the final Gman's speech has just been... slowed down...

It's not even funny, it's just stupid, it adds nothing.

Even more, it's just nonsense : you play Todd Johnson "white security GUARD" who has a position for "research associate". What the hell man?


The Closure

Mod review - 2 disagree

The biggest mistake was really to call that HL2 Épisode 3. Probably it'll get more famous but it'll also attract a well-deserved "hate" because some people will expect high standards/Valve quality work.

In the end, it isn't a true sequel to Valve stories, it isn't even a continuation of previous SPY mod's alternate timelines : Breen is still alive and human, Kleiner is now E-VIL because possessed (???), for some reason there are still airplanes working in this world, or bus... The RĂ©sistance use Stark Trek ships...
Ok this is globally a giant ********, a complete mess, the story is "so bad it's good". There is even the EXorcist music!'!!

The enemies have all been reskinned and while it is a complete non sense (why the SWAT?), it is actually refreshing... Lava headcrabs, white zombies, etc...
The weapons have also been reskinned, you now have a wrench, a Sniper... I liked the animations.

Besides that, it's long, very long, about 25-30 hours of gameplay for 35 usually HUGE map's... They are beautifully designed, and the dev' seems to get more and more skilled the more you advance, map 11 is a personal Favourite, but you'll also find well designed vertical map's... remember Adam Foster style...
It is not, as usual, really "canon" in HL standards... Molten lava... But it gets you some pretty Nice panoramic views.

It is less difficult than previous SPY mod's, of course there are still numerous and giant battles but usually you'll find many ammo and health everywhere. Some battles are really cool and with Nice music added, you'll take some good time here.

After the Borealis climax, it all ends during a final Battle in White Forest, with a peaceful climax for Gordon and Alyx... The credits were really heart-breaking... I mean, this time it's really the end of SPY mod's...

All in all, it was a nice story for a decade, that you provided us. I wish you luck for your first indie game.
But Seriously, work with a team : with your mapping skills, you could be an incredible asset, but don't work alone; really,

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