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Nuclear Winter

Mod review

Interesting mod using OpFor assets for its own story, it suffers from sometimes repetitive and linear paths, but anyways you'll have great battles against Black Ops and even kill the Gman (here known as an evil russian CEO).


The Sprucecape Mod

Mod review - 1 disagrees

It's done another time, some years after the original mappack. The experience is still pleasant, althought I'd have like to get another ending instead of the original one... Still, it's one of the most atmospheric HL2 mod's ever made.


Under the Black Moon

Mod review

This is an incredible piece of work, hard and inventive, which uses OpFor assets to the maximum.
You'll fight countless Race X monsters, Black Ops, get a boss fight against a Garg... There's also the clever use of some OpFor weapons/tools like the barnacle,

the fights are also hard and it is advised to keep some of the buddies with you, for example the engineer, if you keep him alive, he'll open you some optional doors for goodies. There is a moment where I had 3 buddies with me and I kept them alive as long as possible,

also the Displacer in some places can teleport you to mini-Xen levels, where you can get some good stuff and even deliver some fellow Marines.

It has everything in it, in Valve-quality, to never get you bored, puzzles, vehicles, various battles...

The final fight is against 2 black ops vehicles, an Apache and a V22 Osprey, depending on how you're good and fast, it can be real quick or be a real pain in the ***.

Either way, a must-play for every HL fan in the world, a clever and inventive piece of work.


Military Duty

Mod review

I was really surprised, you've used some interesting and varied stuff in this one, especially some nice and long battles with plenty of NPC's, either good or bad, it was an interesting stuff to do once again, the mod was a bit short and I hope you'll do more in the future, it's promising.


TWHL Tower

Mod review

Ok, it was a funny "mappack" from some good old modder's I've known since several years now, it was globally short, and the challenges were varied and fun.


1) Riddler's Complex (Malle), interesting maze with some nice tip's when stuck, it was various and inventive.

2) Chairman (Strider) : again, some nice puzzles and the use of "stealth" in an 1998 game is pretty nice. Also, the japanese design.

3) Status Reporting (Ninetnine) : just fun :D

4) Bernier and Co (Tetsu0) : nice little challenge with some humor;


5) Cristalline Energy (Urby) : average challenge.

6) Roof (Urby) : a sympathetic final battle but just "classic".

7) Recreational Area (2muchvideogames) : funny in the beginning but then it was a little boring.

8) LAB COMPLEX (Dr Orange) : frankly, I barely remember.

9) Upper Management (the mighty atom) : long and various but too hard, either on the puzzles and on the fights


10) Time labs (Jessie) : too long for nothing and a "meh?" ending

11) Rebellatrix Media (JeffMOD) : the map was cool but I quickly lost interest until the lame end.

12) Aerodynamics (TJB) : There was nothing. At all. What the hell was that??

Globally, it was a pretty cool challenge, thank you for this.
(besides Aerodynamics)


Sven Co-op

Mod review

Arctic Incident

Mod review

Interesting and short challenge with an ice-oriented theme, generic enemies changed into their "frozen" brothers, it was fun and well-made.


Half-Rats: A Fever Dream

Mod review

For a first try in the GoldSrc modding, it's really well done, there is many fights, many différents scènes to entertain the player, well-written (and very long!) dialogues, a good story, and even a good final fight with a boss created from scratch.

However, I had some troubles to make the NPC's follow me as you can't really advance without them at some point, and a bug with an enemy made me use cheats to go to the last map, because my NPC's kept dying against an invincible foe who shouldn't have been here...

But, anyways, a very nice Total Conversion, fun and entertaining from the beginning to the end.


Uncertainty Principle

Mod review


Mod review
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