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DarkShift Nov 12 2014, 1:44pm replied:

Ok, good luck, that's a hell of a work, man, but I've seen months ago your 17-minute gameplay video and since then, I know you have the capacities to do it.

Btw, I still see "december 11, 2014", it'll really be released that day or that's a mistake?

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DarkShift Nov 9 2014, 3:52pm says:

Can you really make a game with so much Valve content, a game which can be compared to OppFor and Blue Shift, an unofficial standalone sequel centered on a différent character?

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DarkShift Nov 8 2014, 1:26pm says:


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DarkShift Nov 8 2014, 1:22pm replied:

Better to consider that ******' dead forever, or they go pro and release the mod as an indie...

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DarkShift Nov 8 2014, 1:21pm says:

I guess Unity wasn't functional enough for the last year.

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DarkShift Nov 3 2014, 4:41pm says:

Is version 2.0 still coming?? Nearly 3 years since GString 1.0...

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DarkShift Oct 24 2014, 6:11am replied:

He's also busy on his first "pro" project, if you want an explanation.

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DarkShift Oct 23 2014, 6:58pm replied:

you have a bad nose.

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DarkShift Oct 8 2014, 5:48pm replied:

I can do it in french. Send me a private message. I did the french translation of cry of fear in the past.

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DarkShift Oct 5 2014, 8:46am says:

Okay, that's enough, I've decided to contact personally Tiim on Steam, I just want to know if it is dead or not. I'll post his answer here (IF he answers...)

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DarkShift Sep 21 2014, 10:42am says:

Released sept 14, 2014...

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DarkShift Sep 21 2014, 10:41am replied:

and don't forget "Black Mesa : Office Complex - Coffee Mod", "Black Mesa : Apprehension - Flower Mod", "Black Mesa : Zoom Mod (with only the zoom as a weapon)", "Black Mesa : Lambda Complex : Pizza Mod"

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DarkShift Sep 17 2014, 8:41pm says:

first release in 2001? If we count the time when the development began, it is nearly as old as the first HL1, nearly 15 years old of development, is there really a guy from the original team still working on it?

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DarkShift Sep 14 2014, 6:28am says:

1,2 Gb of assets (compressed on 7z), woosh!

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DarkShift Sep 13 2014, 8:01am replied:

"Use" elsewhere... The best point is to be at the right side of the controlpanel and then target and "use" on it... But don't face it, it won't work.

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DarkShift Sep 12 2014, 4:40pm replied:

Opposing Stuff 2 is coming ^^
Well, I think some people know how to compile the game, so I think some fan will release a playable version with all the assets next week (at last T_T )

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DarkShift Sep 3 2014, 9:57am says:


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DarkShift Aug 30 2014, 3:53pm replied:

It's not my work, I'm not a good drawer

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DarkShift Aug 28 2014, 7:35am replied:

What a relieve...

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DarkShift Aug 27 2014, 11:13am says:

Here is a playthrough for those stuck (it's not mine) :

Apparently, doing a YT walkthrough seems to be too hard because of the amount of copyrighted content.

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DarkShift Aug 27 2014, 11:01am replied:

there is some kind of vent hidden on top of a shelve.

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DarkShift Aug 26 2014, 2:27pm replied:

He said july. He didn't say which year.
(just kidding). Besides, you have the githtub.

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DarkShift Aug 22 2014, 10:56am replied:

Also, the fights, 8 years later, are the same as the first one : enemies have the eagle eye and can shoot you without missing everytime, they can endure direct grenade/rockets shots (but you and your comrades, no!!), and the medkits are so rare... Basically, you suffer from the "unfairness" of the difficulty... Also, in the "last" part where 30% of the map's are (yes, 20 maps), you endure redundant fights, but at least you're helped with some guys.

In fact, the main problem I can say is that, first of all, you didn't listen to the critics for your first mod : the fights are the same, the story is just a complete delirium...

Shortly, you focused too much attention on the details (textures, models, story/stories/side-stories), and you forgot too much the basics (gameplay...). I mean, I've experienced here even worse than the "Patience" level of HQ Amen : the prison was 3X5 minutes of NOTHING. And what about all that bad taste here and there??? Poops, farts, naked corpses... I mean, that was funny early in the mod, but then after a thousand times it's just disgusting :/

In the end, it was fun to play this mod : various environments, enemies, fights, "that" story was so much dumb I was laughing so hard throughout it, but there are too many flows which forbid it to get a 10/10...

I saw that the Gate was a "trilogy", are you waiting fdr HL3 for the last part?? Or are you done for it, for now?

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DarkShift Aug 22 2014, 10:55am says:

Okay, WOW, I don't know what to say at this point. I won't give the mod a bad review (a 8 or 9/10, I think) because the developer has really worked hard to give us that. You animated and lipsync all the characters, that must have taken you some time...

The problem is, with such big mod's led by a "one-man-army", is their flaws, in fact it's like GString by Myo-Hyo : you have a great universe, great map's, but a crap story and a gameplay sometimes very horrible.

The story is just a massive pile of crap, it's so bad that I thought to take alcohol and drugs just to try to understand a little more what was that : So many questions, such as How Anna came back to your time, first of all?? Why the General with the glasses worked with Orbital Earth, and then he's a bad guy working at Area 51?? Who was the New World Order (was Orbital Earth with them?)?? Why do we see the SWAT-like guys working with New World Order and Orbital Earth, without anyone noticing?? Are the aliens good guys or bad guys?? Why are they dissected on Area 51 AND worshipped at the same time by the Illuminati, leading the pits??? ) that and also the fact, there are so many times you do things without PURPOSE : I have to take pictures, to bring back a movie camera from a wreckage : for WHAT?? We don't know what's with the bodies!!! what's with the camera!! We do things without knowing ANYTHING!!
And then, after hours and hours of random massive ********, the ending comes, and in the contrary of the first one (which was so fun!!! Killing THAT bad guy and sinking THAT ship, and then the cliffhanger), is a great disappointment :( too rushed, and without any "boss" or "bad guy" to fight/kill in the end, it's just coming after all of THAT before??? No way... :(

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DarkShift Aug 20 2014, 5:28pm says:

still have not installed the patch. I wanted to see first... I don't know why people complain... This was one of the most well-done and funniest driving sequences ever made in a HL2 mod.

I mean, have you played Strider Mountain and Coastline To Atmosphere? Because these ones are complete piece of sh*t, when it comes to driving sequences. Here, it's not that difficult, hell, I'm sure I can do it without dying once if I re-do it from the beginning. There aren't even any tricks, just drive, hit bad guys, avoid some **** on the road, and that's it.

I don't want to throw flowers at the developer, I mean maybe it will turn to crap now, but that driving sequence was really cool, that's it.

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DarkShift Aug 20 2014, 8:29am says:

"9th Massive Update
Sep 4, 2012 13 comments
This is the last news update before this sp-mod will be release ! "

I really wonder what made you think you could already release the mod... 2 years ago T_T

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DarkShift Aug 19 2014, 4:48pm says:

Just finished the Gate 1, wanted to play it, before doing the 2nd...

Well, it was a cool adventure IMHO, I really liked the setting and the story, even if it's the kind "so bad it's good", I mean that whole story with agent X (why that guy from the future send us to destroy bunkers, anyways, in exchange for help?? I really thought he would turn as a bad guy in the end) was cheesy, I don't mind the voice acting but overall it was very funny (but not voluntary, you know). The ending was very satisfying, however.

About the difficulty... Well, it was truly horrible, every fight turned as die and retry battles, the enemies were overcheated as hell, they could take one grenade and one rocket and still stand, for god sake. There is even one point where, without any ammo for the sniper rifle, I had to cheat, to kill one turret shooting me from a high point. But even if it was very hard, in the end I managed to survive 99% of them, and never really getting so much frustrated (I've survived so much crap in other mods before...)

In the end, Gate1 was a good mod, a good TC, very entertaining, sometimes very frustrating. Overall, in one word, it was a little hermetic for the average player.

Looking for part 2 now (I will rate gate1 9/10 on the moddb page. I'm a bit surprised by the harsh reviews for the first one, maybe it's the same for the second one)

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DarkShift Aug 18 2014, 5:50am says:

I'm waiting for the torrent before dl it.
But, I'm reading the reviews, and basically, it's like Leon/SPY maps (Strider Mountain, Coastline to Atmosphere) with the defaults being worse??? (a 15 or 20 hour long mod with dozen of maps, several Gbs of content, boring and ****** driving sequences, nonsense cutscenes, insane difficulty with thousands of enemies coming at you...).

I'll play it anyways, The Gate 1 had also its defaults but I like playing TC generally, and the difficulty (or the dumb-iculty) can be some kind of cool challenge, like SPY Maps, but I'm a bit disappointed if it's "that" kind of mod's... :/ Who beta tested that anyways??

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DarkShift Aug 15 2014, 5:13pm replied:

don't forget the torrent, 4 gb is really too much (like BMS was... Hell, it's even larger than BMS... it's the biggest HL2 mod ever, isn't it?) for my "average" connection...

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DarkShift Aug 12 2014, 5:26pm replied:

okay, that's enough as an answer, but you know, sometimes it's better to just issue a statement like "ok now there'll be a hiatus, don't know when I'll come back" (like they did for Combine Destiny 2), than just not making any news...

Good luck for the mod (and for your life. Usual stuff...).

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