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TropicalBob Jul 9 2011, 7:45am replied:

Centerpoint was described in every book to have all sorts of scaffolding, partial ship hulks, etc., etc., sticking off of its surface, due to countless civilizations since the creators adding crap to it.

Thing is, it would be hard to represent, since the thing is so freakin' massive.

+1 vote   media: The new Centerpoint Station
TropicalBob Jan 5 2011, 5:31pm replied:

He just wants a hug!

+3 votes   media: Siege Drones
TropicalBob Mar 18 2010, 11:48am says:

What is GOING ON!?

+2 votes   media: hgn, vgr.
TropicalBob Dec 13 2009, 2:56am says:

Looking better and better!

Quite impatiently awaiting any release. :P

+1 vote   article: Gameplay Week 2, Part 5/5: Tactical Combat
TropicalBob Aug 29 2009, 1:07am says:

Trying to find some new faction colors or something?

+1 vote   media: Working on Repainting Ships [Experiment]
TropicalBob Jul 7 2009, 1:53am says:


I wish I could afford a system that powerful...

+1 vote   media: Core i7 Tearing up a major TPOF battle
TropicalBob Feb 3 2009, 12:38am says:

Awww. I like the vibrant, beautiful look of the other menu screen.

This one will probably grow on me though. Very nice!

+1 vote   media: TPOF v2.4 Menu
TropicalBob Jul 13 2009, 1:34am says:

I don't think it looks bad, but it doesn't quite have a refinery feel to it.

+1 vote   media: UNSC Refinery
TropicalBob Jun 19 2009, 2:28am says:

What about moving the buttons around to the edges or something, so they don't obscure the center of the image? I know I'd like to see that image in it's full glory.

+1 vote   media: 2.5's Main Menu Final
TropicalBob Jun 7 2009, 2:03am says:

Very nice model. I'm kind of leaning towards the carrier line of thought with those above.

+1 vote   article: Reawakening part 2
TropicalBob May 17 2009, 5:51pm says:

I copied the .big files over from my Vista partition (Where HW2 works.) to my Windows 7 one. But it still doesn't work. Arg...

+1 vote   media: TPOF Running on Windows 7
TropicalBob May 16 2009, 1:52am says:

I love the final zooming out shot with the ragdolls strewn about the landscape. When I finally get the money to spare...Hello pre-order.

+1 vote   article: HD video of our intial ragdoll tech
TropicalBob Apr 28 2009, 12:25am says:

I think I need a towel...Time to revive my Total War playathons.

+1 vote   article: Third Age Total War 2.1 Released
TropicalBob Apr 11 2009, 3:54am replied:

Good to know I'm not crazy then. I had thought that little Missile Frigates being able to destroy a UNSG Battlecruiser with 10 or less shots was a little off...

On a side note, is there a "hold position" command I'm not seeing? Having my intended stationary fleets run off on me is a little annoying at times.

+1 vote   mod: Slipstream: The Price of Freedom
TropicalBob Mar 28 2009, 12:34am says:

Not to be overly critical, and don't get me wrong: this looks awesome.

But I did notice that the blocks reacted with the desert as if it wasn't made out of sand. Was that just overlooked, not planned, or perhaps not possible to correct? I know I don't speak for anyone or everyone else, but I personally would like to see different reactions based on different surface materials, *if possible*. (That bit in the stars is the important part of that statement!)

Keep up the good work guys!

+5 votes   media: Overgrowth - Physics
TropicalBob Mar 13 2009, 12:24am says:

Everything that I read and see about this game makes me want to buy it more and more. *Drool*

+4 votes   article: Interview with Wolfire's Jeffrey Rosen
TropicalBob Mar 3 2009, 1:22pm says:


+1 vote   media: THIRD AGE - TOTAL WAR - Trailer
TropicalBob Jan 14 2009, 1:28am says:

This goes gloriously deep into the background of everything. I enjoyed reading about all the different Epochs. You could probably get a good book series started off of this.

Looking forward to the public release!

+1 vote   mod: The Last Stand
TropicalBob Dec 24 2008, 5:04am says:

Bwaha. Downloading as I type. Can't wait to see what awesomeness this has become.

+1 vote   download: Phoenix Rising v1.1
TropicalBob Dec 24 2008, 3:56am replied:

He ran into a couple small problems he had to fix before release, and now he's attempting to upload, but it's taking a while to do so.

+1 vote   mod: Phoenix Rising
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